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Primeval New World S1x04 Angry Birds

Primeval New World: “The Inquisition” A Story of Personal Agendas!

Welcome back to the Primeval New World! MAJOR SPOILERS FOR NON CANADIANS: It is not the Spanish Inquisition, but it is the Portuguese Interrogation! In this case, Louis Ferreira guest stars as Colonel Anderson Hall in this week’s episode of Primeval New World whom all remember from superb his role in Stargate Universe as Colonel Everett Young. The Inquisition: “The Inquisition” episode begins with a chase seen. Dylan Weir (Sara …Read the Rest

Primeval New World: Angry Birds Means Trouble for Pilots!

Welcome to our dedicated site to Primeval New World! MAJOR SPOILERS FOR NON CANADIANS: This episode begins with things from a bird’s eye view, or what we assume to be from the bird’s perspective. A prehistoric bird accidentally discovers a portal into the modern world – a rail yard where two men, Blake (Patrick Gilmore) and Skeezer (Kett Turton) are growing marihuana. They meet with a courier to whom they …Read the Rest

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