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Welcome back to a life of Being Human!

Syfy logo banner 2012 - Click to learn more about Being Human at the official web site!When we last left Sally (Meaghan Rath), Josh (Sammy Huntington) , Aidan (Sam Witwer) and Nora (Kristen Hager), things seemed to be settling a bit.

That is until we found out poor Sally kissed a fellow who was taken away dead in an ambulance, Nora was dog-napped by werewolf Liam McLean (Xander Berkeley), Josh was frantic with despair over Nora’s disappearance, and blood thirsty Aidan was dealing with vampire memories from his past!

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Being Human S3x04 - Sally at Max's funeral home - intro from previous episodeFor goodness sakes people, will our four heroes ever succeed at Being Human?

Will Sally ever get a boyfriend who can survive the night?

Will Aidan be able to find a life without having to destroy those of others?

And most importantly, will Nora and Josh be able to get married and raise a litter of lil pups, err werewolves, err kids of their own?

Being Human S3x04 - Will Josh and Nora get married and raise some little pups,, err kidsIt will all come to pass in season three my friends, when without a doubt we shall all see how people find out what Being Human actually means. Yes indeed, we shall all see!

In the meantime, courtesy of Syfy, below is the first four minutes of the next great Being Human episode “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth”!

I’m So Lonesome I Could Die:

Being Human S3x04 - Max's funeral homeThe new Being Human character Liam McLean is not the focus of this episode, although without doubt he is lurking somewhere close by. As the title indicates the focus is more on Sally and her plight at not being a ghost any longer.

“I’m So Lonesome I Could Die” is an episode superbly written by Keto Shimizu with outstanding direction by Jeff Renfroe that takes us back to the goings on at the home of our heroes where all hell is about to break loose!

Being Human S3x04 - Josh and Nora are wakened at 3 AM in the morningAfter a brief look at the local funeral home in the opening moments from a past episode, we begin with Josh and Nora in bed awakened by partying going on downstairs to the sounds of music similar to “I Got You Run” by “House Traffic” as featured in the episode. Aidan, with his sorority and fraternity “friends”, are having a little “rave” in the middle of the night at 3 AM!

As the video below courtesy of Syfy indicates, no one appears to be getting very much sleep these days Being Human!

Being Human S3x04 - Sally with Josh at the raveAs we continue, we learn more about Sally, a  central character to this fun series, much mayhem and humor is incorporated with Sally having to clean up the mess made by her roommates!

Sally, now human, no longer a ghost, is in desperate need of an identity to be able to operate in society without being detected or tied to her past life. With an identity, our favorite ex-ghost will be able to better fit in to a life of Being Human.

Being that such document mills are reality, making fake papers available in the United States for illegal alien immigrants, the “I’m So Lonesome I Could Die” story has a realistic foundation making the adventure that much more enjoyable.

With these facts in mind, certainly Sally, our favorite ghost, will be able to procure a new identification easily enough. How is it often done? By stealing the social security numbers from people long since dead and gone, themselves ghosts in our real world.

Being Human S3x04 - Lydia Doesburg as Erin at the raveIt is fair to say that Sally has rightfully become more than a little obsessive with procuring a new identity. During the course of the opening sequences,

Sally is with her fifteen year old friend Erin (Lydia Doesburg) while they are playing cards.

Erin makes an off the cuff remark made about the ease of getting fake identification documents from dead people. Later in the episode Sally is observed viewing death certificates.

Being Human S3x04 - Sally is looking at death certificates to get a social security number

Sally’s purpose becomes clear; In order to try and live in our world again, she must get an identification of some sort. We admire Sally being determined to live a life Being Human without being detected Sally must do something illegal to assume another person’s identity, not without unintended consequences.

Being Human S3x04 - Sally and Erin have a little chat about illegal documents

SDCC Comic-Con 2012 - Anna Fricke  thinks about Being HumanBefore continuing, this reviewer offers that the direction within he story arc for Sally taken by Anna Fricke and all the creators of the United States version of Being Human is wonderful.

Sally, as a character, has grown significantly over that past two seasons. It is enjoyable to witness Sally’s character transformation. In contrast to a lone negative tweet I read about Meaghan Rath that I read, this fine actress does a superb job portraying Sally.

Being Human S3x04 - Sally is caught by Max stealing social security numbersWe find Sally’s hunt for identification papers takes her to the local funeral facility run by Max (Bobby Campo).

As we know from later in the episode, while Sally was searching the records at the funeral home, Max caught Sally “red-handed” attempting to steal a social security number.

Being Human S3x04 - Handsome Max catches Sally in the actIn a bit of a humorous good natured banter that effectively cover her actions, Max offers Sally a job at the facility.

Perfect! Now Sally will be able to ransack the records of dead people at will to get the social security number she needs for fake identification papers.

In the meantime, poor Sally has been having nightmares about killing anyone she gets involved with.

Being Human S3x04 - Sally is having nightmares

Being Human S3x04 - Sally explains things to Aidan who listens intentlySally, who has been a bit “randy” (horny) of late, is seen with a glimmer of lust in her eyes at the prospect of working with handsome Max.

As Sally explains to Aidan when the two go out for cocktails at a local biker hang out, Aidan listens intently to Sally’s most recent romantic fantasy that gave her terrifying nightmares only the night before.

Let us all hope that this relationship turns out a bit better than Sally’s last romantic entanglement!

The action segue’s to the second part of the story line; the sometimes (often) frictional wolfie relationship between Josh and Nora.

Being Human S3x04 - Josh and Nora kiss and make upThis reviewer believes that Nora and Josh will eventually get married. In the meantime, we explore the next chapter of their journey to the altar of marriage.

Nora has planned a birthday party for her mother, but has seemingly forgotten to invite Josh to the gala event. Sensitive Josh’s feelings are hurt, but the two kiss and make up.

Always a buddy, Josh seeks out his best friend Aidan to get some advice on what he should do. Aidan is forthright; invite yourself to the party!

Aidan inquires about Josh’s desire to marry Nora. As we witnessed in a previous episode when Josh confessed to Sally that he wants to marry Nora, the viewer is left wondering if Josh is getting “cold feet” and changed his mind? Subsequent to common sense related by Aidan, Josh admits that he is in love with Nora and still wants to marry her.

Being Human S3x04 - Josh and Nora arrive at her mothers birthday party with RJ and ErinJosh quickly confronts Nora about being left uninvited to the birthday party, informing her that he will be attending the dinner party with her.

Poor wolfie Nora is obviously quite uncomfortable with the prospect, fearing lord knows what could happen at her parents house if an emotional situation develops and she transforms to her werewolf self.

Being Human S3x04 - Josh meets Nora's dad who is more interested in his beer at the momentHowever Josh convinces Nora the event is a good opportunity to meet and chat with Nora’s parents Lynette and Robert Sergeant (Paula Jean Hixson and Richard Zeman) about his intention to marry their daughter.

Josh is in for a rude surprise when Nora’s parents do not receive him with open arms. Josh does his best to fit in while observing another potential romance between Erin and Nora’s brother RJ (Justin Bradley).

Being Human S3x04 - Nora confesses to killing BrynnIn a reveal viewers have been wondering about, Nora later reveals a shocker; she admits to Josh that she had killed Brynn (Tracy Spiridakos), Conner’s (Jon Cor) werewolf sister, in self-defense.

This reviewer was hoping that we would see more of Brynn in season three. However, since Tracy Spiradakos is a main character under contract in the hit NBC series Revolution, the reveal not only makes sense. Moreover, the information about Brynn lays solid groundwork for a inevitable confrontation between Nora and Liam (Brynn’s father) later in the third season.

Being Human S3x04 - Nora's dad lights a cigarette at the news of Josh's intentionsBack to the party, Josh works up his courage to ask Nora’s parents for her hand in marriage.

The look on Josh’s face portends the unexpected response from Nora’s parents. Nora’s beer guzzling, cigarette smoking  father is absolutely nonplused by Josh’s revelation. Nora’s mother takes it all in stride. Josh’s feeling appear to be genuinely hurt.

Being Human S3x04 - Josh looks hurt when Nora's dad shows no emotion for his daughter

While Josh was wallowing in hurt, Nora’s parents have informed the family of the joyous event. Nora’s brother RJ takes the news well. So well that be gets a “heat on” (drunk). RJ reminds this reviewer, sadly, of the fact that we all know someone in our families who use any excuse to get drunk, especially at family events!

Being Human S3x04 - RJ arrives at the house still drunk and drinkingThe next scene takes us back to Nora and Josh’s house the next day after the birthday party. Good ole’ RJ makes an appearance to see Erin at Josh and Nora’s house.

Naturally RJ is still drunk and drinking, apparently looking for more than free booze, but ready to celebrate the pending nuptials by engaging in some carnal behavior of his own!

Poor RJ gets a surprise; no more booze! Disgusted at his brothers behavior, Nora leaves to get drunk RJ some much needed coffee in order to try to get RJ sobered up.

Being Human S3x04 - RJ and Erin get caught making out by JoshMeanwhile, upstairs, RJ and Erin start making out in the bedroom! Can anyone say RJ should go to prison for making out with a fifteen year old girl? Josh completely freaks out at the goings on!

As Josh and RJ resort to fisticuffs, Erin defends RJ and then promptly exits the scene. For goodness sakes, are things getting wild enough for you yet Being Human fans?

Being Human S3x04 - Aidan recalls the loss of so manyAs the episode winds down after these starling revelations, we observe that Aidan is upset, recalling past memories of the loss of so many in his family from the plague that has ravaged the city.

Deeply affected, Aidan seemingly goes suicidal with his life, going on a rampage drinking the blood of all that he encounters. Sally comes to Aidan’s rescue after Aidan attacks a biker at a local bar establishment.

Being Human S3x04 - Sally threatens Aidan with a stakeIn a most effective sequence filled with emotion and a touch of humor blended in near the end of the episode, disgusted by her friend Aidan’s behavior, Sally gets aggressive threatening Aidan is his own bed with a wooden stake to put him out of his misery.

The scene is most enjoyable and very well done. The sequence proves the effectiveness of the characters, more than demonstrating the natural flow of the actors after working closely together on Being Human the past three years.

Being Human S3x04 - Aidan gets lucky as Sally cuts him some slack and not staking himNaturally, Sally cuts Aidan some slack, in fact a whole lot of slack, and decides to  not go through with staking him to end his misery.

However Sally’s threat to stake him, nearly made good, apparently knocks some sense into the pitiful bloodthirsty Aidan about the foolishness of seeking blood from unwholesome tainted sources.

Being Human S3x04 - Bubble Boy Kenny portrayed by Connor PriceIn the last sequence, Aidan is observed back at work at the hospital ward.

The scene is quite foreboding, in fact frightening, as Aidan discovers a new patient has been admitted at the hospital, one with untainted blood named Kenny (Connor Price) that has been placed under his “care”.

No doubt this will prove to be somebody’s undoing in the coming episodes of the series.

Being Human S3x04 - Will Aidan get caught by Nurse KerwinKenny is a “bubble boy” who has clean blood, never having been exposed to any of the plague viruses currently ravaging the world and killing off so many vampires.

The Being Human question then becomes, will Aidan be able to resist or will he get caught in the act by Nurse Kerwin (Nadia Verrucci)?

My grade for “I’m So Lonesome I Could Die” is a solid straight “A”! Anna Fricke and her team of Being Human creators have laid a solid foundation with many twists and turns sure to be just up ahead in the third season!


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