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Chuck Versus The Great American Hero

Hi Chuck Fans! Here’s the recap from last weeks episode of “Chuck”  and a preview of this week’s upcoming episode “Chuck Versus The Other Guy” thanks to NBC for providing the images and previews for us! Chuck, now an official spy, heads to D.N.I. headquarters in Washington D.C. to meet …Read the Rest

"Chuck Versus the Other Guy" Pre Review – Totally Chucked Out at WonderCon!

Are you ready to be totally WonderCon Chucked Out? Well we certainly were by the fabulous peeps at WonderCon! All our thanks to Comic-Con International and Warner Brothers Studios for the totally Chucked Out panel we were fortunate to witness up close and personal! This fantastic Chuck event was held …Read the Rest

WonderCon Day Two: Panels and Costumes Galore

Hey WonderCon Fans! Very Happy Easter Day wishes from WHR (to all who celebrate)! It was an early morning start for me. I was able to convince my friend, Ginger, to come along for the day. Once inside we waited in line at the Esplanade Ballroom of the Moscone Center …Read the Rest

Chuck Versus The Final Exam and Chuck Versus Tic Tac

Hey there Chuck Fans! Sorry I’ve been gone for the past two weeks due to work deadlines.  Except the good news is that you get two for one with this recap of the past two episodes for you to enjoy!   Chuck Vs. The Final Exam Flash forward: Chuck’s chasing …Read the Rest

Chuck Versus The Beard

Hey there Chuck fans! Here is the recap of last weeks episode of “Chuck versus The Beard”  just in case you missed it or want to catch up. Chuck arrives at Castle to find Shaw, Casey, and Sarah working on the next top-level assignment: they’ve received intelligence that The Ring is …Read the Rest

Chuck Versus The Fake Name and Chuck Insight Video

Hi there Chuck fans! Just in case you missed Chuck last week here’s a recap of “Chuck Versus The Fake Name”  for you to read and included below is a cool NBC video with more insight into Chuck. Thanks NBC! Ellie vents to Awesome about Chuck’s “secret” girlfriend and decides …Read the Rest

Chuck Me Out!  Season 3 Recap

Hi There Chuck Fans! And thanks to NBC we have a preview of the second half of season three with  “Chuck Versus The Fake Name”. This week Chuck goes under cover as the world’s most dangerous assassin. This season on Chuck  (Zachary Levi) favorite spy and nice guy is going …Read the Rest

Chuck: Versus The Mask And Chuck Versus The Nacho Sampler with Video Special

Hi Chuck Fans! In our last episode of Chuck (Zachary Levi) was given the task of turning another nerd Manoush Depak (Fahim Anwar) into an asset. Somehow Manoush has gotten hold of some sort of intersect tool from The Ring operatives, which he has embedded into a pair of sunglasses. …Read the Rest

Chuck Preview – Chuck Versus The Nacho Sampler

Hey Chuck Fans! With all our thanks to the wonderful folks at NBC Universal Comcast, here is the Chuck promotional preview of Monday’s fantastic episode “Chuck Versus The Nacho Sampler”! In this episode Chuck juggles two missions: Training Hannah at the Buy More and managing a human asset by himself. …Read the Rest

Chuck Versus First Class

Hello Chuck fans! I hope you’ve been enjoying our previews, recaps, behind the scenes and reviews of Chuck all courtesy of great team over at NBC! Click the NBC Comcast logo (left) to visit Chuck on NBC! Chuck has been one of my favorite series’ featuring Adam Baldwin aside from …Read the Rest

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