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Chuck continues with a special guest star this week! The actress is none other than Carrie Anne-Moss (Matrix trilogy, Red Planet) as an evil Russian competitor “Verbanski” (They always think up such great names on Chuck!) Team Chuck now operating at the Buy More as a front store for Chuck’s (Zachary Levi) now independent “spy for hire operations) will certainly have their hands full!

The addition of Moss is a nice touch in my opinion and it is nice to see her back on our screens. With Morgan (Joshua Gomez) apparently being recruited to join her Verbanski operation is sure to make this weeks episode “The Frosted Tips” another fun adventure. Moss is scheduled to appear at least one more episode so “Frost Tips” is the mid point in a trilogy series of episodes..

“”Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips” (TV-PG) is described by NBC as Morgan’s super abilities are going to his head while Awesome makes a stunning discovery about Jeff.

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