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Hello Eureka fans,

It was very difficult to begin writing this last review for Eureka. I actually waited a day before I watched my recorded copy.

In a way, it felt that, if I had not seen it, it was not really over. In order to write this report, however, I made the ultimate sacrifice and broke down and watched the very last Eureka episode.

Before continuing my final Eureka review, we include a nice thank you to the fans from Colin Ferguson and Neil Grayston. We thank you and all the cast, crew and creators for five wonderful years!

Just Another Day:

Eureka S6x01 - Allison and Carter chat on the street about the end of EurekaIt begins with everyone packing up to leave Eureka for good. Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) and Carter (Colin Ferguson) are walking on the street and decide to drop in to Cafe Diem, where Vincent (Christopher Gauthier) is overloaded with organic food he needs to get rid of.

He gives Allison two huge plastic containers of goodies for her to take back to her lab. Carter discovers that Henry (Joe Morton) is sitting alone outside. He is upset because Grace is being held in a secure location, and the Department of Defense (D.O.D) will not tell him where she is. Not cool, D.O.D.

Eureka S6x01 Just Another Day Carter Allison and Vincent

We get a last look at the tiny and very cute EMO, the robot from a much earlier episode in season four, as Jo Lupo (Erica Cerra)walks down a hallway at Eureka S6x01 EmoGlobal Dynamics. She is joined by Zane Donovan (Niall Matter), who is in the midst of overseeing the packing of his own department, Section 5. When you are packing up devices that could destroy the world, “you need more than a fragile sticker”.

It seems that Jo has had a few job offers in other locations, which leaves Jo’s and Zanes future up in the air. Holly (Felicia Day) has lost her memory, and, although she is doing fine physically, according to Allison, Holly’s future is up in the air as well. Allison gives her some good advice; Holly should talk to people in Eureka and see if it jogs any of her memories.

Fargo’s (Neil Grayston) day is not going well either. He is feeling sorry for himself. His job is gone, his girlfriend is gone, even Eureka is going to be gone. Life sucks. All because the president has a “budget issue”. It’s a cruel world, agrees Larry(Christopher Jacot), but at least they have six more weeks before they have to be gone for good…

Eureka S6x01 Fargo and LarryUh, no, says the guy in charge of moving Eureka out, as he enters Fargo’s office the same time as Jo does. Someone messed up at the D.O.D, because they have orders to move everything out today. Fargo is not a happy director.

Carter has picked up Zoe (Jordan Hinson) at the airport for a final visit to Eureka. Carter is very proud. She is about to graduate from Harvard. That is truly awesome. She must be some genius since she only left for university two years ago. Since the show is wrapping up, though, I guess we can suspend disbelief and assume that some magic happened and Zoe is graduating. Carter is really saving big bucks on tuition!

Fargo is still upset. He has decided that he is going to take a stand by sitting on the floor in the middle of the GD entrance. Larry Haberman, ever loyal, joins him. He uses some new tech called a “Strong Force Amplifier” to keep him exactly where he is. I bet a few Occupy Wall Street folks would like to get their hands on that.Eureka S6x01 Carter's Jeep through the wormhole

Of course, this being Eureka, something weird will happen. And it does. Carter’s jeep, with Carter and Zoe find the first wormhole and end up nearly running Fargo over at G.D. Later, Andy(Kavan Smith) sets up a perimeter on the highway to town so no one else drives through the wormhole. Assuming that the wormhole may have something to do with Fargo’s gadget, Fargo is ordered to turn it off. He does.Eureka S6x01 Parrish

Now Andy is tasked with testing to see if the wormhole is gone. He uses a pinecone to run the test. Andy radios Carter, “catch”, and throws the pine cone. It hits Carter in the back of the head. Since that has no effect, and while the jeep is dismantled, Carter and Jo head to Issac Parrish’s (Wil Wheaton)lab, reasoning that he is the most disgruntled scientist in Eureka, and most likely to be the one behind the issues with the wormholes.

Parrish counters that he is very “gruntled”. In fact, he feels that now that he is a free agent, the world is his oyster. Even more, Parrish is treating himself to a facial wrap at the G.D spa in preparation for his upcoming job interviews. Shortly thereafter, as he prepares for his sauna treatment, Parrish walks through a wormhole and into Cafe Diem, where he disrobes and shows the town what he has got. The only one who is impressed is Vincent.

Eureka S6x01 - Henry and Zane remove data about Grace from the streamMeanwhile, Henry and Zane are busy removing data about Grace (Tembi Locke) and his alter ego from a data stream. He discovers information that will help him to contact Beverly Barlowe (Debrah Farentino).

Fargo is still sitting on the floor while the jeep is taken apart. Zoe is with him, commiserating. Fargo explains that Eureka is special because they dream big and anything is possible. Although Fargo is still trying to convince the D.O.D to see things his way, he is not getting very far. A few more people join him and Zoe on the floor.

Eureka S6x01Zoe with Fargo

Carter is continuing to attempt to find the cause of the wormholes. He questions Zane who proposes that it is possible that one of the outgoing crates of material may have gotten bumped. This could have caused it to become active. Zane is also worried about Jo’s plans for her future. Carter advises that, “before a wormhole relocates you to another zip code, you may want to talk to Jo about her plans.”

And…in walks Jo. Zane messes up by being mouthy. Jo leaves before they can have a serious discussion. Carter, of course, follows, wanting to know why neither of these two can manage to talk to each other. He finds out from Jo that she is afraid that her relationship with Zane will not work out, so why attempt one.

Eureka S6x01Taggart Carter and Jo

Taggart (Matt Frewer) runs up to Jo and Carter to ask for some help chasing a dog with an I.Q that is higher than Carters. It is nice to see Matt Frewer as Taggart again. Eureka fans first met him as Eureka’s dog catcher in the first episode of season one. It seems he is still chasing after his, “canine Houdini”.

As Allison examines Parrish, she notes that he has had the top layer of his skin sliced off. Parrish believes that it could have been caused by more than one wormhole intersecting. To demonstrate the effect, the writers have the dog that Taggart was chasing run past Andy. He grabs the trailing dog lead and is then pulled into a wormhole.Eureka S6x01 Andy in pieces

The dog is fine and makes it to the other side of the wormhole, but Andy is in bits and pieces and being found all over Eureka. Now they have a bigger problem. If the wormhole can slice and dice Andy, who is made out of titanium, the wormhole can certainly do the same thing to a human. throughout the last few seasons of Eureka, when Andy was around, the writers seemed to like to destroy him in almost as many ways as they did Carter’s Jeep. But, as usual, Andy takes everything in stride.

 Eureka S6x01 Beverly and Henry

Eureka S6x01 - Henry meets with BeverlyWhile Carter, Allison, and everyone else continues to attempt to solve the wormhole problem, Henry meets with Beverly Barlow. He attempts to appeal to her better nature, assuming that she has one. Henry wants Beverly to help Grace.

Back at G.D., it occurs to Carter and Zane that Henry is not around. In fact, he is not even in town. Carter immediately becomes suspicious of Zane, who has to admit that he took some information for Henry from the data stream.

Fargo clarifies, “you mean the teleportation data stream”? Things are starting to make sense. Zane, of course, clarifies the clarification. The data stream has a quantum stabilizer to prevent wormholes from establishing. Jo clarifies Zanes clarification. The stabilizer was on the first truck out of town.Eureka S6x01 - Fargo wants to know about the wormholes

Getting the stabilizer back is not going to work, so it is decided that the best course of action is to let the wormholes continue to destabilize so that they implode.

This is Zoe’s idea. Carter is suitably impressed with his daughter. They rush off to attempt to solve the problem.Eureka S6x01 Holly with Fargo

Eureka S6x01 - Fargo says he must make a phone callFargo says he has one more phone call to make. If they are going to be shut down, it will be on Eureka’s terms, he tells Zoe. Holly shows up and joins Fargo on the floor. She gets it, now.

As Jo, Zane and Carter attempt to deal with the data stream, Allison runs into the lab to tell them they have another problem. There is another wormhole that is looking very unstable in the hallway outside the lab.

They manage to reach Henry and tell him they have moved the wormholes into one, to prevent Eureka becoming Swiss cheese, but the “sub-nuclear stresses are building to a critical level. They won’t hold for long.” Eureka S6x01 - Carter suggests using the strong force amplifier

Carter suggests they use Fargo’s strong force amplifier to fix the problem. Looks like Carter is not just another pretty face. He has learned something in the five plus years he has been in Eureka. Zane adds that they will need to boost the strength and get it back into the center of the wormhole somehow.Eureka S6x01 The Kiss

Fargo tries one last call to attempt to convince whomever he was talking to at the other end of the line that Eureka is worth saving. Holly is so impressed by him that she gives him a big kiss. She is beginning to remember.

Carter dashes into the not so big protest and yells, Fargo, get up! We’ve got to put your thing inside the hole before it blows!” Yeah, that is perfectly clear…not. I think I spoke too soon when I called Carter smart. Carter points to his wrist, clarifying things a little bit more.

Eureka S6x01Allison kisses Carter

Once the mechanism is calibrated, Carter heads back to the wormhole to transport the device to the center of the instability. Allison does not want him to go. He tells her that it is what he does. Holly, a few minutes earlier, summed up Carter’s position at Eureka. Everyone else is smart, but Carter is the one who holds it all together. With a kiss from Allison, Carter heads into the wormhole.

Eureka S6x01 Carter's life passes in front of him

As Carter virtually flies through the wormhole, he sees images of his life in Eureka, including moments with Nathan Starke (Ed Quinn), his old nemesis. Seeing Nathan, I wish they had found a way to bring Ed Quinn back for even a cameo in the last episode. However, I guess that images in previous episodes will have to suffice. Moments later, he falls out of the wormhole right beside the statue of Archimedes and is helped to his feet by Henry.Eureka S6x01 Holly + Larry

Fargo is overseeing the packing up of his office when Holly walks in. She has been offered a super secret project. It involves travel. The best thing, however, is she can pick her own team. She offers the opportunity to Fargo. The Secretary of Defense calls to let Fargo know that Eureka has been sold.

Henry and Carter watch the rest of the moving trucks leave Eureka. Henry is being philosophical, telling Carter that the people, no matter where they go, are Eureka’s legacy. Just then, a car pulls up. Grace has been released. Allison arrives, pleased to see that Grace has returned. And, as Grace and Henry walk away, arm in arm, Allison joins Carter on the bench. The “feds received an anonymous tip leading to the arrest of Senator Wen”, in return for Grace’s release.

Eureka S6x01 Fargo gets DOD call

Andy has brought Zane to jail. He thanks Zane for reattaching his bits and pieces. Zane, of course, wants to know why he is being brought in. Andy points to Jo, who is in the jail cell. Andy leaves, and Jo gives Zane a box.”I got you something”. Inside is a smaller container; a ring sized container. Jo is the one who gets down on one knee and proposes. Zane accepts. Awwww.

Allison, Carter, Grace and Henry are celebrating Grace’s release at Cafe Diem. As they do, Dr. Trevor Grant (James Callis), now known as Trent Rockwell returns.

It seems that Douglas Fargo gave him a very persuasive argument about doing something good for the town of Eureka, so, he bought it. He has one condition. Since the current director is stepping down, and Fargo has given his recommendations. He has asked Henry to become the new director of GD.Eureka S6x01 Return of Trevor GrantWhile everyone celebrates that they will not have to leave anymore, Allison drops a bombshell on Carter. She’s expecting again. So, now she is about to have three separate children from three different men, and she still has her great figure. Oh-kay…then.

Eureka S6x01 Meeting themselves

Zoe says goodbye to her new blended family and she and Carter get into the jeep so she can get driven to the airport. She has graduated with honours. As they head out of town, another car approaches, and as they pass each other, Zoe sees that it is her and her father coming into Eureka for the first time.

She is startled. Carter, not so much. He states that he will deal with it later. For anyone who has watched the show from the beginning, they will be familiar with the shot where, as Carter and his daughter come into Eureka for the first time, they encounter themselves. They never did resolve that situation in the story line from the beginning of the series. Now they have. Well done, writers. Very well done.

Eureka S6x01Leaving Eureka

The last shot, of course, is the “You Are Now Leaving Eureka” sign. I am sure that everyone is hoping that this is not the last we will see of Eureka. Hopefully, there will be a movie or a mini series. The producers suggested that this final episode might feel rushed. However, I did not think it was rushed. They did a fine job and I thank them.

However, I am left wondering what Zane and Jo decided to do. Did they leave Eureka or stay? We do know that Fargo and Holly have left. Can we assume that Carter remains sheriff and Allison keeps her job? Did Parrish leave as well? Will Trent Rockwell come back regularly to oversee his new town? What do you, the fans think?

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  • avatar WR_Systems says:

    Hi Patricia,

    Although everything must end eventually, it was hard to watch the end of Eureka, a great series indeed that will be remembered forever.

    Your final analysis is bittersweet. Great job reviewing the final and only episode of the sixth season. Thank you.

    Best Regards,


  • avatar Trapper says:

    Great, well crafted review. I have to say that I’m really not happy about the cancellation. It was the one truly intelligent show out there, and now there’s a void. I hope that, at some point, SyFy decides to either pick the series back up, do a mini-series, or a movie. I’d happily take any of them, though obviously, I’d prefer to have the series back on.

  • avatar holly wilson says:


    I love your rendering of this show, its just so sad, that it is over. I really enjoyed doing my reviews for this show and know you did as well – thank you for leaving us with these memories!

    When I get to thinking about it, I will miss these people for a very long time – 🙁



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