Primeval Series One: Episodes Three through Six!

Hello Primeval Friends! Episode 3 Its dinner time! A young man jumps into a swimming pool and cuddles with his girlfriend, she leaves to get changed, the young man goes to make another dive… straight into the jaws of a waiting dinosaur. His girlfriend, hearing a noise goes to investigate, and can’t find him. From the other side of a pool window, a still hungry dinosaur scares the young lady. …Read the Rest

Primeval Series One: Episode Two!

Hello Primeval fans, Episode Two After Vala_the_Great’s wonderful overview of episode 1, now its time for me to take over, and recap the rest of series one; so sit back, and here’s hoping there are no anomalies of the anomalies! . Episode two opens in the London underground….something multi legged is lurking. A young girl moves to the carriage doorway to get in some air, when suddenly she is attacked …Read the Rest

Step Through the Anomaly and Discover the Secrets of ‘Primeval’ Series One at BBC America!

Hello fellow Sci-fi fans! We are happy to announce Primeval coverage with our fellow crazy “Brit” HonestHunny (Tracy)! The a series is entering its fourth year and I will begin with a review of the pilot and the characters of this United Kingdom hit television series now available on BBC America! Primeval Series one episode one. I have loved Primeval since it started airing back in 2006, and now it …Read the Rest

WHR Announces Coverage of Warehouse 13 & Primeval!

Hi There Science Fiction Fans! WormholeRiders News Agency is more than pleased to announce coverage of two additional episodic series we have been planning for for a long time.  One series is from the United Kingdom now entering a fifth year of production and a second series hailing from the United States Now entering it’s second season. We include some promotional trailers for your enjoyment. As a matter of fact the …Read the Rest

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