Eureka: “Of Mites and Men” Its a Bug Hunt or Will It Be Rise of the Apes, Cowboys or Aliens!

Hi Eureka fans, With only a few episodes left until the end of season four, Eureka’s episodes do not disappoint.  In their quest for Titan, the Eureka team continues to struggle with misbehaving technology.  I guess it is important to work the bugs out before you go into space.  And …Read the Rest

Eureka: “Omega Girls” with Respects to the Cast, Crew and Creators!

Welcome back Eureka fans, Now that the very disappointing news is out and all Eureka fans know that the fifth season will be the last, we include some of the many Twitter messages recently shared by the actors on the series as well as other Vancouver area actors and industry …Read the Rest

Eureka: A “Glimpse” “Up In The Air” Leaves Series Non Renewed After the Fifth Season!

Dear  Eureka fans! We are reticent to begin a review with the following news of a non renewal, however below is the statement from Syfy August 08, 2011, apparently leaked to EW and others regarding the cancellation of the Eureka series before its sixth season. Editors Note: We held publication …Read the Rest

Eureka “Reprise” Catering to a More Computer Internet Savvy Geeky Audience with Guest Stars Felicia Day and Ming Na!

Welcome back Eureka fans! The second episode in this second half of season four is called Reprise, but it could also have been called Carter’s Bad Day! Sheriff Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) begins his day in the company of Allison Blake (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) and her family. Carter is given the …Read the Rest

Eureka “Reprise” S4x12 Pre-Review Sneak Peeks with Felicia Day and a Secret Mission!

Welcome back Eureka fans, Today we continue with awesome episode twelve of season four of Eureka with the episode “Reprise”. Although as you will find out when you see the episode tonight on Syfy at 8 PM E/P 7 central time, when pre-reviewing the program here I came to the …Read the Rest

Eureka “Lift Off” What We All Loved About the Series Return Back on The Little House on The Prairie!

Hello, Eureka fans. I love the introduction to the episode here. We see a balloon stuck in a tree with the words, “Congratulations” written on it, followed by an outdoor shot of Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson) at his underground bunker of a house. The entrance is festively decorated and someone …Read the Rest

Eureka, Again: A Look at the Future Comes Back From the Past!

“I never think of the future. It comes soon enough.” – Albert Einstein Welcome Eureka fans, I say welcome because I have only recently formed a news and review team here at WHR to report on Eureka that includes myself (ArcticGoddess1 om Twitter), Chad Colvin whom you may know from …Read the Rest

Runaway with Syfy and E! Online During a SciFi Geek Fest at Comic-Con!

Welcome back convention, Alphas, Being Human, Eureka, Her Universe, Sanctuary, The Mercury Men, Warehouse13, E! Online and Syfy fans! Whew that is quite a mouthful and a lot of entertainment planned by Syfy as the time for Comic-Con 2011 at the San Diego Convention Center draws near! The best news …Read the Rest

As The Wormhole Turns: Has Television Become a Medium For Viewer Manipulation?

Hello again television series fans, Thank you for the comments here, on twitter and on Facebook about my first article. In my last article, I pointed out that it’s quite normal to become engaged with and attached to the characters in a show that we love. Writers are paid to …Read the Rest

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