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Season seven, episode eighteen “Party On, Garth”, airs on Friday 03/30/12 9pm ET.  Per The CW here is the episode synopsis.  GARTH IS BACK TO HELP THE WINCHESTERS – Dean is surprised when he gets a call from Garth (guest star DJ Qualls) asking for the brothers’ help on a case.  Sam and Dean discover they are battling a Shojo, a Japanese creature sent to seek revenge on enemies.  The worst part about fighting a Shojo?  You can only see it when you’re drunk.  Phil Sgriccia directed the episode written by Adam Glass.

Sam is HOT and Castiel/Emmanuel is HOT!!!!

We include the promotional trailer below for the next great Supernatural episode, “Party On, Garth” courtesy of the CW Network for your enjoyment.

Supernatural S7x17 - The Born-Again Identity title slide

The Born-Again Identity:

Supernatural S7x17 - Mark Pelligrino as LuciferSam (Jared Padalecki) is running on train tracks, almost like he is running from something or someone.  He looks terrible.  He is absolutely exhausted.  That is who he is running from…Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino).  Sam has not slept in five days. 

He bumps into a drug dealer (Ryan McDonell) in an alley.  The drug dealer offers to knock him out (with drugs) to help him come down.  He does not have a clue that Sam is not high, but is truly being chased by The Devil himself.Supernatural S7x17 - Run for your life

Sam awakens to a windshield being busted while he is sitting in the front seat of a car, sleeping next to the drug dealer.  He jumps out and looks down, but there is no busted windshield.  Guess who is right the?  Luci again. 

There is no escape for Sam.  Lucifer tells him the longest a normal person has gone without sleep is 11 days.  He says, “Hey, you always wanted to be normal Sam.  If you are, you’ll be dead in a week!”  While Sam is running, a car hits him.

Supernatural S7x17 - Dean and nurse in Dr Kadinsky's office Dean (Jensen Ackles) walks into a doctor’s office while a nurse (Iris Paluly) is scolding him for barging in.  He wants to know why he cannot see Sam.  He knows he has been involved in an accident. 

Dr. Kadinsky (Bill Dow) tells the nurse that it is ok.  He is happy to speak with Dean about Sam.  He tells him that Sam was treated for injuries and is now being held in the “Locked Psychiatric Ward”.

The doctor explains that Sam is experiencing a full on psychotic episode.  Dr. Supernatural S7x17 - Bill Dow as Dr KadinskyKadinsky takes Dean to the room where Sam is and Lucifer, of course. 

Dean wants to find Sam help and Sam seems ready to die.  He is just so tired.  Lucifer is just sitting on the side instigating and teasing.  Dean cannot handle the “give up” attitude that Sam is exuding.

Dean is on the phone with anyone he can to try to find some kind of help for Sam.  He has come up with zilch!  It seems hopeless.  He tosses Bobby’s journal on the table and goes to grab another beer out of the fridge.  He hears the journal fall on the floor.  Dean picks up the journal and sees a card has fallen out.  He is led to call Mackey’s Taxidermy and leave a message.

Supernatural S7x17 - Bill Dow aka Dr Kadinsky talks to Dean

Supernatural S7x17 - Dean learns Sam is in troubleThat is not weird.  Do you think it was Bobby (Jim Beaver) that knocked the journal to the floor so that business card will fall out?  I will not put anything past this show.

Dr. Kadinsky visits Sam to see how he is feeling.  Sam looks like he is falling asleep sitting up.  The doctor asks how his pain is.  Sam says it is about a three (on a scale from one to ten).  Dr. Kadinsky says that a ten for him must be astronomical.  Sam says he must have a high threshold. 

The doctor says, “the worst is knowing that there’s always a new ten.”  Sam is Supernatural S7x17 - Sam is in the hospitalconfused.  He tells him that he has new torture in store for him today.  It is not the doctor, but Lucifer.  He just will not let up.

Although, extremely tired and going bonkers for real, Sam is looking particularly gorgeous this episode.  I think it is the “I have not gotten a hold of a razor in days” kind of look.  It suits him very well.  The long brown hair with the scruffy beard looks very good on him.  I am sorry, I will return to the regularly scheduled review now.

Food is brought to Sam’s room.  He decides he will try to eat.  He takes one bite out of the sandwich, only to see maggots crawling.  He drops the sandwich.  A woman stops at his doorway (a patient), sees him looking insane, and then keeps walking. You can just see that she will be an important part of the episode tonight.

Supernatural S7x17 - Sam gets a smile from the nurse

Supernatural S7x17 - Dean gets a phone callDean gets a phone call back from Mackey (Shaine Jones).  He tells Dean that he knows of a man that goes by Emmanuel that is healing the sick and curing the crazy.  He himself had a burned eye and said he needed healing. 

He figured he was a fake and tried to catch him on it, but he turned out to be the real deal.  Mackey tells Dean that Emmanuel touched him and his eye was fixed.

Back in the mental ward, Sam is being tortured non-stop by Lucifer.  Marin (Kacey Rohl) is in Sam’s room.  She brought him a candy bar because she saw him throw his food the day before.  She kind of freaks out and leaves the room because Sam starts covering his ears and twitching.  Lucifer is making loud noises in poor Sammy’s head.Supernatural S7x17 Misha Collins Returns in The Born-Again Identity

Dean is searching for Emmanuel.  He knocks on a door and asks if it is Daphne Allen’s (Johanna Marlowe) house and says he is looking for Emmanuel, Daphne’s husband.  The man that answered said he was Emmanuel.  Dean immediately notices through the window that a woman is tied and gagged.  It is not Emmanuel, but a demon (Mark Pawson).  Dean ganks him with his trusty demon-killing knife.

When the demon lands at the bottom of the steps, he is right at the feet of our long missed, but not forgotten, Castiel/Emmanuel (Misha Collins).  Dean is floored. We all were!

Emmanuel thanks Dean for protecting his wife.  He says he saw the demons true face.  He was shocked to hear that demons walk the earth.  Daphne explains to Dean that Emmanuel has very special gifts.  Emmanuel asks what Dean needed help with and he told him it was Sam.

Sam has actually fallen asleep for a minute when Lucifer throws fire crackers one after the other by his bed.  It just will not stop.  Lucifer has really gotten to Sam.

Supernatural S7x17 - Driving to save SamDean is driving to the hospital with Emmanuel to see Sam.  He is asking questions about Daphne and how they met.  Emmanuel explains that Daphne was hiking near a river and she came across him drenched, naked and with no memory.  She believed God wanted her to find him.  He came up with the name Emmanuel by using  That is hysterical!

Marin comes back to Sam’s room and brings him another candy bar.  He asks her to share it with him.  Poor thing cannot even open the wrapper because he is so weak.  Marin has been in the psych ward for five weeks already.  He seems concerned about why she is there.  She seems almost drawn to Sam, but somewhat reluctant to give out too much information.Supernatural S7x17 - Castiel and Dean rush to save Sam!

Marin says she heard Sam is in the hospital because voices will not let him sleep.  Sam explains it is just one voice.  She says she hears a voice too.  She gets very defensive when Sam asks about her setting a fire.  She says, “You are crazier than I am.  Charles Manson tells you what to do. At least it’s my own brother…”.  Her brother tells her to kill herself to be with him.

Emmanuel asks Dean what is wrong with Sam.  Dean explains that it is not exactly a medical issue and that someone did this to him.  Emmanuel senses his anger.  Dean tells him that his friend Cas did this to Sam.  He ironically thinks Cas is an odd name.  So far, none of this has jogged Emmanuel’s memory that he is Cas.

Supernatural S7x17 Castiel and Dean enroute to save Sam!Dean tells Emmanuel to stay in the vehicle while he goes into a store.  He is attacked by a demon.  Then he sees a few more.  One of the demons is killed with his knife.  Who killed it, scaring off the other demons?  Emmanuel did not do it.  No freakin way!!!  It was Meg (Rachel Miner)!  What the…?

Meg has been on the prowl, like most other demons, looking for Emmanuel.  When she found him, he was with Dean.  She notices that he looks just like Castiel.  Dean tells her that Emmanuel has no idea he is Cas.  Meg is in desperate need of friends so she wants to help Dean.  She needs Emmanuel so she will do what she needs to.

Emmanuel sees Meg and immediately recognizes that she is a demon.  Dean introduces her as a friend.

Sam sees Marin walking down the hall at the hospital and he stops her.  He tells her he believes that she did not start the fire.  He asks questions to figure out what they are dealing with.  She does not see her brother, but hears him.  Her brother was cremated, but she has a bracelet he made her while he had a cut.  He probably bled on it, which is really good in the case of putting a ghost to rest.

Emmanuel seems very uncomfortable in the car with Meg being there.  The silence is causing him to think there may be something he should know that they are not telling him.

Marin is able to swipe a lighter off of Marcus (Eli Goree), the orderly.  They make a circle with salt.  Lucifer is blowing at the salt to break open the circle.  Sam is the only one that can see this.

Sam warns Marin to stay inside the circle with him no matter what happens.  He asks for the bracelet and then it happens.  TheSupernatural S7x17 - Dean figures it out lights flicker and they can see their own breath.  Her brother is coming.  Marin’s brother (Kal James) appears.  He asks her not to do this.  Sam burns the bracelet and her brother is gone.  He is now at rest.

Sam tells Marin to leave because with the ruckus, people would be coming.  Sure enough Marcus shows up.  He and another orderly come to take Sam away.  Dr. Kadinsky is checking on Sam, but Lucifer is right behind him making him more insane.

Dean, Emmanuel and Meg arrive at the hospital only to see there are several demons waiting outside.  Emmanuel is perplexed about how they can get around these demons, especially because Dean only has one demon-killing knife.  Meg keeps hinting toward there being another way to get past the demons.  That would be for Castiel (Emmanuel) to touch the heads of the demons, which would kill them.

Emmanuel overhears Dean talking to Meg about not telling him who he really is.  He realizes he must know them from the past.  He wants the truth and thinks he can take it.  Meg shouts out, “You’re an angel!”  Emmanuel says, “I’m sorry, is that a flirtation?”  She lets him know that he is of the species of “Angels”.  He is still confused as to why Dean would not want to tell him that because that sounds like it would be a good thing

Emmanuel quickly realizes he is Dean’s best friend, Castiel.  Meg tells Castiel that he can smite all of those demons because he is that powerful.  He does not remember how to do that.  Dean lets him know that it is inside of him.

Castiel is ready to try and smite!!!  And smite he does!!!  With each demon he kills, he gets more of his memory back until it is all revealed.  He cannot believe all he has done in the past.

Supernatural S7x17 - Dean and Castiel after the smiting

Marcus is wheeling Sam down a hall.  We finally get to see what had been in the previews from two weeks before.  Where was he taking him?  Marcus tells him they are in a room for electro-shock therapy.  He set the machine to a very high setting and tells Sam they are going to experiment a little.  Something is not right with Marcus.  Oh crap…he is possessed.

Supernatural S7x17 - Sam being electrocuted

Supernatural S7x17 - Castiel absorbs evil saving SamSam is being electrocuted.  There is no therapy going on there.  Uh oh…bye bye Marcus! Castiel took care of him.

Castiel tries to heal Sam.  Sam only sees Lucifer.  Castiel knows that his healing touch will not work on Sam.  There is nothing Cas can do to because the wall crumbled and got crushed to dust.  Basically, it sounds like Sam will be crazy until he dies.  Then Castiel says he may be able to shift whatever is going on in Sam’s head.

Castiel touches Sam’s head and has everything extra going on in there shifted to Supernatural S7x17 - Sam is savedhimself.  Sam is now fine and notices Castiel is there and what does Castiel see?  He sees his brother Lucifer.  He immediately looks traumatized.  Someone else gets to have the crazy all over them.

The brothers leave Castiel at the hospital where he would be most safe.  It is almost odd to see Sam look so normal in this episode.  Castiel felt so ashamed and awful about what he did to Sam that he felt it would be best to transfer it to himself.

Supernatural S7x17 - The new nurse

Dr. Kadinsky (Bill Dow) is interviewing a new nurse.  Meg Masters at your service.  This must all be part of a wild scheme. How long will this last though?  Does Sam have angelic powers now?

Supernatural S7x17 - Dr Kadinsky interviews a new nurse

And just what did Dean learn reading the “Three Little Pigs”?

Supernatural S7x17 - Three Little Pigs

Supernatural S7x17 - Misha Collins is back

Please comment with your thoughts. Thank you. Supernatural S7x17 - Jensen Ackles in Party On, Garth

Funny Quotes From This Episode:

Meg:  “You’re an angel!”

Emmanuel/Castiel:  “I’m sorry, is that a flirtation?”

Emmanuel/Castiel:  “But I don’t remember how.”

Dean:  “It’s in there.  I’m sure it’s just like riding a bike.”

Emmanuel/Castiel:  “I don’t know how to do that either.”

Guest Stars This Episode (non regulars):

Drug Dealer – Ryan McDonell

Nurse – Iris Paluly

Marin – Kacey Rohl

Daphne Allen – Johanna Marlowe

Mackey – Shaine Jones

Dr. Kadinsky – Bill Dow

Marcus – Eli Goree

Allen House Demon – Mark Pawson

Marin’s Brother – Kal James

Hospital Guard Demon #1 – Toby Levin

Hospital Guard Demon #2 – Shaun Omaid

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    This is a really good episode and I like how they left Castiel’s story arc still open. I also love watching Rachel Miner as Meg.

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