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Being Human:  If I Only Had Raw Brain and Strippers in a Soup Kitchen!

Welcome Being Human Fans and WormholeRiders! Again we gather at the helm to discuss and rejoice about a prior week’s episode – ‘If I Only Had Raw Brain’! This season for sure has spun us around and spit a lot back out! Sally (Meaghan Rath) continues to fall apart but …Read the Rest

Being Human: You’re The One That I Haunt and A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Me Killing You!

Hello once again Being Human fans, We are doing a combined episodic review and analysis because these two episodes are inextricably tied together. An additional special analysis about the mythology and mystery of Syfy’s version of Being Human will be posted in the not too distant future about season two. …Read the Rest

Being Human: Going Dutch with You’re the One That I Haunt Sneak Peek!

Greetings SciFi/Fantasy Fans! Spoiler Alert: The following is a complete recap/review of Being Human, Episode 111 (Going Dutch). If you have not yet seen this episode and prefer to watch it without spoilers, stop reading now and check your local listings for opportunities to watch the episode. Right now only …Read the Rest

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