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Welcome back Continuum fans:

Showcase Canada Banner - Click to learn more at the official web site!If you were part of a security force and you were ordered to do something you did not think was right, would you do it? Kiera (Rachel Nichols) is ordered to terminate an informant. The question, as the beginning credits roll, was she doing it of her own free will because she had no choice or through some sort of brain washing technique? We will be given a hint at the answer in this dark episode.

We also realize why Liber8 didn’t care about the consequences for the mayor’s live confession in the last episode. Liber8 finally takes advantage of their knowledge of the future in this episode. Lucas (Omari Newton) is also back and finally in control of the crazy with the shots that Sonya (Lexa Doig) is giving him.

We also get a glimpse of Darth Alec (Erik Knudsen) as Alec the second seems much more willing to forgive evil Emily (Magda Apanowicz) than original Alec is. At the end of this episode, Alec will discover even more dirt on his girlfriend. Will they still be together at the end of the next episode?

Minute To Win It

Kiera has a discussion with Catherine (Rachel Crawford) about who killed the other her. Catherine is looking into it. The good news is that Curtis Chen (Terry Chen)now trusts her, and with Kiera’s expertise, Catherine is sure that they can help each other.

ContinuumS03X03 Kiera talks with Freelance boss

Lucas is cooling his heels with a four legged friend in a holding facility. The bright Liber8 member distracts the guard while he helps himself to some odds and ends to build himself a remote control that automatically looks and unlocks the electronic doors. He escapes to the outside where Garza is waiting for him. Very clever.

ContinuumS03X03 Lucas cooling his heels

ContinuumS03X03 Kiera concerned about CarlosAt police headquarters, Kiera and Carlos (Victor Webster) discus Lucas’ ability to escape. Someone smuggled an advanced computer chip into him, giving him the ability to escape. Carlos is also still having issues dealing with the death of the other Kiera.

In downtown Vancouver, three men burst into a bank with automatic weapons and explosives attached to their chests. Shooting their weapons in the air, they demand the manager and access to the vault. Oddly, one of the criminals suddenly drops his weapon, and shows confusion for a few moments before suddenly regaining his larcenous bent.

ContinuumS03X03 Attack on a bank

Alec meets with Escher’s legal council with his mother, Ann Sadler (Janet Kidder). It is here that Alec learns that Escher was his father. As well, Alec now has a controlling interest in Escher’s company.

ContinuumS03X03 Alec meets Eschers lawyer at Piron

Back at the bank, more odd things are happening. The three criminals appear to be on their way out of the bank. Even the Bank Manager tells them they are free and clear and can leave. However, that is not what happens. Instead, like puppets, all three of them push the trigger for the explosive devices they are wearing – one even seems to do so against his will.

ContinuumS03X03 Criminals kill themselves

Carlos and Kiera show up to investigate the event at the bank. This is not the first occurrence, however. A police officer with them mentions that there was a similar robbery at another bank. Inspector Dillon (Brian Markinson) meets them at the scene.

ContinuumS03X03 Kiera and Carlos arrive to investigate

Both Carlos and Kiera are somewhat confused about the way this robbery has played out. They have no idea what was actually taken since the theft was from safety deposit boxes. They also do not understand why the thieves would blow themselves up when they were capable of escaping. The only thing they do know, thanks to Dillon, is that the guns used were part of a stolen gun shipment at the hands of Liber8. Kiera and Carlos think that Lucas may have something to do with it all. Curiouser and curiouser.

ContinuumS03X03 Dillon, Carlos and Kiera discuss the odd heist

At Liber8’s hideout, Lucas, Sonya, Garza (Luvia Petersen) and Travis (Roger Cross) have made a discovery of their own; a duffel bag full of documents and gems stolen from the safety deposit boxes. There is not enough information provided by the four co-conspirators to be sure of just what is happening here. This episode, in fact, seems to raise more questions than it answers. It is a good thing that I am taking notes. Otherwise, I might get a bit confused myself. One thing is for sure, Liber8 is behind the bank robberies. They admit to it when Travis asks, “are we done here?” Sonya replies, “not yet. Which is the next bank?”

ContinuumS03X03 Travis, Garza, Sonya and Lucas have a discovery

Speaking of banks, Carlos and Kiera are still at the one with the exploding thief leftovers. Carlos asks for a list of what was taken. Kiera points out that the criminals didn’t care if they were seen in the lobby, but in the vault they were hiding what they were doing.

ContinuumS03X03 Kiera and Carlos investigate the vault

The one thing that Carlos and Kiera do manage to find out is that a corporation with safety deposit boxes in that bank has a representative, Richardson (Matthew Harrison) who is lying to them about having contents in one of the boxes that was broken into.

ContinuumS03X03 Carlos and Kiera chat with Richardson

ContinuumS03X03 Alec checks out part of detonation deviceAfter a chat with the coroner (Adam Greydon Reid), Kiera takes a piece of the detonating device back to Alec to figure out. Alec theorizes that the device might be a primitive CMR, a method to interact with another person. We find out from Kiera that Liber8 hacked into the cyborgs of the future so that they became a liability. They all had to be destroyed. It appears that answers are beginning to fall into place.

ContinuumS03X03 Kiera listens sympathetically to AlecOnce Kiera and Alec have an answer, sort of, to the piece of tech taken from the bodies, Alec gives Kiera a hard look and asks her if she knew Escher was his father. Kiera says no, then listens sympathetically to Alec as he tells her he never knew his father, and maybe he should sell Piron instead of being the person with the controlling interest. One thing is for certain, this young man will not ever have to worry about money again. Kiera tells him not to be hasty.

Liber8 is at it again. They have kidnapped two executives. Sonya, the one with the medical training, seems to really enjoy her work as she does some nasty looking work on one of the victim criminals in her care. Lucas looks on with interest.

ContinuumS03X03 Sonya provides the surgery for the victim criminals

Carlos has a chat with Kiera and Alec. Alec explains to Carlos how he thinks Liber8 is looking for something specific and has not found it yet. At the same time, Corporate big shots are clearing out their safety deposit boxes in case there is another robbery. As Kiera heads out to meet Carlos, Emily enters the lab. Kiera is pleased to see her. Alec, not so much.

ContinuumS03X03 Alec and Kiera as Emily enters

In fact, Alec knows that Emily was spying on him for Escher. Emily tries to explain, “Escher is not just some business man”. Alec interrupts, “he’s my father. If you knew that, you’re worse than I thought”. Emily says that she did not know, and apologizes, but Alec will have none of it. Emily, upset, leaves him alone in his lab.

ContinuumS03X03 Alec not happy to see Emily

At the bank, Carlos and Kiera come across Richardson once again, waiting to gain access to the vault. Carlos grills him about what he is hiding in the safety deposit boxes. Richardson admits to nothing and complains of harassment. He tells Kiera that he has no idea what Liber8 is after specifically. It looks like Kiera and Carlos will remain in the dark a while longer.

ContinuumS03X03 Richardson has no idea what Liber8 is after

Emily is very upset. As she walks along the sidewalk, Alec (the Second) catches up to her, kisses her and tells her he knows everything. He tells her that something horrible happened so that he had to change things. Emily does not believe him. In fact, she gets quite angry with him because she thinks he is making fun of her to get even. To make things even weirder, the original Alec steps out onto the street. Emily can now see both of them and is forced to realize that Alec the second was being truthful.

ContinuumS03X03 Emily upset as Alec catches up to her

When the original Alec reaches Emily, he tells her he feels completely betrayed by her, but he knows his father is controlling, so he can believe that Escher used her. He tells her he needs some time, but when he gets things clear in his head, they can talk. As he walks away, Emily looks in the direction that Alec the Second headed.

ContinuumS03X03 Original Alec makes up with Emily

At the bank, as Richardson comes out of the vault, three people come in with explosives strapped to their chests declaring that it is a bank robbery.

Alec has made his way to Escher’s office. Jacqueline (Anjali Jay), greets him. She invites him to sit at his father’s desk. Alec does not spend much time sitting. He tells her that it is not him – not his style. Perhaps there is something that will interest him, Jacqueline suggests.

ContinuumS03X03 Alec sits at Eschers desk

They head into another part of the building. Alec is surprised to find out that his father’s company was working on genetics as he watches a system create a human arm.

ContinuumS03X03 Alec watches an arm being created

Further into the labs, Alec learns that his father had plans for Alec to be part of the creation of some technology that will end up being Kiera’s CMR. Suddenly, he looks very enthusiastic.

ContinuumS03X03 Alec learns about what Escher was working on

At the bank, Carlos whispers to Kiera that they have an advantage in that the robbers do not know they are cops. As Kiera examines the vests, she is unsure if they are the same as the other vests that imploded or not. Kiera determines that the robbers are being controlled. There are wires that run from the vests into the cerebral cortex. Carlos offers, “if we pull the wires, it stops them”. Kiera counters, “or it kills them.”

ContinuumS03X03 Kiera uses her tech to examine the robbers vests

Kiera uses her magic suits invisibility power to follow one of the robbers into the vault. She manages to disconnect him from Liber8’s control, but is seen by Sonya and Lucas. They attempt to use the other controlled criminals on both Kiera and Carlos. Things go off the rails as one of the criminals explodes herself. Sonya and Lucas get control of the robber in the vault and the one in the lobby, but only temporarily. Kiera and Carlos are able to disconnect the two victim criminals that are left. As Kiera wisely points out, there is nothing to stop Liber8 from doing this again.

ContinuumS03X03 Aftermath of failed bank heist

Two individuals walk out of the bank. To the keen eyes of Carlos and Kiera, they look suspicious. Kiera manages to stop one, but the other leaves in a vehicle that looks very much like the car that Carlos is driving. Perhaps a money saving trick used by the production team? Garza meets the other individual in a bar and walks away with a duffel bag worth of goodies.

ContinuumS03X03 Garza picks up the duffel bag of stuff from the bank

ContinuumS03X03 Kiera gets surprised by bad guyCarlos and Kiera catch up to both of them. Just when it looks like they are in control, another bad guy shows up and gets the drop on Kiera. So much for the good feelings between Garza and Kiera. Much fighting ensues. Garza’s bad guy picks up the dropped goodies from the bank heist and they flee together.

The good news is that they missed the item they were likely looking for. Kiera takes it to Catherine and Curtis. They are not certain about what it is either. Kiers tells them that the device, “did a real number on my gear and my CMR is still glitching”. Catherine promises to keep it safe.

ContinuumS03X03 Curtis examines the strange object

Richardson meets with one of the survivors of the most recent bank robbery, Frank Ryan (Dean Marshall). It turns out that Richardson is working for a company called Semanto which has connections to Liber8. Richardson shows Ryan a device similar to the one that was connected to the back of his neck. Richardson suggests that the device in his hand can help Ryan walk again.

ContinuumS03X03 Richardson and Ryan chat

Kiera phones Alec as he continues to hang around his father’s office. She is pleased to hear that he has decided his father is not so bad after all. As they speak, however, Alec idly opens Eschers laptop and discovers a file with his name on it. Inside is another file on Emily. Alec, it seems, is about to find out more information that he may not want to know.

Now we have another question or more to add to the one about who killed Kiera the first. What is that odd looking device that Kiera left with the Freelancers? Were they making anyone special at Escher’s company or just starting with the forearm? Does anyone else need to take notes? So far the series has been very interesting. I just hope they do not get too far ahead of themselves and just make it far too confusing for the average viewer.


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