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More Comic-Con Chuck Vs. The Season Finale Recap And Review: Part 2

Hello Chucksters! I think I decided on that name… It seems to suit. 😛 How’s everyone doing? Are you ready for the season premiere of Chuck? I know I am! It seems like I have been waiting forever for the new season! Before I start my review, here’s the last …Read the Rest

Chuck, The Ring, The Subway, Rocking Comic-Con 2010 with Dancing to Lady Gaga!

Hello my fellow Chuck Fans! Chucksters? Chucklidities? Eh, we’ll decide on an official name at the end of this report on Chuck and part one of season three finale review. 😉 First, you may have though I forgot about one of my favorite series Chuck here at WormholeRiders News Agency? …Read the Rest

Chuck: Versus The Living Dead Featuring Scott Bakula and Comic-Con 2009 Panel!

Welcome back Chuck fans! It has been another exciting season of Chuck, and my sources say it will only get better in the fall! Please enjoy this recap with photos courtesy of NBC/Universal. This weeks special guest star is Scott Bakula playing the part of Chuck’s Dad, Steve Barkowski, himself …Read the Rest

Chuck Versus The Tooth Recap Review – Chuck Renewal Confirmed AGAIN!

Hi there Chuck fans! Welcome to another edition of our Chuck series recap reviews! Note: Managing Editor WR_Systems (Kenn) reported many weeks ago that Chuck would be renewed after this was discussed at WonderCon pending the official announcement made last week which everyone seemed to miss. He made announcement on …Read the Rest

Chuck: More Behind the Scenes on Location with the Stars!

Hey Chuck Fans, With more thanks to the wonderful people over at NBC Universal Studios, below please find a new special treat: Chuck and stars on location “Behind the Scenes’ # 2 during filming of the next weeks episode in Los Angeles, California. This will be an ongoing series of …Read the Rest

Totally Chuck’d Out: The Story So Far and Cast Interviews!

Hey Chuck Fans! With our new WHR reviews of the action-comedy series “Chuck”, recently starting up its third season on NBC, we here at WormholeRiders wanted to give you a little recap of seasons one and two to get you all up to speed. I have been watching “Chuck” since …Read the Rest

Chuck: Extended Preview of Tonight’s Episode "Operation Awesome"

Hey Chuck Fans! With all our thanks to the wonderful folks at NBC Universal Comcast, here is the extended special  extended Chuck promotional preview of tonight’s fantastic episode “Operation Awesome”! Stand by for evermore Chuck at WHR as our team expands our coverage of Chuck. A special report with cool …Read the Rest

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