Continuum Certainly Candescent Captation

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Continuum: A Minute Changes Everything

Welcome back Continuum fans: In this episode, we learn that corporate executives are more valued than children. We also learn that revolutions often begin on college campuses. This makes sense because the people most likely to question the status quo are college students. They also have not yet, for the …Read the Rest

Minute Man, Man of The Minute Must Be Martin

Welcome back Continuum fans: This season seems to be ratcheted up a bit, showing us a future we are not going to like. Freedoms have been taken away and life does not seem to be as pleasant for citizens as we would like it to be. For them, however, the …Read the Rest

Minute To Win It With Victim Bank Robbers

Welcome back Continuum fans: If you were part of a security force and you were ordered to do something you did not think was right, would you do it? Kiera (Rachel Nichols) is ordered to terminate an informant. The question, as the beginning credits roll, was she doing it of …Read the Rest

Continuum: Minute by Minute Makes Time Travel a Family Vacation!

Welcome back Continuum Time Travlers!, How much difference does a week make? Is it enough to change your world? In the Season three opener of Continuum, that is exactly what we learn as Alec Saddler (Erik Knudsen), returns to the past so he can save Emily (Magda Apanowicz). Alec is …Read the Rest

Omari Akil Newton of Continuum: Actor, Writer, and Trailblazer!

Welcome back to WHR You Decide Radio! Montreal-born artist Omari Akil Newton is a fluently bilingual (French/English) professional actor, writer, Slam poet and MC whose work can be found on television, film, stage or radio! We look forward to you by calling 347-838-9722 this Sunday October 20, 2013 at 10 …Read the Rest

Continuum: “Second Truths” Means The Point of No Return!

Welcome back Continuum time travelers! The point of no return is a concept no one wants to come up against in their life. Human beings are inherently obsessed with control, monitoring situations so they turn out in their favor, keeping an eye on any possible outcomes or wild cards. The …Read the Rest

Continuum: Second Opinion – Kiera Definitely Needs More Than One!

Welcome back Continuum fans! Second Opinion focuses on Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) as a mother who very much misses her son on his birthday. The events that are happening around her merely act as a catalyst to bring her torment closer to the surface. MAJOR SPOILERS FOR NON CANADIAN VIEWERS! …Read the Rest

Continuum: Second Skin on Stargate Stars!

Welcome back Continuum fans! MAJOR SPOILERS FOR NON CANADIAN VIEWERS! The title for this episode, Second Skin, is very appropriate, since it refers to the second suit found by our mild mannered dry cleaner with visions of heroism. On him, the suit is so snug, it fits like a second …Read the Rest

Continuum: Second Thoughts, And Thirds, And Maybe Fourths!

Welcome back Continuum time travelers! MAJOR SPOILERS FOR NON CANADIAN VIEWERS! Quite often, past experiences will colour how we perceive and react to current challenges. Equally as often, our choices depend on whether we see a similar past event as a failure. Did we make a mistake or did something …Read the Rest

Continuum: Split Second is Never Enough – Timing Is Everything!

Welcome back Continuum time travelers! MAJOR SPOILERS FOR NON CANADIAN VIEWERS! The second episode of season two thirteen Continuum episodes begins with the introduction of some technology that we have waited to learn more about that Kiera (Rachel Nichols) uses to track down the “bad guys.” The only problem is …Read the Rest

Continuum: Second Chances Kicks It Up a Notch!

Welcome back Continuum time travelers! MAJOR SPOILERS FOR NON CANADIANS: The first episode of the new season kicks things up a notch. Now Kiera’s (Rachel Nichols) enemies seem to be not just Liber8, but the police department and government structure of Vancouver. She has become a lone wolf – someone …Read the Rest

Continuum: End Times a Wide Wormhole River to Cross for Kiera, Alec, Sonya for Liber8’s Kagame!

Welcome back Continuum time travelers! “End Times”, episode ten of season one of Continuum represents one of the finest efforts by a cohesive team of cast, creators and crews. Captivating the imagination of time travel buffs as no other series in modern cinematic history has accomplished in many years, Continuum …Read the Rest

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