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We are pleased and honored to include the complete two hour interview with creative writing genius’ Tara Bennett and Paul Terry of September’s Notebook conducted this past Sunday February 03, 2013 at 12 PM Pacific time on You Decide Radio!

Peter and Bolivia - Booth picture - Image courtesy Warner Brothers!During our exclusive interview the gifted creators of September’s Notebook, that you can order by clicking here, we had the pleasure of discussing their busy careers which would make Peter (Joshua Jackson) and Bolivia (Anna Torv) drop their jaws in amazement.

More importantly, with regard to September’s Notebook, we learned what motivated Tara Bennett and Paul Terry to originally work together, their outstanding collaboration on The LOST Encyclopedia, how many person hours it took to create September’s Notebook, their delightful work with executive producers Joel Wyman, Jeff Pinkner and Noreen O’Toole on the project, being at the studio site archives in Vancouver, British Columbia and Los Angeles facilities of Bad Robot Productions, and much MORE!

We enjoyed this interview because of my long admiration for Tara Bennett whose work we all have known about for many years in the science fiction drama series world. What was equally as enlightening was to learn more about Paul Terry and his role as the archivist of some eighty-five (85) gigabytes (GB) of digital material that went into the making of September’s Notebook!

It is no exaggeration to state that Tara and Paul worked tirelessly for much of 2012 to bring their next masterpiece to publication. Released prior to distribution in the United States, the book is 100% sold out at Amazon in the United Kingdom!

Great job and congratulations Tara and Paul! Thank you for great interview!

Fringe Manhattan - Image courtesy Warner Brothers via insight Editions

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Click to visit and follow Tara Bennett on Twitter!Thanks to Karina, who first became aware of something very special, something very Fringie, as she reported last year during her adventure at New York Comic-Con, we became aware of a superb project called September’s Notebook, “The Bishop Paradox” co-written and created by science fiction writing legends Tara Bennett and Paul Terry!

Admirers of author Tara Bennett will certainly recall her terrific “24” book, “24: The Official Companion Guide” as well as fabulous contributions on Blastr, Walking Dead Magazine, SFX Magazine and Sci Fi Magazine. You can also enjoy a gaggle of geeky content on her cool web site!

Click to visit and follow Paul Terry on Twitter!Those familiar with the great works of Paul Terry know him well as a gifted movie composer, songwriter and talented musician from the band Cellarscape (that you can see on Vimeo), as well as learn more about this talented creator at his web site!

Many science fiction fans are already familiar with both of these gifted creators from their fine work on The LOST Encyclopedia, a cornucopia on the fabled fan favorite series that ran on the ABC Network for six seasons.

Now, to the sheer delight of Fringe fans the world over, Tara Bennett and Paul Terry have joined forces once again to create September’s Notebook, a fantastic Fringie book to be loaded with thousands of images never seen before by admirers of the superb series by Bad Robot Productions and Warner Brothers, as seen on FOX Networks in the United States and Canada!

September Notebook cover 2013 - Click to learn more at Insight Editions official web site!To quote Tara Bennett; “It’s been a real passion project for PT (Paul Terry) and I. We’ve got the full support of J.H. Wyman, Jeff Pinkner, Bad Robot and the incredible crew who makes the show in Vancouver so fans are really in for a treat. There is so much we can’t wait to share!”

September’s Notebook chronicles the entire five year journey of Fringe through the eyes of series hero “September”.

Portrayed by the wonderful actor Michael Cerveris, Fringe admirers passed many a tissue box only two weeks ago during the final moments of the series when September was killed by the evil Observer Captain Windmark (Michael Kopsa) and his Earthly “Loyalist” minions in the year 2036!

In September’s Notebook, featuring a foreword by Joel Wyman and Jeff Pinkner, the secrets of September, one of the good Observers of Fringe are documented for all of history in any time-line!

Septembers Notebook Doomsday Machine - Click to learn more at the official web site!For those unaware, if such a thing is actually possible in any universe, September was part of a secret team that came to scout the Earth from the future after Walter Bishop (John Noble) altered the time line by crossing over to kidnap his son Peter from an alternate universe.

To be revealed for the first time in March of this year via publication by Insight Editions, the book became part of the very mythology that is Fringe when September’s Notebook was displayed with on screen time during the final episodes of the epic science fiction series!

A rather rare event in the entertainment industry history of books featured in television and movies, fans the world over tweeted with glee about seeing the book in Septembers own hands before he made the ultimate sacrifice that helped save us all!

We look forward to to you joining Tara Bennett and Paul Terry for our exclusive interview Sunday February 03, 2013 12 PM Pacific time when we will delve further into the making of the soon to be released September’s Notebook!

Click to visit and follow FidgetTBC (Karina) on Twitter!We were given a heads up here in San Francisco last year that we have planned for months to share with you here at WormholeRiders News Agency!

This specific Fringe related interview is something we have been very excited about for many months.

Click to visit and follow Noz4a2 (Lori) on Twitter!Arranged by our east coast Senior Reporter Karina, whom you all know as FidgetTBC on Twitter, a long time admirer of Fringe, I thank her for helping make this interview possible here at WHR!

We will be joined Sunday February 03, 2013 by our San Francisco based Fringe Team Leader Lori (Noz4a2), Patricia and Holly who will help us explore the fantastic Fringe mythology of September’s Notebook!

Fringe - They Are Coming - Image courtesy Warner Brothers

Image courtesy Warner Brothers


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