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Season seven, episode twenty “The Girl With The Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo”, airs on Friday 04/27/12 9pm ET.

Per The CW here is the episode synopsis.  FELICIA DAY (“THE GUILD”, “EUREKA”) GUEST STARS – Dick Roman acquires Frank’s hard drive that contains sensitive information about the Winchesters and gives it to an unsuspecting brilliant hacker named Charlie (guest star Felicia Day) telling her she has 48 hours to crack the firewall or she is fired. 

Sam and Dean are tipped off that Dick has the hard drive and race to get to Charlie before she breaks the code.  Meanwhile, Bobby tries to help the brothers, but his rage towards Dick for killing him starts to get in the way.  John MacCarthy directed the episode written by Robbie Thompson.

Bobby is back and full on Swayze’d this mother!!!!


Ahhhh, what a breath of fresh air to see Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) eating and sitting on a car…granted it is not “Baby” (the most gorgeous 1967 Chevy Impala).  Dean gets a phone call from an old hunting pal, the beautiful Annie (Jamie Luner).  She wants to meet to give the boys some of Bobby’s (Jim Beaver) old books.  She is near Bodega Bay, CA!!!  They schedule to meet the next day for lunch.

S7x19 Sam and Dean talk at car

Supernatural S7x19 - Annie talking to Dean on phone

Two young hormonally raging teens, Debbie Tillen (Stephanie Van Dyck) and Dudley Scott (Steven Richmond) are making out in an old house.  It is all lit with candles.  They hear someone pull up and Debbie gets scared that it is the “cops”.  It is actually Annie that pulled up.  She is on a hunt.  The kids’ flashlights start flickering then…dun, dun, dun…a very large man’s silhouette is what they see.  He says, “You shouldn’t have come here!” 

Supernatural S7x19 - Debbie and Dudley

Supernatural S7x19 - Dexter scary silhouette

Annie gets inside and finds Debbie and Dudley have been killed.  Door slams, she has the “oh crap” look on her face then, SUPERNATURAL title screen!

Supernatural S7x19 - Debbie and Dudley killed

Supernatural S7x19 - Annie oh crap look

The brothers are sitting at the restaurant where they are supposed to meet Annie.  They realize that she is late and that is abnormal for her.  Sam and Dean talk about Annie having had a “thing” with Bobby, as in they had a sexual relationship at one time or another.  They also both found out that they each had a “thing” with her one time or another.

Supernatural S7x19 - Sam and Dean waiting on Annie

Dean briefly says that although they want to see Bobby it may not be what is best.  Bobby’s old flask that Dean carries and drinks out of starts to move, but Sam and Dean do not see it.

Supernatural S7x19 - Flask moving

Dean has called Annie several times and she is not answering.  What do I say in almost every review I write?  Something is just not right here and Dean and Sam know it.  All they know is that she is working a case in the area.

Sam tells Dean that maybe he should pack Bobby’s flask away because all it does is remind them of him.  Dean says he thought about it, but he is not ready for that.  As they walk away, we see Bobby sitting in the back seat of the car they are driving.  He has a sad and frustrated look on his face.

Supernatural S7x19 - Bobby looking sad

Dean and Sam are back at Annie’s motel room to see what she was working on.  They find out that she was working a case regarding the disappearance of teens.  It seems that she was looking into the ‘Old Van Ness House’ because the house is, so called, haunted!

Supernatural S7x19 - Dean and Sam looking over Annies case

While they are talking we see Bobby losing his patience.  He is sitting right there with them and even made the curtain move and neither notice it.  When they leave to go check out the Van Ness House, Dean forgets his jacket with the flask in it so Bobby is left behind in the motel room.  Dean opens the door and grabs the jacket and Bobby is able to tag along now.

Supernatural S7x19 - Bobby is losing patience

Supernatural S7x19 - Bobby left behind with flask

Sam and Dean arrive at the house.  They are looking around and there is Bobby right behind them.  Uh oh…Bobby sees ghosts everywhere, but they are not speaking.  They almost look stuck in their spots.  They do not move much, they do not look directly at anyone, and they do not speak.  On top of the fact that something is supernaturally not right, it is not right in the other dimension.

Supernatural S7x19 - Bobby sees ghosts everywhere

The EMF monitor is going off.  Dean is shouting for Annie and tries to call her phone.  Sam and Dean hear her phone ringing.  That is definitely not a good sign.

Supernatural S7x19 - EMF monitor going off

Bobby sees two ghosts on the stairs.  One is scolding the other about what happened the night before because what happened was forbidden and cannot happen again.  We learn the ghost scolding is Whitman Van Ness (Antonio Cupo) and the one being scolded is Dexter O’Connell (Derek Gilroy).

Supernatural S7x19 - Whitman Van Ness scolding Dexter OConnell

Annie sees Bobby and calls his name as though she is glad to see someone she knows.  I guess she has not thought about the fact that Bobby is dead.  He tells her that he is dead and that if she can see him, she is too.  She had no idea she was dead!  What a horrible way to find out your dead.

Supernatural S7x19 - Annie finds out she is dead

Bobby and Annie are discussing her being dead.  It is hard for her to wrap her hands around the idea of being dead.  She thought she was drugged possibly.  She never saw her reaper, but Bobby dodged his.  He explains he stayed because he has unfinished business.  She agrees that it is jacked up that Sam and Dean do not know he is still around.

Sam and Dean are still searching for a clue about where Annie might be in the house.  Dean listens to some old messages on Annie’s phone they found.  There is a clue.  An odd phone call came in earlier in the week and the message said, “Free me!”  There was a lot of static and the phone number came through as all stars (not even like asterisks, but full on stars).

Supernatural S7x19 - Odd phone number

Annie and Bobby see a man walk through the wall and pick up a chair.  He is not a pleasant ghost.  This is Haskel Crane (Russell Roberts).  He has been a ghost for 80 years.  Annie is trying to be a little smoother with him than Bobby.  They are trying to learn to grab objects and move them.  Haskel is very irritated and sarcastic with Bobby.

Supernatural S7x19 - Haskel Crane talking to Annie and Bobby

There is a loud scream by a psycho ghost (Farrah Aviva) in the room.  She zips through the room and basically disappears.  Haskel explains that it happens to all of the ghosts because they deteriorate at different times, but it does happen.

Supernatural S7x19 - Psycho ghost

Dean and Sam have searched everywhere in that house and have found nothing.  Annie and Bobby are looking at them while he is saying this.  That has to be so painful to see people that cannot see you and there is nothing you can do about it.  The EMF is going off like crazy.  The guys decide it is time to leave and hope there is the slightest chance that Annie is still okay.

Supernatural S7x19 - Annie trying to get the brothers attention

Bobby and Annie notice a female ghost staring at them.  Annie speaks to her and the ghost says her name is Victoria (Elysia Rotaru).  Annie realizes this is the woman that left that message on her phone that said, “Free me!”  Annie is trying to get Victoria to tell her what she meant by that.

Supernatural S7x19 - Victoria speaks to Annie

Bobby disappears!  Guess why?  That is right, the boys are back in their car and Dean has the flask.  Bobby is back in the car too!  Bobby is wanting back into the house because they may finally be getting somewhere, but Sam says they need to check out the Bodega Bay Heritage Society.  Balls!

Supernatural S7x19 - Guys leaving the house:Bobby wants to stay

At the Bodega Bay Heritage Society Sam and Dean are speaking to Quentin (Craig Erikson) about the “Van Ness House”.  Quentin explains that the house dates back to the 19th Century.  Many locals believe it to be haunted.  He says that Whitman Van Ness was the son and heir of the house.  He lost everything including the house.  It became a bordello.  He lived in isolation and died at 40 years of age.

Supernatural S7x19 - Quentin telling the brothers about the Van Ness House

Bobby is standing off to the side trying to move a lantern and getting pissed off when he cannot.  He is talking at the boys and Quentin about Whitman Van Ness still being at the house.

Supernatural S7x19 - Bobby tries to move a lantern

There is a photo of Whitman Van Ness standing with Dexter O’Connell.  Dean asks about him.  Quentin says that he was a convict and a very violent man.  Apparently, Whitman felt bad for him and gave him a job.  He was the groundskeeper on the property.  Dexter was convicted of murdering Whitman’s fiancé the night before their wedding.

Supernatural S7x19 - Photo of Whitman Van Ness and Dexter OConnell

Quentin states that the house is popular this week because a red headed woman came by earlier in the week asking about it too.  That was Annie for sure.  He told Sam and Dean the same thing he told her, which was to stay away from the house because it was not safe.

Back at Sam and Dean’s motel room they are discussing their thoughts about the house.  Besides Whitman’s wife, Dexter was convicted of killing several hookers that worked at the brothel.  He was to be hanged, but he escaped and returned to the house where he was found shot to death.  That is strange even for a violent murderer.

Bobby is still trying to move things.  This time it was a quarter.  No luck.  He is going to make this happen, danggit.  He is an amazing hunter and is confident this time that he can do something to let the boys know he is around.

Supernatural S7x19 - Bobby tries to move a quarter

Two fools, young teen boys Jesse (Bonn Smith) and Brian (Billy Wickman), are making a video at the Van Ness House.  This is in honor of their friends Debbie and Dudley that have gone missing.

Supernatural S7x19 - Brian and Jesse making video

Dean gets out of the shower and sees written on the steamed mirror, “Annie trapped in house”.  He asks Sam if he wrote it, but he did not.  Come on boys, really?  They have to know it is Bobby!  Then Dean asks who is there and the faucet comes on causing more steam.  He writes “Bobby”!  Finally, they know!

Supernatural S7x19 - Bobby writes a message

Jesse and Brian walk inside of the house.  They are touring what their friends saw while inside.  Then a door slams loudly.  Dudes are in trouble!  Dexter’s silhouette, just like what happened to Debbie and Dudley.  Dexter says, “You shouldn’t have come here!”

Whitman comes out and says, “Dexter, I expressly forbid you!  Enough!”  The boys think they are saved, but little did they know that Whitman would be who kills them.  Dexter is actually trying to warn people and save lives.  It is Whitman who is the monster.

Supernatural S7x19 - Whitman scolds Dexter again

When Dexter tells Whitman he will not watch this continue, Whitman kills him.  Well that sounds redundant.  Does it not?  He takes them out of the picture completely.  It is like he gets stronger or something because he drains them and takes in their energy.  Annie saw the whole thing.

Supernatural S7x19 - Whitman ghost killing Dexter

Annie checks on Brian and Jesse and tries to grab the video camera, but cannot.  She stands up to see Victoria behind her.  She will not help her grab the camera.  Victoria says that now Whitman can get Annie too.  Annie is not following what exactly Victoria means by that.  She explains that Whitman framed Dexter about the killings.  Whitman was the one that killed everyone.  He traps souls in the house and it makes him stronger.

Annie convinces Victoria to help her.  She grabs the camera and then hears Whitman coming.  He drags the boys’ bodies off to his special hiding place.  You would have to be a Hardy Boy to find where he is keeping these bodies.

Supernatural S7x19 - Whitmans secret hiding place

Dean and Sam are back at the house.  They are locked and loaded this time.  Bobby is with them.  He decides to take the flask out of Dean’s pocket so he can separate himself from the brothers.  He hides it in a drawer at the house.

Suddenly the video camera is tossed at Dean’s foot.  He and Sam watch the video Brian and Jesse were making when they saw Dexter.  In the video it captured Annie slightly.  They know she is dead.

Supernatural S7x19 - Annie picked up by camera

Annie convinces Victoria to show herself to Dean and Sam.  Victoria does this and explains all about Whitman and what he is doing in the house.  Whitman overhears her and drains her before she can finish.  Poor ghost, “Fancy Lady” (she was a “Fancy Lady” aka hooker at the brothel).  All she wanted was to be freed.  Now she is just…poof…gone forever or as Dean calls it, “she was ghost killed”.

Supernatural S7x19 - Victoria gets ghost killed

Dean and Sam know they must find Whitman’s bones to salt and burn.  Whitman is no dummy.  He puts a key from the house in Sam’s pocket.  Why?  That is right…so he can leave the house and tag along with them.  Bobby looks out of the window to see Whitman in the back seat of the Winchester’s car.  Balls!  Bobby cannot leave now that he took the flask out of Dean’s pocket and put it in the house.

Supernatural S7x19 - Whitman in car with Sam and Dean

Bobby is upset that he cannot leave, while Annie finds this opportunity advantageous.  Whitman is out of the house, which gives them time to search and find where he is keeping the bodies and solve this case.  They find a fire burning in his room with Victoria’s bones in it.  That is how he “ghost killed” her.

Bobby is using his noggin and gets into Hardy Boy mode looking for a secret lever or something that will get him into a room that no one knows about.  He finds it!!!! It is the wall candleholder thingamabob.  He pulls it down and wapow…the bookcase opens.  Score!!!

Supernatural S7x19 - Bobby pulls down thingamabob

This is where he keeps all of the bodies.  They are everywhere.  Annie sees herself.  She is fixated on her own dead body.  She wants a “hunter’s funeral” (meaning salted and burned) where she will find rest and not be stuck to that house.  Bobby seems reluctant to help her with her request.  Honestly I think it is because she is the only contact he has had with someone that can communicate with him.

Supernatural S7x19 - Annie sees her own dead body

Sam and Dean are driving to the cemetery where the Van Ness family has their own mausoleum.  The gas pedal gets slammed and Sam tells Dean to slow down.  Dean tells him that is not him driving that fast.  Then the steering wheel gets jerked.  Whitman then shows himself to the brothers.  He is trying to get them to wreck.

Supernatural S7x19 - Whitman shows himself to Dean and Sam

Dean gets the car stopped.  He tells Sam that one of them must have something on them from the house because he is attached to them.  Sam finds the key Whitman put in his pocket.  Whitman tries to kill Sam.  Sam tosses the key and Dean shoots it.  Whitman is knocked back to the house.

Supernatural S7x19 - Whitman being knocked back to the house

Bobby and Annie are going to try to put some of these people to rest.  Whitman goes into his room and thank goodness, Bobby and Annie are hiding.  They make it out of his room somehow.  They get downstairs and Whitman blinks in.  He is not very happy and tries to drain Bobby.  Dean and Sam light his a double s on fire, well his bones in the mausoleum.  He shouts, “No, I will not be taken!”  Whitman was drained and his energy went into Bobby instead.

Supernatural S7x19 - Whitman draining Bobby

Supernatural S7x19 - Whitman dies off and Bobby receives his energy

Annie is waiting on Bobby to come to because that draining and sucking thing knocked him out.  Sam and Dean arrive back at the house and Bobby says, “Hi boys.”  He has been talking to them non-stop for quite some time, although he knows they cannot see or hear him.  Um, but this time, they do see and hear him. Apparently, draining Whitman into himself gave him enough strength to be seen.

Supernatural S7x19 - Dean and Sam see Bobby

Dean and Sam ask questions about how Bobby has stayed around.  He tosses the flask back at Dean.  He explains that he is not stuck, but that he wanted to stay.  You can tell by the looks on their faces they do not know how to feel.  Bobby is now what they have put to rest so many times.  That would give anyone mixed emotions.

They put Annie to rest giving her the “Hunter’s Funeral” she always wanted.  Bobby says he will miss her and that the boys did not know her like he did.  Bahahahaha!  They all knew her that way.  Gross!

Dean asks Bobby what he was thinking staying around like he has.  Bobby tells him that they have work to do and he thought that was important.  Dean says that it is not right.  It really seems to have hurt Bobby that Dean is acting this way.  Bobby blinks out.

The brothers are discussing the situation while they drive.  Sam wonders if there is a way to make it all work, having Bobby around as a ghost.  Dean has no idea, but knows that it is not natural.  Dean is very concerned about how things will turn out in the end.  Bobby is sitting in the back seat of the car and is listening to them talk.  He looks so sad and pregnant with thought.  Fade to black and credits.

Supernatural S7x19 - Bobby hears the boys talking

Do you think Bobby will stay around for a while?  I hope so because I just love his character! Later idjits (if you know anything about this show, you know that was nothing but a term of endearment)!  Hasta luego mis amigos!

Guest Stars This Episode (non regulars):

Annie Hawkins portrayed by Jamie Luner,  Victoria Dodd portrayed by Elysia Rotaru,  Whitman Van Ness portrayed by Antonio Cupo,  Dexter O’Connell portrayed by Derek Gilroy,  Haskel Crane portrayed by Russell Roberts,  Quentin portrayed by Craig Erikson,  Debbie Tillen portrayed by Stephanie Van Dyck,  Dudley Scott portrayed by Steven Richmond, Jesse portrayed by Bonn Smith,  Brian portrayed by Billy Wickman,  Psycho Ghost portrayed by Farrah Aviva

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