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The thirteenth episode of the second season of Haven was an Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) centric episode nicely penned by Brian Millikin.

“Silent Night” was ably directed by Shawn Pillar well known dating back to Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

A fine writer from the Haven series, Brian has been featured many times previously as “Story Coordinator” by  IMDB. I took note of Millikin (in this his first full Haven writing credit), when Nora Zuckerman, series writer and story consultant, tweeted about it.  Millikin delightfully takes us on a slightly different and somewhat lighthearted approach in the opening sequences of the special 2011 Haven Christmas episode.

Silent Night:

We begin with a visual montage of Haven happenings as we hear the voice over of Vince and Dave Teagues (Richard Donat and John Dunsworth). They are arguing, errr talking about the history of Haven and the supernatural “trouble” long affecting the bewitched town including the recent “Sins of the Father” season two finale.

Haven S2x12 - Sins of teh Father ressurection
Haven S2x12 - Audrey on lookout for trouble in HavenOften wondering how the viewers feel about Vince and Dave, this reviewer enjoys the back and forth sarcasm between the two characters.

Enjoy the pair of brothers as cunning curmudgeons while you can my friends. Why? Because by episodes end, none may be left standing, literally!

During the banter we have come to enjoy between Vince and Dave, the arrival of Audrey Parker in Haven Haven S2x12 - Banter between Vince and Dave Teaguesis discussed, as well as the pivotal role the “Haven Herald” plays in documenting, err engaging in revisionist history about the strange happenings that have long plagued Haven.

We have not yet learned the “trouble” this time occurs during Christmas Eve … and in July no less!

The first sequence we are treated to during “Christmas Eve” is the sight of a young woman riding a surfboard off the coast of Haven.

Haven S2x13 - Surfing in HavenThe nice camera angle makes the viewer believe that sharks will be “troubled” thrusting through the waves to devour her. Naturally I expected this scene to be accompanied by “Jaws” music!

It is not to be. The music instead is the classic Christmas song “Silent Night” replete with a sound track that reminds one of a toy music box. As we are watching this healthy female specimen, suddenly her arm is severed below the shoulder with a swooshing sound audible for about two seconds. As the camera pans back we discover the entire surfboard has been sliced in two. So in fact has the young lady herself!Haven S2x12 - Neatly sliced in two

One cannot help but notice the two pieces of each (surfboard and woman) are drifting apart in the tide as if a barrier exists between them. Should the two pieces not float in the same direction on an incoming tide? Hold that thought. Featuring Christmas Eve in July, viewers will observe a bit more of the bisected young lady somewhat later in the episode in which all the “trouble” will be revealed.

In this enigmatic and enjoyable chapter of the Haven saga, I pondered the mystery of the relevance to the episode that the “Silent Night” Christmas Music represented. Soon it would become more than annoying. As we would come to learn, the re-iteration of the song each time would bring further losses to the troubled town and people of Haven.

Haven S2x13 - Population 21,121After the grisly view of the young surfboarding victim, the camera pans to the “Welcome to Haven” road sign. The population is noted as 25,121. The next sign is “Haven Joe’s”, a local bakery established in 1949.

We meet the current proprietor himself, named “Joe Underhill” (Simon Henderson). Take note of these two details about the town. They become important as the latest “trouble” in Haven unfolds.Haven S2x13 - Haven Joe's Bakery

We witness Audrey and Nathan (Lucas Bryant) at a table outside the bakery. Audrey wants to know why people are putting up Christmas decorations so early? Nathan is perplexed asking just what time of year should the Christmas decorations go up?

Just as Joe the baker appears with looks like a plate delicious strawberry waffles, “Haven Joe’s finest”, Nathan’s phone rings.

Haven S2x13 - Haven Joe's finest

The two leave the bakery and head to the Haven Cinema. Audrey is definitely “troubled” herself as she watches more and more Christmas decorations being put up on the way to the movie house. Upon arrival she asks if “there is a reindeer festival I do not know about?”  Nathan gives her a puzzled look like nothing is amiss. But of course there is. Audrey is once again shielded from the towns weird happenings being the only one who is aware that things are changing.

Haven S2x13 - Now playing at the cinema

On the theatre entrance marquee we think we see “The Dark Tower” is the featured film. A closer look reveals the film being shown is actually “The Bark Tower – A Dog’s Lighthouse”.  A nice touch by the set design and prop departments. I had to look twice myself to be certain.

Haven S2x13 - Hadley and theatre managerInside the theatre, we meet young runaway Hadley Chambers (Niamh Wilson). Hadley has been caught sneaking in the movie theatre “looking for her mother”.  The odd thing is that the theatre manager (Kirstin Howell) informs Nathan and Audrey that Hadley does not have a mother. What’s up with that?

Quite in earnest, Hadley interrupts the introductions wanting to know if they have found her mother yet? Audrey says no attempting to break though to Hadley by letting her know that she used to sneak in the movies when she was younger. Haven S2x13 - Audrey offers Hadly compassion

Audrey also shares that she did not have a mom when growing up either. No luck. Hadley will have none of it. Could this “troubled” young woman be the source of the recent problems in Haven? Knowing Haven, I suspected the young waif was. More on that theory a bit later, but first back to the story arc’s present.

We suddenly hear the music box version of “Silent Night” again. Audrey asks the manager if she just put this song on only to be informed the sound system has not worked in three years. Nathan calls it a Christmas miracle. Hadley does not say much but has an odd look on her face.

Haven S2x13 - Hadley is hiding something

All of a sudden the camera pans back to let us witness a hanging in Haven outside the theatre. A citizen is choking to death from a mass of Christmas tree lighting wire formed into a noose strung over a local utility pole.

Haven S2x13 - Hanging out in Haven

As Audrey and Nathan save the poor victim, our attention is artfully but deliberately taken away from Hadley. Nathan blithely says “Hell of a thing to have happen on Christmas Eve, eh?”

Haven S2x13 - Audrey saves the troubled victimAudrey is flabbergasted at the extent to which Nathan seems to be taking the Christmas Eve practical joke gag. She has not yet determined that this is part of the trouble itself. Nathan enters into a conversation about Christmas and why she does not like this holiday when he realizes the reason. Like Hadley, Audrey did not have family to celebrate with.

Like millions around the world with the same problem, no family or those suffering from bickering in the family, the holidays do not invoke pleasant memories for Audrey. Haven S2x13 - Audrey thinks its a joke

The brief interlude into what the holidays have become to some, the fakeness and or emptiness felt by many, including Audrey, is artfully done bringing a glimpse into that real world element. The scene concludes when Nathan realizes he has put his foot in his mouth with Audrey because she does not have family nor enjoy Christmas.

Nathan dismisses her attitude for the time being as a result of her past. On the way to the station, Audrey gets serious. She puts out an alert that any crazy people putting up Christmas decoration “crap” are to be brought in for questioning. The dispatcher asks why; “It is Christmas Eve”! Audrey rolls her eyes.

Haven S2x13 - Audrey rolls her eyes - Its Christmas in Haven!

Haven S2x13 - Vince and Dave discuss Haven and businessBack at the Haven Herald, Vince and Dave are having their annual end of the year debate about budgets, circulation, and broken equipment. The fact is they are losing money despite a twelve percent increase in readership. Down to only a $10,000 loss in 2011, this year someone has offered to buy the Herald and shut it down to increase the readership of a paper in Bangor.

Vince is for the sale suggesting they should do something else. Dave is furious over the thought. This reviewer chuckled when a funny punch line is delivered by Dave, cleverly inserted into the script about selling the Herald; “After all these decades as newsmen, you want to try blogging?” taking a bit of a good Haven S2x13 - Hadley's father Gordon says she makes things upnatured swipe at all the bloggers in the real world. It does not matter. Dave will not sell the Herald. Vince stomps out breathing a sigh of disgust throwing the paperwork offer to buy the Herald on the table.

At the police station, Audrey is talking with Hadley’s father Gordon (Craig Eldridge) about her making up stories. As the father leaves to take Hadley home, Audrey learns from Nathan that a half a body has washed up on shore among other troubles including a higher than normal collision rate reported by the fire department.

Haven S2x13 - Frosty the SnowmanAudrey looks up in disbelief when Nathan says “Happy Holidays” referring to Christmas Eve in July!

The shot pans to a “Frosty the Snowman” playing the piano desk ornament. A “zinging” sound effect is heard in the background.

Audrey picks up the telephone receiver to make a call. A pattern has now formed in the story; Instead of Haven S2x13 - Silent Night is in the phonea normal dial tone, she hears “Silent Night”. We see Audrey hanging up the receiver genuinely perplexed.

Just as Audrey is about to pick up the phone again, Stan the Cop (Glen Lefchak) shows up in her office informing Audrey that they have made an arrest per her instructions about a crazy person putting up Christmas “crap” all over town! Audrey forgets the “Silent Night” phone call. We are happy when Audrey is visibly relieved now that she has a person to question about this ridiculous Christmas in July business!

Low and behold, “Deck the Halls” and for goodness sakes the suspect turns out to be Santa Claus himself! Well kind of. “Santa” is observed in full regalia in the holding cell dancing around gleefully. Audrey asks him if he “wants to lose the costume”. After a “Tis the Season” and a few “Ho, Ho Ho’s” Santa asks Audrey if she would like to sit on his lap? Santa did not ask Audrey if she was naughty or nice, but there is a funny “naughty or nice” gag line later.

Haven S2x13 - Santa offers lap dancing

Audrey has had just about enough and enters the cell. Apparently the entire Haven police department is in on the joke. Santa in this case turns out to be none other than Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour). All of the Haven police officers are seen laughing at the cell doorway as Audrey removes Duke’s whiskers and Santa cap.

Haven S2x13 - Santa Duke Claus

Haven S2x13 - A joke to remember is no jokeAudrey comments that neither she nor they will forget the practical joke, but she does mention it is one of the most elaborate pranks she has ever had pulled on her with “half the town” decked out for Chritsmas.

Giggling, Audrey even believes the guy who was hung by Christmas tree lights was a “stunt guy” hired to play the hanging victim part seen earlier. No, not really Audrey.Haven S2x13 - Why Santa wears flannel

In another chuckle worthy moment, deadpan Duke and Nathan inform Audrey that it is normal to have Christmas in July. Answering an ageless Santa question long sought by billions, Duke adds that Santa only wears a heavy flannel suit because he lives at the North Pole.

Perfect! Merry Christmas! In July!

Haven S2x13 - Lights flickering signals troubleThe lights flicker wildly in the jail. Only then does Audrey realize all of the events, the whole thing must be connected to the latest trouble in Haven.

The “Silent Night” melody invades the station as Duke, Nathan, Audrey and Stan are discussing the situation. We see Stan drinking a cup of coffee through the partition glass when a crash is heard. Haven S2x13 - The last we see of Stan

Look again, Stan is gone and no one remembers he ever existed except Audrey as evidenced by Nathan asking “Who is Stan”?

At this point in the story, this reviewer was reminded a bit of a similar plot in “Remember Me” (1990) from Star Trek: The Next Generation where the Enterprise crew disappeared one by one from an alternate reality being experienced by Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden). In that story, the Enterprise was surrounded by an ever shrinking warp bubble that had trapped Dr. Crusher leaving her near episode end as the only inhabitant in the other universe cycling to extinction.

Haven S2x13 - Stans cup is all that is left

Haven S2x13 - Happy Holidays in July AudreyLater we will learn that the Haven “Silent Night” story is different in that Audrey and another are not affected by the phenomena. Duke leaves the room as he, Nathan and Audrey are chatting about her “imaginary friend” (Stan the Cop). Audrey knows there is something wrong in Haven, reiterates that it is not Christmas Eve, and wonders how all of the events are possibly connected? Nathan on the other hand is firmly convinced that everyone knows that it is Christmas Eve. Everyone except Audrey that is!

Series writer Brian Millikin deserves more kudos for the next brilliant moment of humor in the episode. Audrey and Santa (Duke) are headed back to “Haven Joe’s Bakery”. As they emerge from the vehicle, we see two lovely women dressed as elves in short shirts. Duke informs the pair that Santa is flexible “this Haven S2x13 - Naughty or nice says Duke Santayear” and that he will accept both the “naughty or [the] nice”.

Lecherous Duke, ogles the two while Audrey gives Duke a wry look that would turn a lesser person to stone. Nevertheless, it was a nice break in the story using a Santa tradition turned into a touch of Christmas humor in Haven enjoyed by this reviewer.

Arriving at the “Haven Bakery” (sans Joe’s name). Joe no longer exists. Audrey knows for sure that what is happening is a “trouble” afflicting Haven and only she remembers the people who have been eliminated.

Haven S2x13 - Haven Joe's Bakery is no longer

Haven S2x13 - Examining the half a surferAfter questioning the bakery patrons who have never heard of Joe, Audrey remembers that a body washed up on shore. She rushes to reported location of the body.

As she and Duke are examining it, Duke asks why they are there in the first place and why are there no other law enforcement on the scene?

Good question. After calling Nathan who informs Audrey they are the only two officers in Haven, “Silent Night” plays on her cell phone. Haven S2x13 - The half a surfer vanishes

A second peek under the blue tarp illustrates that the body of the young girl goes missing too as Duke asks “Remind me what was under here”?

Audrey goes to visit with Dave and Vince to ask about similar disappearances in the past. There is discussion of “The Gingerbread Man” conspiracy which resulted in a massive cover up.

Haven S2x13 - Gingerbread man conspiracyNeither Vince or Dave reveal details of “The Gingerbread Man” conspiracy at this time. This reviewer certainly hopes that we will learn more about “The Gingerbread Man” conspiracy in the 2012 Christmas episode!

Vince and Dave do some thinking and recall a similar incident in November of 1955. Trouble happened including the appearance of a real “life sized” train set running on its own circular track in the middle of a field in Haven!Haven S2x13 - Santa eats cookies and milk

While Duke is observed eating Christmas cookies and milk like Santa, they learn of an exception in the story; in 1955 not all of the townspeople vanished, but of the ones who did, relatives and neighbors of one Arthur Chambers, were ever heard of again.

This despite the fact Arthur Chambers remembered the people. Audrey puts together that Chambers mystery ended when he killed himself because he failed to bring back the missing people in 1955.

Haven S2x13 - Life sized train set from 1955

Audrey knows this past incident must somehow be related to Gordon and Hadley! During the exchange, Dave discusses the current population of 3,101 in Haven. Yikes! More citizens of Haven are gone, now over 18,000 people in total are missing!

Haven S2x13 - Haven Herld says 3,101 citizens

Back at the station Audrey convinces Duke and Nathan that this is a real “trouble” in Haven and they must find our what it is. Nathan wants to stay behind on duty, but Audrey says “make it my Christmas present”. Nathan retorts he is beginning to hate Christmas too!

Haven S2x13 - Santa Duke is convinced

Haven S2x13 - Nathan begins to hate Christams but is convinced
Haven S2x13 - Wrecked vehicles litter the highwaysAs they head out to find Gordon Chambers, the affects of disappearances begin to move quicker now. The highways in Haven are littered with wrecked cars and motorcycles, all abandoned, all with no drivers.

The sounds of “Silent Night” are heard once more, this time on the patrol trucks radio as Audrey exclaims she hates that song! Haven S2x13 - Silent Night on the radio

Just as the three come to the conclusion that many of the cars appear to have hit an invisible wall, Duke and Nathan talk to each other about his most wanted Christmas gift, a “Chrome Lightning Race Sled”.

It turns out Nathan wanted one for Christmas too in a twist to the story revealed only at the end of “Silent Night”.

Haven S2x13 - Population 1,749

Haven S2x13 - No more Santa Claus DukeWhile examining the wrecked cars, we return to the “Welcome to Haven” sign. Just as Audrey notices the new population of 1,749 souls while talking to Duke, he suddenly vanishes and Nathan, just talking to him seconds ago, cannot remember Duke and asks why Audrey she is talking to herself!

Audrey catches a glimpse of something and motions to Nathan. A bird has fallen dead from the sky accompanied by the unmistakable sound of a bird hitting a window glass. Haven S2x13 - A really big wall

Upon further investigation, she has found a giant curved transparent wall, “a really big one” that stretches around the entire town.

Using a nice VFX aerial shot of the Haven coast-line for the alternate reality “bubble” effect, we see for ourselves the entire town of Haven is indeed trapped inside a huge shimmering glass dome. The troubled town is completely cut off from the outside world!

Haven S2x13 - A really big wall around Haven

Haven S2x13 - Nathan shoots the wall

Nathan unloads a few rounds into the glass dome. The alternate reality barrier is not even scratched! A quick pan shot to the “Welcome to Haven” reveals over 500 townspeople have been “erased” from this timeline in just a few minutes!

Haven S2x13 - Population 1,198

Haven S2x13 - At Gordons toy storeThe investigation brings us to the suspect, Gordon Chamber’s. The location is his toy store in town.

Here the miniature replica of the full sized train set made by Arthur Chambers is discovered. As Audrey and Nathan theorize about Christmas toys coming becoming real to explain the coincidental past and current disappearances, the both experience an epiphany when they see a shelf full of snow globes a set of which says Haven S2x13 - Troubled train set“Haven”.

It would appear they have their suspect, Hadley’s father Gordon. A different Christmas melody “Joy to the World” begins playing. In the next second we hear glass break as Nathan drops the Haven globe he was holding.

The music stops and Audrey thinks he too has disappeared.

Haven S2x13 - The town in a Snow Globe

Haven S2x13 - The town in a Snow Globe destroyed
Haven S2x13 - Adrey finds Nathan is okay for nowComing around the corner we learn that Nathan is still with us, for now. He is looking at the mess worried he may have destroyed all the missing people in Haven.

Being the only one exposed to the other song, Audrey eases Nathan’s mind telling him “We are looking for the one that plays ‘Silent Night’!”

A *hugs in Haven* moment occurs when alternate reality Nathan states that believes in Audrey and Haven S2x13 - Adrey watches Nathan vanishshould have trusted her from the beginning of this incident. Our moment fades as “Silent Night” is heard once again and Nathan vanishes before our very eyes!

Bye, bye Nathan!

Panicked, Audrey returns to the Haven Herald for answers. Vince is sitting there looking quite confused. He asks Audrey “Did you ever feel like you forgot something really important”? What could it be that Vince has forgotten? The scene is most convincing, adding a sense of reality to the world turned up side down!

Haven S2x13 - Poor Vince has forgotten
Audrey replies in the affirmative that she does relate to the problem, but first she must find out where Gordon Chambers lives. As we take a quick look around the office, interestingly enough there are no signs of Dave. Audrey has not yet noticed.

Vince says finding Chambers should be easy since there are only twenty (20) people in Haven. As he hands the subscription register to Audrey, Vince confirms that all nineteen (19) Haven residents receive the Herald. Wrong again Vince! The Haven Herald paper clearly states that there are 17 Havenites left!

Haven S2x13 - Population 17

Haven S2x13 - Audrey says thanks guysAudrey expresses a sincere thanks “You guys are great” with a genuine look of worry on her face. Vince looks puzzled again. “Guys” he asks? Yikes!

Now we know what Vince forgot. As Vince looks sadly at Dave’s empty work chair struggling to remember, we all learn there is no longer any more Dave in Haven either!Haven S2x13 - Daves empty chair

Armed with the address, Audrey confronts Gordon. By this time there can be very few people left. Can Audrey stop Gordon?

At his home, Gordon admits what the toys can do. He recalls the legendary work of his grandfather and the train set that became real.

Haven S2x13 - Audrey watches as Gordon is erased from the timelineAs Gordon confesses it must be his fault, he says he cannot remember if he even had a wife. He says he “must have had a wife” since he has a daughter whom he lovingly calls “Radley”. Audrey gets it and determines that if Gordon cannot remember, it must not be him, it must be Hadley since she remembers her mother! As Gordon confesses Hadley has her own snow globe, “Silent Night” is heard once more and poof, no Gordon.Haven S2x13 - For Hadley Merry Christmas

In the final sequences with more effective use of VFX, Audrey figure s out that Hadley is at the Haven cinema. The sound of “Silent Night” is heavy in the air. The theatre marquee now says “ “For Hadley Merry Christmas” as all the buildings are turning into cartoon like characterizations of their former selves becoming the snow globe.

Haven S2x13 - Unhappy HadleyThe end is near. Inside we find the poor unhappy Hadley all alone. She has her Haven snow globe but does not believe it is the cause of the problems. She it is all really normal since people always abandon her. Hadley tell Audrey likes to be alone, and that it has always been this way for her.

In a fit of anger she bangs the globe on a seat back causing snow to fall in the interior of the theatre proving Audreys point that Haven was becoming a snow globe. Haven S2x13 - Banging the snow globe

Becoming frightened as Haven enters the final stage of conversion to snow globe, Hadley begins to believe she may be at fault. She admits she has been sending people away who had “left her”.

Haven S2x13 - Conversion to Snow Globe almost completeAudrey shares with Hadley that real life is a tough thing, but that her parents do love her, that her Dad had referred to her endearingly calling her “Radley”, and he was even on the way to save her when he disappeared into the snow globe world.

Hadley, tears in her eyes, freely turns the globe over to Audrey agreeing to give up her snow globe fantasy planned life.

Haven S2x13 - Hadley frightened as Snow falls in theatre

Haven S2x13 - Hadleys snow globe world becoming reality

Haven S2x13 - Audrey takes a peek inside the snow globeAudrey peers inside the Haven snow globe. The town had been near completing the final stages of conversion to a snow globe reality trapping everyone inside, presumably forever.

Our perspective is switched to the “other side” from inside the snow globe. Nathan, Duke and some of the missing people are seen looking up at Audrey from inside the snow globe world! Haven S2x13 - Audrey is seen by Duke from inside the snow globe

This reviewer certainly cannot speak for everyone, or even anyone for that matter, however, the snow globe Haven world almost looked better than the “real life” world we live in. Just kidding. Kudos once more to the VFX team. Subtle nice touches iced the episode.

Haven S2x13 - Hadley and her MomA second later all is restored. The movie theatre has people again, and Hadley’s mom (Jacquie Thillaye) returns from the restroom asking about how long she was gone?

As mother and daughter hug, the citizens of Haven are saved from a life of imprisonment inside a snow globe fantasy world.Haven S2x13 - Audrey smiles as all is restored

Audrey and Duke have a cell phone conversation. Duke is wandering close to the site of all the accidents on the highway he disappeared from thinking he may have caused them.

Not an illogical train of thought, Duke thinks so because he is still in the Santa outfit having a Haven moment.  Audrey assures him all is well after he helped her. We see Audrey smiling looking at all the happy people in the threatre… watching the doggie movie, during a normal non Christmas moment in July!

Haven S2x13 - Audrey asked by Nathan toy storesBut not so fast! Nathan wants to know why he woke up in a toy store? As the camera moves back, the final sequence is Audrey throwing a Christmas party in July in Duke’s bar! Duke enters wanting to know why there are so many cop cars in the parking lot?

Dave and Vince are there too. They tell everyone that nobody at the party can remember what happened to them that day and would Audrey fill them in?

Audrey demurs  “I would rather read about it in the Herald”.  Vince says it may be their last paper. Haven S2x13 - Vince Dave and Duke want answersAudrey knowing about the purchase offer, tells him no, the Herald is the only reason that the town of Haven is still there. Dave and Vince are pleased and begin to conjure up a revisionist history story to print.

The last scene is right out of a Christmas setting with Audrey giving her friends Duke and Nathan, really just two little boys at heart, the gift they never got growing up, a shiny “Chrome Lightning Race Sled”. She tells them they must share the sled. Like a mother telling her two “little boys” to behave, this reviewer chucked at similar family memories.

Haven S2x13 -Audrey's early Christmas present

Audrey closes telling the two about what happened that day: “I was reminded how important friends really are and how lucky we are to be here” as the entire group sings “We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”

Haven S2x13 -Audrey enjoys the family of friendship

This reviewer liked was the alternate Haven snow globe reality, much like a Fringe or Stargate alternate universe story. In re-telling the tale, the creator’s utilization of new elements into the adventure like the model train set (which became real) was enjoyable. As an ex-modeler of trains, what hobbyist did not want the full size version? The VFX scenes with Audrey looking in on “her” Haven reality a nice touch too. Finally the use of humor blended into the telling of the tale, sprinkled throughout, also provided extra shine that made “Silent Night” sparkle.

Thanks Haven Team. Well done with cheers to everyone!

Haven S2x13 - A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year toast!

We include below the entire episode courtesy of Syfy via Hulu. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all!

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