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The “Falling” music score selected by Trevor Morris is hauntingly correct for the episode eloquently directed by series supervising producer Nick Copus.

Featuring music from the popular band White Lies, “To Lose My Life” (2008) is heard in a nightclub rave. The song is perfect staging for Kat’s (Erin Way) undercover “Falling” mission!

In fact it is one of this reviewers, and many thousands of Alphas fans, favorite song. So much so that the auto play embed of the official hit video is included below left.Alphas S2x08 - Kat enters the rave

Alphas S2x08 - Kat gets a hug from Dylan at the raveOver and above the outstanding selection of the “White Lies” song to set the mood, the “rave” scenes should evoke pleasant memories for many people worldwide who have enjoyed the “late night life” at their favorite dance clubs when growing up.

Well done Trevor Morris!

The 2008 hit melody should also remind fans of a certain movie with and of a vampire theme, Twilight. In the case of “Falling”, the selection of “To Lose My Life” dovetails a nightmarish, indeed horrifying vampire like scene that occurs during the episode.

Alphas S2x08 - Kat and Bill develop a professional relationship

“Falling” is an enjoyable “Kat” centric Alphas episode that deals nicely with a fair amount of back story allowing the viewer to gain insight and understand her character.

Kat fans should be pleased since “Falling” is replete with a good old ass kicking of the drug dealing bad guy ex-boyfriend Dylan Renfro (Gianpaolo Venuta) because Dylan Renfro has been using Alphas for his own nefarious purposes.

Alphas S2x08 - Dani Rosen will have to deal with her fatherThe “Falling” episode effectively deals with the developing subject in the story arc of Dani Rosen’s (Kathleen Munroe) estranged relationship with her father Doctor Lee Rosen (David Strathairn).

In a heart rending sequence near the episodes conclusion, Doctor Rosen confirms his daughter Dani has been the spy providing information to Stanton Parish (John Pyper-Ferguson) that he has been using effectively against the Alphas Team.

The tragedy is that evil Parish has been deliberately misleading Dani to think he will bring her “together with her father” in the process.

Alphas S2x08 - Dani and Cameron meet young Tyler Hicks

Viewers are treated to another revealing family sequence when young Tyler Hicks (Gage Munroe), son of series lead Warren Christie who portrays Cameron Hicks finally gain mutual understanding.

Dani Rosen plays a special role in helping the two understand each other, providing a measure of proof that she is misguided, being used by the series antagonist Stanton Parish.

Alphas S2x08 - Dreamy eyed Rachel is falling for John BennettViewers, including this reviewer, who have long suspected Dani was not inherently evil will enjoy this bittersweet development.

Also examined in some detail is the growing Alphas family when Rachel (Azita Ghanizada) and John Bennett (Steve Byers) attraction for each other continues after they first took a liking to each other in previous episodes of the series.

Alphas S2x08 - Rachel thinks future lover John Bennett is very blond

We learn more about John and why Rachel and he are attracted to each other and viewers can see a growing love between the two.

The relationship is interrupted for the time being only by Rachel’s sensitive nature and her need to avoid being hurt in the process.


The aspects of using the “Jump” drug, which turns normal people into Alphas, should not be construed as condoning narcotics use by the creators or broadcasting networks. In fact, quite the opposite is the message from the creators. Even Gary “Just says no”!

Alphas S2x08 - The Jump drugBased upon the consequences depicted by those who would use drugs to enhance their lives on an ongoing basis, the ultimate fate of several victims of such abuse are explored, including death from seeking the high or “rush” imparted from the “Jump” narcotic.

“Falling” begins with a sequence of youngsters taking the “Jump” narcotic and “Falling” off of the top of buildings, crashing into whatever with no apparent ill effects.

The effects or consequences begin to be observed some twenty-four hours later when a young “Jumper” is found at the morgue.

Alphas S2x08 - Rosen seeks answers from Nathan Clay

Segue to a short sequence with Doctor Rosen at the home of Nathan Clay (Mahershala Ali) where we briefly meet another family member, young Duncan Clay (Elijha Hammill) added to the sequence for realistic atmosphere.

The revealing hint about how Doctor Rosen is going to have to deal with his own daughter Dani later in the episode is well stated; “parents always have to wonder whether to help their children or let them deal with their own problems”.

The purpose of the meeting relates to the NSA breaking in to Stanton Parish’s communications network, having downloaded Parish’s  encrypted call list. At this point Doctor Rosen is not entirely sure who the spy is. Nathan is not very helpful claiming he cannot provide Doctor Rosen access to the data at this time.

Alphas S2x08 - Kat gives gary a flowering plant for his man cave!Ever steady Bill Harkin (Malik Yoba) instructs Gary Bell (Ryan Cartwright) to investigate the strange circumstances using facial recognition software by scanning YouTube videos depicting the teenagers jumping off buildings.

Naturally Gary provides the episodes comic relief with line after line of perfectly timed performances by this talented actor. The opening sequence with Kat giving Gary a plant “for his man cave” produced a reaction that is priceless; “This could have bugs in it!”

During the You Tube video scanning, everyone, including Kat is shocked when Gary discovers that Kat was partying with the people shown in the videos. One of Kat’s challenges is that she forgets things after about thirty days, and has no recollection of the events depicted in the videos.

Alphas S2x08 - Kat with suspect Dylan in the past

After Gary delivers another fun line to Bill “You’re in cahoots” (with Kat), Bill authorizes Kat to go undercover at an upcoming rave party at a local nightclub. Suspected of being a recruiting center, Kat is to ascertain as much information as possible. 

The team learns via Kat the new “Jump” drug temporarily creates a “chitinous” Kevlar type layer over the skin making the users invulnerable to harm for a short period of time.

The strategy works, but with consequences. Upon arrival at the nightclub rave, Kat does not yet remember this is her ex-boyfriend Dylan.

During the rave people are obviously using the narcotic, causing Kat to ask Dylan what it is all about when one of the participants survives something far beyond head banging at the rave. Remember a nightmare called “Ecstasy?”

Alphas x2x08 - Kat eases into her undercover missionAlthough not a trained agent, Kat takes to the undercover life. Unfortunately, due to Dylan’s past knowledge about Kat, which he uses against her, we can see from a kiss they share that Kat is falling in love with Dylan once again.

Dylan is only too happy to comply. He knows Kat’s own past even though she does not remember what he did to her last time.

It is only after a “Jump” of their own that Kat discovers Dylan is one of the ringleaders of the “Jump” narcotic syndicate.

Alphas x2x08 - Gary says leave Kat because she is useless

Outside the nightclub, where they are monitoring the undercover mission, Gary says to Bill “Leave her, she’s useless”. Poor Gary is not joking. He sees Kat as a threat to his relationship with Bill.

When Kat returns from the field, after Bill chews Kat out for her taking the drug, Rachel, Bill and Gary discover how the Alpha drug protects the participants body during the “Jump” rush they seek from being indestructible.

Alphas x2x08 - Cameron notices that young Tyler takes a liking to DaniA quick segue to an airport, Cameron’s son Tyler has come for a visit. Cameron makes the bold step of bringing Dani to introduce Tyler to her. Cameron suspects his son is an Alpha and makes plans to test Tyler regardless of the consequences.

In “Falling” we learn a great deal more about Dani’s character when she intervenes sharing a story with Cameron of the trauma she endured when she was tested by Doctor Rosen in her youth.

As suspected, it is this unhappiness during her formative years that has driven Dani to her current circumstances in becoming a pawn for Stanton Parish.

Alphas S2x08 - Rosen is shiocked to learn the truth about Dani

Meanwhile, Doctor Rosen visits Dani after Gary eagerly informs Rosen that he has hacked and cracked the code from Stanton Parish likening it to something Anna (Liane Balaban) would create.

Gary gets a well deserved pat on the back when he reveals that it is a list of phone numbers as Doctor Rosen had suspected.

Every fathers nightmare, to learn that his own child has been turned to evil, Rosen is shattered to learn the truth about Dani. Rosen matches the number from the Parish list, confirming his own daughter is the spy.

Alphas S2x08 - Nina learns from Rosen that Dani is the spyIn a heartbreaking scene, Rosen tries to protect his daughter by seeking out Nina (Laura Mennell) to obtain a fake passport using her Alpha power of suggestion to trick immigration officials to issue one so Rosen can keep her away from Parish.

Nina needs to use no Alphas power to discourage Doctor Rosen when she finds out the passport is for Dani.

In another touching family moment, Dani uses her empathic ability to connect Cameron and Tyler after the father had tried to convince his son to be tested.

Alphas S2x08 - Dani uses her Alphas power to create a bond between Cameron and Tyler

The process works creating a bond between the two. Father Cameron and son Tyler share a hug as tears well up in Cameron’s eyes!

The parallel story arc dovetails the underlying message from the creators of “Falling”, the importance of family and quality relationships, not drug induced fantasies and addiction.

This is the most important message a viewer can derive from “Falling”.

Alphas S2x08 - Cameron hugs his son Tyler

Alphas S2x08 - Kat panics when she learns Bill will arrest DylanBack at Alphas headquarters Bill has decided to arrest Dylan. Kat panics, rushing to warn Dylan.

The outstanding, nightmarish vampire like sequence comes to forefront when Kat discovers that Dylan has been manufacturing the “Jump” drug from the blood of an Alpha named Shelley (Azra Valani).

Dylan has been duping Shelley in the manner he had used Kat in the past to drain the Alpha blood to create the “Jump” narcotic.

Alphas S2x08 - Kat finds Dylan's Jump drug producing Alpha slave

Alphas S2x08 - Drug crazed Dylan attacks KatEvil and narcotic crazed to the very end, drug lord Dylan beats and knocks Kat out when she tried to save the poor “Jump” drug Alphas blood victim.

Dylan quickly attempts to make his way to escape from the crime scene with his Alphas blood slave in tow.

Quite disgustingly, Dylan is observed bragging to Kat that she will not remember what happened in thirty days, and that he will find her and do it all over again in the future! Alphas S2x08 - Gary comes to Kat's rescue

Despite his earlier misgivings about Kat becoming his rival with Bill Harkin, good natured Gary comes to Kat’s rescue exclaiming “I’ve got your six”. Yay Gary! 

Kat knows that she has to take the “Jump” drug once more in order to stop Dylan. Leaping off a building while Gary is screaming “don’t do drugs” and “Oh no…”, Kat smashes into his car and proceeds to kick his ass!

Way to go Kat!

Alphas S2x08 - Kat kicks Dylan's ass

At this juncture, one must recall that Dylan referred to a network or syndicate and that New York was his “region”. How many more Alphas are being used to create the drug worldwide and is Stanton Parish involved with the drug ring? Only time will tell.

Alphas S2x08 - Bill Harkin in chargeDoctor Rosen wisely decided to let Bill Harkin run the investigation after he has confirmed the possibility that Dani could be Stanton Parish’s agent spying on the Alphas from Gary evidence proving the connection between Stanton Parish and Dani.

The episode begins to come to an end when Dr. Rosen sends a text message purporting to be Stanton Parish to trap Dani. In a tragic father and daughter confrontation, Dani breaks down telling her Dad she too had been a drug addict selling herself for a “$10 bag of dope”.

Alphas S2x08 - Rosen offers Dani a choice

“Dad’ Rosen, obviously near a breakdown himself offers Dani a simple choice;  Surrender herself at the Binghamton Alphas prison or become a double agent and feed information about Stanton Parish’s activities back to Doctor Rosen, Agent Clay and the Alphas Team. Dani tries to escape, but is apprehended by John Bennett.

Alphas S2x08 - Cameron is filled with rage for RosenThe final heartbreak is almost complete for Doctor Rosen.

Back at Alphas headquarters Rosen is confronted by Cameron who is filled with rage that he has arrested his lover Dani, not protecting her from incarceration. Let there be no doubt, this factor will play out in future episodes of Alphas. Alphas S2x08 - Kat gives Gary a hug for saving her

“Falling” begins to come to an end on a high note when Bill Harkin informs Kat that he is sending her to Quantico Virginia for field training to become a full fledged agent!

Even Gary is happy for Kat… That is until Kat gives Gary a bear hug for saving her indicating she needs to “grow up”, a wonderful ending scene that brought a smile to my face!

Alphas S2x08 - Dani is dejected in prison

The final sequence finds Doctor Rosen visiting daughter Dani in prison. The question that comes to mind, based on the promotional trailer for the next episode, is who will help Dani escape? This reviewers money is on Cameron Hicks!

Alphas S2x08 - Rosen vsits with daughter Dani in prison

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