Social Media Policies:

WormholeRiders on Twitter. and WormholeRiders on Facebook

1. Follows studios, networks, celebrities, news agencies, public relations firms, businesses, charities and individuals. Does not tweet direct spoilers or uses term [REDACTED] to remove spoilers in tweets or re-tweets. Follow backs are checked as soon as possible, typically within 24-36 hours, unless away on on business, then follow backs are checked weekly. No Internet drama please.

2. Is a “real-time” tweeter (e.g. rarely goes back and checks past tweets). It is suggested to send “@” tweets (we may miss otherwise) for interesting newsworthy tweets or posts for sharing consideration.

3. Follows a varied number of fans on main account for each series selected for coverage and fun. Follows back as many as possible to maintain a high level of enjoyable fun social interaction.

4. Maintains other dedicated accounts to follow more fans and admirers of same. Often created for each distinct series we review, while programs are being broadcast. Series accounts may tweet spoilers during live broadcasts, so if you do not like spoilers, do not follow series accounts. Series accounts follow backs are checked weekly after each program has broadcast.

5. Filters or blocks: Troll accounts, attack accounts and or spammer accounts. WormholeRiders (WHR) is not interested in purchasing followers or following back accounts that do not interact or are found to be fake accounts created to artificially increase follow numbers. Quality over quantity is desired.

Contributed Articles to WHR:

Any and all news articles, images, audio or videos, interviews, and or any other contributions, once submitted, agreed to be submitted and or subsequently posted at any WormholeRiders News Agency web site, are not removed, except at the sole discretion of management or by prior written agreement documenting said agreement prior to being published, and or posted on the Internet. All Rights Are Reserved.

Team Member Code of Conduct:

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All Team WHR members and or WormholeRiders News Agency contributors agree to follow the reasonable Standards and Policies of WHR without exception whether acting as a representative of WHR or not, and or at any and all social media Internet web sites, and or live events to which they are assigned.

WormholeRiders News Agency (WHR) Standards and Policies are subject to change as may be desired or required

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