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So what is up with Liam (Xander Berkeley) going after the vampires, and who in the heck is his danged sidekick? Another lost pup?

Well it is probably all going to become clear, so let us get after this and see who is what!

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Being Human S3x06 Mark Pellegrino as Bishop returnsBut first, we must remember from tweet spoilers that Bishop (Mark Pellegrino) returning from a past time line, things are definitely certain to heat up!

Erin (Lydia Doesburg) is back at home, for now! Not to mention Sally’s (Meaghan Rath) budding romance with her funeral home co-worker, Max (Bobby Campo).

And yikes! Kenny (Connor Price), the Bubble Boy is under Aidan’s (Sam Witwer) watchful eye. Meanwhile, Nora (Kristen Hager) and Josh’s (Sammy Huntington) wedding plans are pending. Being Human is getting crazy (good)!

Being Human S3x05 - Aidan joins the group for breakfast but will soon see Bishop

And the extended promotional trailer of “What’s Blood Got to Do With It” courtesy of Syfy looks frakkin great! 

Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth:

Being Human S3x05 - Three quarters of the gang in the kitchen munching wafflesSally, Nora and Josh are having breakfast; actually, Nora and Josh are watching Sally eat.  Sally is cramming waffles down as fast as she can get them on the fork!  She is looking great, which Nora reminds her of that fact! 

We get to hear about her new job at the Funeral Home and Nora asks if her boss is cute, Sally blushes and nods yes!  Max is a good boss and it is a good job!  Mourners are not messy people Sally says!

Being Human S5x05 - Aidan comes home from work looking beatAidan comes in from work; Josh invites him to watch as Sally shoves more waffles down her gullet!  Aidan seems pale, not good, says the nightshift is rough and says he is heading to bed, hungry.  Nora does ask him how that going and he just turns and goes downstairs to his room.  ‘What, are we not supposed to talk about that’?  Nora says to pretty much the room.

Aidan is having some vivid dreams!  Personally, I like that sound when his fangs lower themselves!  That crunching sound!  So in his dream, there are a couple of pretty nurses and a doctor and he is in what looks like an ER room. 

Being Human S3x05 - The nurses explain it to the doctorThe nurses in the ward are observed explaining to the doctor residence how yes, Aidan is malnourished but requires a special kind of food!  Blood! Then, just like a good dream, the doctor in his own dream says, “Go ahead!  My blood is clean!”. Holds up his arm and Aidan begins to chow down, in the dream mind you, when he suddenly awakes in his own bed, what a let down! 

Wow, I cannot remember the last time I actually dreamt about food!  Candy maybe, not actual food in general! 

Being Human S3x05 - The doctor says chow downAnd yep, when he sat up I heard his fangs retract, so he was actually experiencing the blood, even in his dreams!  Then he thinks he is awake but looks around and the two nurses are lying on either side of him, covered in blood!

Josh and Nora are posting Flyers, hoping somebody has seen Aaron!  What 15 year old that runs away wants to really be found?

Oh my!  Sally walks in while Max is dealing with a corpse and suddenly the ghost of the corpse pops into the room, Sally can see him and he notices that she noticed when he showed up! 

Being Human S3x05 - Sally at work with Max at the funeral homeAll of a sudden Max is talking to her and all she can hear is the corpse guy wanting some kind of help to escape from being dead! He knows that Sally escaped and he wants her help.

Sally’s not looking at him and abruptly says she must go back to work, turns and leaves!

Does Sally really think the corpse guy is going to leave it at that?  No-way! 

Of course, he is following her all over the place, finally Sally turns and says ‘Sorry this isn’t the Ghost Whisperer’ and Sally shreds the dude in no time flat!  Yep. No more corpse dude!

Being Human S3x05 - Sally finished off the pesky ghost

Being Human S3x05 - Aidan with the ghost girlsOhhhh okay, sometimes I am a bit slow – the nurses, those are the girls that Aidan took home and drained one night when he fell off the wagon!  They are now ghosts and have come a calling on Mr. Aidan!  Yeah, he does not seem to be enjoying the conversation they have brought to the house!

Then there’s the doorbell!  Whew!  Just in time, the dead ghost girls are getting annoying!  Aidan answers the door, seems it a girl, yes and she is asking for Nora. An old friend? 

Aidan kinda looks around and yeah, there are the ghost girls on either side of him, outside!  Tis hard to concentrate when they are talking at the same time as Nora’s friend!  And her name is Cat!  The ghost girls are still talking!

Being Human S3x05 - Kat drops of the rent check to AidanJeezzzz maybe Sally will come home and shred them so they will shut the hell up! So, Kat (Deanna Russo) is dropping off a rent check, seems she is subletting Nora’s old apartment since she moved in with Josh!

The ghost girls do notice that her wrist seems pretty nice when she is handing off that envelope! 

Aidan is trying not to notice!  Aidan grabs the envelope with the check says ‘Nice to meet you’ turns and escapes into the house!

Well, I bet we get to see Kat again!  What do yall think?  Bawhahahahahaha

Being Human S3x05 - Ghost girl and Aidan day dream of Kat covered in blood

Being Human S3x05 - Sally is vacuuming the funeral home as Max entersSally is attempting to vacuum the Funeral Home, when she blurts out that Nick and Zoe are coming over for dinner and she is not really wanting to be a third wheel! 

Max is a pretty sharp tack because he then asks Sally is that a round about way of asking him to be the forth wheel!  She is nodding and looking cute in her shorts!  I do love all the clothes that Sally is getting to explore in her newfound identity!  She is dressing very sharp these days!  So it’s sort of a date! With Max!

Sally begins turns to go back to work when Poof!  There is a new corpse woman person standing there! 

Being Human S3x05 - Sally grabs a frying pan from her purseSally immediately goes to her purse and grabs a frying pan!  A frying pan?  I think she was going to shred that ghost with a frying pan, but just in time the lady ghost says that she is Max’s mother! 

Omygods!  So, what is a girl to do?  Sally introduces herself and then begin chatting it up! At least Max’s mother begins chatting about him and all his failed relationships, to Sally.  This seems doomed; get the frying pan back out Sally!

Back at the Ranch, excuse me the hospital, Nora is walking up with Liam and he is asking Josh about a couple of check the twins wrote him before they disappeared.  Liam is not happy and Josh seems to be squirming a bit….Nora! 

Being Human S3x05 - Liam shows up at the hospital

Being Human S3x05 - Josh tries to explain things to LiamJosh is trying to explain that he was doing research, trying to find a way for them to change less, or not at. In her defense, Nora is trying to explain also and at least she is standing next to Josh!

Josh admits to Liam that he killed his maker, and again Nora jumps in and says that Josh did it for her!  Says that Ray was going to kill her, so Josh stepped in and took care of the problem!

Dinner seems to be going pretty well, Sally, Max, Zoe and Nick!  They are having normal conversation until Max’s mother pops in – granted only Sally can see and hear her but nevertheless she has found them! 

Being Human S3x05 - After dinner in the living room sipping wineShe must be experienced in ghost traveling, took Sally awhile to travel around.  Ohhhh Zoe can see her too! 

This is going to be good!  Sally goes to the kitchen for more wine and give Max’s mother the nod to follow her – his mom is first to the kitchen. 

Then Sally politely tells her that they are trying to have a nice private meal!  Max’s mother vanishes!  It is a good thing because our Sally is good at shredding troublesome ghosts!

Being Human S3x05 - Aidan back at work with Kenny at the hospitalAidan is back at work, the nightshift!  He is telling the kid Kenny (Connor Price) to turn the TV down, the neighbors are complaining!  Please, the 1979 version of the Fog is on and it is going to be awesome!  Aidan relents but tells him that the lab needs some blood for cultures, well maybe this will work, at least a snack for Aidan!

The evening is ending Sally and Zoe are cleaning up in the kitchen, Zoe is freaking out about Max’s mother being around all the time!  Max starts to leave says he had a great time!  Sally grabs him and moves in for a huge hug, and they almost kiss but Max exit’s the premises and that’s it for tonight at least!

Being Human S3x05 - Aidan is walking homAidan is seen walking home from work at the hospital after his chat with Bubble Boy Kenny. 

We do not really know if the blood drawn by Aidan from Kenny was for a late night snack or was it really for analysis in the the hospital laboratory. What do you think?

Anyway, there are a couple of thugs following him but his spidey senses are on alert and he lets them get just close enough to turn and take them both down!  Straightens his jacket and continues on his way!

Being Human S3x05 - Liam is hiding in the shadowsWe see Liam hiding in the shadows, the guys now laid out on the ground must have been some of his newly found werewolf pup minions. Well that did not go so well did it Liam?

Nora has made Josh some peanut butter and olive oil sandwich when Aidan comes out of his room and before leaving hands Nora the rent check from Kat. Nora’s eyes get kinda big; did Aidan have a snack with Kat?  Aidan assures her that her friend is fine and that he has solved the problem, at least for now. 

Being Human S3x05 - Aidan confesses Kenny's blood was a snackYep, he did it, snacked on the Bubble Boys blood, Kenny is providing Aidan with some nice clean snacks at work!  The only thing is Nora is really freaking out that Aidan is taking blood from Kenny, she does not approve and with everything that has happened and that is going on, I might just be me but that seems a little bit confusing.  I am in for the long haul though so let’s see what happens!

Were at the Funeral Home with Sally and Max at work the next day and it seems a bit tense and uncomfortable.  They are talking about the view in the room, a room with a casket sitting in it!  Jeezzzz guys! 

Being Human S3x05 - Max and Sally do not sit too close together on the couchThey are not really sitting very close on the couch, but Sally turns to him and begins trying to articulate the right words, he turns and starts to apologize for not doing the kiss last night. 

Then Max says to Sally that maybe they could go on a real date, just the two of them alone.  His words kind of trail off, Sally starts leaning towards him. Has the moment arrived in the romance between these two erstwhile lovers?

And yep. It happens! Max and Sally are kissing!  Finally!

Being Human S3x05 - Max and Sally kiss

Being Human S3x05 - Kenny is being humored by AidanAidan is humoring Kenny; first Kenny wants the blinds open.  In addition, he is filming all of this!  Then he wants Aidan to stand in front of the mirror! 

This is a true true test for any real vampire! 

Kenny slips and as he is recording he says ‘Subject has reflection’ he tries to correct himself but we hear him!  He is really trying to debunk if Aidan is a vampire or not!  Aidan is laughing and tells Kenny ‘Okay, it a wrap’! 

As he turns and leaves the room, we see his face though, he is freaked out!

Being Human S3x05 - Sally after the deed has been doneOh! Oh! Back at the Funeral home, yes, yes, Sally and Max have done the deed!  The kiss obviously turned into much more and very quickly! 

This should be interesting, always awesome to sleep with your boss before you actually have a real first date!  Max is feeling uncomfortable and guilty about where they had the ‘event’ and Sally is feeling awesome and says it is a great room! 

Max then says he is not going to be able to be in this room without thinking about ‘Naughty Sally’ this brings a response from Sally of ‘When did I become Naughty Sally’?  Max admits that he is not able to hold an intelligent conversation right now, grabs his pants and he is out, leaving Sally sitting on the couch. 

Being Human S3x05 - Max's Mom Linda shows up to confront SallyJust then, Max’s mother shows up!  She is demeaning Sally saying that she was throwing ‘It’ at him!  Sally comes back with next time she see’s Max maybe she will ‘Throw it at him’!  Then poof Max’s mother is gone!  Whew!  She sure is an interfering mother!

Liam has been trailing Josh and Nora, walks right up and tells them that he has been following Aidan!  Then he turns to Nora, gives her the address to where he is staying.  Then he tells them both that either they take care of Aidan or he will take care of them!  What the What?

Being Human S3x05 - Max is stunned when Sally says she is quittingThen Sally finds Max waxing the Hearse to rap music, she walks up tells him she is leaving, and that she is quitting. 

Sally was curious, she is not curious anymore, this is a Funeral home and that she can do better. He is speechless, she turns and walks out. 

Moreover, Max lets her go, no words at all. Well, I did not expect that!

Being Human S3x05 - Nora and Josh back at the houseJosh and Nora are back at the house.  And Nora is acting a little weird.  Granted, she is a werewolf, so can you get any stranger than that? 

Yes, you can people!  So buckle up here we go!  Liam has told them to murder Aidan.  Josh is making sure that Nora is not actually contemplating this.  Is she? 

Could Liam influence her to take this avenue, after all they have been through?  Could she kill Josh’s best friend?

Being Human S3x05 - Josh is having a hard time with what Nora is sayingHer point is, if they do nothing, Liam will kill them, and he will. 

So is there a Plan B?  (I always keep a Plan B option available. Word.)

Omygods!  That was NOT Sally quitting her job! 

Max’s mother was ‘inside’ her, took over her body and did that!  Sally wakes up to Max’s mother in her bedroom telling her this! 

Being Human S3x05 - Sally finds out Max's Mom was inside herSally starts grabbing clothes and getting dressed after she has told Max she is quitting.

No matter what Sally is going to set this darned right! 

But what will she tell Max?

Poof!  Max’s mother is gone again!  We need to shred this bitch; personally, I would not miss her one little bit!

Being Human S3x05 - Kenny shows a cross to AidanAidan is back for a snack with Kenny, drawing more blood!  The Bubble Boy is very suspicious already and now Aidan keeps coming back for more! 

With Kenny showing Aidan a cross from inside the bubble room, we wonder just how long can he actually keep taking Kenny’s blood without Kenny mentioning it to somebody else?

Josh what are you doing?  He has turned up at Liam’s and has a gun; Liam actually lets him in and casually sits down in a chair.  Josh informs him that neither Nora nor he will be killing Aidan and Liam responds that there is a problem with that. 

Being Human S3x05 - Josh points a revolver at LiamLiam lets Josh have his say, and then even warns him that he should go now, at first, Josh seems to not understand, but then it dawns on him.  The pups have returned. Things are about to get crowded in Liam’s den.

Meanwhile, Kenny finally seems convinced that Aidan is not a vampire.  He has tried every trick in the book, sunlight, mirrors, even a cross and nothing has affected Aidan at all. 

Kenny relaxes and actually apologizes to Aidan for accusing him of being a vampire!  Kenny asks Aidan if he might be going crazy, Aidan assures him he is not and says he does not watch TV with crazy people, smiles and turns on a movie!

Being Human S3x05 - Sally will trap Max's Mom with a circle of saltSally has returned to the Funeral home she calls out for Max’s mother, Linda.  No response from the meddling mother, but it seems Sally has a little surprise for Linda!  Sally begins pouring something out of a can, what could this be?  Could this be simple household salt? 

Oh yes, least we forget what common household salt does to a spirit?  And Sally came prepared she also brought the sage and has the necklace that Zoe gave her – Linda is getting herself Exorcized by a former ghost, that was shredded, and brought back from the dead!  But not so fast, Linda starts crying and Sally stops, guess we can pick this up later!

Being Human S3x05 - Josh returns home and confesses to NoraJosh went home and told Nora where he went and what happened.  Nora is not amused, and then there is a knock at the door.  They go to see who has dropped by for a visit, and well it is Liam!  Can this get any weirder or stressful? 

Except Liam has something for them, he has mysteriously found and brought home Aaron!  Of course, they are glad he brought Aaron home, but exactly how did he just happen to run across wherever she was?  Liam acts concerned and gives Josh some spill about taking better care of his family than he himself did!

Being Human S3x05 - Sally meets Max at an outdoor cafeSally called Max and he actually met her at a sidewalk café, looks like a nice night.  She tells Max that she is sorry, that it was not her and can they start over. 

Max says yes on one condition, no more sex in the funeral home, Sally makes no promises!  They scene fades away and we see Linda looking on from the sidelines.  I guess Linda and Sally came to a compromise!

Being Human S3x05 - Aidan has fallen asleep at workAidan has fallen asleep watching TV with Kenny.  A nurse comes in, wakes him and asks him exactly what is going on here? 

Aidan explains that he fell asleep while watching TV with Kenny.  That is not what she’s talking about, she is talking about the blood draws that were not ordered by the lab! 

Oh-No!  Then she says that she is going to file a report tonight, that Aidan has overstepped his authority!  He tries to convince her not to, but alas, his pleas go unheeded! 

Being Human S3x05 - Aidan has trouble when the ward nurse says she is going to report him

Being Human S3x05 - Aidan snaps the nurse's neckYep, Aidan had to snap her neck and to the floor she falls, dead.  Aidan turns and Kenny has not heard a thing, sleeping like a baby. 

Aidan is spazzing bad after killing her, anger at his own actions actually cause him to pop those incisors out and before you can say ‘can I have fries with that’? 

Aidan is feeding on the corpse of the dead nurse!  Right there on the floor of the outer room with Kenny sleeping inside the inner room!

Being Human S3x05 - Aidan has a snack off of the dead nurseGot-Cha! Aidan was apparently dreaming the whole thing! 

Unfortunately, ad except when Aidan woke up he found that his incisors had dropped, his eyes were as black as night and when he looked…

Yep, you guessed it, Kenny was looking right at him, seeing him in his full vampire glory! 

As Aidan runs from the room, the ghost girls are there, cheering him on as one says ‘Guess the Cats outta the bag’!

Being Human S3x05 - Aidan is caught by Kenny

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