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Welcome back WormholeRiders, Profiles In History, McCune Masterworks and San Diego Comic-Con admirers! On Sunday July 12, 2015 at San Diego Comic-Con, we had the distinct honor of meeting and interviewing Kathy McCune of the marvelous McCune Masterworks. The encounter with this lovely and legendary woman occurred during our visit to the Profiles In History exhibit located in the Grand Hall of the San Diego Convention Center. Our mission was to see if we could chat with Joe Maddalena and members of his fabled company, Profiles In History! As always, Joe Maddalena presented the Profiles In History exhibit in the Grand …Read the Rest

Profiles In History Presents The Dreier Collection, Animation and Hollywood Auctions “By Your Command”!

Heads Up Profiles In History fans!  Less than one day to go until the most epic auction filled with loads of Hollywood Treasure is set to rock the world! We are speaking about the fabled Dreier Collection, a decade long effort, in fact a labor of love by , this …Read the Rest

Hollywood Treasure “Vampires, Swords, and the Queen of the Night” Greg Cannom, Whitney Houston and Goldfinger!

Hello again Hollywood Treasure fans! It is going once, going twice, and DONE for this season of Hollywood Treasure. On the Season Two finale, Profiles in History is ready as always for another round of auction madness. Where in the world are we?” is a pretty accurate statement from Profiles …Read the Rest

Hollywood Treasure: “Auctions Are Like a Box of Chocolates” Red October and Bubba Gump!

Welcome back Hollywood Treasure fans, We are back with episode four for season two in another round of awe-inspiring pop culture finds with Hollywood Treasure. Before continuing my review of “Auctions Are Like a Box of Chocolates”, courtesy of Syfy we include the sneak peek of the next great episode …Read the Rest

Hollywood Treasure: “Hunger For District 12”  via Tank Girl, the BumbleBee and Yoda!

Welcome back Hollywood Treasure fans, Season two of Hollywood Treasure is rolling on to episode three, “Hunger for District 12”! In this episode, the Profiles in History team is once again on the hunt for crazy finds to pull in equally crazy bids at their official auctions! Before continuing my …Read the Rest

Hollywood Treasure with BTS Documentary: Syfy Re-Activates Profiles in History Wormhole May 22 to Endless Adventures!

Welcome back Hollywood Treasure fans! We here at WormholeRiders are more than pleased to see one of our favorite programs, Hollywood Treasure, returning for a second full season on Syfy! Even more exciting is that Hollywood Treasure is now a one hour broadcast each Tuesday evening 10 PM E/P featuring …Read the Rest

My San Diego Comic Con Adventure: Panels and Beyond!

This year was my third year at Comic Con, and it was by far the most fun I have ever had! The previous two years had finally prepared me to take full advantage of all that Comic Con has to offer. Rachelle and I managed to pack in panels, celebrity …Read the Rest

Back to the Future DeLorean at San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Helps Fight Parkinson’s Disease!

Welcome back Comic-Con, Profiles in History and Back to the Future fans! Guess what I found on the con floor at Comic-Con this year? A freaking TIME MACHINE! Well to be precise, the Back To The Future Delorean time machine from the trilogy series of movies. Doc Brown’s device is …Read the Rest

Profiles in History Debbie Reynolds: The Historic Auction at The Paley Center for Media!

Hello Hollywood Memorabilia lovers! On June 18, 2011 you could own a piece of Hollywood history. This is the day a vast amount of Hollywood memorabilia collected by Debbie Reynolds will be up for auction by Profiles In History at the Paley Center for Media. You may click here to …Read the Rest

Awesome Debbie Reynolds Hollywood Auction 45 by Profiles in History!

Welcome back Profiles in History and Hollywood Treasure fans, In only three weeks from today one of the finest and most comprehensive collections of rare Hollywood memorabilia EVER will be auctioned off. Of what and whom do we speak? Why of course we are discussing the outstanding Debbie Reynolds auction …Read the Rest

Hollywood Treasure: An Interview with Jonathan Mankuta of LOST and Saturday Night Live!

Hello again Hollywood Treasure and Profiles in History fans! I got a chance to be present at the marvelous Profiles in History Hollywood Auction 43 on Saturday December 18, 2010. This news article will basically chronicle the day I spent observing filming for the Syfy show Hollywood Treasure at the …Read the Rest

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