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Welcome back Chucksters, It is hard, even difficult to believe, but it is true. I say this with a heavy heart, however in two short weeks from we will all experience the end of Chuck! Originally brought to our attention by MeaganSue in 2009, and after members of our team (including Meagan and I) attended Comic-Con to watch and or cover the Chuck festivities in San Diego in 2009, 2010 and 2011, it is with a heavy heart we must all face that the adventures of our beloved Nerd Herd will come to an end after five seasons on Friday, …Read the Rest

Chuck: “Versus the Santa Suit” General Beckmans Uses Secret CIA Slush Fund!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year fellow Chucksters! The latest episode took me by surprise. It was a pleasant spooky kind of surprise, a fitting homage to an episode of “24” replete with twists and turns that would even make Jack Bauer proud with the return of a series “bad …Read the Rest

Chuck: “Versus the Hack Off” – Casey’s Lessons in Civil Rights From Carrie-Anne Moss!

It’s a disaster fellow Chucksters! When we last left Team Chuck, the gala gathering at Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) and Chuck’s (Zachary Levi) apartment was ruined when CIA agent Decker (Richard Burgi) showed up with an arrest warrant for one of our favorite characters, Colonel Casey (Adam Baldwin)! Talk about government …Read the Rest

Chuck: “Versus the Business Trip” The End of the Intersect or a New Beginning?

Welcome to saving Morgan Grimes day Chucksters! When we left the last episode, “Versus the Frosted Tips”, Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski), Chuck (Zachary Levi) and a reluctant Casey (Adam Baldwin) had thankfully saved Morgan (Joshua Gomez) from the clutches of Gertrude Verbanski (Carrie-Anne Moss)! Chuck Versus the Business Trip: Yet another …Read the Rest

Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips – Morgan Sets Fashion Trends, Carrie-Anne Moss Delights Casey, and Fan Gratitude!

Welcome back Chucksters! We now begin catching up with one of our favorite series, Chuck! At least one thing that is certain, although in this, the last season of Chuck (barring a miracle), this reviewer can honestly report that everyone associated with Chuck, including all the creators, the cast and …Read the Rest

Chuck Versus the Hack Off Previews!

Hiya Chuck fans! Chuck continues with their special guest star again this week actress Carrie Anne-Moss (Matrix trilogy, Red Planet). Formerly as an evil Russian competitor “Gertrude Verbanski”. In this episode  we will see Moss continue her role, but this time as a prison guard “attending” to Colonel Casey (Adam …Read the Rest

Chuck: Versus The Frosted Tips Preview!

Hiya Chuck fans! Chuck continues with a special guest star this week! The actress is none other than Carrie Anne-Moss (Matrix trilogy, Red Planet) as an evil Russian competitor “Verbanski” (They always think up such great names on Chuck!) Team Chuck now operating at the Buy More as a front …Read the Rest

Chuck: Versus The Full Zoom

Welcome back Chuck fans! Chuck is such a fun show and we have been looking forward to the return of the series in the fifth and final season. It makes me a bit sad to say final season since Chuck is such a fun program to watch each week. Rather …Read the Rest

Countdown to Comic-Con Appreciation to Warner Brothers for Fringe and Chuck!

Howdy y’all! With the San Diego Comic-Con only hours away, many of you may have found yourselves wondering what exactly will be there this year and what you unfortunate souls who can’t attend will be able to read about in the coming weeks. I’m here to tell you that in …Read the Rest

Chuck: Versus The First Bank of Evil!

Hey Chucksters! Who did not love the last episode of Chuck? I know I did.  I mean, can it get any better than Chuck robbing a bank while dressed in a suit??  Boy, Zachary Levi really was rather good looking in this episode wearing that handsome stylish suit.  Am I …Read the Rest

Chuck vs. Season Four with Sneak Peek!

Hello to all my fellow Chucksters out there in the Wormhole! How has everyone been doing? I hope you’ve all been well! Chuck has been pretty epic this season. There are so many wonderful guest stars and (gentlemen) do I even need to mention the C.A.T. (Clandestine Attack Team) Squad?! …Read the Rest

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