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I have tucked in and turned over to prepare you just a little flashback from Season 2 in hopes you all tune in on Monday, January 14th, 2013 for the Season 3 premiere! 

We have a little bite here and there with a tad off the top!  Grab a cup of whatever you crave; this should hold you over until Monday night!

Before the bloodletting begins here is a Premiere of the Season 3 Premiere of Being Human – ‘It’s a Shame about Ray’ provided by Syfy, and two Behind The Scenes (BTS) videos! Enjoy!

Being Human S2E12 Sally Josh Aidan

Season 2 Overview:

Being Human S2E11 Josh Julia Suren AidanSeason 2 of Being Human was full of twists, turns, mishaps, and of course new courses on the menu!  So much happened, from trying to pull off a normal sit-down dinner between Aidan (Sam Witwer), Suren (Dichen Lachman), Josh (Sammy Huntington) and Julia (Natalie Brown).

We were introduced to Sally’s (Meaghan Rath) mother Rena (Rahnuma Panthaky) who had a few secrets of her own!  There was Mother, (Deena Aziz) and as we know, Mother does not play well with others!

Being Human S2E11 MotherNora (Kristen Hager) started howling at the moon with the kiddos and Josh turned back to Julia. 

Aidan slipped and landed in Suren’s arms, which was not pleasing to Mother at all! 

Julia and Josh continue to grow closer; Josh wants to tell her about his ‘condition’, could this be true love?

Being Human S2E11 Josh and Julia serious

Seems our trilogy, all in their own way were looking for love in all the wrong places this season!  Sally started shredding everyone!  People got there ’Doors’ and others did not.  In addition, when we thought we had seen the last of Bishop (Mark Pellegrino) well, turns out he is on Sally’s plane of existence now, but mainly standing over Aidan’s shoulder!

Being Human S2E11 Aidan is banished

During Season 2, we saw Aidan go up against Mother, and she banished him from the Family.  Any Vampire caught even talking to Aidan, will be killed on sight.  On the other hand, Suren won Boston and everything that entailed.  Mother is proud, but reminds Suren that a year of good does not make up for 8 centuries of utter disappointment!

Being Human S2E11 Suren & Mother
Being Human S2E11 Aidan saying goodbye Then, Suren sneaks to meet Aidan, and they plan to run away together, how romantic!  (You have seen how these little get away’s turn out, right)? 

Sally and Josh say their goodbyes to Aidan, and yes, it is sad, Aidan confirms his love for them both, but away he goes, to meet up with Suren. These Vamps seem to find it hard to say goodbye, to each other or their circumstances!

Nora returned from her walk on the wild side with the twins relaying to Josh that it was just too much bloodlust for her.  She obviously helped Sally with Janet (Amber Goldfarb) by translating between the veils!  In addition, Sally’s Reaper (Dusan Dukic) has become a real problem, showing up anytime Sally begins feeling better or that she has accomplished a good deed!  This guy needs to take a hike)!

Being Human S2E11 Sally Nora Reaper Janet

Being Human S2E12 Ray

When Nora finally had a decent conversation with Josh, she immediately let him know that she knew how to lift the curse that has plagued him. 

All Josh now needs to do is kill the one that brought him to the party in the first place, Ray (Andreas Apergis).

But we must ask, will he really be able to get the job done?

Being Human S2E11 Suren AidanAidan has Suren hidden away in a local motel; Henry knows where they are and promises to help Aidan and her escape the wrath of Mother. 

When Aidan returns to the motel, turns our Henry has turned on him. 

Henry along with a group of Vamps are surrounding Aidan, this could be the end! On the other hand, maybe a total eclipse of the heart.

Being Human S2E12 Aidan and Henry

At the last possible second, Henry is true to his Maker.  And its dust to dust for the attacking Vamps with Henry and Aidan walking away unscathed! 

Aidan does stake Henry, just to show Mother that there was an altercation but he tells Henry that no one will be surprised that he stopped short of killing him, because if nothing else, He is sentimental!

Being Human S2E12 Henry and Aidan stake

Josh is dreaming of killing Ray, after Nora has voiced a solution to his everlasting problem, only they seem to be nightmares!  He knows that he is one of those things that go bump in the night.  However, I also know he is thinking that if he can solve his wolf problem, maybe he will not have to tell Julia anything about it, that all can be perfect, again.

Being Human S2E12 Josh and Julia

Sally is trying to get Zoë (Susanna Fournier) to believe that she has changed.  Zoë tried ignoring her but Sally is persistent to a fault.  Zoë reminds her that selfish ghosts and baby jumping are a two-fold combo in her book. 

Sally is apologizing for shredding Nick (Pat Kiely).  This one might be just a little hard to overcome!  Zoë says she is done with all of them and blames her change of heart on Sally!

Being Human S2E12 Sally and Zoe

Being Human S2E12 Aidan and Suren motelAidan has Suren at the motel and they seem safe, for now.  But Suren is not happy with the lack of warm blood and tell Aidan that she needs to go back.

Back to Mother and the safety and comfort of Boston!  Aidan tries convincing her that they can be free of Mother and out of her reach.

Being Human S2E12 Sally Zoe eclipseSally agrees to help Josh setup Ray, Sally is attempting to convince Zoë of her change, to the good side, Aidan is trying to find safe haven for Suren.  Then, something not planned by any of them takes place, a total daytime Eclipse! 

This seems to open the veil between the normal and supernatural, paranormal world, ghosts are popping up everywhere!  Josh starts turning, in broad daylight and has to run away from Julia!

All the ghosts that Sally shredded are coming back, at the exact place where she shredded them!  That means that Nick will be at the house!  She tells Zoë to meet her there!  Josh is running down the street and turning at the same time!  Julia is chasing him, wondering what the hell is wrong!

Being Human S2E12 Josh turning

Being Human S2E12 Julia is hit

Sally is trying to comfort Nick, when she looks around, Danny (Gianpaolo Venuta) is lying on the floor also! 

This is just crazy!  Julia has Josh cornered in an alleyway when he does a big turn right in front of her! 

She jumps back, right into oncoming traffic!Being Human S2E12 Nick and Sally

Sally does get a few minutes with Nick, asks him about the ‘other side’, where he has been.  Nick is relaying that it is not a very nice place, not like what you would expect heaven to be at all. 

Zoë gets to the house and has a few words with Nick; Sally is dealing with Danny who actually says that Sally is a sight for sore eyes!  Sally says it must really be bad where he is for him to say that to her!

Being Human S2E12 Danny eclipseEverything is happening due to the total eclipse, not much time to share, not much time for anything! Sally hears Nick tell Zoë that the place he has gone to is awesome and great! 

Sally knows this is not true, but says nothing.  This is sad indeed.

Danny tells Sally that the souls where he exists at are calling it Limbo, which is where he is, but tells her that it is what he deserves.  The eclipse is over and so are the visits from Limbo.

Aidan returns to the motel to find Suren gone.  She went back to Mother and Boston.  Suren walks in and tells Mother that she was right, Boston is where she belongs!

Being Human S2E12 Aidan Suren gone

After Julia was ran down, Josh was drawing quite a crowd and took off running down the street.  When the eclipse was complete, he returned to his human form and went back to the scene of the accident.  He walks up to find Julia sitting on the curb with an ugly looking scrap on her head but otherwise looking unharmed. 

Then he looks over, sees the paramedics loading her body into the ambulance, and realizes that she is gone.  She tells Josh that they could have survived his ‘condition’ if he had given them the chance, then her ‘Door’ appears, she walks through it and is gone.

Being Human S2E12 Julia ghost

Then we have ‘It’s My Party and I’ll Die If I Want To’ the finale to Season 2.  Our trio have really been drawn and quartered this season.  Let us see if during the finale things get better or go from bad to worse!  

Aidan meets Suren in the basement of Sapp and Sons, Suren has gone back to Mother, which assures Aidan his freedom.  This seems to be a freedom that Aidan has no wish of having.  Suren admits that after all these centuries, he is her weakness.

Being Human S2E13 Suren Aiden weakness

Being Human S2E13 Nora road rashJosh it turns out is still Nora’s emergency contact.  She was at the hospital working when the eclipse happened and it caught her in the stairwell.  She changed, fell down the stairs and the results are not a pretty sight!

Aidan goes home, Sally is there and explaining to him about seeing Danny.  Danny did have time to tell Sally about a way for her to enter his Limbo plain where he and Nick are stuck on.  The way for Sally to get to Limbo, is to take another ghosts door. 

Then instead of going to the happy place, she ends up in Limbo!  I do not think Sally should be dwelling on this too much and Aidan agrees with me it seems!

Being Human S2E13 Mother Aidan 1936 flshback

Being Human S2E13 Josh Aidan Sally

Josh shows up at the house and there is much planning going on between our brooding trio! 

Aidan agrees to help Josh get Ray to the shed where Josh can do the deed that makes everything return to normal! 

Do you really think this is a good idea? Could anyone in their right mind think this is a good idea in Being Human?

Being Human S2E13 Henry Aidan planAidan meets with Henry; he is planning to kill Mother.  Only need Henry to lure her to the basement, nothing more.  Henry agrees.  This should be interesting! 

Meanwhile, Josh and Sally are getting ready to confront Ray, this might not go according to plan, ya think? 

I am keeping in mind that Sally does have the ability to sweep in and out of multiple places by just wishing it so!  What an ability to have my friends!

Being Human S2E13 Josh Sally shirt

Sally’s part in this is to occupy Ray’s wife body long enough to get Ray near the shed.  This is a risky plan, but could work.  Aidan is planning his own little meeting with Mother, which with Henry’s help seems to being firming up well, until Aidan sees him hanging by a meat hook in Mothers basement. 

Things have gone south with this plan! Henry speaks the words, Aidan; I am sorry as Mothers henchmen surround and close in on Aidan.  This cannot end well for our favorite vamp!

Being Human S2E13 Henry hanging

Being Human S2E13 Sallys mother

Sally finds her mother, Rena, at the hospital.  Sally is trying to get her mom to shred her, saying she wants somebody that loves her to do it! 

Oh my gosh!  Her mother is not agreeing to this crazy solution to the problem!

Josh manages to get Ray to the shed, a fight ensues and yeah, Ray ends up getting the gun from Josh!  Then here comes Nora, out of nowhere!  Ray has Josh on the ground, holding the gun on him! 

Nora screams when she sees the turn of events!  This is not what any of them had planned!

Being Human S2E13 Ray gun on Josh

Back to Aidan.  Mother has an elaborate ceremony planned for Suren, a celebration of achievement!  Everything is going great until Mother has Aidan brought out, bloody and beaten. 

She instructs Suren to kill him and when she falls to the floor and refuses, Mother falls to the floor and holds her, telling her how much she loves her.  All squishy and sweet?  Then with one fail sweep, Mother stakes Suren, she crumbles to ashes in Mother’s arms and Aidan watches.

Being Human S2E13 Mother kills Suren

Back to the house, Sally and her Mother are discussing the finer points of Sally taking someone else’s door; just then, her Mother’s door appears!  She tells Sally to take it, its okay.  But when no other solutions seem apparent, Sally stands there and shreds herself.  Poof she is gone.

Being Human S2E13 Sally shreds herself

Being Human S2E13 Aidan grounded

Mother is grounding Aidan, a fate worse than no other.  Aidan, after being thrown into the ground responds, he tells Mother that he can imagine a worst fate, for her to live with the knowledge that she just killed the only one that ever loved her. 

On that note, Aidan tells them to close it!

Being Human S2E13 Nora Ray Josh

Nora runs up on Ray, she has her own gun and now has it trained on Ray.  If she shoots Ray, Ray will shoot Josh. 

Josh is screaming at her to do it!  Shoot Ray, he is ready for all of this to be over with!  This is intense Tweeps!  We hear a gunshot but the screen pans away, we do not know who shot whom or what happened!

The final screenshot is of the trio’s house.  No one is home.  Looks lonely without them.  All of a sudden, the radio comes on and the dial begins moving.  Then in the distance, we hear Sally’s voice!  All we can hear is:  Aidan…..Josh……can you hear me?  I made it! I need your help! Please, I think I made a big mistake!

Being Human S2E13 Radio Sallys voice

That is it my friends!  As the final episode unveiled itself, things turned on a dial, or a dime, well for sure things turned.  We at WormholeRiders hope you enjoyed the season two overview and we are happy to be back to Being Human!

We look forward to keeping you up to date on Season 3 and welcome you all to visit our other sites while you taking a trip through the Wormhole!

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