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Syfy Banner Logo 2013 - Imagine Greater!Again we gather at the helm to discuss and rejoice about a prior week’s episode – ‘If I Only Had Raw Brain’! This season for sure has spun us around and spit a lot back out! Sally (Meaghan Rath) continues to fall apart but has a friend in Max (Bobby Campo), Josh (Sammy Huntington) and Nora (Kristen Hager) have a date set!

Aidan (Sam Witwer) is getting much closer to Kat (Deanna Russo)! Then the very last scene showed us what one of our weirder pack members has resorted to, this is looking more and more like chaos on a stick and our trilogy seems to be the snack of the day!

And while you enjoy the recap – please enjoy some music from our special guest video from The Boxer Rebellion “Both Sides are Even”, a cool song that played twice during the episode. Enjoy!

Being Human S3x11 - Josh looks at a stripper vampire

Before we get into the episode let enjoy a sneak peek of this weeks Being Human “Always a Bridesmaid, Never Alive!” provided by our friends at Syfy!

If I Only Had a Raw Brain:

Being Human S3x10 - Pete about to be eatenSo lest we forget about Pete (Ron Lea)), poor Pete – gobbled up by a herd of vampires.

Not good. Aidan really dropped the ball on that one! Damn talk about easy pickings! And then Stevie (Robert Naylor) getting the same door as Nick (Pat Kiely), that’s weird!

I have a pretty good idea where they are crossing over into and the Donna the Witch’s (Amy Aquino) kitchen area!

This is not a good place for anyone to land! At least Sally noticed, but then what, at this point, is she or can she do about it?

Being Human S3x11 Suffolk County Hospital
Being Human S3x11 Aidan let Kenny outAidan goes to see Kenny (Connor Price), and there is good news! The hospital has found a match for a bone marrow transplant! But, that is not what Kenny wants and he is packing to leave, make a break for it!

If Aidan will not agree to turn him, pretty much now, he will call Aunt Blake. There is no other way for Aidan to keep Kenny safe, he agrees to turn him, and out of the bubble room Kenny walks!

It seems Kenny is really enjoying his ‘outing’ with Aidan! He is running around the park, dogs are licking his face, for the first time ever! He asks Aidan if he could just enjoy being a normal human teenage boy for one day!

Being Human S3x11 Kenny and DogAidan cannot say no and Kenny is like a kid in a candy store! Wants to experience and try anything and everything on the one day of normalcy he has been given! Kenny has a ‘bucket list’ of things he wants to do! And within reason it seems Aidan is along for the ride!

Back at the house Sally is getting Nora and Josh to lock her in her bedroom. She wants them to double padlock it and not let her out no matter what! Sally says she might have zombie strength and not know it!

All she seems to want to do is eat them lately! Nora tells Sally that they will find her food; Sally responds ‘You are Food’! This does not seem like a good idea to anyone, so the locks are installed and Sally is locked into the room! For now, Sally says lock me up!

Being Human S3x11 Josh Nora locking Sally up

Being Human S3x11 - Kenny is homeDuring this little family squabble, Aidan walks in the door with Kenny! Oh goody! Kenny’s new home! Who else sees tragedy written all over this? I hope I am wrong, but the history alone tells me I am probably correct.

Aidan shoos Kenny down to the basement with Kenny mumbling something about living in the basement but Aidan NOT wanting to be called Dark lords of the night! Now, Aidan gets to explain to Nora and Josh about his deal with Kenny and how this is all going to be okay with no wrinkles!

Fine, yep, I am gonna go with that! And has anyone thought about what they are gonna feed Kenny after Aidan turns him and how well that went in prior seasons? I am rolling my eyes here….. For once Nora agrees with Aidan, if they can use their curse to help another person, they should do that. Well. I suppose we will see how this goes!

Being Human S3x11 Nora Josh Aidan explainingAfter listening to Nora telling Josh how if it was his friend, that he would do whatever he could to save them. He agrees. Keep in mind, Nora was referring to Kenny! But Josh hollers up the stairs, at Sally and off they go!

Josh has a plan. If they can find Donna and kill her in the real world, she cannot possibly take Sally’s soul and hurt anyone else in the spirit world! Well, if they can get to her, this might just work!

Sally does remind them that when she tried taking out Donna before it didn’t go so well, Donna Vader choked her and then Sally started craving puppies! (Sally’s words not mine)! Regardless, here we go!

Being Human S3x11 - Josh Sally Nora lookin for Donna the WitchThey all venture out to find dastardly Donna the Witch, showing up at the soup kitchen and poof!

The soup kitchen is frakken gone!

All that is there is a vacant lot! Where the frakk did the building go? Like myself, Nora says ‘A building cannot just disappear’!

Clearly the building is gone and astonished Sally says ‘Tell that to Donna, and concludes with ‘I am so screwed!”

Being Human S3x11 - Soup Kitchen in now a vacant lot!

Being Human S3x11 - Aidan Josh and Nora discover Sally is goneBack at the house, Nora and Josh are trying to figure out how to help Sally when they realize she is gone! They take off searching for her Josh says they better find her before she find lunch!

We see that Sally has gone to the funeral home, to see Max! Ohhhhh Max! Sally has ran out of options, Max offers to get the makeup kit and Sally admits that she is past the putty stage.

She actually starts telling him that she has moved on to a more raw kinda diet, Max guesses that she’s not talking about veggies! She admits that she has the need to eat raw human flesh! She frakken says it and he does not run from the room screaming!

Sally wants to eat his latest obituary victimthat came in last night, Max says NO! Then Sally proclaims her love for him in a run-on sentence then he admits his love for her! Were left with him saying a firm no, to the eating of the body, and that if Sally really knew him, that she would know that he could never let that happen!

Being Human S3x11 - Max and Sally

Being Human S3x11 - Aidan and Kenny return from the RedSox gameBack at his house Josh and Nora have heard from Sally! They are relieved to learn that  she is with Max and is okay, for now.

Aidan and Kenny come in, they have caught a Red Sox game, had lobster rolls and Aidan even snuck Kenny a beer, which Kenny thought was gross! Meanwhile, Josh and Nora are looking at vacation magazines planning their honeymoon! (How sweet!)

Being Human S3x11 - Sister Emily comes over for a visit!Then the door opens to Josh’s sister, Emily (Alison Louder), running into the room! Nora and Emily had this planned and of course Josh is happy to see his sis!

Emily announces that she is only in town long enough to take her brother out for a proper bachelor party! Nora seems to be on board and insists that they go! Kenny of course mentions his bucket list and how a strip club was on the top of it and off they go!

Being Human S3x11 - Josh is going to have a bachelor party!

Being Human S3x11 - Max and Sally no more secrets!And just as Max has let Sally come back, to her assistant job, she is admiring the corpse’s long beautiful hair. (Anybody else find this a bit touchy-feely)? Anyway so Sally is brushing the hair and thanking Max, just then Max has to leave the prep room and take a phone call.

Sally promises Max, no more secrets as he is leaving the room! Ahhh, so sweet! They might be an awesome couple yet! As soon as Max leaves the room Sally began looking at the corpse like dinner!

I cannot even be sure that she tried very hard to resist, but next thing you know – yep, she bent down and took a bite out of the corpse!

Being Human S3x11 - Sally wants just a nibble!

Being Human S3x11 - Sally decomposing moreHAHAHAHA! It was all just a dream! Gotcha!

We see Sally as she startles awake and is so relived that she was not eating the corpse in Max’s funeral home!

But we also see that she has begun to fall apart, even worse, her back is now decomposing also! Blood is on her pillow! Can all of this be stopped?

Where the heck did Donna go? And even if they found her, would killing her really stop the curse from taking effect?

Being Human S3x11 - Strippers at the club

Being Human S3x11 - Kenny gets some cash from AidanEmily and Kenny are admiring the strippers. Kenny mentions that he has never been this close before! Emily asks Kenny, “to what?”, “Strippers?” Kenny responds no, to Girls!

Kenny is literally drooling as the strippers are flaunting “it” by him!I mean who the frak would not be!

Aidan needs to give Kenny some greenbacks so the boy can get a lap dance! Emily has other plans it seems and calls the stripper Sadie (Jessica Malka)over and requests a lap dance for Josh!

Being Human S3x11 - Stripper with JoshOkay, I am good with all of this! Josh IS the betrothed and this is HIS bachelor party for fraks sake!

Just a side note: at the first of this episode there was this creepy creeper guy, lurking around the park when Aidan and Kenny were there.

At almost the same time Aidan spots this same creepy, creeper guy at the strip club.

I grabbed a picture of the dude so we can try and see who he is… but I could not really make it out.

Could you?

Being Human S3x11 - Creepy creeper guy!

Being Human S3x11 - Sadie pops fangsThen just when the lap dance seems to be getting a bit steamy and fun for Josh, Sadie pops fangs and starts to lay into Josh’s neck! Frak! She is a Vampire people!

From behind Aidan has been lurking in on this suspected transformation of Sadie and quickly stabs her in the back just in time to save his good buddy Josh from certain death!

Being Human S3x11 - Sadie turns to dust!Poor Sadie – well yep, dust she is now! Then of course Emily and Kenny arrive on the scene, catch a glimpse of the dust floating through the air and Emily freaks out!

Josh chases Emily from the club, he is trying to explain about Sadie being a vampire and she was going to kill him until Aidan intervened and killed Sadie! Emily is still freaking out! (Okay, in Josh’s defense, he has tried more than once to come clean with his sister, she would not or choose not to believe him or even consider that he might be telling the truth. So then there’s that). She is listening now, Josh tells her that yes Nora knows and that Nora is a werewolf also! This is a lot to take in, I guess. Time to suck it up Emily and get on board sweetie or back away and stay away!

Being Human S3x11 - Josh is trying to explainThe time has come; Aidan is ready to turn Kenny. Dum, dum, dum. He has 3 bags of O- blood and a werewolf booster shot for Kenny. This seems so sterile, compared to how vamps are usually turned! Real clinical! Kenny looks a bit scared, and starts asking Aidan questions, will what happened to Sadie happen to him?

When was the last time Aidan turned somebody? Aidan gives him this speech, that he will take everything he has learned, good and bad to try and protect Kenny. Kenny moves to a chair, Aidan pops fangs and gets busy. It’s a done deal people.

Being Human S3x11 - Aidan Kenny it is time

After the deed is done, Aidan emerges from the basement and finds Josh at the kitchen table having a beer! Josh’s first words are ‘Nothing like a vampire stripper to put things in perspective’! (I have been waiting for that line all season)!

They discuss Pete and Josh admits that he shouldn’t have blamed Aidan for what happened.

Aidan is till feeling guilt over Pete’s demise and admits just that. Josh does say that their conditions do not have to define them and that Pete did teach them that. So we have had this admission of feelings and brotherly bonding at the kitchen table! Love this!

Being Human S3x11 - Aidan Josh mashup

Sally has called Aidan into her room, she wants Aidan to kill her when the time comes, when the hunger get too bad! Aidan is like – wait hold on! Aidan says that Nora and Josh have found the psyhic, Alana and maybe she can help! Sally cannot give up, not now, not ever! Sally is starving people, and Aidan knows it – he offers himself up as a main course and tells her to ‘Eat Me’! At first Sally is like, no frakken way dude, but the hunger overcomes her and she takes a big’ole chunk out of Aidan’s side – don’t forget vampires can heal themselves! He will be fine!

Being Human S3x11 - Sally eating AidanI suppose after her buffet of raw Aidan, Sally seems to be feeling much better! She shows up at her friend Ilana’s (Ellen David) house asking for help with her Donna the Witch problem!

Ilana does not now or did she ever really want to get involved with this and now is not any different! Sally is telling her about Donna and how she promised her soul to her after she dies, and then she tells her about Nick and Stevie getting the same door!

Being Human S3x11 - Ilana and Sally have a chat about Donna the WitchIlana tells her that is impossible! Alana deducts that the door is not leading to another world but to a place in this world! And probably not a very good place, because Donna has set this up and she has passed out the invites through this door!

Ilana convinces Sally that she is very powerful now, Harry Potter powerful! And that if she gets the same door and goes through it – and is ready for Donna, and then she has a very good chance of beating this witch! Alana is anointing Sally with some powerful Latin chants; this will give Sally the power she needs!

Being Human S3x11 Sally says goodbye to Max

Being Human S3x11 - Sally is sad to say goodbyeSally drops by the funeral home to say goodbye to Max. This is sad; they could have really been a cute couple!

Well, at least Sally got to make love with him, if only temporarily! And he does love her. Max shares with Sally that he wishes he could have been more help. Sally tells him that he is everything she wishes she could have had, when she was truly alive.

This moment was a tear jerker people!

One more thing… Oh-My! Does anyone else remember the scene we were left with this week? Between Kenn, and our WormholeRiders friends at the SnarkAlecs, the answer was pretty clear, it was Kat’s ex, Professor Jeff Westin (Malcolm Travis), whom Aidan left in a pool of blood in the last episode.

I actually thought it was Henry for a minute, but was corrected and I do think, that’s who this is, but what happened to him and what IS Jeff Westin now?

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