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Alcatraz: “Webb Porter” – Touched Concerto Portends Trouble for San Francisco!

Welcome back Alcatraz fans! “All that’s needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” -Edmund Burke. Or, in this case, Emerson Hauser (Sam Neill). Hey, the man’s got a name that sounds like it should go down in history saying great things already – now he …Read the Rest

Alcatraz: “Paxton Petty” – Flashbang!

Welcome back Alcatraz fans! Ahhh, nothing like a brisk run to start the morning off. Frisbee in the air, dog on the ground, couple laughing kids, and of course let us not forget the land mines! Wait, what? First courtesy of FOX Broadcasting we include the promotional trailer for the …Read the Rest

Alcatraz: “Ernest Cobb” Sniper With a Cause?

Welcome back to Alcatraz! “Forty-seven slats in the picket fence.” Call me crazy, but I am pretty sure that picket fence had forty-nine, not forty-seven! #thingsyoudonottellsomeonewithOCD #especiallyifheisaconvictedcriminal. Ernest Cobb: Two back-to-back episodes of J.J. Abrams’ Alcatraz hooked us and left us wondering on its debut night this past week. There …Read the Rest

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