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Season seven, episode sixteen “Out With The Old”, airs on Friday 03/16/12 9pm ET.

At this time there is no full synopsis provided by The CW Network, however we include the promotional trailer below for your enjoyment courtesy on the great folks over at the CW.

This was a phenomenal episode! Let me set the stage… 

We begin this episode looking back four years.  A woman, Ms. Nora Havelock (Nicole Oliver), shows up at a cabin.  Sam (Jared Padalecki) says that she should not have come to see him.  Sam takes her to some lair where Dean (Jensen Ackles) has Jeffrey (Russell Sams) tied to a chair.  He is possessed by a demon that has been murdering women.

Supernatural S7x15 - Nora Havelock 4 years ago meeting Sam

Supernatural S7x15 - Jeffrey possessed 4 years ago

The demon lets Jeffrey take control and talk to Sam and Dean.  They tell him that to get information from the demon before exorcising him back to hell, they will have to “cut into him” first.  Jeffrey tells them that after what that demon made him do to all those women, they need to do whatever it takes.

Supernatural S7x15 - Jeffrey talking to Sam and Dean 4 years ago

Demon takes back over and the torture begins.  They cut him using holy water on the knife.  They punch him over and over and over again and then one more time.  Then they exorcise the demon sending him back to hell.

Supernatural S7x15 - The demon:Jeffrey being tortured

Dean is driving Jeffrey to the hospital.  He drops him off at the emergency room entrance.  He specifically tells him not to tell anyone about demons.  Dean tells Jeffrey to say he was mugged.  Jeffrey looks like a failed experiment from the Island of Dr. Moreau.  Talk about taking one for the team.

Supernatural S7x15 - Jeffrey getting dropped off at the hospital 4 years ago

Now we are in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho in the present day.  The brothers are arriving to their new home for a few days.  It is a motel room, of course.  Oh great, Sam is hearing and seeing Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) again.  We have not seen the likes of him for a bit.  Sam presses against that old scar on his hand to keep in reality and get rid of Luci!  He is gone for the time being.

Supernatural S7x15 - Lucifer talking to Sam at the motel room

Supernatural S7x15 - Sam pressing his Lucifer Be Gone button

Meanwhile, Dean is on the phone with Frank Devereaux (Kevin McNally) trying to get information on Dick Roman (James Patrick Stuart).  They have bupkis!

Supernatural S7x15 - Dean on the phone with Frank

They are in Idaho because of the similarities in deaths as four years ago when Jeffrey was possessed.  Two women were killed in exactly the same way and the killings are very specific.  So is it possible this demon is back from hell?


While sleeping, the brothers hear their scanner go off.  Another female was killed.  It is time for the feds to take over.  They are investigating.  A detective recognizes them as federal agents and they cannot remember his name.  Lucifer shows up and tries telling Sam that his name is Detective Sutton and after asking him the man says that his name is Sutton.  Sam walks away and Lucifer, like a kid, sticks his tongue out at him.  Super comical! I actually love it and his character.

Supernatural S7x15 - The brothers are investigating a murder

Supernatural S7x15 - Lucifer sticking his tongue out

So on to check on Nora Havelock.  She says she sells items for mail order, white magic only, but has a devil’s trap freshly painted on her floor.  She has heard about the new murders and is protecting herself.  She has been translating some very old banishments and she is pretty good at it according to Sam.  Nora also makes it clear that she tried to call Dean, but his phone is not working.  He referred to it as “a monster problem”.

Supernatural S7x15 - Devils trap on Noras floor

Nora asks the brothers if they have found Jeffrey, “the man you almost beat to death”, because demons always go back to the same host if they can.

Supernatural S7x15 - Dean Sam and Nora talking

Next we see a group of men in session at a halfway house.  Guiding the group is Alan (Daniel Bacon).  One of the men is very upset that he cannot have Cinemax.  It was a small part, played very well.

Supernatural S7x15 - Alan the house father

Supernatural S7x15 - Group of men at the halfway house

Alan has Jeffrey, who lives in the halfway house, make an announcement to the group.  He talks about picking up a rescue dog later today.  He is going to show the whole house that he can handle responsibility.

Supernatural S7x15 - Jeffrey telling the group about getting a dog

Jeffrey picks up his new rescue dog and is walking down the street when he hears a sound from down an alley.  He decides he should take a closer look.  Dun, dun, dun!

Supernatural S7x15 - Jeffrey and his new dog check out noise in the alley

Out pop Dean and Sam.  They grab Jeffrey prepared to cut into him if he is possessed again.  They had to be sure he was not.

Supernatural S7x15 - Dean and Sam find Jeffrey

Back at Jeffrey’s place the brothers are trying to explain what is going on.  They tell him about the killings.  Dean tells him that they believe the demon that possessed him is back.  Jeffrey looks really afraid.  After all he went through four years ago, who could blame him.

Supernatural S7x15 - Sam and Dean talk to Jeffrey about the demon

Lucifer makes another appearance and basically tells Sam that he sounds silly sometimes when he is talking to people.  Sam quickly presses his reality button.

Supernatural S7x15 - Lucifer telling Sam he sounds ridiculous

Supernatural S7x15 - Sam pressing his reality button

Jeffrey is able to tell Dean and Sam who the next victim will be…Marjorie Willis (Gwenm Carsely).  Sam is going to watch her and Dean is staying with Jeffrey.

Supernatural S7x15 - Marjorie Willis, the librarian

Sam gets to a library where Marjorie Willis, the librarian works.  Sam just watches, but Lucifer accompanies him.  He is annoying Sam and is trying to get to him.

Supernatural S7x15 - Lucifer annoying Sam

Jeffrey tells Dean that when he left him at the hospital four years ago he had, three smashed fingers, five teeth out, a broken wrist, nose, cheekbone, collarbone, and had to get 160 stitches.  He lost everything.  He told what really happened and of course, people thought he was crazy.


Jeffrey then tells Dean that if the demon is not waiting to snatch up Marjorie yet, then he knows where he might be. He could be at a place where he would keep souvenirs and where he nested.  Dean is ready to go check it out.

Supernatural S7x15 - Jeffrey talking to Dean

Back at the library Lucifer is taunting Sam with images of people bashing their heads on the tables.  Sam presses the ‘Lucifer Be Gone’ button again.  It all stops.

Supernatural S7x15 - Lucifer taunting Sam with seeing people beating their heads on tables

Lucifer is bored and wants Sam to talk to him.  They see a man walk back toward a section where Marjorie had gone to put away some books.  Could this be the demon?

Supernatural S7x15 - Man in library walking toward Marjorie Willis

Dean and Jeffrey go to the place where the demon used to go when he possessed him.  Dean suddenly has no cell phone service.  Jeffrey knew the general vicinity of the location, but said the demon would kind of cover his eyes when they walked in.

Supernatural S7x15 - Dean and Jeffrey getting to the demons lair

Sam hears some moaning.  Well what do you know, it was not the demon that went back to get Marjorie.  Naughty, naughty librarian was getting some nookie back there.  She was talking weird librarian talk to her beau.

Supernatural S7x15 - Naughty librarian getting some nookie

Dean and Jeffrey walk inside of a building.  Jeffrey tells Dean to look for a red door down the hall and by golly there was one.  It was a dank lair.  They found the spot all right.  There was a young man that, to me, resembled Jeffrey somewhat.  He was chained to a chair.  Something supernatural is going on here.  Someone comes up behind Dean and drugs him with syringe in his neck.

Supernatural S7x15 - The demons lair

Supernatural S7x15 - Young man chained in the lair

Supernatural S7x15 - Someone drugs Dean

Sam tries to call Dean, but the call goes straight to voice mail.  He knows that something is up and it seems that even “Halucifer” is offering some help on the case.  He points out that something is a bit different in the coroner’s report.  There are heavy traces of tranquilizers in all of the victims’ blood.  Demons are strong.  They do not need to use anything, but their own powers to take someone out.  Luci says that demon is not coming back to kill anyone.  Maybe the person has a bad back?  Sam called Dean’s other phone and got his voice mail there too.  He should have answered at least one of those calls.

Supernatural S7x15 - Cornoners report

Sam goes back to Jeffrey’s room.  He is searching for clues to tell him where Dean and Jeffrey might be.  Lucifer is just throwing his two cents in to help Sam figure out some things.  What a helpful little devil.

Supernatural S7x15 - Lucifer helps Sam find answers

Sam finds a box hidden under one of Jeffrey’s drawers.  There is something written in Latin.   It is a demon-summoning spell.  Lucifer is actually an amazing help to Sam through all of this.  This is all part of his plan to gain Sam’s trust, I am sure.  He reminds Sam where he saw the handwriting before.

Supernatural S7x15 - Sam finds a box under Jeffreys drawer

Sam breaks into Nora Havelock’s place.  Remember she has an affinity of translating very old banishments.  When he gets into her office she hits him over the head with an object.  Lucifer says, “Hay caramba, mi cabeza!”  Translated into English, that means “Oh gosh, my head!”  Do you think Lucifer is making a point of saying “my head”?  I think this will become even more important in future episodes.

Supernatural S7x15 - Nora hits Sam over the head

Sam is not unconscious.  He calms Nora down and questions her about the handwriting.  She is noticeably afraid.  Lucifer tells Sam to hit her and shake her up to make her talk because she knows what happened to Dean.  He is playing on Sam’s emotions big time.  Sam does threaten her to talk.

Supernatural S7x15 - Sam threatens Nora

Nora is crying to Sam telling him, “He has my son!”  Sam wants to know why she would help bring back a demon and she said that it was not the demon, but Jeffrey.

Supernatural S7x15 - Nora tells Sam that he has her son

Back at the torture chamber, Dean is tied up and still sounding pretty groggy.  They show Nora’s son completely out of it.  His right ear has been cut off.  Jeffrey is now asking Dean if ever thought that maybe he liked being possessed.  That is some creepy stuff right there.  He said that the demon was the “love of my life”.  He felt powerful when he was the demon’s meat suit.

Supernatural S7x15 - Noras son and Dean at the demons lair

Jeffrey explains that he had desires to hurt these women, but was too afraid.  He would follow them, take down their address, but would do nothing more.  That was until he was possessed.  He is a serial killer.

Supernatural S7x15 - Jeffrey tells Dean he loves the demon that possessed him

Nora is explaining to Sam that she attempted contact when Jeffrey was in the hospital years ago, but he never responded.  Not too long ago, he came to her saying he had done research and wanted help with a summoning spell.  He was convinced they could bring the demon back.  She sent him away telling him to get more help.  Jeffrey kidnapped her son (Jeffrey Ballard) the next day.  She gave him anything he wanted, but did not let her son go because the summoning spell did not work.  He cut her son’s ear off and sent it to her.  Nora has found a spell that is sure to work.

Supernatural S7x15 - Noras sons ear

Nora explains that Jeffrey told her there was more work for her to do.  When the Winchester’s came into town, she had to send them to Jeffrey.  He needs the blood of the exorcist, being Dean, for the spell to work.  This is some heavy-duty mojo.  Sam demands that Nora perform a tracking spell in order to locate her son and Dean.  She is reluctant, but Sam asks her if she wants the ear or her son.  Lucifer is instigating.

Supernatural S7x15 - Lucifer instigating

Jeffrey cuts Dean’s arm to get his blood.  He tells Dean how he feels like he knows him very well.  He saw that Dean so badly wanted to save the world back then.

Supernatural S7x15 - Jeffrey cuts Deans arm

Jeffrey explains that he was so depressed, but with the help of Alan at the halfway house he is much better.  He referred to him as “a really good rehab therapist”.  He realized he was nothing without his demon and knew he would have to get him back.  Another part of the recipe to summon the demon required his poor new dog’s heart.

Supernatural S7x15 - Jeffreys dogs heart

Jeffrey summons the demon.  He is not happy to find that the demon did not possess him.  The demon decides to occupy Nora’s son instead.  He breaks free from his chain.  The demon hugs Jeffrey and dances with him.  He is pleased with his pupil.  He captured a Winchester.  Jeffrey does not want to be his pupil, but wants to be his all together.

Supernatural S7x15 - The demon takes over Noras son

Supernatural S7x15 - The demon dances with Jeffrey

The demon notices Dean trying to get out of his bindings.  He tells Dean he does not make people do what they do.  He is just a “talent scout”.  He finds them and refines them, before they get to hell.


Sam shows up in time to save his brother.  Of course he gets flung across the room.  Shocker!  The demon walks toward Sam only to find he cannot move any further.  Bam…a devil’s trap!  I know I was not the only one wondering how that got on the ceiling.  It was the demon’s lair and Jeffrey wanted the demon back, so why would it have been there.  Only thing is either Sam or Nora sprayed it on the ceiling without anyone seeing or hearing them in the open space.  It is okay though…I am glad it was there.

Supernatural S7x15 - The demon sees he is in a devils trap

Sam, Dean and Nora surround the demon.  She wants her boy back.  Jeffrey grabs a knife and walks toward them.  Dean shoots and kills Jeffrey.

Supernatural S7x15 - Dean shoots Jeffrey

Supernatural S7x15 - Jeffrey gets shot

Uh oh…Nora is doing the exorcism.  She rid her son of that demon!

Supernatural S7x15 - Nora exorcises the demon from her son

The brothers get back to their motel room.  Dean is exhausted and is going to sleep.  Sam is about to lie down, but Lucifer shows up again.  He does not want Sam to rest.  He wants to talk.  Sam is pressing that ‘Lucifer Be Gone’ button as hard as he can, but he is not going anywhere now.  Lucifer tells Sam that it is because Sam let him in earlier.  He tells Sam he cannot just use him and then banish him.  He terrorizes Sam with fire around his bed.  You can see him wanting help…needing help, but he says nothing.  The screen goes black with the sound of Lucifer laughing a creepy laugh.

Supernatural S7x15 - Sam presses his Lucifer Be Gone button but nothing happens

Supernatural S7x15 - Sam tormented by Lucifer

And now, back to “Hellatus”!  I cannot handle too much more of this.  So glad the show has so many episodes that it runs through May 2012.

Funny Quotes From This Episode:

Halfway House Man #1:  (Raising his hand while he speaks angrily) “I want to talk about Cinemax.  We’re grown men, we pay rent, why can’t we get Cinemax?”

Halfway House Man #2: (Laughing) “Skinemax!”

Dean’s Voice Mail:  “Leave your name, number, nightmare at the tone.”

Lucifer:  “He said shut up to me.” (Smiling because he was happy)

Lucifer:  “Hay caramba, mi cabeza!” (When Sam got hit over the head)

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