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Only one more episode to go, but boy oh boy have we been treated to a wild and wonderful ride!

So,  Dr Holly Marten (Felicia Day) is making body Planks. And what up with that? From sweet to scary!

Space Channel banner - Click to learn more about Eureka at the Space Channel!Then Dr Holly Marten takes down the real Sheriff Jack Carter  (Colin Ferguson) And we know he was replaced with a Replicator Carter. Okay, what do you think is going on? 

I for one was so very glad, happy, joyous, dancing and having a geek trip when Holly was saved and we got to see her again, but what has happened, who is this person?  And can Fargo (Neil Grayston)  fix it?

Eureka S5x12 Holly Zapping Carter

The one thing we should never forget, this is Eureka.  So, here we go my friends! Let’s see how this is going to be resolved, or not. I hope you enjoy my review for Eureka Double Take, or “Is That You?”

Eureka S5x12 Evil Holly

Eureka S5x12 Carter, Andy CafeDiemSheriff Jack Carter and Deputy Andy (Kavan Smith) are having coffee while Jo Lupo (Erica Cerra) is taking care of things.  Jo, Henry (Joe Morton) and Holly are not acting right. Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) seems to be the only one that notices, at least for now. 

Carter leaves her saying that he is on it and that to Protect and Serve is what he is all about.  Jack and Andy were acting weird and Allison notices!

Jo Lupo brings Henry to see Grace (Tembi Locke). Remember, she is being held for leaking classified information.  She is admitting, to Henry, that she leaked the classified information and Henry is setting her free, Henry is acting very strange and not very Henry like. 

Last week he was very annoyed and saddened with Grace and now he is telling her that it is all alright?  ‘Grace Trust me‘, that is exactly what Henry says, then he says “I will never let you go” Scary Henry? What is going on with these people and their personalities? Or is his love for Grace just making his sense of right and wrong go haywire?  Hopefully this will all be straightened out soon.

Eureka S5x12 Henry Grace Jailbreak

Sheriff Carter and Deputy Andy pull up in his Jeep.  I’m thinking they are going to help whoever is in this red car.  Just then Carter and Andy abduct him into the Sheriff Jeep, and away they go, another victim for the Lab.  There is going to be quite a few copies running around, I sure hope we can tell who is who!  It seems they are taking whoever they run across.  They must be amassing an Army!  Allison, Fargo and Zane better work fast to stop this!

Eureka S5x12 Henry,Holly,Andy,Jack labJump to Zane Donovan (Niall Matter) being interrogated by the DOD.  Jo Lupo convinces the DOD to let Donovan go.  It turns out while Zane’s interrogation was going on Grace has escaped. 

Well, of course we saw that coming.  Replicator Henry has taken Grace to the lab, Virtual Eureka is back online! And did Henry really think nobody would notice?

Eureka S5x12 Fargo,Allison,Zane

Finally, Allison figures out that people are not being brainwashed, they are being replaced.  Okay, I buy that, the Planks that Holly was making, and the way everyone is acting.  This conclusion makes more sense than pretty much anything that has happened so far.  Then Allison sees that Sheriff Jack is one of them, a Replicator.  Fargo totally agrees and decides to call NORAD HQ, but finds out that the line has been cut. 

The Real Allison, Zane, and Fargo come upon the Virtual Jo Lupo, things are getting very confusing.  How do we tell them apart?  I’m so glad Allison is so smart!  Hopefully Allison is the Real Allison and not a replacement Allison.  And, surly Fargo, Allison and Zane can figure this out!  At least for now, they have each other to work this out!

Eureka S5x12 Fargo Deadline

Jo Lupo is giving orders, the Virtual Jo Lupo.  The DOD cannot tell the difference, and really doesn’t understand what the problem is anyway. This cannot be good. Now Jo is trying to kidnap Fargo, but he figures it out and is on to her. 

Eureka S5x12 Lupo giving orders

Now we have Dr. Isaac Parrish (Wil Wheaton), talking to Zane..  Zane is trying to explain about the body Planks that Holly Made and relay the problem to him.  Just then, Parrish is arguing and really not listening when they run straight into the Virtual Parrish.  Zane, after some convincing and good guessing, dematerializes the Virtual Parrish. 

Thank the gods he splattered the right one.  Well actually the wrong one, but the Virtual one. Parrish comments that the Virtual Parrish, splatter that got on him, tastes like chicken!

Eureka S5x12 Zane, Parrish, Chicken

Eureka S5x12 Holly,Fargo LetsgoThe real Fargo is walking the halls of Global Dynamics and runs into Holly.  Is there only one Holly?  Oh,I’m confused! She tells Fargo that she has not been feeling or acting right. Well she is herself, maybe.  But they are making her do things, the EMC’s.  She says that she is aware of the fact that she has been cranking out the Planks, for Replicator bodies.  She convinces Fargo to come with her, but where are they going? 

Eureka S5x12 Jack,Allison kids Sarah

Now, Allison is at home, she is checking on the kids when Virtual Jack shows up and stop’s her from leaving with the kids.  Sarah asked her if she was okay, Allison says that everything is fine. Sarah doesn’t help any by saying that she has scanned the Virtual Jack and he checks out okay. Jack orders Sarah to make a snack for the kids. Sarah agrees, but has something to do first!

Then, when I think all is lost, Sarah does save the day; she Zaps the Virtual Carter and knocks him out. She then tells Allison that the DNA checked out fine except it was only 24 hours old!  That clued her in on a problem with the Virtual Carter.

Eureka S5x12 Sarah zaps Jack

Allison talks to Donovan on the phone.  Zane has a Z-Wave bomb that will knock out all the Virtual Replicator copies at the same time.  The only problem, they have to get all the Virtual Citizens that have been transferred to the Replicator bodies in the same place at the same time.  Allison and Donovan and Parrish decide to meet at the cabin in the woods.  Oh My!  Cabins and woods do not seem to mix around here! 

Holly has Fargo and leads him right into the woods, but Fargo doesn’t buy it.  Holly turns on him and he zaps her which knocks her out.  It hurt Fargo to zap Holly, but I had the bad feeling about this little picnic in the woods anyway.  Hopefully, Holly will be alright!

Eureka S5x12 Fargo zaps Holly

Allison has the Virtual Sheriff Jack Carter strapped in the backseat of the car and they are on the way to the Cabin and Virtual Jack is actually trying to convince her that the entire Astraeus crew needs to be pulled back into the Virtual Eureka.  Allison realizes, and tells him, that Jack is acting on the last directive that was given to him while he was the other, Virtual Jack.  Confused?  Well, yeah, me too!

Eureka S5x12 Allison,EvilCarter

Eureka S5x12  Parrish,Henry,Zane caught

Zane has found multiple Z wave signatures in the bio-wave computer; Allison is telling Fargo that she and Zane think there are others still in the Virtual Eureka. 

The Replicator versions of Sheriff Carter, Holly, Deputy Andy and Henry are all in the Lab, creating Replicator copies, using the Planks that Holly made, of all Eureka citizens and their talking about liking it out here, out here in the Real world! They want to take over! 

Okay folks stay with me here.  We have Virtual Copies of our heroes, with evil grins on their faces, talking about making more copies of all the citizens of Eureka!   The Virtual copies are taking over.

Allison runs a road block and blows Jack’s jeep to kingdom-come, as well as her own vehicle!  Oh the Jeep! I’m going to miss that Jeep! Allison takes off running with Replicator Jack, Deputy Andy and Jo Lupo chasing her.

Eureka S5x12 Crashed Jeep

Fargo has put Global Dynamics on Lock Down, the Virtual Fargo.  Parrish and Zane devise a plan to escape Global Dynamics, which doesn’t work.  Henry grabs them, to make Replicator copies of them.
Meanwhile, Allison is hiding in the woods; Replicator Jack, Andy and Jo are now chasing her thru the woods.  Virtual Sheriff Jack Carter is evil and scary. 

What the Frakk is going on?  Is the evil Senator Wen controlling the Virtual Eureka right now?  Did she escape from the Virtual Jail and find a way to take control of everyone?  Where is Beverly Barlow?  Is she doing this?  How did this start?  Maybe it’s because of the “Smart-Dust”?

Eureka S5x12 Allison hiding woods

Allison hits Carter with a tree limb, knocks him down and runs to the road.  The real Fargo happens to drive by, picks her up and they take off! Leaving Replicator Carter, Lupo and Holly standing in the middle of the road!  Replicator Jack says he guesses they are going to have to do this the hard way! What does that mean?

Eureka S5x12 Fargo saves Allison

Allison jumps in Fargo’s car and they fill each other in on what is happening and what they can do to eradicate the Replicator copies. And head off to find Zane and Parrish.  I sure hope they find Zane and Parrish in time.  Eureka does not need two Parrish’s! LOL

Eureka S5x12 Vincent freezerThe citizens of Eureka that are at Café Diem have all gathered together, they seem to know what is happening and want a place to hide.  They know that Sheriff Carter and Deputy Lupo are taking people. 

Vincent (Chris Gauthier) seems concerned and offers to let them hide, in the Freezer!  Just then Virtual Jo Lupo comes in and Vincent tells her where he has all the people in the Freezer, for her!

Allison and Fargo are at the cabin.  She needs the Z wave bomb.  Donovan and Parrish have not showed up and the deduction is that they were taken.  Now they have to find them. Allison has to get the Z wave bomb from Zane, she must find him. Carter and Holly are devising a plan to get Allison and Fargo to the lab so they can be replicated.

Eureka S5x12 Allison,Fargo Zbomb

Eureka S5x12 Citizens Stasis LabAllison and Fargo are the only ones that have not been duplicated at this point.  They get into the lab at Global Dynamics and find the Astraeus crew all in Stasis, with the Virtual Henry monitoring them. 

Allison then sees the entire population of Eureka laying in stasis.  She finds Jack and rips the hose from his arm, trying to bring him out of it! Then the Replicator Jack shows up and throws Allison on a gurney and tries to hook her up! Real Sheriff Carter jumps him and saves the day, for now.

Fargo is trying to stop the computers but gets caught when his Syncing device starts beeping! Fargo is surrounded by Replicator Carter, Holly, Vincent and he then hit’s something on the Syncing device and everything goes dark. Allison found Zane, laying in stasis, retrieved the Z wave bomb!

Just then her Virtual daughter Jenna (Jordenn Thompson),  remember she’s like 6 now, shows up begging her Mommy not to hurt her. Great!  What else can happen?  Things keep going from bad to worse.  This is not looking good for the residents of Eureka!

Eureka S5x12 Fargo Syncing

Cut to the Cabin; Where the Real Sheriff Jack Carter is in a hand to hand combat for his life with the Virtual Sheriff Jack Carter! Then all the Virtual Eureka Replicator’s copies come running and are trying to get in the cabin.  Allison sets off the Z wave bomb just in time which disables all the Virtual Replicator copies!  Allison and Jack have saved Eureka again, whew!

Eureka S5x12 Jack choking Jack

Eureka S5x12 Holly nice to meet youFargo has not left holly’s side.  Ever since Allison set off the Z wave bomb she has been comatose, for 2 weeks.  Now, it seems she’s trying to wake up. She does. Then to my Horror! She remembers nothing, not her love for Fargo or anything that has happened.  She begins by introducing herself to Fargo.  Fargo is crushed. I’m sad too.  Allison says setting off the Z wave bomb must have compromised her solid state drive.  Get the tissues.

The DOD shows up, looking for Fargo.  The DOD has decided to shut down Eureka.  The funding for Global Dynamics has been terminated and is over and done.  Well we knew this was coming, it is almost over my friends. The DOD is moving in and taking charge.

Eureka S5x12 DOD shutting down Eureka

Next week we find out how the shutdown will happen and what will happen to our friends.  Keep a stiff upper lip my friends, it is bound to get a bit stranger!  Remember, we are still in Eureka, until the very last breath! And remember ‘Imagine Greater’!

I have loved this show, these people and this Town called Eureka.  I hope your have enjoyed my review and encourage you to visit often to reflect and remember.  We have one more episode, Monday night, enjoy and know that we all loved them and wish them happy trails!

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