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Welcome to the wonderfully altered season four of Discover Haven!

Haven S4 aerial shot of townAs we approach the next pivot point in the superb fourth season of this wonderful science fiction supernatural dramatic series, we will begin the analysis of “Crush” by looking back to examine two previous excellent interlinked episodes this editor analyzed within the past month, “Lay Me Down” and “Countdown”.

Haven S4x08 Duke calls for help to stop the Crush! -- Photo by: Michael Tompkins/Syfy

We have all rejoiced that Lexie Audrey (Emily Rose) and Nathan (Lucas Bryant) have finally admitted that they love each other without reservation.

Haven S4x07 - Lexie Audrey says The Troubles are changing for the worseWe all knew that Lexie Audrey and Nathan have been playing a rather dangerous game pretending that Lexie had not remembered she was Audrey.

In the past several episodes it has become clear that Nathan and Lexie Audrey may be required to make a fateful choice to save others.

Why? Because “The Troubles” in town have assumed a new and frightening potential to destroy the entire area of Haven!

Haven S3x13 - Jordan is told the truthOnly three people knew for a certainty that Lexie Audrey was herself again; Nathan, Duke (Eric Balfour) and Jordan (Kate Kelton) who had been killed before she could reveal the truth to anyone.

However, this may well prove to be problematic for Nathan and Lexie Audrey as a result of “The Troubles” in Haven morphing into a new dangerous form.

Haven S4x07 - The mark of Trouble that only Lexie Audrey can see In “Lay Me Down” we learned several things, including the ability for “The Troubles” to be transmitted to other people after the two Wormhole bar barn henchmen appeared in town, and began accosting citizens leaving a mark of “The Troubles” on their victims, many whom are likely to suffer the horrible fate of death!

Haven S4x07 - Duke kills his brother WadeWe also learned of the tragic death of Wade Crocker portrayed by the talented Christian Camargo, who in addition to the many Haven citizens he killed, was finally put down because of his family curse, a Troubled persons blood lust, also formerly suffered by his brother Duke Crocker who was cured after killing Wade.

Haven S4x07 - Duke save Jennifer from his blood thirsty brother WadeAs admirers of Haven will recall, Duke was forced to kill Wade, his own flesh and blood, in order to save Jennifer (Emma Lahana).

We also suspect that Duke is falling in love with Jennifer. This obvious situation will come to the forefront in “Crush” after a bit of consternation generated by Duke.

Overall, the situation in Haven is becoming far more strained since “The Troubles” are now transmissible between townspeople with the arrival of the Wormhole bar barn henchmen in town.

Haven S4 - Trouble in the bar for William!In “Crush” we will learn more about how “The Troubles” continue to jump between Haven citizens, including the family of deceased (or perhaps ascended since we saw him in the Haven cemetery) Reverend Edward Driscoll (Stephen McHattie). Prior to the occurrence in “Lay Me Down”, the Driscoll family had been immune to “The Troubles”.

Not so anymore now that reality in Haven has been altered from the malfunctioning of the Wormhole bar barn which began at the end of last season. With the contagion spreading, a disaster is clearly befalling the town and all of the hapless citizens therein.

Haven S4 BTS - Colin Ferguson as a new version of Audrey found in wormhole barnAll enjoying must therefore carefully consider several questions; Can William (Colin Ferguson) be far behind the Wormhole bar barn henchman?

Is William really still wearing Lexie Audrey’s wig as Emily Rose tweeted? Or, in the strangest plot twist of all, could William simply be an alternate version of Audrey Parker who likes nose rings, Wormhole bar barn beverages and altered realities?

Or is William already in the town, perhaps in another disguise? Has William been behind the outbreak of the strangest version of “The Troubles” in Haven history with The Troubles becoming a contagion that is unstoppable?

Therefore, just what does his return to Haven portend in the ninth  episode of season four entitled “William”? Will Duke flee from his his growing attraction or “Crush” for Jennifer in this episode?

And most critically, will Nathan and Lexie Audrey’s secret be discovered forcing them to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the town of Haven and it’s remaining citizens?!


Haven S4x08 - Duke is burying his brother WadeIncredibly written by Speed Weed and directed by able entertainment industry veteran Stephen Reynolds, this excellent episode opens with Duke Crocker at an open gravesite near a field of lavender.

Wade Crocker is in a body bag ready to be laid to rest in an unmarked grave as if it was a “Potter’s Field” with only Duke aware of where his kinship is to be buried!

Haven S4x08 - Duke says his last words to his Troubled dead brother WadeDuke’s spirit is clearly broken after he was forced to kill his brother to save Jennifer. At this point only Jennifer and Duke know that Wade has been “taken out”. The process of brutal internment, with no burial ceremony for his Wade is more than Duke can endure. Over the course of all seasons this reviewer has never witnessed the always chipper Duke so “low”.

We learn that Duke plans to leave Haven to escape the reality of his loss. Later he will take it out on Jennifer who has been bunking aboard his ship. Unfortunately for Duke, and fortunately for viewers, Haven will intervene and Duke will not be leaving town. But I get ahead of myself.

Haven S4x08 - Jennifer continues her research with Vince at the Haven HeraldWe move to Jennifer (Emma Lahana) who is investigating her connection to Agent Howard (Maurice Dean Wint) with Vince Teagues (Richard Donat) at the offices of the Haven Herald.

Jennifer and the viewers learn that Agent Howard was directly implicated in her adoption, and as this reviewer theorized, in getting her out of Haven because of her own unique ability to hear activities inside the Wormhole bar barn that he was also connected with in terms of stewardship of the property. The paperwork discovered ratifies this theory that Jennifer is originally from the town related to one of six families who put her up for adoption!

Haven S4x08 - Jennifer looks at her connection to Agent Howard with Vince at the Haven Herald

Haven S4x08 - Dave tells Vince about Carrie Bensen and her trouble being contagiousDave Teagues (John Dunsworth) arrives with a warning for Vince that Carrie Bensen (Kandyse McClure) “Dream Trouble” became contagious.

Vince quickly retorts to Dave; “It’s a Trouble Chicken Little!” While Jennifer is studying the records to track down the six families she may be related to, Dave goes nearly crazy at Vince’s sarcastic remark. 

Vince will later certainly regret his statement when all the facts about latest version of “The Troubles” become known to all parties involved!

Haven S4x08 - Vince says to Dave It's a Trouble Chicken Little regarding Carrie Bensen's her trouble becoming contagious

After these rather serious scenes of foreboding, we are treated to the growing love and affection between Nathan and Lexie Audrey. It is early morning.

Haven S4x08 - Nathan and Lexie Audrey hugging while making pancakesClearly the two have enjoyed an intimate night together. Nathan at first says “I can’t feel you” as Lexie Audrey smiles affectionately at him and kisses his shoulder while Nathan is making them pancakes for breakfast.

When the two kiss passionately, Nathan admits that he can feel her again as Lexie Audrey asks “why did this take so long?”, to which Nathan replies “Haven …, it’s a difficult place”. The two are obviously falling deeply in love when Audrey says “at least Haven has both of us again”!

Haven S4x08 - Nathan admits to Lexie Audrey he can feel her kissesNathan also admits that he has grown more fond of the Lexie side of Audrey, when she uses “cosmic” phraseology that only Lexie would use.

However, their lovemaking will not be without risks and one pops up immediately! Vince is heard outside yelling for the two of them.

Of course, the danger is that If Vince and The Guard in Haven learn of what is transpiring, that Lexie Audrey is really Audrey, she will be forced to kill Nathan to eliminate The Troubles once and for all.

Haven S4x08 - Vince shows up to interupt Nathan and Lexie AudreyAt this point in my analysis, I would like to share that the Twitter world went wild last week when the episode arrived at the point where Nathan and Audrey are FINALLY in love after over three seasons of fans “shipping” the two of them together.

The excitement was most enjoyable as the tweet volume soared when the fans realized they were being given what they had asked for the past three seasons, Nathan and Audrey FINALLY together!

Haven S4x08 - Nathan says Phil Collins - Vince says its the Supreme'sVince arrives and see’s Nathan, who hightailed it downstairs demanding to know “what is he doing… you’re supposed to make Lexie fall in love with you”? The series writers throw in some anecdotal humor when Nathan says it’s like the Phil Collin’s song ”You Can’t Hurry Love”. Vince immediately corrects Nathan saying “it was the Supreme’s!”

The mood between Vince and Nathan turns deadly serious when Vince states “I am sorry to rush you to your own death … The Troubles are destroying this town…, and The Guards patience is growing thin… Get Lexie to fall in love with you” (so she will kill you), is Vince’s message and… End The Troubles in Haven!

Haven S4x08 - Duke tells Jennifer to get her stuff off of the Cape RougeWe switch to a scene in the Haven Herald between Nathan and Jennifer. We find out that Duke is calling deep-sea diver Jack Driscoll (Darri Ingolfsson) on his cell phone but we do not know the reason why at this point.

Jack Driscoll, one of several new characters introduced in this episode, is one of Reverend Driscoll’s two sons.

Duke says to Jack that needs his broken bilge pump “today”. Why? Notwithstanding his feelings for Jennifer, it is so that he can try to escape from Haven. before any more things like what happened to his brother can adversely affect his life

Haven S4x08 - Jennifer is stunned when Duke tells says get her stuff off of the Cape RougeDuke is rather brusque with Jennifer in the next sequence, informing her to remove her personal items things from his ship, the Cape Rouge. Although she empathizes with what Duke has just experienced, Jennifer is stunned by Duke’s frankly rude and selfish behavior stating “I’m not coming back…”

It is a tear jerking moment between the two, an artful segue by the writers to add suspense to the episode. Duke calls himself a “smuck” in a moment of self pity. However, we all know that Duke CANNOT leave Haven just yet, AND these two characters are fated to fall in love themselves. Or so goes this reviewer’s theory of events.

Haven S4x08 - Duke witnesses a new and terrifying version of The Troubles in Haven!

Haven S4x08 - Duke saves an innocent little girl from the pressure wave!In the next sequence, Duke sets off to get his bilge pump and exit Haven. Instead he witnesses a crazy set of circumstances, a new set of The Troubles!

As Duke is walking on a Haven street where items are imploding and exploding, he sees that several people are dead and saves a twelve year old little girl (Kaitlyn Bernard) in harm’s way.

Objects have been “crushed”. Car windows are smashed while and an odd, water like atmosphere clouds the air.

It is a deep sea pressure wave Trouble thatwill  point to the Driscoll brothers, Jack and Aiden (Craig Olejnik)!

Haven S4x08 - Lexie Audrey and Nathan discuss the cause of the deaths with Gloria the M.E.Duke backs off. We observe Nathan and Lexie Audrey investigating the new pressure wave version of “The Troubles” with the our favorite Medical Examiner Gloria (Jayne Eastwood) on location.

Jayne Eastwood is always a hoot to witness in action when she is acting in this series. Gloria “delivers the goods” once again in “Crush” with several sharp retorts to “Lexie Do It”, referring to Lexie Dewitt (Audrey) and her relationship with Nathan which is rumored all over town thanks to The Guard!

Haven S4x08 - Nathan Lexie Audrey and Gloria look for Troubled person clues about who else was in the carNathan gives Gloria a snarky look like “what next” from you Gloria?!

It seems like Gloria may know something important yet to be revealed that will relate to what is happening overall in town.

Instead, our erstwhile Medeical Examiner Gloria clams up and talks about implosions as the source of almost all the deaths, and that the Teague brother are lucky to have survived what appears to be “The Bends“.

Haven S4x08 - Duke and Jack Driscoll discuss how and why the Teagues got the bendsPoor Vince and Dave are nearby observed acting crazy like they have experienced “The Bends” from deep sea diving and rising to the surface too quickly. Left untreated, they could perish from the affliction.

Putting all the clues together, Nathan and Lexie Audrey locate Jack Driscoll down at the dock next to his handy decompression chamber with Duke. Jack is upset.

Jennifer ascertains that only logical explanation is that The Troubles have somehow now penetrated the formerly “untroubled” Driscoll family.

Haven S4x08 - Nathan and Lexie Audrey get reports of a new pressure wave in HavenAs a new pressure wave engulfs the area Jennifer relates this news to Nathan and Lexie Audrey who were unconvinced by Jennifer’s theory. Both Nathan and Lexie Audrey gain a measure of respect for Jennifer as a result of this development.

Jack Driscoll, in a state of disbelief that his family has been infected with The Troubles of Haven, enters his own chamber before he destroys the entire area, killing everyone in the process.

Meanwhile Lexie Audrey uses soothing language and encourages Jack to engage in breathing exercises to calm Jack Driscoll down, stopping the pressure wave buildup.

Haven S4x08 - Vince and Dave drunk as skunks in decompression chamber from the bends after high pressure waveThankfully, loopy Vince and Dave are saved from “The Bends” after being placed into Jack Driscoll’s deep sea decompression chamber that removes the build-up of nitrogen bubbles in their blood stream that could have ultimately killed them. 

Then as Nathan and Jack are thinking that all is well and The Troubles are over, comes the shocker, another series of explosions are heard from across town!

Haven S4x08 - Aiden Driscoll has been cross infected with The Troubles by his brother JackIt must be that Aiden Driscoll has become infected with “The Troubles” from his brother Jack, just like Carrie Bensen had transmitted her version of The Troubles to others in Haven!

This new manifestation of “The Troubles” happens when Aiden and jack feel stressed out producing the pressure they experience when deep sea driving.

The new pressure wave coming from Aiden Driscoll is so intense that not even his brother can approach him!

Haven S4x08 - Nathan Duke and Lexie Audrey suit up to save Haven and Aiden DriscollAiden, not as easily calmed down as Jack was becomes so upset that he cause even more destruction as the pressure wave continues to expand, threatening to engulf the entire town and kill everyone as a result!

Duke, who everyone thought had left town, come back like the cavalry to the rescue when Lexie Audrey and Nathan determine that they will need deep sea diving suits to withstand the pressure and be able to reach Aiden and stop him from obliterating Haven.

Nathan and Lexie Audrey ask themselves “now where can we get deep sea diving suits”? “Right here” says Duke!

Haven S4x08 - Lexie Audrey helps Aiden Driscoll from his version of The TroublesNathan, Duke and Lexie Audrey don the deep sea diving suits as the pressure wave intensifies to go save Aiden Driscoll.

This reviewer enjoyed the optical visual effects of the air being like pressurized water that simulated deep sea diving the three walking closer and closer to Aiden as the outside pressure grew more intense.

Talk about the power of persuasion! Even in a deep sea diving suit, Lexie Audrey is a knock out for “The Troubles”!

Haven S4x08 - Duke helps Nathan after his air life line was compromisedSuddenly, a new disaster strikes our heroes when Nathan’s diving suit air line becomes snagged and torn on a park bench!

Poor Nathan is about to die of lack of air on a bright, sunny  and beautiful day in the town park in Haven!

Duke, who thought he was a only “Smuck” for saving everyone else, save’s his ole’ buddy Nathan while Lexie Audrey preserver’s to save the town by talking Aiden down from his stress. Can the “Crush” episode get any more exciting and enjoyable? Well, just “hold your horses” while we finish saving poor Aiden!

Haven S4x08 - Lexie Audrey reaches Aiden Driscoll to save him from The Troubles

Haven S4x08 - Duke tells Nathan how he feels about Lexie Audrey and that he is no longer TroubledExperiencing an epiphany, Duke while talking to Nathan about whether or not Lexie Audrey should kill Nathan decides he does not want to leave Haven which we will learn in a few minutes will definitely delight Jennifer.

Here a revelation is exposed. When Duke was saving Nathan, he discovered that Duke is no longer one of The Troubled.

They look at each other and Duke makes a joke that he used to like it better when Nathan always suspected him of everything! Nathan and Lexie Audrey head to her apartment to have a chat.

Haven S4x08 - Nathan shares with Lexie Audrey Jack Driscoll nearly gave his life to save one life in Haven his death can save them allAs the episode comes to a conclusion, Nathan and Audrey are having a heart to heart chat about the days events and that may have to make a sacrifice to save the citizens of Haven.

Nathan specifically discusses with Lexie Audrey that Jack Driscoll was prepared to make the sacrifice himself to save his brother Aiden so he could return to his wife and family.

Hugging amid the realization, Nathan and Lexie Audrey two come to the inevitable conclusion that just may be what is required of them as Nathan reveals his thoughts about Jack who was willing to die to save one person.

Can Lexie Audrey and Nathan do any less to save Haven+ This becomes the next critical pivot point in the story arc of season four of Haven for the two lovers to contemplate.

Haven S4x08 - Duke arrives on the Cape rouge as Jennifer is talking to herself about his earlier tongue lashing With his attitude and behavior properly moderated by the days incredible events, Duke seeks out Jennifer on the Cape Rouge. She is talking to herself about Duke’s tongue lashing earlier.

Duke had called before arriving and confessed to Jennifer  that he does have real feelings for her. Jennifer beams a huge smile as Duke goes even further; He he does not really want her to get her stuff off the ship and hugs his girlfriend!

Did I say yay yet?! Well, YAY for Duke and Jennifer!

Haven S4x08 - Duke and Jennifer kiss and make up then head to the bedroomNow Duke has a girlfriend and we can all prepare for a double shotgun wedding because the two couples have been sleeping with each other making “buns in the oven”, or at least practicing a lot!

Question to be considered are how did formerly untouchable Driscoll family suddenly develop their own version of The Troubles. We learn that Jack Driscoll was attacked by the two henchmen, the same way as Carrie Bensen, spreading the new contagion far and wide awaiting the appearance of the undoubted mastermind, William from the Wormhole bar barn!

My grade for “Crush” is a well deserved solid straight “A”. The episode was fast paced moving smoothly from sequence to sequence delivering excitement and content to the viewer. Also great is the episode’s feature song by “The Careful Ones“, “Slow Dance on Broken Glass”, a most apt, in fact perfect selection! BRAVO!

More answers were provided to the story arc which of course leads to more interesting questions as we have discussed herein. One fact is clear; we have two sets of lovers setting up the next five episode nicely with two teams to hunt down The Troubles!


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