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Quite a ‘bite’ happened during this week’s episode!  Aidan (Sam Witwer) and Henry (Kyle Schmid) are seeking clean blood.

Josh (Sammy Huntington) is planning on asking Nora (Kristen Hager) to marry him, but finds that there was a problem when she turned in the storage locker, then Sally (Meaghan Rath) ; and well Sally is trying to figure out how to connect without killing people!

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Before we get into the details and changes that occurred we have a clip from this weeks Being Human Season 3 Episode 4 “I’m So Lonesome I Could Die’ provided by Syfy – Imagine Greater!

Being Human “The Teens, They Are A Changin” 

Nora and Brynn McLean (Xander Berkeley) they are sitting on a park bench having a little werewolf chat!  He is explaining to Nora that no-way was he going to kill her, she is the nearest thing to kin he has. 

He continues telling her that killing one of their own is the worst thing a werewolf can do, they must stick together.  (I bet Nora is thinking about Ray, but that’s just my guess, what do you think)?  Remember, Brynn says, Humans are the only animals with a death-wish.

 Being Human S3E3 Nora and Brynn

We drop in on Aidan playing chess with a friend in the park!  How nice? As he invites his new friend to lunch we see him lead the guy down an alley where Henry is waiting, waiting for ‘his’ lunch!  As Henry begins to drop fangs, the guy sneezes, on Henry! 

This is enough for Henry to stop, push the guy away as he turns to Aidan while trying to explain how careful they all must be now and how serious the virus that occurred while Aidan was grounded is, its killing vampires all around the world!  Aidan promises Henry he will find clean blood, just give him a chance!

Being Human S3E3 Aidan and Henry

Sally is eating everything in the house and nothing seems to stick!  Josh is reminding her that she cannot go to the memorial service for Trent because all their friends from school will be there and when people see her, then tend to die!  Sally is arguing the point that Trent (John Bregar) might need help, seeing as he is a ghost now!  He very well might need some tips from the master!

Being Human S3E3 Sally and Josh

Being Human S3E3 Sally and Trent Of course Sally shows up at the funeral home.   Walks into the ‘body’ room where Trent is laying on the table and his ghost is standing there looking at his cold dead body!  When he sees Sally, he starts with the ‘I wish I could just talk to you one more time’ thing – Sally turns and says ‘As a matter of fact you can’!

She begins by trying to explain how when she was killed by Danny, she did the ghost thing for awhile, then a Witch turned her back, but there is some ’fine print’ in the deal.  You kill everyone you see from your past…..  Trent is not very happy with her right now.

Being Human S3E3 Josh and Aaron Oh! At the hospital we find Josh tending to one Aaron Shepherd (Lydia Doesburg) and this girl seems to have her HIPPA rights memorized! 

No information for the hospital and wants her antibiotics NOW!  Bawaaaaa! 

Josh seems to have met his clinical match!  She shows Josh why she came to the hospital, some very large scratches on her back! 

She also explains how they came to be, a very big dog-wolf looking animal down by the train tracks a few weeks ago!

Being Human S3E3 Aaron wolfey scratches

Henry is not happy with Aidan, he is getting very hungry and no clean blood seems to be available!  Aidan is trying to calm him down but Henry seems to have hit his very last vein of patience but Aidan assures him that he has untapped strength and they will get through this, together!

Being Human S3E3 Henry So Damn Hungry

Back at the hospital Aaron is not cooperating with the staff, she has begun throwing things and shouting!  Josh and Nora come to the rescue!  And what a rescue it turns out to be!  It turns out (fine choice of words) that Aaron is in foster care and has been in quite a few homes in the last couple of years.  Nora and Josh all of a sudden have a teenager in their midst that will be changing into a werewolf on the next full moon!

Being Human S3E3 Aaron Nora Josh Changin

Being Human S3E3 Trent and Sally discussing Sally is trying to help Trent; he’s not very keen on the idea of the woman that killed him, giving him advice!  Seems Trent has already run into some other ghosts that explained about his ‘Door’ so Sally does not need to explain this part of the spiritual journey to him! 

He does seem to have a request of Sally though; he wants her to approach his fiancé!  This should go well, you think?  Her name is Candice (Brittany Drisdelle) and of course this means that Sally will have to go to the memorial service after all! 

This has disaster written all over it my friends!

Being Human S3E3 Josh and Henry

Henry shows up at the hospital accusing Josh of forgetting the pain his friend Aidan is in and telling Josh that in a hundred years, Aidan won’t even remember his name, that he is replaceable!  It’s hard on Henry, all the blood around and he is not going gently into this life!  As Josh relays the convo to Aidan, Josh mentions that – Henry is somewhat coming ‘unhinged’! 

Josh has not forgotten the ‘feeding’ problem and pulls a name from his pocket for Aidan; he has found someone that is willing to help.  Aidan is very happy and promises Josh that this is to be a ‘Catch and Release’!  That’s the new policy!  (I remain hopeful that this will occur as Aidan visualizes, I will remain optimistic until proved wrong, LOL)  Catch and Release!  Okay whatever!  (Do we remember the Dutch?)  Yes we do!

Being Human S3E3 Josh Aidan Catch and Release

Being Human S3E3 Josh Nora Aaron WerewolfJosh and Nora have taken Aaron back to the house and are in the process of trying to explain how now, once a month she’s gonna turn into a werewolf!  She thinks they are on drugs, and or maybe into some strange habits that she wants no part of! 

So to try and prove their point, Josh plays the video from the storage locker, of him turning!  This does seems to get her attention she flops down in the chair and watches as Josh does a complete change on camera, then attacks the camera!

Being Human S3E3 Candice talking to SallySally is at the memorial service, with Trent in tow.  He wants her to talk with Candice and set things right before its too late!  Sally gets an audience with her and begins a bit choppy, but in the end Candice listens.  Sally explains how she and Trent were making out before he died but that he really loved her and is sorry! 

Candice begins to cry, then admits that she herself has been seeing someone else for months and just didn’t know how to tell Trent!  Now she does feel better!  (Well, that a ‘turn’ of events that I didn’t expect)!  LOL

Being Human S3E3 Sally Trent Candice Mem service

Were there as Aidan finds the ‘donors’ house just in time to see Henry run up on the guy!  He grabs him and as quick as well, a vampire, Aidan is there to save the guy.  Henry is out of control and then Aidan sees why, Henry is infected.  Yep, he has the flu virus too!  Aidan takes him back to the house where he cuts himself and offers it to Henry who refuses; Aidan’s blood will not save him. Henry is doomed to turn to dust! 

Aidan wants Henry to not give up, that they can beat this!  Henry tells Aidan that ‘Everyone that loves you dies’.  It seems it could be the end for Henry!  Is there really a cure?  If they cannot even find clean blood, how are they going to find a cure for this virus? 

What Henry neglected to share is that while he was at the hospital, he had quite a party, a bloodletting party and had no idea if the blood was safe for not.  Turns out it had the virus in it.

Being Human S3E3 Henry has the flu virus

Being Human S3E3 Sally and Max Sally is about to leave the memorial service.  Everyone else has cleared out.  The director, Max (Bobby Campo) begins by telling Sally that it was a look of joy that she put on Candice’s face when they talked and he wishes he had that effect on people!

But he explains why these people are in his care they are his responsibility and he feels like she really should leave now.  (Oh, this might be a safe boyfriend Sally, you didn’t know him before)!  We will see in what direction this goes……

Being Human S3E3 Josh Aaron changed Oh! It’s the full moon my Being Human friends and Josh has driven Nora and Aaron to the woods so they can turn unwatched and free of human interference.  Nora begins taking her clothing off and is also telling Aaron what is about to happen to her body, senses.  They have left Josh safely waiting in the car, okay yeah right! 

Nora is still talking when Aaron begins to change, and very quickly – much faster than Nora expected!  Aaron is completely changed before Nora’s change even begins to occur!  O-No!  We see Aaron as she is jumping on the hood of the car where Josh has had to grab the gun and is aiming it at Aaron – well the werewolf Aaron!  She tries to attack him through the windshield and breaks it while Josh sort of waves the gun around but did not shoot it, yet!

Nora, well werewolf Nora finally shows up and she and Aaron, well werewolf Aaron are circling each other by the car for a few minutes!  We cannot be real sure what’s happening here!  Then as Josh looks on, they begin rubbing against each other and all seems pretty calm.  Keep in mind; we are talking  about werewolves!

Being Human S3E3 Aaron and Nora changed

Aidan has Henry out of the house, we don’t really know if they are searching for a potential donor or just walking around trying to not think about how hungry they are!  Henry is not looking very well, sort of peaked around the gills if you ask me!  Henry is telling Aidan how he knows that Aidan tried to teach him how to be a good man, but that for the last hundred years, he knows he has not been, at all. 

Henry says ‘We’re monsters to them, that’s all we’ll ever be’, he looks at Aidan and says ‘I am a vampire Aidan, and so are you’.  Then Henry walks away and disappears into the crowd as Aidan winces and lets him go.  Will we see Henry again?  Is this really goodbye?

Being Human S3E3 Aidan Henry not well

Trent is hanging around the funeral home watching Max unload a hearse when there – out of nowhere – there is his ‘Door’!  He is surprised but moves toward it, grabs the knob and turns, yes it opens!  At least someone solved their issues and problems tonight!

Being Human S3E3 Trent gets his DoorHe walks through the Door and steps into what looks like a kitchen area.  There’s somebody sitting on a bar stool and as the person turns around they are saying ‘I was wondering when I would get my first delivery’.   Just then, the person comes into focus and it’s the Witch (Amy Aquino)!

Yeah that Witch!  And she continues calmly talking to Trent who stills doesn’t really get where he is and why.  She slowly reaches for a meat cleaver and steps towards Trent and yep, she Shreds him!  Then my friends, yes, there’s more.  Then she kneels down and eats the frakken shreds!  Oh, yes she did! 

Honestly people!  Did you really actually think somebody was gonna get their Door that easily or that soon?  Jeezzzz !!

Being Human S3E3 Witch eats shreds

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