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Welcome to the wonderfully altered reality as we Discover Haven!

Haven main cast banner - Click to learn more at Syfy!Well folks, it has finally happened! Audrey is back, and not a moment too soon!

The outstanding episode, directed by Rick Bota, and written by the brilliant Brian Millikin, opens with Lexie (Emily Rose) having returned to Haven from the Pocket Universe wormhole bar barn.

We know that William (Colin Ferguson) had not escaped from the bar barn with Lexie at the end of the previous episode. This left some fans wondering if William was killed in the process when the wormhole bar barn imploded?

Haven S4x04 - The bar barn Pocket Universe wormhole implodes

Haven S4 - Trouble in the bar for William!Not very likely since it seems that William controlled the circumstances inside the bar barn wormhole. William also wanted, in fact encouraged Audrey Lexie to escape, AND, critically, an episode named “William” is scheduled to air later in season four!

However, we must ask; Just what in the devil is going on here? Romance is, for one, murder for another. So what’s “new” in Haven?

In “The New Girl”, new romance will also become manifest, further complicating the interaction of the characters, testing their loyalties, and ultimately, setting the foundation for more superb supernatural science fiction drama in season four by the great teams at Entertainment One in conjunction with Piller – Segan – Shepherd Productions!

The New Girl:

Haven S4x04 - Jordan confronts Nathan and Lexie about the promiseOur lovely, but somewhat cranky Jordan (Kate Kelton), has decided that enough is enough! After Nathan jilted her last season, Jordan is all set to exact just payment and set things right once again in Haven even if it means taking justice into her own hands!

In fact, Jordan appears to have lost it, crazy, bonkers, frankly she has apparently gone insane! Packing her trusty shotgun, loaded “for bear”, Jordan is ready to claim revenge! Jordan demands that Audrey/Lexie fulfill the promise to kill Nathan to end “The Troubles” in Haven once and for all!

Haven S4x04 - Lexie stops Jordan from killing NathanLexie refuses, pulling a pistol to protect Nathan, indicating she is not going to kill anyone that she does now know. Since William had stated in “Lost and Found”, the fourth episode of the season; “Listen to the foghorn and remember. It will help you through the door”.

This reviewer theorized however that Lexie does know she is Audrey, but desires to keep it a secret for the time being. Lexie does a good job of tricking everyone, including Nathan, who has “a lost puppy dog” look on his face at the thought of Audrey really being “gone” from his life.

Haven S4x05 - No Pancakes with Lexie for Nathan -- "The New Girl" Episode 405 -- Pictured: -- (Photo by: Michael Tompkins/Syfy)This factor is reinforced when Lexie rejects Nathan’s offer of a breakfast meal of her favorite food; pancakes, Poor Nathan!

Naturally, this will make their ultimate reunion all that much sweeter, despite Lexie deliberately mispronouncing “Wournos” (as cover I suspect) and the humorous line of calling Nathan “cheekbones”.

The cover must be maintained so that The Guard e.g. Jordan, Dwight (Adam Copeland), Vince (Richard Donat) and Dave (John Dunsworth) can be dealt with in future episodes, AND so Audrey does not have to kill Nathan which they all expect will put an end to The Troubles!

Haven S4x05 - Wade makes drick suggestions to Jordan "The New Girl" Episode 405 -- Pictured: -- (Photo by: Michael Tompkins/Syfy)Jordan, subsequent to her emotional meltdown goes to The Grey Gull for some adult refreshments.

Here in “The Gull” some suggestions are offered to Jordan by Wade Crocker (Christian Camargo). Is Jordan finally on the rebound realizing that Nathan will always love Audrey/Lexie?

We must consider for what reason is Jordan at The Grey Gull? What is she planning on doing in the future of season four of Haven?

Will Jordan be using Wade Crocker, Duke’s brother for her own purposes, or is she working on a scheme for “The Guard’s” purposes to contain The Troubles in Haven?

Haven S4x04 - Jennifer brings Lexie some of Audrey's clothes“The New Girl” Jennifer (Emma Lahana) also begins a new romance in the episode.

Jennifer has developed a hankering for Duke, who she saved in Boston, and ends up moving in with him on his boat after all hell breaks loose when the deviant soul named Tyler (Jon McLaren) causes nothing but trouble for poor Duke. But I get ahead of myself.

Haven S4x05 - Dwight knows Nathan must fall in love with Lexie Audrey to end The Troubles "The New Girl" Episode 405 -- Pictured: -- (Photo by: Michael Tompkins/Syfy)Back to the standoff, Duke (Eric Balfour) and Dwight (Adam Copeland) urges Vince Teagues of “The Guard” that nothing can be accomplished until Lexie falls in love with Nathan once again.  Vince agrees and Lexie is “partnered” with Nathan to let nature take its course!

Meanwhile, back in Haven The Troubles are brewing! This means criminal activity with a new fellow, a crazy man named Josh (Douglas Nyback), who has been trapped inside a walk-in freezer at a local restaurant.

Haven S4x04 - Lexie is caught by Josh in the restaurantAs Nathan, Duke and Lexie (Audrey) begin their investigation, Josh kills himself, seemingly compelled to perform the act and commit suicide. 

Suddenly, a lovely young woman named Katie (Charlotte Hegele), the girl Josh was dining with, commits suicide as well! It becomes clear that someone had commanded these two innocents to kill themselves before they could reveal anything.

Haven S4x04 - Duke feels sorry for Tyler and offers him drinksMy money is on another character named Tyler, excellently portrayed by Jon McLaren. Tyler is a rather creepy looking character that Nathan, Lexie (Audrey) and Duke ascertain that Tyler, Katie’s boyfriend has been Troubled of late.

His particular flavor of “The Troubles” permits Tyler to control, or possess other people. He forces them to kill themselves when they are no longer of any use.

Star Trek TOS - Mister Hengist from a Wolf in the FoldThe episode reminded me a bit of of a character named Mr. Hengist from Star Trek the original series episode entitled “Wolf in the Fold”.

In Star Trek, Mr. Hengist (John Fiedler) is much like the young Tyler, able to take control of people, jumping from victim to victim across various star systems generating the terror upon which it feeds.

In “The New Girl” we learn that “Troubled” Tyler has been hospitalized after injury from an automobile accident. Like Mr. Hengist, Tyler is seeking a new body to reside in possessing anyone who gives him a gift. This turns out to be rather bad news for Duke, who gave Tyler some bonus coupons in the hospital and that he could come to The Grey Gull for free drinks!

Haven S4x04 - Jennifer moves in with Duke on his boat feeling sorry for the trouble Tyler causedOnce possessed, Duke has some run-ins with his brother Wade and his friend Jennifer who will later become his “roomie”. Wade gives Duke the advice that killing his old body (Tyler’s) will force Tyler’s life force to stay in a Duke’s body.

Tyler as Duke rushes off to the hospital to perform the requisite murder of himself! Before he can get it done, Duke is stabbed in the leg by Jennifer. Nathan decides to send Lexie/Audrey into the hospital to capture Tyler.

Haven S4x04 - Audrey admits to Duke she remembers but wants to keep playing Lexie for a purposeLike her always genius self, now returned, Lexie convinces Tyler to kill himself so he can permanently control Duke.  In the bowels of hospital, Tyler (Duke) kills himself (Tyler). 

Smart Lexie (Audrey) knows it will work out because although possessed, Duke’s own “Trouble” acts up. Once Tyler is dead, Duke returns to normal and hugs Lexie, err Audrey.

It is here that Duke suspects Lexie is really Audrey because of her past knowledge of Duke’s “Trouble”.  Duke demands to know is how “Lexie” could have known to step out of the way? Lexie/Audrey confesses to Duke after an attempt at denial.

Haven S4x05 - Jordan makes a pass at Wade Crocker "The New Girl" Episode 405 -- Pictured: -- (Photo by: Michael Tompkins/Syfy)Fans the world over rejoiced that Audrey is back! But at this point only she and Duke know the truth; Nathan must be left outside the circle of knowledge so that Audrey will not be forced to kill him, which Jordan and “The Guard” would most certainly demand!

The romance pairings of Nathan and Lexie (Audrey), Duke and Jennifer, and Jordan and Wade, will make for interesting episodes I look forward to experiencing coming in season four. I also greatly enjoyed the Audrey and Duke friendship returning.

Haven S4x05 - The Audrey and Duke friendship has returned "The New Girl" Episode 405 -- Pictured: -- (Photo by: Michael Tompkins/Syfy)This reviewer gives “The New Girl” an “A PLUS” for tying up some loose ends, great action sequences, a delightful story arc, and for establishing Haven as the predominant supernatural science fiction drama series, bar none, on Friday evenings.

In fact when compared with the only other supernatural series survivor of merit in 2013, Haven, in this reviewer’s opinion, has equaled Supernatural, not in its ninth season, both for quality content and unique story arcs, making season four one of the best, if not the best season of the series.

We here at WHR certainly hope this bodes well for a potential fifth season all Haven fans want to be realized in 2014 and for that matter, a tenth season in 2019!

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