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Welcome to the wonderfully altered season four of Discover Haven!

Haven S4 banner logo - Clicl to learn more at the official Syfy Network ChannelIn an exciting episode written by Nora Zuckerman, Lilla Zuckerman and Brian Millikin, the first thought that may have crossed many peoples minds is; did I go to sleep, and when I woke up, had the world changed around me?

“The Trouble with Troubles” is an excellent alternate reality episode directed by T.W. Peacock that deals precisely with the implications of the Wormhole bar barn, the “soft spot” between parallel Haven universes as it has been described, and what people with other analogs of themselves would be like in a similar, but altered world.

Haven S4x10 - Audrey awakens to find an alternate reality HavenIf we assume that people do have duplicates in alternate realities, would some be a little different? Or would our alternate reality duplicates actually be a lot different from who and what we are in our own universe reality?

Having come from a world of alternate realities in the famed Fringe series, Nora Zuckerman and Lilla Zuckerman have penned some fantastic tales of alternate worlds where a small change can mushroom into an entirely different construct, that we refer to as the reality that we live in. As a result, my grade is an “A PLUS” for this episode!

When I first heard about the alternate reality story development in the Haven series,  this editor was thrilled! Why?

Haven S4x10 - The dubious agenda of WilliamBecause I have written continuously about my theory that the “reality” of Haven was being manipulated by The Colorado Kid who has taken different personalities, including in my opinion, the current manifestation; William (Colin Ferguson), the obsessed with Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) character, who will stop at nothing to obtain his prize…

A different version of Audrey from another reality!

Many have discussed such experiences occurring in their own lives on television talk shows, in books, television series, radio broadcasts, and of course in movies.

Star Trek - Mirror, Mirror - Click to learn more at the official web site!Perhaps one of the best known examples of an alternate version of reality, in the science fiction drama world, (in addition to Haven), is Star Trek the original series, in an episode named “Mirror, Mirror” (1967) written by Jerome Bixby and directed by Marc Daniels.

Alternate reality, as we learn in the Haven version, a script that Nora Zuckerman, Lilla Zuckerman and Brian Millikin stated on Twitter they wanted to explore in “The Trouble with Troubles”, also dovetails the Star Trek episode “The Trouble with Tribbles” in a fun play on words.

In “Mirror, Mirror” the main characters appeared to be the same physically.

However, each had very different back stories in the altered world when Captain Kirk and his comrades found themselves in an alternate universe subsequent to a transporter malfunction which opened an Einstein Rosen-Bridge swapping the landing party during a routine mission to obtain a treaty for di-lithium crystals from the Halkons.

Star Trek Enterprise - In a Mirror DarklyDuring the incident, Kirk learned that he and his crew were murderous barbarians working for the “Empire” compared to their other parallel reality “Federation” selves.

In the last version of the television series, Star Trek Enterprise, a further look at the dark side of science fiction drama about the original Star Trek “Empire” alternate reality concept was explored in a fascinating two part episode called “In a Mirror Darkly“.

Here in the Haven analog, where the evil greedy malevolent element of humanity, the side where people seeking power and control over others, similar to William, is examined.

Star Trek - Mirror, Mirror - Altered Mr Kyle and Mr SpockMany scientists have theorized that parallel worlds do in fact exist. Some suspect a limited number of dimensions (11), or alternate realities are possible. Others theorize that there are an unlimited number of alternate realities, one for each “decision gate” in life, when people change reality due to making alternate choices, spinning “that reality” in a different direction.

Still others suspect that powerful beings are at work altering circumstances here on Earth in a never ending battle between the forces of good and evil. These have caused war, famine, pestilence, and natural disaster as rival powers seek to affect the reality that we live in by introducing technology, persons, and or manipulating events to produce a desired outcome.

Haven S4x09 - William with Heavy holding the Box of The TroublesIn Haven “The Trouble with Troubles”, the reality changing catalyst in season four is the enigmatic character named William who came across to the “Haven reality” we know with Audrey Parker from inside the Wormhole bar barn. He has tormented her, especially in the last episode aptly named “William” with the creepy “Heavy” (Robert Maillet).

This editor’s theory is that William has been manipulating the circumstances from the very beginning of the series. Why you might ask? In the previous episodes many versions of Audrey Parker or her analogs under different names have appeared in Haven or interacted in the past with main series characters.

Shernold Edwards with Robert Malliet of Haven William episode - Image courtesy Shernold Edwards Twitter feedIn the excellent “William” episode written by Shernold Edwards, he exposed himself directly to Audrey Parker in what I believe is a panic move to get access to the unnamed person he is love with that was taken from him during a previous reality change.

Much like the Fringe story arc in the final fourth and fifth seasons when one of “The Observers” became obsessed with Walter and Peter Bishop and Olivia Dunham (read all of our analysis of Fringe by clicking here) so it is with William.

Were these other instances, when other characters (but not the one William was seeking) have appeared in Haven, failures of William to manipulate or “dial in” the correct reality and deposit the person he is seeking in the reality he desired? This editor suspects the answer is a resounding yes!

Haven S4x10 - Nathan and Audrey learn about a special connectionIn “The Trouble with Troubles” we learn even more about Audrey’s own power, influence and a special connection.

Could it be that the “other (non) Audrey” that William is obsessed with has considerable power at her own command?

Is this “other non Audrey” aware of the smiling, but frankly crazed William, and has she been been using that power all along to thwart his nefariously dubious intentions by generating “The Troubles”?

With only three episodes left in season four, the alternate reality story is exciting and provides valuable clues as to what the creators of Haven have in mind.

Haven S4x10 - Nathan at The Troubled volcano accident sceneSpecifically, exactly how much power does William have at his disposal?

Where did William get access to the technology to wield such power, or did all this happen accidently?

How much does non Audrey (the other person) have?

And can we simply have a Haven volcanic BBQ one day and cook William in the frakkin Wormhole bar barn without marinade? Let’s hope so!

The Trouble with Troubles:

Haven S4x10 - Audrey discusses The Troubles with volcano girlSubsequent to the requisite “previously on Haven” segment to reflect on where we have all been, “The Trouble with Troubles” episode opens at the scene of an accident. Audrey , Duke (Eric Balfour) and Nathan (Lucas Bryant) are in the present reality of Haven.

Where we learn, for goodness sakes, that a volcano has erupted in town causing a wildfire subsequent to Doreen (Leah Randell), the local librarian, returning from a Hawaiian vacation where the only thing “Troubling” was sand in her shoes as she informed Stan the Cop (Glen Lefchak)!

Haven S4x10 - Doreen the librarian who caused the volcano

Haven S4x10 - Duke says that a volcano caused thisAudrey comments that “The Troubles” have been “on steroids” since William came to town with his two minions, “Heavy” and “Sinister Man” (Kyle Mitchell) whom we met in earnest in the previous episode “William”.

All three are concerned about what Haven faces as a result of William’s obsession with finding the other personality from another reality that William claims he loves that is trapped in Audrey’s soul.

Haven S4x10 - Audrey asks who does William think I amAfter the emergency subsides, Duke heads off to make sure that Jennifer (Emma Lahana) is okay while Nathan and Duke head home together as a couple. This is a nice development in the series story arc to observe the two romantically entangled.

After some hugging cuddling Nathan and Audrey discuss their growing concern about William and the havoc he has brought to Haven since escaping the Wormhole bar barn.

Haven S4x10 - Audrey awakes alone in the atic of an abandoned building that was The Grey GullThis leads to one of the better lines in the episode when Nathan says “There’s a Trouble in your bed and I think we should check it out!” To the sounds of smooching as the Nathan and Audrey “Shippers” go wild, the camera romantically pans to a near full moon outside.

All seems to be going well for our two lovers until the next morning when Audrey awakes on the floor above what used to be The Grey Gull.

Haven S4x10 - JoJo's Bait Shop and no Grey GullThere is no apartment there, only an abandoned building attic in what is now called JoJo’s Bait Shop! Calling for Nathan, Audrey is alone and frightened. Her new car is missing, no one is around and it is quite apparent that a new version of The Troubles has become manifest; Reality change in Haven!

Barefoot, Audrey leaves The Grey Gull, errr, JoJo’s bait Shop and heads out on the highway growling “What kind of Trouble takes my shoes!” Having watched this episode several times as I do when analyzing the story arc, I still grin with glee at this hilarious line developed by the writers and perfectly delivered by Emily Rose!

Haven S4x10 - Police Chief Duke Crocker in the alternate realityThe next series of several sequences are also perfect with mystic music in the background as Duke arrives in a brand new Haven Police SUV.

Audrey thinks it is Police Chief Nathan Wournos until Duke steps out of the new vehicle not recognizing her.Also interesting is that Haven HAS a new police vehicle which Audrey does a “double take” looking at it!

We learn that Duke is third generation in the Haven Police Department, his family obviously assuming the role of the Wournos family in this altered reality!’

Haven S4x10 - Duke tells Audrey to get in the Haven Police SUVPolice Chief Duke Crocker politely gives Audrey orders to get in the back of the brand spanking new police SUV car as they enter a completely different Haven that has Audrey in an obvious  state of confusion and dismay.

The new town of Haven in this reality replete with Dave Teagues (John Dunsworth) and Vince Teagues (Richard Donat) whom are sporting new hair do’s and clothing that is …?

Haven S4x10 - Dave and Vince Teagues in alternate realityWell, certainly NOT like anything the Vince and Dave we have grown to love to hate or hate to love over the course of the last four wonderful seasons!

The town has what become the delightful vacation spot we all dream that Haven should be “The Safest Town in Maine!” The humor goes wild as the former members of The Guard and owners of the Haven Herald declare “Haven has its first homeless person” to the shoeless Audrey! I am still laughing as I write this analysis. Perfect stuff Nora, Lilla, Brian, Emily, John and Richard, PERFECT!

Haven S4x10 - Doctor Nathan Hansen is Nathan Wournos identity in the alternate realityCleared by Duke at the hospital awaiting a sign off by the doctor, he offers Audrey his personal cell number indicating there have never been any Wournos’ in Haven. Audrey says “I’ll find him, I always do!”

Escorted in to an examining room before being released from protective custody, suddenly, a Doctor Nathan Hansen appears. This brings a big smile to Audrey’s face that at least the people she knows and loves are in this alternate world.

Obviously  Wormhole Warlock William and his malevolent minions have been causing more of The Troubles to amplify. The most recent victim is Doreen the librarian. Their next act is barbaric! Vince and Dave Teagues are found dead!

Haven S4 - Police Chief Crocker arrests AudreyPolice Chief Duke Crocker arrests Audrey since she was the last person to be seen with them, is a stranger in Alt-Haven rightfully thinking she is the only suspect. Naturally, William, who apparently created this alternate version of Haven, had killed Vince and Dave.

In his obsession to possess and control the person he thinks is inside Audrey, William, lying to himself again, believes that if he locates people with The Troubles who have generated the alternate reality that this will solve the problem!

Williams goes completely crazy and kidnaps Nathan Hansen’s wife (Amanda Molloy) and family, holding them hostage unless Audrey assists him on his maniacal mission to locate a Troubled person in a town allegedly without The Troubles!

Haven S4x10 - Cliff dreamed a Haven without The TroublesAudrey instead seeks out and convinces Nathan to help her locate whoever The Troubled person is. Together they find Cliff (Kenneth Mitchell), the source of this particular version of The Troubles. It seems that Cliff, not William had been able to affect the reality by dreaming of a Haven without Troubles. The only “Trouble” is that Cliff’s wife had married another person!

Nathan Hansen, desperate to save his own family, takes Cliff to William himself as payment for freeing his family.  Amazingly, William decides to let Nathan’s family go without harming them.

Haven S4x10 - Alternate reality Duke finally believes AudreyPolice Chief Duke, after seeing all hell break loose in his “Haven, the safest town in Maine” finally believes what Audrey has been saying.

Alternate Duke shows up to save Cliff but William gets the drop on them. Obsessed William kills poor hapless Cliff but not before revealing to Audrey that she has been the sources of all The Troubles!

Even worse, William chides Audrey that she created The Troubles, and that she is responsible for all the things that have gone wrong over the many years in Haven and that they are connected!

Haven S4x10 - Audrey Nathan and Duke draw down on William

Haven S4x10 - William is shot by Nathan back in our realityPoor Cliff perishes. The process returns Haven to what is was once before, a Troubled town on the verge of disaster from William’s obsessive amplification of The Troubles! Restored Nathan and Duke has had enough of wicked William and Duke watches as Nathan shoots him!

Like a nightmarish prophecy come true, a parallel wound appears on Audrey as she falls to the ground indicating that she William are somehow connected. As the screen fades to black, we are left to ponder a few ultimate season four questions;

Haven S4x10 - Audrey receives a parallel wound after Nathan shoots WilliamIs William telling the truth that he and Audrey created all of The Troubles in Haven?

Did William or his malevolent minions amplify poor Cliff’s trouble purposefully to create an environment he thought he could manipulate?

Will the act of saving Audrey also mean we have to save wretched William, the Wicked Warlock of Haven in order to set things right?

Or does Audrey Parker have to perish only to be resurrected by the Darkside Seekers in the next episode “Shot in the Dark” in another alternate reality version of herself, the one obsessed William is seeking? OMG!

As mentioned, this episode featuring the song “Taft” by Donovan Woods deserves an “A PLUS” for outstanding achievement in science fiction supernatural drama thanks to all involved with Haven!


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