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Supernatural: “Heartache” or “That Stripper Will Rip Your Heart Out…Literally”

Halloween is going to prove even scarier with the Winchesters in town! The official description for “Blood Brother”, via the CW Network’s website : “BENNY CALLS DEAN FOR HELP — After Benny gets brutally beat up by some vampires, he calls Dean for help. Dean abruptly packs up and tells …Read the Rest

Supernatural : “What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?” Means A Horrified Fandom Screams In One Voice!

Welcome back, Supernatural fans! Next week’s Supernatural episode “Heartache” marks star Jensen Ackles’ third turn as director (after season six’s “Weekend at Bobby’s” and season seven’s “The Girl Next Door”). The official description as per the CW Network : JENSEN ACKLES DIRECTS — Sam and Dean investigate a string of …Read the Rest

Supernatural: “We Need To Talk About Kevin” or “Raiders of the Lost Tablet”

Welcome back! Supernatural “Hellatus” is finally over!   “Supernatural returns with an all-new episode this Wednesday, October 10th. The official description for “What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?”, we include the promotional trailer via YouTube courtesy of the CW Network’s website : “MRS. TRAN JOINS SAM AND DEAN ON THE ROAD — …Read the Rest

Supernatural BurCon: Rob Benedict, Matt Cohen, Richard Speight, Jr., and Rick Worthy Panel

Hello Supernatural fans and friends! Before beginning, I would like to once again thank my friend AmyinSydney for providing the images in this “BurCon” report. As previously mentioned in my last BurCon report, I had trouble with my camera over the weekend and she really helped bring sweet pictures for …Read the Rest

Supernatural “BurCon” by Creation Entertainment: Sebastian Roché and Mark Sheppard Panel Delights SPN Fans!!

Hello Supernatural fans and friends! These two Brits are a pair of fan favorites, and not just in the “Supernatural” community, but in the science fiction world in general.It was wonderful to see them at Creation Entertainment’s “BurCon“! I would like to credit my friend AmyinSydney for providing the images …Read the Rest

Supernatural Creation Burbank Convention: Tips For Surviving “Supernatural” Karaoke Night

Hello convention friends! For the last few years, the Creation Entertainment Karaoke Night has been one of the major highlights of any “Supernatural” convention. Since I have found myself at the luxurious Marriott Burbank Hotel for the convention – my first ” #SPN ” convention ever, I must add – …Read the Rest

Supernatural Arrives by Wormhole to “Meet The New Boss” says “Hello Cruel World” to “The Girl Next Door”!

SUPERNATURAL FANS…I AM WITH YOU & HERE TO TALK FULL ON SPN!!! My name is Bonnie R. Jones and I am a huge fan of the CW show Supernatural. I am extremely excited about working with WormholeRiders News Agency. I am so thankful about this new opportunity to write reviews …Read the Rest

Wormhole Activates Bringing the Dedicated Supermatural Site to You!

Welcome to our new dedicated news site for Supernatural at WormholeRiders News Agency (WHR)! Today we continue our deployment of new dedicated news sites after having heard and listened to your input and suggestions over the past three years. Henceforth each franchise television series we review and report on will …Read the Rest

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