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Continuum: “Second Truths” Means The Point of No Return!

Welcome back Continuum time travelers! The point of no return is a concept no one wants to come up against in their life. Human beings are inherently obsessed with control, monitoring situations so they turn out in their favor, keeping an eye on any possible outcomes or wild cards. The …Read the Rest

Continuum: Family Time – How 1,500 Kilograms of Fertilizer Started a Revolution (Also: What Was Kiera Thinking?)

Welcome back Continuum time travelers! The concept of ‘revolution’ usually brings a bitter taste to the mouths of those who remember it. At the time, revolution seems heroic, brave, a way of releasing years of pent-up emotion, and bringing about an immense relief of change. At the outset, few people …Read the Rest

Continuum: The Politics of Time – Trust the Writers!

Welcome back Continuum time travelers! Before I say anything else in this review, I want to give a shout out to the brilliant writers of the ‘Continuum’ series, (Simon Barry, Sara B. Cooper, and Jonathan Lloyd Walker), to name a few of the extraordinary team of talent that is Continuum! …Read the Rest

Continuum: A Test of Time – Mind Benders!

Welcome back Continuum time travelers! Do not be fooled; the main premise of Syfy’s beautiful hit show Continuum leaves enough brains in a twist with the sheer number of options it provides. Perhaps one of the most talked-about theories, however, became the focus of the fifth episode in the series: …Read the Rest

Continuum: A Stitch in Time – “Remember, Remember…”

Welcome Continuum Time Travelers! Remember, remember, the 5th of November… The 5th of November has been a significant date in history for many reasons, perhaps most notably the failed assassination of King James I in England. Known as the ‘Gunpowder Plot’, the plan was to blow up the House of …Read the Rest

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