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Last week left me gasping for breath and going Whaaaattt? and Oh! No!? (twitter blew-up simultaneously as my brain exploded). Our beloved Dr. Holly Marten (Felicia Day) was unplugged by the evil Senator Wen (Ming-Na). From what we come to understand the town is a massive computer construct, providing a total immersion simulation program to steal the knowledge of the genius’ inside a virtual Eureka!

Before continuing my review, we include an extended clip from the next episode “Friendly Fire” courtesy of Syfy for your enjoyment!

Eureka S5x02 - Senator Wen disconnects Holly

Eureka S5x03 - Sheriff Carter deactivates HollyThen our beloved Holly Marten stops breathing, right before our eyes.  At the same time we see the computer generated virtual Sheriff Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) and real Holly Marten inside the virtual Eureka talking about what is going on with the glitches she has observed in the ‘world’ of the computer program.

He touches her head, after he says that he is “Really sorry that she said that”.That being by Holly who had figured out what was happening to everyone in the virtual computer generated world. Eureka S5x02 - Our beloved Holly Marten dies at the hands of evil Senator Wen

The penalty for Holly’s discovery, one of our favorite characters, she falls to the floor and vanishes from the virtual world killing her real self strapped to a table by the dastardly and corrupt Senator Wen!

From my seat on the couch it seems like the evil, Senator Wen is running the show along with Beverly Barlow (Debrah Farentino) as her reluctant minion.

Eureka S5x02 - Bverly Barlow is Senator Wens minion!

We sadly observe that the entire team from the Astraeus hooked up to this Construct virtual world main-frame and in some kind of forced Stasis  – well, they look comfortable, that’s comforting…..Not!

Eureka S5x02 - Bverly Barlow is gives Holly a sad  look in the computer center

Force Quit:

Eureka S5x03 - Carter and Henry try to figure it outAs Sheriff Carter and Henry Deacon, (Joe Morton) try to wrap their heads around it being a Trojan Horse virus triggered by Senator Wen when the Astraeus launched. 

Carter then joins forces with Jo Lupo (Erica Cerra). Together they begin to narrow the field of malevolent candidates down to Beverly Barlow. They figure that she must be the co-conspirator whom Senator Wen has been working with all along. what to what ultimate purpose?  Eureka S5x03 - Carter and Lupo join forces

But the question remaining in the minds of the real Sheriff Carter s where is the Astraeus crew, where are Fargo, Holly, Allison, (Salli Richardson-Whitfield)  Zane (Naill Matter) and Grace Monroe (Tembi Locke)?

Still determining that Beverly is their best guess,  who is it we find waiting for them in the Sheriff’s office?  None other than Beverly Barlow herself!  Do they trust her? I. Would. Not. – but she is their only link to where they crew is and what happened to them.  Is she really now playing on the same team?

Eureka S5x03 - Carter and Lupo find Beverly at the Sheriffs office

Barlow gives them an elaborate explanation about how Senator Wen is now her enemy, that the Senator has gone too far. She explains all about the Construct virtual computer program and what she believed that its purpose was suppose to be. She then tells Sheriff Carter and Jo about Holly and says that act, by the Senator, puts her on their side, yeah, well, we will see.

Eureka S5x03 - Beverly is waiting for Carter and Lupo

I am so confused!  Real Eureka, vs. Computer generated virtual Eureka.  I will do my very best to keep this straight! We got a glimpse of exactly how unpredictable and deadly,  this virtual world is headed. (Do keep in mind the destructive Dragon and Holly).

Eureka S5x03 - Zane spots the bird in a rockI did love the bird in the rock scene! And the fact that only Zane Donovan, (Niall Matter)  sees it, except for us, of course.  At this point it seems the virtual construct computer program is glitching pretty bad, maybe only at certain areas in the program, maybe it’s weakest the farther you are from the mainframe?

Did you notice that with the virtual versions of the crew, it seems they retained their personalities, intellect, thinking patterns and quirky ways throughout.Eureka S5x03 - Fargo meets with teh gang at the virtual Cafe Diem

After hearing that Holly had dumped Fargo, (Neil Grayston) , Zane’s suggestion that he go the airport and try to confront and stop her, that showed me that the Construct virtual computer program didn’t have quite as much control over the crew as maybe was originally intended.  This alone was a glitch in itself.  If the crew could not be controlled by the program,  would they all meet the same end as Holly?

Eureka S5x03 - Virtual Carter glitchesThen when the virtual Carter goes with Zane to check out the “Bird Rock”.  I had a very bad feeling about that little walk in the woods.  Then when virtual Carter stands near the same place, he starts glitching out. 

Thank the gods that the real Sheriff Carter took his place, even though Zane did crack him over the head with a log! Don’t you love it when Carter has to think quick and talk faster, well I do! Zane hands Sheriff Carter his revolver as they both head off to save the trapped crew of the Astreaus.

Eureka S5x03 - Zane hands Carter his revolver

Eureka S5x03 - Fargo tries to leave virtual EurekaWhen virtual Fargo is trying to leave Eureka heading to the airport to talk with Holly, we all were sad because his virtual self does not realize she has been killed. His mind was really working when he kept driving past the Eureka city limit sign. 

When Fargo does a quick break-check u-turn, he saw it realizing what is going on. The virtual world program was cracking and glitching right behind him.

Gotta love me some Fargo as his razor sharp mind puts two and two tEureka S5x03 - Fargo sees the leaving Eureka sign over and overogether that they are somehow trapped in a virtual world and not really in Eureka!

When Fargo runs around the corner saying “were trapped in the Matrix”! 

It seems they have figured out what is going on and begin using all their gifted minds to put the pieces together to crash the Construct virtual program, but will it work?  And then it hits me about the time Fargo ask‘s, “Where’s Holly”? Frakk!

Eureka S5x03 - Fargo sees the virtual Eureka glitch

Good vibrations did abound in my heart when Carter let Allison know that only the virtual Carter was with Jo.  I think I felt as relieved as she was. We do get some feel good moments, but still – they have to all survive this before anyone will be celebrating a win.

Eureka S5x03 - Virtual Allison learns the truth from Carter

Eureka S5x03 - Allison and Carter plan escape with Grace and Zane

How about the virtual Henry with the virtually trapped Grace?  I am not liking his virtual character very much. This Henry is not really a very nice person. I wondered who programmed that personality?

Eureka S5x03 - Evil virtual Henry confronts Grace

Eureka S5x03 - The virtual Asteaus is destroyedThe Real Sheriff Carter, keep in mind he has infiltrated the virtual world of Eureka, succeeds in  getting the bomb into the Astraeus and blows up the virtual copy of the ship. 

After celebrating the victory which will allow teh real world counterparts to track the location of teh kidnapped crew, suddenly Zane, Allison, Sheriff Carter and Fargo notice that the sky is cracking, the program is destabilizing around them, maybe the explosion was a little too intense?Eureka S5x03 - The virtual world is cracking

Then the real Henry sees the power spike, and of course at that moment Beverly realizes that she cannot shut down Sheriff Carter’s link, his actual body lay in a chair, there in Henry’s shop, hooked up to the virtual Eureka through the Construct virtual Program. But Beverly logged in using Senator Wen’s ID.  Great.

Senator Wen has realized that Beverly was using her login and severed the link.

The real Henry is freaking out – if they cannot get Carter unhooked from the virtual Eureka and he dies in the program, he will succumb to the same fate as Holly.

As the Crew tries to assemble as a unit, virtual Sheriff Carter rushes into the virtual Henry’s shop just in time to allow Grace the time she needs to battery cable and dematerialize the virtual Henry. This did put a smile on my face!  Still, Grace and virtual Sheriff Carter must make it to the Rotunda for the meet up. Stargate fans quickly surmise they really need a puddlejumper in this town!

Eureka S5x03 - The virtual Massive Dynamics explodes

As the virtual Eureka is disintegrating virtual Jo shows up at Global Dynamics where Allison is trying to get everyone there to the Rotunda.  Jo takes Allison to the floor and after a brief exchange, Allison kicks virtual Jo into oblivion.   Zane runs in just in time to witness the final demise of virtual Jo and help Allison out of the virtual building while it is falling away from under their feet.

Eureka S5x03 - The virtual Massive Dynamics exterior explodes too

I still feel bad every time I see Fargo and his smiling face.  This is not going to end well, regardless.

Eureka S5x03 - Zane wakes up in Senator Wens computer lab aboard shipThe crew figures out that if they electro-shock one of them hard enough, but not hard enough to kill them, that that could wake that person up, in the Construct mobile lab, he in turn could wake everyone else up in the Construct mobile lab, Zane insists it be him.  Allison hooks up the controls and zaps him. 

Zane wakes up in the Construct mobile lab, weak and wobbly.  At the same time Jo, the real Jo comes blasting through the doorway with a team of armed soldiers. We all rejoice that the rescue of the Astreaus crew in evil Senator Wen’s shipboard mobile lab begins!Eureka S5x03 - Lupo leads the strike team to free Sentor Wens victims!

But never fear, in the real Henry’s shop, where Henry and Beverly have been trying to re-establish a connection to the Construct virtual program in order to awaken the real Sheriff Carter.  Senator Wen comes barging in with a small army of gun wielding soldiers and insists that it has been Beverly all along that put the crew in jeopardy with her crazy virtual Eureka take over,  and in fact they, the entire crew, have all been killed.

Henry took a chance and trusted Beverly.  He grabbed a shock grenade and threw it just before Senator Wen had Beverly arrested.

The real Jo, from the Construct mobile command center, was on the Walkie-Talkie trying to get in touch with anyone at real Henry’s shop to see if they had been able to get Sheriff Carter out of the Construct Program.

Eureka S5x03 - Evil Senator Wen tracks down Henry Beverly and Sheriff CarterNo one knew that evil Senator Wen had tracked Beverly and that she had gone to Henry’s shop to attempt to arrest her for the Construct program and trying to hijack the crew.  She was sure people would believe her , a Senator, over a convicted felon.

Beverly Barlow wakes up from the grenade blast, heard Jo calling on the Walkie-Talkie, she was able to contact Zane just in time, to be logged into the Construct program.  She was able to disconnect Sheriff Carter just before the very last block of programming fell into the place where the 1’s and 0’s live.Eureka S5x03 - Deputy Andy wonders why everyone fears him

So, Eureka is somewhat back to normal, a little on the jumpy side, but most seem okay, Deputy Andy, (Kavan Smith) seems a bit upset, people are treating him strangely, afraid of him, Sheriff Carter tells him not to worry, people will adjust to reality.

The scene shifts to Fargo, slowly headed towards a park bench, Carter reaches him and Fargo says “You lied to me”, Carter responds that he was trying to protect him until they got back, in response Fargo says “I couldn’t protect her”, Carter says “I know, Neither could I” as he sits down.

Eureka S5x03 - Sad Fargo and Carter together on the bench

The supreme payback moment, or Coop-De-La-Crème is the final scene with Senator Wen!

Eureka S5x03 - Senator Wen in virtual jail

Eureka S5x03 - Beverly Barlow leaves the virtual jailAs Senator Wen awakes from a quite slumber, she realizes she is in the Jail of all places.  When she looks up Beverly is there, on the other side of the bars of course.  As she flaunts her status as Senator in a somewhat threatening voice, she tells Beverly that she is untouchable, Beverly says “I know” and promptly dissipates from sight leaving the virtual reality trapping Senator Wen!


As  Senator Wen soon finds out, she pushes the open jail cell door open, but soon realizes that now she herself can experience the virtual world, all by herself!  As she runs out the front door, , yelling for assistance, she is immediately  returned in her place of origin  – a continuous loop!Eureka S5x03 - The virtual Senator Wen is trapped

Hope she likes small places –

So, is this the last we will see of Senator Wen? (kinda nice to see her running around in circles for once).  What about Beverly Barlow, where can she or will she go?  What lies in store for Fargo, will he go “quietly into the night” after losing Holly or seek retribution?  Is Holly actually gone for good? Was it Beverly Barlow that left Senator Wen in the program on a continuous loop, in the Jail, or could it have been someone else?  I know we saw her there, but with the smarts running around in Eureka, I don’t think we know anything for sure.

With every turn not being what it appears, my thoughts are – I dunno? Could it possibly have been Fargo, Carter, Allison? We have several candidates that could be responsible… actually could have been anyone with the knowledge and access to the main-frame.

Lots of questions remain, will they all be cleared up on the next episode of Eureka – I’m thinking probably if they are, were just going to be trading them for new ones!

See you every Monday on @Syfy Monday for the next fabulous episode Eureka!

BTW – Yeah, I love it when they say Frakk too!

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