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Welcome to the awesomely altered season four of Discover Haven!

Haven S4 banner logo - Clicl to learn more at the official Syfy Network ChannelWithout question, the “William” episode is wonderfully written by Shernold Edwards and dynamically directed by Grant Harvey. One of the creepiest supernatural science fiction one hour segments of television ever produced, “William” is in fact it an outstanding episode of Haven!

Nothing is as it seems in the minds of the afflicted with the latest version of The Troubles as many of our favorite characters are infected with a delusional series of “Troubled Bugs” of frighteningly ghastly other dimensional consequences!

Moreover, as the story arc is revealed, a new legend is discovered in this episode of Haven that has both beneficial and potentially disastrous effects for all the townspeople!

Haven S4x02 - William begins to explain things to LexieThe villains are whom most all fans suspected. Colin Ferguson as “William” for which the ninth episode of Haven is aptly named, Robert Maillet as the “Heavy” and Kyle Mitchell as the “Sinister man”.

These three suspect characters have been revealed a little at a time over the course of the fourth season, much as if pealing an onion skin one tiny layer at a time to get to the fruit, which may very well end up bring bring tears to our eyes!

Haven S4 - Trouble in the bar for William!We first met the two hoodlums in the beginning of the season in the Wormhole bar barn when they left an impression of memory in Lexie Audrey (Emily Rose) that is leveraged in “William”.

As many theorized, William, “Heavy” and “Sinister Man” escaped the Wormhole bar barn when a doorway, or as described “a soft spot” between worlds was opened that allowed Lexie Audrey to escape and return to Haven.

The questions inherent in the fascinating story of “William” are myriad; Did the Wormhole bar barn simply malfunction? Or have William and his malevolent minions sabotage the wormhole so they could deliberately escape?

Haven S4x09 - Audrey and William are somehow connected to The Troubles in HavenOr was this another, yet different cycle, that has afflicted the suffering town of Haven for untold generations with Audrey Parker and her analog characters, one of whom may be the root cause of “The Troubles” with a sinister connection to William?

Since the time these two troublemakers were introduced earlier in season four, millions of Haven fans had hoped they were the only “bad guys”, that William was in fact one of the “good guys” who would end up sincerely helping Lexie Audrey.

Many others, including this editor had serious suspicions that William was a bad guy out to take advantage of Audrey. Yet there was always a lingering doubt about this theory in the mind of this reviewer.

Haven S4 BTS - Colin Ferguson as a new version of Audrey found in wormhole barnOver the course of season four, I have postulated that William is actually The Colorado Kid in disguise, a perverted stalker who is obsessed with Audrey Parker.

In “William” these are precisely the facts that are revealed, William has transcended his character across time, likely been a pain in the ass to Lexie Audrey and her other characterizations, Lucy Ripley, Sarah Vernon and perhaps dozens of other versions of Audrey! All in the forlorn hope of making Audrey or some other as yet unknown personality love him once again.

The “Heavy” and the “Sinister Man” were identified in the last two episodes as being loose in Haven. I had thought they had left the “mark of evil” on their victims. In this I would prove to be incorrect.

Haven - S4x09 - William is out to capture AudreyIn the opinion of this editor, the William character, for reasons yet to be revealed, has undoubtedly orchestrated the entire nightmare himself in his crazed quest to capture the soul and heart of our female hero of Haven, Audrey Parker, Lucy Ripley, Lexie Dewitt, Sarah and who knows just how many other incarnations of the woman we have grown to admire?

Haven S4x09 - Jennifer plays a crucial role in the mystery of HavenThe “William” factor includes attempting to destroy any and all who stand in his way including Nathan Wournos (Lucas Bryant), Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour), Dave and Vince Teagues (John Dunsworth and Richard Donat), or our newest resident, Jennifer portrayed by Emma Lahana.

Other reveals that make “William” an essential episode in the Haven saga include viewers actually being part of witnessing a delivery system for “The Troubles”. The question that viewers should therefore consider are;

1. Has this been the quid pro quo method to deliver “The Troubles” all along?

2. Is the displayed in a little “box” that panicked William, “Heavy” and “Sinister Man” when it went missing been the same for the entire series, but was somehow lost when the Wormhole bar barn malfunctioned?

3. If this is the case, that it is the standard delivery system, with each of “The Troubles” “tuned” for each episode, has William and his nefarious minions been visiting Haven from the Wormhole bar barn on a regular basis to infect the townspeople in order to keep Haven is a perpetual state of chaos?

4. Or is this delivery system observed solely for the creepiest of “The Troubles” this reviewer has seen to date, the induction of a horrid series of hallucinations experienced by many of the series main characters only in the episode “William”?

5. And if this is a new manifestation of “The Troubles” delivery system designed to infect the townspeople, has William resorted to these tactics in this episode because of the failure of the Wormhole bar barn system, or for his own selfish and perhaps warped purposes?

Shernold Edwards with Robert Malliet of Haven William episode - Image courtesy Shernold Edwards Twitter feedThese and many other questions should be considered before season four comes to what is certain to be the most exciting season finale ever! It is for these reasons that “William”, as an episode, and Haven as a series, deserves an “A PLUS” for outstanding achievement in season four!

Before further analyzing “William”, two points; script writer Shernold Edwards deserves massive kudos for laying a solid foundation setting up the final four episodes of season four of Haven. “William” is an outstanding episode!

The second to last season four episode, “When the Bough Breaks” is also written by her. I am convinced it will be a doozy (meaning quite enjoyable)!

Nora and Lilla Zuckerman working with Colin Ferguson on Haven - image courtesy Lilla Zuckerman Twitter feed!Congratulations are definitely in order for the fabulous Nora Zuckerman and Lilla Zuckerman, both of whom have now been promoted to Co-Producers of Haven the series. These two talented writers, story editors, and co-producers have made a meaningful contribution to Haven the series!

Their fine work has created a rock solid Haven edifice, for what everyone, including this editor, hopes will be a fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth season! Bravo ladies!

Finally, the hard working teams of folks at Entertainment One deserve huge credit for instilling superior production values in Haven. This commitment to excellence has clearly shone through in every episode of Haven across all four seasons.

And many thanks to broadcasters Syfy in the United States and England, and Showcase in Canada, all of whom have supported the series successes to date!


Haven S4x09 - Lexie Audrey is about to shoot NathanThe opening moments of “William” find the viewers where we left them in “Crush”, with Nathan Wournos and Audrey Parker sharing an intimate moment together before making what will be a fateful decision.

Our two heroes are not only lovers, both have determined that they must do “the right thing” in order to save Haven as they surmised was their only choice at the end of the “Crush” episode.

Haven S4x09 - Mr Heavy shows up in the bedroomJust as Audrey is about to kill Nathan, the “Heavy” character we witnessed in the Wormhole bar barn appears! Audrey takes a shot at him.

However, despite his size, which is huge, Heavy ducks into the bathroom and out the window as is by a miracle. In fact to this reviewer, the bathroom window seems too small for him to have escaped so quickly, but nevertheless Audrey and Nathan discover he has escaped.

Haven S4x09 - Lexie Audrey and Nathan find that Mr Heavy has escaped

Haven S4x09 - Duke arrives after Heavy from Wormhole bar barn escapedDuke, Vince and Dave are rushing around town to make sure that Lexie Audrey has not already killed Nathan. Duke, and Emma arrive first after hearing the gunshots.

Dave and Vince arrive to discover that Audrey can remember who she was again since Duke and Nathan both mention her name.

The secret is now known that Lexie is Audrey as Nathan volunteers that she will agree to kill him to save the town.

Haven S4x09 - Vince and Dave learn that Lexie is Audrey againDave and Vince are in a near state of panic, which is why they came looking for Nathan.

Their search through the haven archives indicates that a legend named the “Midla” has now changed everything after a “soft spot”, a rip in the fabric between the worlds, an artifact of the Wormnhole bar barn, has allowed William, Sinister Man, and Heavy to invade Haven.

Haven S4x09 - Vince and Dave say Audrey can no longer kill Nathan or The Troubles will get worseWe learn from Vince and Dave Teagues that because of the “soft spot” torn between versions of reality affecting Haven that were opened by the alternate reality “fault” with the Wormhole bar barn, any move by Audrey to kill Nathan will now have a reverse effect and bring destruction to the town and likely all of her her citizens.


Haven S4x09 - Sinister Man about to knock out and kidnap DwightSegue to Dwight (Adam Copeland) emptying the trash. Sinister Man, a rather short annoying little fellow, whacks Dwight with a baseball bat. We will learn that this is a favorite “equalizer” for the “Sinister Man”.

Next we are taken to nondescript steel building somewhere near the town. Dwight has been kidnapped and is tied to a chair while Heavy and Sinister Man inform Dwight that they have lost a “little box” and he is going to help them find it.

Haven S4x09 - Sinister Man and Heavy tell snarling Dwight they are looking for a special box lost when the Wormhole bar barn soft spot opened

Haven S4x09 - Sinister Man and Heavy are holding kidnapped Dwight hostageDwight literally snarls at “Heavy” and “Sinister Man” as he spot his cell phone on a nearby table.

Dwight then uses his own superhuman strength to break the arm on the chair, free himself temporarily to get to the phone and speed dial Nathan and the gang back at the Haven Police Headquarters building.

As a result of the evil minions of the Wormhole bar barn escaping into Haven, the likelihood of The Troubles ending if Audrey kills Nathan have become a moot point.

Haven S4x09 - Audrey is shown drawings of Sinister Man and Heavy from Wormhole bar barnAudrey, having seen a drawing of “Heavy” and “Sinister Man”, is shocked these two are the very same troublemakers from the Wormhole bar barn!

William appears at Haven Police Headquarters claiming his memory has been altered by the same fellows, “Heavy” and “Sinister Man”.

This reviewer did not believe this for one frakkin second! As far as this editor was concerned, for the entire season four, William is obviously the sweet talking ringleader. 

Haven S4x09 - Nathan Audrey Jennifer and Duke all hear the Sinister Man threatening Dwight on the cell phoneHowever, Shernold Edwards and the scriptwriting team of Haven have performed excellently leveraging the former ‘”good guy” character of Colin Ferguson from his role as Sheriff Carter in Eureka.

Since many admirers of Colin Ferguson want to therefore believe that William is a “good guy”, the plot twist works perfectly as “William” is perceived as seemingly helping Audrey, Duke Nathan and Jennifer figure out what is happening and how they can rescue Dwight.

Haven S4x09 - Dwight is freed by Nathan and Audrey and Sinister Man is captured

Haven S4x09 - Dwight is obsessed but his delusion brings focus on missing JordanOur hero characters are distracted when some very odd and scary things begin happening imparted by what appears to be a black “bug” that enters a person’s ear generating a new version of “The Troubles Bug”; hallucinations! Dwight, subsequent to being freed obsesses on the still missing Jordan McKee (Kate Kelton).

As the infection spreads, Dwight, Nathan, and Jennifer are seeing and hearing things that are not really happening in our reality causing friends to fear each other. Each person like Dwight literally shakes it off, only to be affected once more!

Haven S4x09 - Gloria tells Audrey and Nathan she found Troubles bug in dead peoples headsDuring a meeting with one of the new characters, Medical Examiner Gloria (Jayne Eastwood), Audrey sees the “Troubles Bug” for herself subsequent to Gloria removing one of the foul insect like creatures from a victim brain.

Audrey surmises she can leverage this information to perhaps save the people of Haven from this untold tale of terror that has befallen the town!

As the evil Wormhole bar barn minions of William spread fear and havoc throughout Haven amplifying the power of “The Troubles” infecting the citizen’s, including Jennifer, Dwight and Nathan with a paranoid set of hallucinations!

Haven S4x09 - William plays the part of being innocent to the hilt!Meanwhile, Audrey enlists Duke’s aid and locks up Jennifer, Dwight and Nathan before they can hurt themselves or anyone else. William, playing the part of the innocent victim to the hilt, convinces Audrey to come with him to save the town.

While seeking answers to the malady, Audrey and William touch each other. An electric like shock is imparted indicating the two are somehow connected.

The question is how are Audrey and William connected and what are the implications to Audrey and her allies in town?

Haven S4x09 - William begs Audrey that they search for answers together

Haven S4x09 - William convinces Audrey to leave the police stationAt which point William’s full memory apparently returns. To digress for a moment, perhaps this reviewer missed something, but it was never convincing to me that William did not know who he was, but was nevertheless a good plot element to build suspense within the episode.

His character always seemed to know more that a person could have given a case of amnesia. This theoretical factor is proven at the end of the episode.

To thae point, William and Audrey leave the Haven Police Department together to seek answers.

Haven S4x09 - Audrey holds the box and sees the flowers morph into The Troubled BugsWilliam takes Audrey to an outdoor field, directly to where the missing box is. This is the same box that the evil minions “Heavy” and “Sinister Man” were seeking who had kidnapped Dwight near the beginning of the episode. Audrey holds the “Troubled Box” which is filled with more of “The Troubled Bugs” disguised as flowers.

Audrey, now becoming suspicious, sees “Heavy” approaching from the nearby woods. We observe Audrey asking William if he works for the two?

Haven S4x09 - William admits Heavy works for himWilliam instead reveals himself to be in charge of “Heavy” and “Sinister Man”. Williams also claims that he and Audrey had a romantic relationship sometime in the past, making him either like The Colorado Kid stalker that we were introduced to last season, or as this reviewer theorizes, William IS The Colorado Kid in a new body!

The viewers also learn William was lying to Audrey the entire time, and had never suffered from amnesia. As I had predicted, it was all a dirty trick to force help Audrey to remember him and the time they enjoyed together as some point in the past!

Haven S4x09 - William with Heavy holding the Box of The TroublesAs the episode draws to a conclusion, William approaches Audrey in an apparently threatening manner. Instead he shows her that after holding one of “The Troubles Bugs”, his hand becomes blackened and that is was he who has been causing the contagion of transferring “The Troubles” between the townspeople!

William brags that he will keep causing more of “The Troubles” because he loves Audrey so much he much keep demonstrating his devotion to her, the real her, someone else “not some Haven savers” as William literally sends shivers up our spines with the statement “… and she is mine!”

Haven S4x09 - Audrey is shocked to learn William is the source of the contagion of The TroublesNathan, Jennifer and Dwight have returned to normal but do not arrive in time as William reached out with his two hands and shocked Audrey into unconsciousness! Audrey is found by Nathan out in the field frightened to near death! Nathan hugs Audrey as the brilliant episode concludes.

Obviously completely obsessed with another “Non Audrey” personality from some other alternative reality, William is certain to re-appear in the next several episodes. The character is such a perverse thorn in the side of Haven that Audrey, Nathan, Duke, Jennifer, Dave, Vince and Dwight are going to have their hands full… of a new type of “The Troubles” is sure to arrive in Haven!.

Haven S4x09 - Audrey gets a big hug from Nathan

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