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Welcome back Terra Nova fans! It has been a wild ride this season, with every episode of Terra Nova upping the ante for the settlers as tension between The Colonists and the Sixers grew to a boiling point. During “Occupation,” the first hour in Monday’s two-part season finale, this boiling point was finally reached, as Lucas and Commander Taylor finally engaged in direct battle. It was a thrilling, intense episode that delivered more action and emotion than any other episode of the entire season thus far. “Occupation” started off in 2149, where we were shown a chilling shot of the …Read the Rest

Terra Nova: “Now You See Me” Before “Within” Sets Path for Epic Two Hour Finale!

Welcome back Terra Nova fans! “I used to be pretty down on this place, but now it’s kind of grown on me.” Josh Shannon, (Landon Liboiron), has had an interesting few months in his new life on Terra Nova, not the most of which is getting attacked by Slashers and …Read the Rest

Terra Nova: “Versus” The Truth About an 85 Million Year Old Secret!

Hey there Terra Nova fans! We’ve been on a wild ride this season, as the prehistoric paradise of Terra Nova is turning to be a bit more than any of the time-displaced settlers bargained for. From Hitchcockesque flying lizard-birds to weaponized dinosaurs , there have been some pretty crazy things …Read the Rest

Terra Nova: “Proof” – The Truth Will Come Out!

Welcome back Terra Nova fans! Fishing.  The great pastime.  Now, the first pastime, invented by Nathaniel Taylor, (Stephen Lang), and Jim Shannon, (Jason O’Mara). As with all first pastimes, of course, there is a learning curve.  Using a simple fishing pole to try and hook what looks like an eight-foot …Read the Rest

Terra Nova: “Nightfall” Secrets of the Time Travelers Are Revealed!

Welcome back Terra Nova fans! This weeks episode “Nightfall” was well worth the watch! Nightfall clearly showed the Shannon family having sibling differences. In several some romance scenes amongst the teens and a scary incident with a meteor crashing into Earth. What a coincidence Terra Nova airing a meteor crashing …Read the Rest

Terra Nova: “Bylaw” – Murder Comes to Utopia

Hey there Terra Nova fans! This week’s episode of Terra Nova, titled “Bylaw,” provided an interesting look into some of the seedier elements of the show. It also put a new spin on the tried-and-true murder mystery plot line. Before beginning my review, included below courtesy of FOX Broadcasting is …Read the Rest

Terra Nova – “The Runaway” – Good Food is Hard to Find

Welcome back Terra Nova fans! We are 85 million years in the past, and we still have kids running away from home! Granted, on this week’s Terra Nova, the kid in question is a nearly feral child who technically invented the Afro! Even with that steely spine she still had …Read the Rest

Terra Nova “What Remains” and What To Do With It!

Hi Terra Nova fans, Are you enjoying our weekly time travel? I know I am! I love this show a lot! Well, this is pretty cool, looking back 85 million years and seeing all the 22nd century advanced technology at work. The dinosaurs could feed the colony for a month …Read the Rest

Terra Nova: “Instinct” Pays Homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”!

Welcome back Terra Nova fans! This week’s episode “Instinct” was filled with big prehistoric flying reptiles called pterosaurs , and it proved again that it is one of the top science fiction shows that we science fiction fans have seen in a while. Jim Shannon (Jason O’Mara) and Commander Nathaniel …Read the Rest

Terra Nova: “Genesis” – “Each One Of You Has Taken a First Step with a Chance To Get It Right”

Welcome future citizens of Terra Nova! The team at WormholeRiders News Agency is proud to announce that we will be writing detailed analysis and reviews for this Fall’s brand new and exciting new science fiction series, Terra Nova! Featuring a robust team many of our most experienced writers as previously …Read the Rest

Welcome! The Future of WHR Has Arrived on the Journey to Terra Nova!

Welcome to our new world of Terra Nova at WormholeRiders News Agency (WHR)! We have heard and listened to your input and suggestions over the past three years. Today is the day we begin deployment of many new news sites! Henceforth each franchise television series we review and report on …Read the Rest

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