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Season seven, episode fourteen “Plucky Pennywhistles Magical Menagerie”, airs on Friday 02/10/12 9pm ET. CLOWNS, UNICORNS AND SHARKS, OH MY!  Sam (Jared Padalecki) is forced to confront a childhood fear when a case takes him and Dean (Jensen Ackles) to Kansas to investigate Plucky Pennywhistles Magical Menagerie, a local pizza chain that hosts children’s birthday parties. 

Sam and Dean discover that the victims’ children had recently been to the restaurant and drawn a picture of their worst fear, which then came to life to kill their parent.  While Dean confronts the man behind the magic, Sam is left to deal with some very angry clowns.  Mike Rohl directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin.

Do you hate “Hellatuses”? I do!

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The Slice Girls:

We jump right into the action.  Opening scene starts with a nice looking man, ok a very hot guy, played by (Derek Hamilton) in his living room.  A mystery person walks into the apartment.  He hears something, but lets it go as nothing.  Next he is flying across the room then…slice one, slice two, slice three, and slice four!  Blood is spattered everywhere.

Supernatural S7x13 - Good looking man before chop suey!

Supernatural S7x13 - Slice 1, 2, 3, 4

This is pretty gruesome, even for Supernatural.  I LIKE IT!!!  A very strange symbol was carved into the victim’s chest.  The camera zooms out and we see both of his hands and both of his feet were cut off.  Yuck!  Again, I like it!

Supernatural S7x13 - Good looking guy sliced and diced!

Sam is driving and Dean is sleeping.  That does not happen often, but it happens.  Dean wakes up and the first thing he does is take a swig out of a flask, that happened to belong to Bobby (Jim Beaver).  They discuss several men have been killed in the same manner in Seattle, Washington and they need to investigate.

Supernatural S7x13 - Dean taking a swig out of Bobby's flask

Sam and Dean go to see the body of the man most recently killed.  After hearing what Eddie (Craig Anderson), the coroner’s assistant had to say, Sam wants to eat and go back to the room to do some research.  Dean wants to “go undercover, go mingle amongst the locals”, meaning he wants to go to a bar.  The brothers go do their thing.

Supernatural S7x13 - The brothers and Eddie looking at the victim

Supernatural S7x13 - Eddie talking to Sam and Dean

Guess where Dean ends up?  That is right…a bar called The Cobalt Room.  He is sitting with a woman named Lydia (Sara Canning).  There is some major flirting going on and talk of neither wanting a commitment.  We all had to know where this was heading, except Dean has been a bit conservative lately.

Supernatural S7x13 - Dean and Lydia at the Cobalt Room

Supernatural S7x13 - Lydia is very pretty

SCORE!!!  Yes Dean did too, but that is not what I am referring to at the moment.  MUSIC!  We have not heard much known music this season, which the show is famous for.  The next scene starts out nice and loud with “Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC.  Dean and Lydia are getting busy.  Although I kind of dig prudish Dean, this is the Dean we all know and love.

Supernatural S7x13 - Dean and Lydia making whoopie

While Dean was getting his groove back, another man, Jerry Price (Kevin Kazakoff), was being sliced and diced.

Supernatural S7x13 - Next victim Jerry Price being slaughtered

The next day Sam and Dean are back at it.  They are at the crime scene of the latest victim, Jerry Price.  They are introduced to Charlene Penn, the lead detective on the case.  She gives the brothers a breakdown of the scene.  It was the same scenario as the rest of the men.

Supernatural S7x13 - Detective Charlene Penn meeting Sam and Dean

Sam talks to a neighbor (Nick Ouellette) and he mentions the victim had a one-night stand within the last few days and his wife found out about it.  Dean realizes he left Bobby’s flask at Lydia’s house during his one-night stand, except he had her number and was actually calling her.  Lydia said she had not seen it, but would call if she did.  She said she was really busy and was blowing Dean off like a bubble in the wind.  He seems to feel used, but Sam thinks it is comical.

Supernatural S7x13 - Sam talking to Jerry's neighbor

Supernatural S7x13 - Lydia blowing Dean off

Supernatural S7x13 - Sam thinks Dean getting blown off is funny

Supernatural S7x13 - Dean feels used

Lydia was busy all right!  Busy being very, very pregnant.  What the @#$%?

Supernatural S7x13 - Lydia busy being pregnant

Lydia was in a room with several women giving birth, after only one day or so I might add.  It was very strange how she was told how to feel and what to do.  A woman in the room, Madeline (Jill Teed), named the baby girl Emma and then said “Next!” leading us to believe there were several women in line to give birth.

Supernatural S7x13 - Lydia gives birth and Madeline names the baby Emma

So let us get this straight, sex one night, give birth the next day, and now Dean is a daddy?  Oh my gosh!


The brothers are at the Department of Anthropology looking for expert help because their expert is dead.  They are asking Professor Morrison (Harry Groener), if he can tell them what the symbol being carved into the chests of the men mean.

Supernatural S7x13 - Professor Morrison wanting something for helping the feds

Supernatural S7x13 - Professor Morrison looking at the symbol being carved in to victim's chests

Dean and Sam are really missing Bobby right now for more than one reason.  Dean is stressing out because Lydia has not called back.  He is going to go get his flask.

Supernatural S7x13 - Dean and Sam really missing Bobby

Supernatural S7x13 - Dean stressed out that Lydia has not called about the flask

Dean shows up at Lydia’s house and sees a toddler in a crib.  A little girl.  He assumes she is babysitting, but she says she is not.  Dean takes a call from Sam and then hears this toddler talking and sounding much older.

Supernatural S7x13 - Lydia with Emma

Sam goes back to the crime lab.  Detective Charlene Penn asks why the feds are there and then tells him to hurry up because they are working other cases too.  Sam finds out that all the men involved went to the same bar, “The Cobalt Room”, which is the same bar Dean went to and met Lydia.  Each of the men went home with good-looking women just days before they were killed.

Supernatural S7x13 - Detective Charlene Penn talking to Sam and Eddie

Madeline, along with a couple other women, shows up at Lydia’s house to pick up (approximately five year old) Emma (Lilah Fitzgerald) .  She has a bag packed and Lydia just sends her daughter off with these people.  Dean is watching from a vehicle across the way.  Emma is now about five years old.  She was just a toddler a couple hours earlier.  He knows something supernatural is going on here.  He watches as the women drive off with Emma.

Supernatural S7x13 - Five year old Emma leaving with Madeline and other women

Supernatural S7x13 - Dean sees young Emma leaving

Dean is trying to explain to Sam about what he saw and heard.  Sam is just thinking that maybe the woman had kids she did not tell Dean about.


There are several girls in robes with the women who took (now approximately nine years old) Emma (Madison Bell).  They seem to be going through a ritual of some kind.  They are being told that what they are doing is a tribute to their creator and protector.  They hunt for her, they kill for her and they are going to consume that kill as a symbol.  They are feeding these young girls flesh and milk.  Grrross!

Supernatural S7x13 - Girls being fed human male flesh as a ritual

Supernatural S7x13 - Approximately nine year old Emma after eating human male flesh

The very arrogant Professor Morrison is with Sam and Dean going over the symbol being carved into the men’s chests.  He found a match.  It is a variation of a symbol associated with a Greek Pantheon.  Here is what he found…the goddess Harmonia + Ares (the god of war) = The Amazons.  They are a tribe of warriors.  They are an exclusive female culture with no use for men, except for procreation.  After they got pregnant, they killed the males, first cutting off certain body parts.


Detective Charlene Penn is on the phone with Madeline about Sam and Dean.  She lets her know all of their IDs are fake and they are the ones that are wanted for a cross-country murder spree.  She knows they are hunters.  Madeline tells her that one of the brothers is already scheduled to be taken care of and they just add the other.

Supernatural S7x13 - Charlene on the phone with Madeline telling her who Sam and Dean are

Dean is rummaging through Bobby’s books looking for a Greek encyclopedia.  Sam comes across some amazing Amazon lore.  After discussing it with Dean, it becomes clear that Emma is probably Dean’s child…well sort of.  If that is the case then Dean knows he has to “hang on to his hands and feet”.


Now the girls look like teenagers.  They are each being branded with that Greek symbol.  They are being taught to endure pain so they can give pain.

Supernatural S7x13 - Emma at about 16 years old

Supernatural S7x13 - Emma being branded

Sam tells Dean that the women went for good looking, successful, men.  Dean says Lydia may or may not have thought he was a rich, investment banker.  Dean notices some papers moved.  Sam says there was an open window and maybe a breeze moved the papers.  There was no breeze.  Dean wonders if maybe Bobby is helping.  Sam says that they burned him though.  Sam tells him it is not Bobby because that is what they want it to be.  The paper on top of what was moved was in Greek.  The only people that read Greek are Greeks, Bobby and Professor Morrison, according to Dean and Sam.  Sam tells Dean to wait in the room and lock the door.  He went on to see the professor.


Dean hears a knock at the door.  His sweet teenaged Emma (Alexia Fast) is at the door.  She is 16 years old.  She says she needs his help and he is the only one she can trust because he is her father.  She actually seems very sincere and is completely honest.  She said she did not want to be like those women.  She is laying it all on pretty thick.  She is definitely very good.

Supernatural S7x13 - Emma comes to find Dean

Sam finds out from Professor Morrison that the Greek writing says the same as all of the Amazon lore, except the women are not doing the killing.  Instead the child born must kill her own father.


Sam bumps into Detective Charlene Penn when leaving the Anthropology Department.  She lets him know she knows exactly who he is.  Sam sees the Greek symbol on her wrist.  The skin around her eyes turns red and she tosses him to the door.  Out comes her knife, but Sam gets a chest shot before she can hurt him.  His cell phone is crushed so he cannot warn Dean.

Supernatural S7x13 - Detective Charlene Penn is one of them

Supernatural S7x13 - Charlene's eyes turn red

Dean is listening to Emma and looks in the fridge to offer her food.  She drops her knife from her sleeve.  He is fast enough to get turned around with his gun pointed at her.  He is holding back though.  That is so unlike Dean, but let us face it, it is his kid, supernatural or not!

Supernatural S7x13 - Emma drops the knife from her sleeve to kill daddy

Sam busts through the door, she looks at him and the skin around her eyes turns red, but it turns back to normal when she faces Dean.  She pleads for Dean not to let Sam hurt her.  Sam shoots and kills her!  Dean looks like he is sad almost.

Supernatural S7x13 - Emma shows her true self to Sam

Supernatural S7x13 - Sam shoots Emma

Supernatural S7x13 - Dean looks sad about Sam killing Emma

Dean and Sam arrive at the building where the girls were being kept, but everyone is gone.  They are confused.  The Amazons got away!

Supernatural S7x13 - Empty building

The brothers are driving and Sam lets Dean have it!  He tells him he knew he was going to let Emma go.  Dean says he was going to take care of it.  Sam tells Dean his head is not in it.  Dean is very defensive.  Sam is just upset because he was really scared that it almost got Dean killed.  This is how the episode ended.

Supernatural S7x13 - The brothers have their end of episode discussion

The Winchester brothers are too close to lose the other, especially after all of the loss they have already suffered.  I wish there was a little more to think about here, but scenes from next week look like they are right back on the next case.  Until then, my SPNFamily!

Funny Quotes From This Episode:

Sam:  “Yeah, uh, didn’t match anything human, usually seals the deal for me!”

Dean:  “Maybe it’s useful!”

Sam:  “It’s in a pile of maybe it’s useful!”

Dean:  “News flash pal, you’re just as screwed up as I am…you’re just bigger!”

Sam:  “What?”

Dean:  “I don’t know!”

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