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We hope that you are as excited as we here at WHR are about the upcoming  Being Human season two premiere coming on January 16, 2012 when the adventures of the three roommates, Aidan the vampire, Josh the werewolf and Sally the ghost continue on Syfy!

We are convinced that the erstwhile heroes of the story, seeking to live among normal people are sure to delight the audience as they did throughout season one! Included below courtesy of Syfy  is a sneak peak as to what we can expect in the future season two opener titled “Turn This Mother Out”!

Being Human 2012 Season two Sammy Huntington

Being Human 2012 Season Two Banner. Click to learn more at Syfy!

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  • avatar WoodySG1 says:

    Being Human is a fun show. Has everything needed to make it a success. Drama, humor, horror. All that I enjoy in a show. A very fresh idea. Can’t wait for Friday!

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