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Thanks for dropping into the wormhole for my recap!  I for one could hardly wait for Season 3 to begin and then the preview of Josh (Sammy Huntington) saying “We are bringing Sally back’!

Well, I could never have imagined the turn of events that happened during Monday nights premiere!  I can hardly wait for next Monday night but in the meantime here is a little tidbit to hold you over!

Before we get down to what happened to whom, Syfy has this awesome 4 minute preview for this Monday Nights Episode ‘(Dead) Girls Just Want To Have Fun’

Besides the above video, you are here for one reason, to rehash the Season 3 Premiere with me!  Okay, quickly:  Aidan (Sam Witwer) was grounded by Mother (Deena Aziz) ; Sally (Meaghan Rath) shredded herself to Limbo to try and save Nick (Pat Kiely) and Stevie (Robert Naylor). 

The last time we saw Josh and Nora (Kristen Hager) they were in the woods with everybody aiming guns at each other! Also, Nora has some inside werewolf info, if Josh kills Ray (Andreas Apergis), his maker, then it will cure Josh and Nora as well!  Okay, makes sense to me, get your popcorn kiddos, here we go!

Being Human S3E1 Ray Nora Josh woods

It’s a Shame About Ray:

Again, we see Nora with her gun on Ray, Ray with his gun on Josh and Josh screaming at Nora to kill him!  The screen goes black and all we hear is Josh say ’Nora’ then a single gunshot, boom.

And I do not understand this caption, but I am going to mention it – the caption says:  15 months later…… (I am sure in a minute it will become less foggy but I am mentioning it therefore, leaving it in my story).

Being Human S3E1 15 Months Later

Being Human S3E1 Aidan No We Dont Have To DieWe are in the kitchen of the house, Josh is divining a lobster, Sally is sitting on the counter and Aidan is at the kitchen table.  They seem to be discussing the most humane way to kill the lobster.  Aidan comments that it is probably better than being hunted down by a pack of wild werewolves for sport, Josh pipes in that a crummy way to go is being left in the woods alone to die when you think your best friend is going to come help you kill Ray. 

Then Sally reminds them both that the point is, we all have to die, and it’s the natural order of things.  Aidan is shaking his head and says, “No, no, we don’t have to die, we are not going to die.  We’re not going to die’.

Being Human S3E1 Aidan firmly grounded

Then we realize, it is a hallucination. Aidan is firmly grounded, by Mother.  He is in the coffin, 6 feet under the ground. In addition, we hear him; he is saying ‘I am not going to die’.  As he gasps for breath!  Oh, somebody has to find him, soon!

Being Human S3E1 Aidan gasping for breath

It seems a year or more has gone by since we have seen Nora or Josh and it is clear, at least to us, that they cannot seem to find Sally.  We find Nora sitting at a table, and then I get it.  LOL she is trying to find some way to communicate with the ‘other side’!  She is at a psychic’s table, or a fortuneteller.  She is sitting there and tells this medium that it has been over a year, that she has called many physics, ghost’s whisperers, anyone that might be able to help.  Nora says that she is afraid it might be too late. 

The medium tells her that she must open herself up, Nora closes her eyes, then speaks ‘Josh‘?     Then about the time we think maybe Nora is trying to channel Josh, actually, she is calling him over to the table!  Whew! Okay, well at least they have each other, at least for now. Ohhhh, the Medium begins, she sees the woods, and there was a fight!

Being Human S3E1 Josh and Nora Medium

Then Josh and Nora look at each other as they flashback to the night it all went crazy, over a year ago.  Last we knew, there was 1 shot, but we did not know who shot whom.  This flashback answers that smoldering question.  It was Nora who shot Ray. 

Then it seems he did not die, he got up and grabbed Nora, by the hair no-less.  Ray was smashing her head into a tree when Josh jumped up, grabbed a rock and smashed Ray over the head with it.  So Nora and Josh both killed Ray. Then they buried him deep in the woods.  All this, over a year ago.


Being Human S3E1 Josh ends Ray

Well, this Psychic Medium, she is full of it.  She next saw darkness, then laughter?  That is our friend’s clue to exit this shop. Now.  This is not the Psychic they need to help find anyone, except maybe a clown for the next birthday party!


Being Human S3E1 Nora Josh Leaving

 Next, we get a glimpse of Sally, Stevie and Nick!  They are running down the street and stop right in front of the brownstone!  But then we are included in on their conversation.  This is where they have ended up quite a few times it seems.  I guess Sally can find the house, but cannot get inside for some reason!

 Being Human S3E1 Sally Stevie and Nick

Josh and Nora are back at the hospital, working.  Josh has a vampire in a room asking him where Aidan is!  The vamp looks sickly, what is up with that?  The vamps are rotting?  Hummmm – another foggy area folks!  Say he has no idea where Aidan is, well this rotting vamp is no help at all.  What is this sickness?  Looks a bit pasty around the gills!


Being Human S3E1 Rotting Vamp


Being Human S3E1 Nora Bent DoorWe see Josh flashback to the first full moon after killing Ray.  He has locked himself and Nora into the mini-storage and he is waiting, for midnight!  He checks his watch and he is good!  No turning! 

He lets himself out and runs to Nora’s door, begins unlocking it just when she throws herself against the door and bends the metal.  Looks like Josh is cured, but not Nora, well, 1 outta two aint bad, right?


Being Human S3E1 Psychic helps Nora JoshJosh and Nora see the psychic that Danny hired to exorcise Sally from the house.  They want her to help try and get Sally back but she says this is out of her area of expertise!  She does give them a woman’s name and address and say’s good luck!  So, here we go!

We get to see as some guy pries the lid off of Aidan’s coffin.  Aidan is not moving and has a really bad beard going too!  This guy put a ‘silence of the lambs’ type mask on Aidan, and then pulls him out of the ground! 

Well, since Josh and Nora have no idea where he was ‘grounded’ at, now this seems even worse!  Who is this guy and what are his plans for Aidan? Calls himself Mickey, hummm?  Doesn’t seem like a very upstanding guy to me, but hey, who can tell. Right?


Being Human S3E1 Mickey and the Mask


Josh and Nora are meeting with this woman, the one that can maybe bring Sally back.  She is not a Psychic, she is a Witch and her name is Donna! And she has a few items that Nora and Josh need to gather for her.  One of them being the heart of a person that Josh has killed.  Well, I do think they can help her with that item!  O-My-Gods!  Do you hear me?!  Yep, its time to dig up old Ray!

Being Human S3E1 Diggin up Ray

And as we drop in on Mikey and Aidan, we see and finally come to understand what Mikey’s plan is.  Seems the Vamps turned on each other when the human blood became contaminated.  They began feeding on each other, and became poisoned and tainted.  Now they all have this Rotting Vamp syndrome.  Turns out, they need a fresh supply and Aidan’s clean Vamp blood is just the ticket that old Mikey needs.  He seems to be our local neighborhood blood dealer!

Being Human S3E1 Mikey draining Aidans blood

Being Human S3E1 Diggin up SallySo, Josh and Nora get Ray’s dead heart and take it to Donna the Witch woman.  She explains why they needed to get that heart.  It had to be a heart that Josh stopped, in order to work.  Turns out there is another items she’s gonna need.  O’yeah, of course, Sally’s body.  Get the shovel my friends, here we go!

There has been a turn of events at the blood letting cellar, seems the leader of the Atlee, (Kyle Gatehouse) Dutch has showed up, yes that ‘The Dutch’ and he wants to know what the hell is happening and he’s not leaving without Aidan!  So, a savior?  Guess we will see, at least that creepy Mikey guy has been drained!

Being Human S3E1 Aidan Bishop

Aidan is in the van going somewhere with Atlee and he is having hallucinations, first he’s talking with Sally and Josh.  Now Bishop (Mark Pellegrino), yes Bishop! Aidan keeps repeating ‘I am not going to die’, Bishop responds with ‘Well, you kinda look like you are though’, with a frown on his face. 

Sally and Josh are shaking theirs heads telling Bishop that he is intruding on their conversation with Aidan.  Aidan says, he is tired and done.  Bishop says he didn’t make Aidan a warrior to let him just give up now! 

All this is of course happening in Aidan’s head people, as his brain shuts down, more people are joining the little party in the van!

Being Human S3E1 Aidan get VampedThen from somewhere within, Aidan springs across the front seat, takes the wheel of the van and then Atlee stops the van, grabs Aidan and tells him that he will die unless Aidan saves him now.  On that note, he turns Vamp, bites down and begins feeding on Aidan, as Bishop, Josh and Sally look on. This is not good my friends.

Whew! On to Sally and her Donna the Witch incantation time.  After rubbing Ray’s cold dead heart all over Sally’s body, the Donna wraps her, not unlike a mud wrap at a day spa, as Josh would say!  The ceremony is performed then Nora and Josh move her to the house to await the outcome of this. Whatever this is.

Being Human S3E1 Sally Day Spa

Then as we come upon Sally, Stevie and Nick running up the street to the brownstone again.  Stevie and Nick telling her that once again, it’s not going to work.  The door will not open!  Just then, we hear a creak and yes, yes, the door is opening, finally!  Sally says they are all going through the door, Nick and Stevie first!  They are reluctant but agree and through the magic door they go!

Being Human S3E1 Sally takes the Door

Being Human S3E1 Adian van crashedIt seems after feeding on Aidan, Atlee has regained the wheel and continued on his way.  Only thing is, he is not feeling very well, Aidan’s untainted blood did not cure him and he seems worse then ever.  O’well, lose some lose some. 

Then Atlee crumbles right in the driver’s seat!  Aidan is still kinda in a coma, he notices, but does not react!  The van is careening all over the road and comes to a sudden crashing stop directly into a telephone pole!  Aidan!

Being Human S3E1 Sally is BACK

Being Human S3E1 Nora Josh liferaftJosh and Nora are standing over Sally when she begins, breathing?  Yes, and gasping and talking!  Did she say Stevie-Nicks is here?  Well, she kinda did, but I think she meant Stevie and Nick but it did come out as Stevie-Nicks!

Well they do not have a Witch named Donna and they did not get a body rubbed in human heart or an incantation so, I am kinda thinking they are not exactly in the same shape that Sally is in!

We are left with the devastating scene, Aidan lying on the ground beaten and broken, scuffed and dying.  He is hallucinating again with Josh and Sally standing there.  Things do not look good!  Aidan in reality is not even on Nora, Josh’s or even Sally’s radar at the moment and there is nobody to save him!  My only hope lies in the fact that his last words tonight were:  ‘I am not going to die”…….

 Being Human S3E1 I am not going to die Aidan

Wow Wormholeriders and Being Human fans!  What a tangled web our friends have wove tonight!  Me….I just want Monday night to hurry up and deposit itself into my life!  I hope you enjoyed my rendition of the Season 3 premiere of Being Human and invite you back as often as your beating, or non-beating hearts desire!

Be sure and keep your arms and legs inside the Wormhole at all times!  Being seeing you around my #verse !

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  • avatar Kenn says:

    Good evening Holly,

    Or should I say good morning since it is after midnight your time!?!

    The return of Being Human is accentuated by your admiration and love for this great program. I too am very pleased to be working working with you on the BH Syfy version, since we went on hiatus during season two.

    I really wanted to BBQ that guy who was torturing Aidan and draining his blood! I few good kicks or stakes to the heart would have been nice too!

    It’s great to have the three roommates back together including Josh and Nora!

    Thank you for the nice analysis!

    Best Regards,


  • avatar Dan says:

    Great analysis Holly. Although I’m new to the show, I look forward to becoming
    more familiar with it and it’s characters and these reviews help a lot. Thanks! Dan– @danlarock

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