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Taken Back: Finding Haley” is a Lifetime original movie, which is based on true events.

One normal day out with her daughter at a carnival, a mother who is taking photos of her 3 year old daughter on a mechanical horse. She looks away for a moment, only to find her daughter missing.

After over a decade, she still believes she is alive, and this mother risks everything including her sanity and freedom to find her missing child.

Reel World Management banner 2012 - Click to learn more at the official web site!This movie keeps the viewers guessing until the very end. The production values are outstanding, a true testament to the bond between mother and child.

Before beginning my review, we include the official international trailer and Behind The Scenes video from the films You Tube channel for your enjoyment courtesy of Reel World Management.

Taken Back: Finding Haley:

The movie first takes place with the main characters, the loving mother Karen Turner (Moira Kelly) and her 3 year old daughter, Haley Turner (Sarah Boey).

Taken Back - Little Haley

Haley is riding the carousel as her photographer mother takes snap shots of every second, the little child always waving in glee. The cinematography is quite something in the beginning. A mixture of the action happening in the scene with all the vibrant colours gives an interesting, almost artistic

to begin telling the story. After a few turns, Karen goes to Haley, both beaming with happiness. Karen tells Haley that she loves her very much. Karen then asks the small child how much she loves her. Haley responds by saying “more than you’ll ever know.” All seems well, until Karen makes a simple yet life changing decision: the decision to let Haley go for one more turn on the antique white horse.

As Karen continues to photograph her daughter, she becomes distracted with the joy and movement of the other kids, so she begins to photograph them as well.

She turns only to find that the beautiful plastic white horse that once carried Haley is now empty. Her smile quickly fades as she runs around frantic calling for her, only to get no positive results. Taken Back - Karen wakes up after nightmare

Her scream fades as she gasps awake. it is now two years later. Karen turns on her side and proceeds to take some pills, while we a see family photo on her bedside table. She gets up and makes her way to Haley’s untouched bedroom.

She lingers for a while then takes the stuffed bunny on the bed into her arms and lays down on the bed. In those past two years, Karen has gone crazy over looking for Haley. Restless, she cannot sleep. Worried, she cannot properly think. But in the process of searching, she finds herself losing touch with those closest to her, but as she is blinded by heartache, she hardly notices it.

We then see Karen making her way over to the police station. She finds no news about her missing daughter looks and empty words from the authorities.

Determined, she leaves freshly printed copies of the missing girl posters to replace the old identical ones around the building and on the street corners.

Accompanied by her friend Megan Harper (Nicole Oliver), Karen goes over to a photography gallery where she is greeted by a friend of the company asking her if she has any new work to be exposed.

In response, Karen lightly brushes off the subject, saying that her life is now to look for Haley, nothing more, nothing less. She then asks to put up some of her posters. She is granted permission. As Karen walks away, Megan exchanges a slightly worried look with the woman. Karen pins the poster on the board and her eyes fixed on it as the two other woman wait and watch in the doorway.

Karen continues to work on her laptop in the kitchen, her husband Tim Turner (Loby Levins) walks in with a box full of things. They exchange a few words, only to then discuss the documents that she has finished signing; the documents of their divorce. Tim proceeds to tell Karen that she must let go, but that only upsets her. He leaves her for good and she is left there crying in the kitchen.

Alone and afraid, she does not know where else to turn. As Karen put up another poster in a local park, her eye catches a little girl on a swing set that she thinks looks very similar to Haley. Her face briefly lights up as she goes over the swing set, walking in front of the little girl and calling her Haley. It is not until the girl starts to cry and her mother intervenes that Karen realizes that it is just another miss. She leaves the park very distraught.

We then find Karen opening a drawer in Haley’s room, taking out old photos and sobbing at the memory of it all. She sits on the bed, takes the stuffed bunny in her arms and cries even harder. There is a knocking sound at the door followed by Megan’s plea to let her in.

Karen reaches into her pocket and takes out a pill bottle and proceeds stuffing as many in her mouth as she can. The remaining pills have fall to the floor. She lets herself fall towards them as she picks them up and puts them to her mouth. As she hit the floor, she is reminded of that day when it all fell apart; the moment she let Haley back on the ride.

It replays over and over again in her mind. She lays down as the remaining tears fall down her cheeks and her vision begins to blur. Megan and the Detective Tully rush in and try speaking to her, only to get no response. The sound of an ambulance is heard as Megan and the Detective Tully console her empty mind.

The movie moves in time to ten years later. With still no sign of Haley, she now works as a school photographer. Taking photos of students, she looks over to a baby photo of Haley that is always by her side to compare the girls to her missing daughter, asking them question and whatnot, only to find that none of them are remotely close.

All of a sudden, out of the blue, Karen shows up in Colwood and pays a visit to her old friend Megan. Surprised by seeing her at her front door, Megan welcomes her with a hug. Karen asks if she can stay a few days while she gets her photography job done. She welcomes Karen into her home and they have wine and catch up; talking about their love lives, they are both still single.

Taken Back - Emma McQueen

Megan asks about Tim and Karen tells her that she has not heard from him since he got remarried. Megan unleashes a whole new can of worms as she brings up the subject of Haley and how she is worried about Karen’s health. Though Karen is still like the friend she use to have, Megan can’t help feel like there is something off with her. Karen gets defensive and pleas her to stop. Megan backs down.

Megan wakes up in the middle of the night to find Karen sitting on her bed watching old movies of her and Haley. Megan sees her friend is hurting and she wants to help her as much as she can. She tells Karen that she does not want her to ruin her life and asks her if she has gotten any help.

Karen retorts by saying she is not crazy, she is a mother looking for her daughter. And she explains that Megan could not know how she feels because she does not have a child. Karen does not know the hell she goes through every day. She blames herself for losing Haley.

Karen begins to cry and saying how much she misses Haley and wants to hold her in her arms again. She states that she will never stop looking for her. Megan takes her in her arms and comforts her wounded friend. Karen calls detective Tully, asking if there has been any news, but the answer is still the same. She tells him to call her if he finds anything out.

Taken Back - Amanda Tapping as Susan McQueen

We see the first appearance of Susan McQueen (Amanda Tapping) and a grown Haley, re-named Emma McQueen (Kacey Rohl). As Susan drops Emma off at school, she asks her numerous questions like why she is not wearing her sweater, if she has her things. Emma brushes her off, absentmindedly responding to her mothers perusing questions.

As Susan tells her that she will pick her up after school, Emma tells her that she was going to walk home with her friend Alexis. Susan says no and wins the argument by telling Emma that she will bring her shopping when she picks her up.

Emma walks down the school hallway with Alexis explaining how her mom is very controlling. They talk in the bathroom as Alexis does her makeup for the school photos and Emma tells her how she would never be able to wear that much. Emma then receives a text message from her mom reminding her that she will be picking her up after school.

Emma tells Alexis how she wishes her would let her do and be whatever she wants to be. Alexis retorts in saying that having a mom who has 3 jobs and is never home is not all that great.

Alexis talks to Emma about baby pictures for the yearbook. Emma says she will get one soon. Karen takes the student photos. Everything is normal until she is thrown back by a face that looks all too familiar: the face of Emma McQueen. She stands there gaping as her face lights up while she takes her photo. Emma walks away as Karen slightly follows with her eyes.

Emma and Susan are setting the table for guests they are having that evening and Emma makes it no secret that she finds the table setting completely pointless. Susan tells her how to properly set the table as Emma stands there mouthing the words because she has heard it so many times. Emma becomes sassy with Susan and Susan begins to tell her that she does not think she realizes how good she has it and how fortunate she is to live the way she does. Emma storms out.

Emma goes into the kitchen where her dad, Dave McQueen (David Cubitt), asks her if she is alright. Haley does not answer, but they have a mutual understanding. He asks her if she is thought about what she wants to do for her birthday and she says that she and Alexis were thinking of camping. He agrees and suggests a store where they can buy proper equipment. Susan, however, walks in the room and tells her that she can not go camping because it is not safe.

An argument breaks out and Emma tells Susan to stop trying to turn her into a replica of herself. Dave steps in and takes Susan’s side. Emma storms off. Susan is left asking her husband why Emma is such a problem and that she feels that everything she is doing is wrong. Dave comforts her saying that it is just a teenager thing and that every mother feels the way she does.

Karen hurries over to see Megan and tells her that she has found Haley. Surprised, Megan asks if she is sure. Karen shows her a picture of Emma beside a baby picture of Haley and Megan agrees that it does resemble Haley, but that it does not necessarily make it Haley.

She tells her that she does not want her to get her hopes up and that she should call Detective Tully. Karen says no, that she does not want to do that. She leaves saying that she is late for a photo session and that she will see her later. Megan does a background check on her friend and finds out that she has a criminal record and beside her file states that she is a threat to children. Megan is shocked by this information.

We observe Emma in her room, getting ready for school, when she receives a text. The text is Alexis asking her if she has a baby photo and to get it to her as soon as possible. Emma goes into Susan’s room and takes out a baby photo from her drawer, scans it, then sends it to Alexis via email.

Susan drops of Emma at school and Karen lingers in the parking lot watching her go into the school. Karen goes back into the school saying that she must retake three of the student photos because of quality issues, one of them being Emma. Susan goes into Emma’s room with some clean laundry and hears a sound from Emma’s computer. She goes over and looks to the screen to find an email from Alexis commenting on the baby photo she sent her. Susan becomes infuriated.

Emma and Alexis are looking at the photo as Susan comes in and takes Emma by the arm, pulling her aside. Susan goes on about how sending photos by the Internet is not safe and that she is absolutely not allowed to go into her room and take her things. Emma then retorts by accusing her of going into her room and looking at her emails.

Susan says that she is her mother and that under her roof, it is her rules. Susan goes over to Alexis and asks to see her phone. She deletes the photo. Her voice lightens and she reminds Emma that she will pick her up after school.

We see Susan and Dave at a graveyard. As Susan’s eyes swell up, they kneel down before a tombstone with flowers. They talk vaguely about how sad it was, an event unknown, and how if anything were to happen to Emma, Susan could not bare it. Dave says that he can not keep going back there. Susan then tells him to leave.

Karen does the retakes of the school photos and when it is Emma’s turn, she starts to ask her personal question about her life. She asks about her birthday, her parents, etc. Emma tells her that her dad works in real-estate. She prolongs the session as much as she can until Emma says she is late and leaves.Karen works on her laptop as Megan talks about supper and hands her a glass of wine. Megan brings up Emma and Karen lies and tells her that it was just a dead end. Megan is surprised on how well Karen is taking another disappointment.

There is a moment of silence as Megan thinks about the information she found out about Karen. The silence is broken by Karen asking if everything is alright. It shows Karen’s computer screen, she is looking up information on the McQueen’s, knowing that Dave works in real-estate gives her a lead. Megan comes over to the table and Karen closes her screen as they start up a conversation.

Karen goes over to Dave’s work and stands outside as Dave walks out. She lingers outside of the school, and watches as Susan waits for Emma. A man from the school startles Karen as he knocks on the car window and says there is no loitering allowed and asks if she has a child attending the school. She tells him that she is the school photographer and then he leaves her be. She follows Susan as she leaves the school.

In the truck house their home, Emma asks Susan if she can go to a party and Susan says maybe. Emma taking it as a no brushes it off. Susan tells her that she can go, and that she does not want them to fight anymore. She can go as long as she drops her off and picks her up.

They exit the car, running in from the rain as Karen takes photographs from afar. In the house, Susan asks how the retake went, Emma tells her the photographer was a little odd, immediately regretting her answer as Susan loads her with questions. Susan says that she should have told the principal about it.

Karen takes a photo of the licence plate, the house and the maid in the window. Susan calls Dave almost frantic; telling him what Emma told her. He tells her that it is probably nothing, but she wants to look into it. Susan suddenly notices a car outside the house and Dave tells her she’s being paranoid.

Susan tries to defend herself, but gives up and hangs up the phone. She goes to her car and follows Karen all the way back to Megan’s house, then leaves. Karen goes into the house, takes a key out of her suitcase and returns to her car. She drives back to her old house and walks in the hallway for a bit, looking at all the photographs on the walls. She goes into Haley’s room as she gets flashes of when Haley was taken.

Susan tells Dave that she followed the car and he goes off on her, telling her that it is not a big deal, that it was probably a friend of the neighbours. Susan tells him that she feels like there us something wrong. In Atwater, Karen notices Susan’s truck and finds it odd how she is there. She follows her all the way to the graveyard and photographs her as she kneels once again at a grave. When Susan is gone, Karen goes to the tombstone and finds that the only thing on it is “Our Little Angel”.

Karen goes to Megan at the police station with the news and asks for her help. Karen knows Emma is Haley, but she needs proof. She asks her to get Emma’s birth certificate up through the police files. Megan makes Karen promise her that if there is no lead, that she will stop. Karen agrees. Karen gives her the information to bring up the birth certificate. Though she feels it’s wrong, Megan does it. The certificate it valid, it proves nothing. But Karen does not give up, she notices the town of birth is Atwater, the same as Haley and that it is not just a coincidence. Megan has heard enough, she does not want to help her anymore or lose her job over because of helping Karen. She confronts Karen about the information she found out about her. They get in an argument and Karen leaves feeling angry.

Karen returns to the McQueen household and waits a while in her car to make sure that no one is home. She wants to go into that house to find some type of proof that Emma is indeed Haley. Once she feels it is safe to make a move, she goes over the gate and into the backyard. She goes into the coincidentally unlocked back door and sneaks past the maid who is cleaning. She makes her way up the stairs and into Haley’s room where she takes it all in.

She goes over to the bed and picks up Haley’s robe and sits on her bed, her eyes darting all over the room. Her eyes fall suddenly on a cola can on Haley desk. She quickly grabs it with a Kleenex and puts it in her room. She has her proof, now she must get out without being seen. As she makes her way down the stairs, Tim walks in. As he calls out to the maid, Karen slips out in silence.

Karen and Alexis talk about the party, and Emma gets a text from her mom. Emma says that the text from her mom said that she would be late picking her up. Alexis convinces her to walk home with her. Megan gets home and notices that the coke can that Karen found is on the tabled in a plastic bag with a note asking Megan to check the finger prints on it. Megan sits and thinks. Emma and Alexis part ways on Alexis’ street corner and Emma walks on by herself. As she walks she notices a small silver car driving slowly beside her.

She turns to find Karen, the photographer, rolling down her car window making conversation. Karen says that she has the photo proofs and that she was making her way over to the school with them, but then she noticed them and thought that she would just give the photos to them. Emma declines at first, but then says that she will take them.

Karen stops the car and gets out, retrieving the photos from the trunk. Karen stretches her hand out towards Emma with the folder of photos and as Emma takes them, thanks her and goes to walk away, Karen drugs her with Chloroform and she falls limp. Karen picks her up and says she is sorry as she gently places Emma in the trunk and gets back in her car.

We then see Karen’s car driving out of Colwood. Karen tries to remain calm in the car, but then hears noises coming from the trunk. She tries told hold her tears inside, but knows that if Emma is in fact her child, she’s causing her fear and pain. Karen than hears Emma’s phone begin to ring, and she knows someone must now be looking for her. Meanwhile, back at the McQueen home, Susan is counties to try and call her Emma on her phone, but she does not answer.

This worries and stresses Susan even more. Susan hangs up the phone, just as her husband walks into the room, and tries to calm her down, but to has no luck. Susan is certain that something is wrong, and tells her husband that it is always her looking after Emma and keeping her out of harms way, Dave does not agree, but Susan will not hear any of it.

She and believes Emma’s friend Alexis is responsible. Susan walks away from Dave, but he asks her what she plans to do to Emma for the rest of her life, then asks her if she “plans to ruin her life too.” Susan stops and asks Dave what he meant, but Dave tells her that she should forget what he said, but she wants an answer from him. Dave tells her that he is not surprised Emma wanted space, which then makes Susan even more upset.

Susan calls Emma’s friend, Alexis and demands to know where Emma is. Susan becomes very upset at what Alexis tells her, and after angrily hanging up on Alexis, Dave tries yet again to calm Susan down but she tells him that Emma and Alexis left school together, and Alexis left Emma at the corner of their street. Susan walks off to her closet, and pulls out a gun out from an old shoe box. Dave tries to stop her, but she leaves the house off to search for Emma, leaving Dave worried of what she might do.

We find Karen and an half conscious Emma in her arms back at the house. While Karen brings her up to her room, we find Megan at her home, with the coke bottle, and a flash drive near her computer.

She takes a leap of faith on Karen’s word, and decides to pursue the theory that Emma could be Haley, her daughter. She inserts the flash drive and begins comparing finger prints using her police access.

Back at the Turner home, Karen tends to an unconscious Emma on the floor, then hears knocking on her front door. She worries who it is, but leaves Emma alone in her room, and goes to the door to see who it is. She looks into the peep hole, and has a concerned look on her face.

She opens the door, and at the same time, Megan opens the door, only to find an enraged Susan at her door with a gun, demanding to know where Emma is. Meanwhile, Karen gets a visit from detective Tully, and he starts asking her what she’s doing back at her home. Karen tries to divert attention from her home, by remaining calm and trying to insure him things are fine so he will leave. At the Harper home, Susan counties to hold the gun in Megan’s face, demanding to know where Emma is, but she, and believes Megan is the one who has been stalking their home, and following Emma around, but Megan denies it all and says she does not know who Susan or her daughter’s.

Karen continues to ensure all is alright with her, detective Tully believes her, welcomes her back, and leaves. Karen closes the door, and is left alone in the house with Emma. Back at the Harper house, Susan refuses to believe Megan has not been following them, but Megan tries to make her believe she’s telling the truth, but all Susan wants to know is where Emma is. At the Turner home, Karen walks up to Emma’s room opens the door, only to find Emma standing and ready to defend herself. Karen tries to calm her down, but all Emma wants to do is go home, but Karen tries to tell her she is home. Megan still tries to make Susan believe that she is not the one following her or her daughter, but then Susan sees a photo of Emma on the table, then she becomes certain that Megan has been lying to her, then points the gun at her, but Megan fights back. After a struggle, Susan shoots Megan in the chest, Megan then falls to the ground, and Susan in a panic, leaves the house in a hurry.


Back at the Turner house, Emma is still afraid of Karen, and just wants to go home, but Karen tells her that she just wants to talk to her, and after if she does not believe what she has to say, she can leave. Karen begins telling Emma of her life before she was taken, and Even showed her a the last photo taken of her as a child at the carnival be she was taken.

She reminds Haley how much she loved horses, and reminded her how much she liked the one she had in her hand. Despite all Karen says, Emma still does not believe she is her daughter.

At the McQueen home, Susan storms in, and Dave asks her where she has been, but Susan does not give him a straight answer. She informs him Emma is in danger, and they must leave town, Dave looks confused and asks what is going on, but Susan insists that they must find Emma and leave.

Karen continues to try and convince Emma that she is her child, she even shows her a dress she wore to their first movie as family. Karen reminded her of how she liked pretending to be a princess, then showed her of one of her musical instruments as a child. Karen grabbed a stuffed bear, and reminded Emma of how much she loved that bear, and how she could never go to bed with, which only filled Emma with more confusion, but she still believed that she was not Karen’s daughter. Karen looked at her with hurt, but told her that she was free to return home.

Back at the McQueen home, Dave tries to calm Susan down, but it is not easy. Susan is shaken and in tears, but is able to explain what happened. She tells Dave how she believed it was Megan who was stalking her family, and who took Emma, and she then reaches out her gun, which shocks Dave.

She begins to tell Dave how she shot Megan in self defense, and that there was so much blood, but before she could say anymore, Dave grabs her arm, and tells her they must go back to Megan’s house and see how she is. Susan gets up and heads with Dave to the door.

Emma finds Karen going through an old photo album of the them together as a family. Emma looks at the photos, and sees the man in them, she asks who he is, and Karen tells Emma he is her father. Karen also tells Emma he loved her very much, but moved on because he could not handle the loss. Emma does not want to talk anymore, but Karen tells her she has something to show her. She walks off, leaving Emma alone with the photo album. Susan and Dave arrive at Megan’s house. Dave tells Susan he will go inside and check out the situation.

Karen returns to Emma, and shows her a photo of Susan at the cemetery, and Emma is shocked that Karen would be stalking her “mom” as well. Karen then shows her a photo of a small grave with no name, but only angel on, Emma refuses to think anything of it. Karen then tells Emma that she believes her “mom” had a child who died, and that is why Susan took her, and is passing her off as her own child. She them tells Emma that her real name is Haley Turner, but she still can not accept what Karen is telling her is true, and asks to call her mom.

Dave enters Megan’s house, and sees her lying there on the ground, with blood around her. He walks over to her, and discovers she is still alive, just as Susan walks into the house. She looks over at the computer where Megan was working, and finds the note Karen left her, and what it says on it. Dave walks over to Susan and tells her he is going to call the police, but Susan does not want that. Dave believes it is long overdue, and that he should have done it right from the start.

Susan tries to convince Dave not to, and that they were given a second chance to get their family back, but Dave does not believe “Emma” was never really theirs, and it is time to stop. Susan then explains that it was an accident what happened to their first child, how she left the baby in the tub for a minute, and came back only to find she was under water. Dave Believes her that it was an accident, but she can’t look at him any longer and walks away.

Emma walks into a room with Karen, who is watching a video of Haley at her birthday party. In the video, Karen asks Haley how much she loved her, and Haley responds “More than you’ll ever know”. When “Emma” sees this, she repeats the that same line, and begins to tear up. Karen then tells her that if she would still like to call her mom, she can. Susan returns to her home, grabs her gun, and heads to her drawer. She opens it, and looks at newspaper articles of Haley’s abduction. “Emma” picks up her phone, and calls Susan, she answers, and the first thing she does is ask her “mom” is “Who is Haley Turner?” This shocks Susan so much that she drops the phone on the ground, and leaves her with a shocking look on her face. “Emma” is so confused, and wants answers, but still does not want to believe the people she’s believed to be her parents would kidnap her, but she still wants to talk them fact to face. Karen tells her that is OK, but feels they should call the detective assigned to the case. “Emma” agrees, and Karen walks off to make the call.

Meanwhile, back at Meagan’s house, she is being taken out in a stretcher, while Dave is being questioned by Detective Scott (Keith MacKechnie). Dave begins to tell the officer that when their real child died, they did not want anyone to know, so they buried their baby daughter in an unmarked grave. Dave says he knew it was wrong, but when he saw Susan and the little girl together, he said “it felt so perfect.” The officer asks Dave who shot Megan, but the before he can answer, we return to Karen and Emma, who we now know is Haley Turner.

Karen and Haley talk about what will happen next, but then there is a knock on the door, Karen believes it to be detective Tully, so she goes to open the door. As she opens it, Susan bursts in, and demands to have “Emma” back, Karen will not let her take her away again. Haley walks into the room, and Susan demands she come with her, and begins telling her that Karen has been lying to her, and been following them for years.

Karen tells Susan she has prove that Haley is her child, and a friend at the police station who will help, but Susan tells her Megan won’t be able to help her. Karen, with a worried look on her face asks her what she meant by that, and Susan tells her she thought Megan was really her, as she says that Karen grabs her, pushes her against the wall, and demands to know what happened. Susan pulls a gun on her head, but Karen fights back, now both women begin to fight, while Haley watches in fear.

Haley runs to call the police, and begs them to send help and get both of them to stop fighting. Both Karen and Susan get thrown to the ground, but Susan gets the upper hand by grabbing a vase, and hitting Karen over the head with it. Susan stands up, tells Haley to hang up the phone, and tells Haley “You’ve ruined everything.”


Haley now so afraid, runs away from Susan, and locks herself in the bathroom. Susan, still holding the gun walks to the door, telling Haley: “I’m so disappointed in you” like nothing is her fault. Haley is still so afraid to open the door, bu Susan tries to calm her down and convince her she is her real mother, and what Karen has told her has been all lies. Susan continues ti try and get Haley to open the door, but Haley looks at a mirror with photos of herself as a child, and begins to remember that say at the carnival, and even begins to remember being taken.

She remembers looking back at Karen, and remembering that Susan was the one her took her. At that moment, she knows for sure who she is, while still hearing Susan try to convince her to open the door, just as Haley slightly says: “You’re not my mother.”

Susan still tries to get Haley to open the door, but eventually gets so mad, she tries to break the door open, when that fails, she points her gun at the nob, and shoots it open.


Susan opens the door, slowly walks in, and in a very creepy (but brilliant acting by Amanda Tapping) says to Haley: “Ooh, mommy’s here.” Haley looks upon Susan with a look of fear on her face, but Susan leans down to her, and tries to convince her that all is fine, and that they can return home, and things can be just as they used to be. Haley takes Susan’s hand, and they walk out of the bathroom.

As they walk into the living room, Susan sees that Karen is not on the floor, Susan runs up from behind her, and tries to knock her to the floor, but Karen herself gets knocked down. Haley tries to kick the gun to Karen, but Susan grabs it instead. She picks up the gun, and in anger, calls Haley an “ungrateful brat” but then points the gun at Karen, and says she is sick of what she has to say.

Before Susan can shoot her, Haley stops her, and tells her she believes that she is her daughter. Susan looks at her, can see the emotion on her face, Haley continues to try and convince Susan that all she wants is to go home. Susan believes what Haley is telling her is true, and smiles with relief on her face. Susan takes Haley, and walk out the door, leaving Karen behind to watch as her daughter leaves her again.

They walk out the front door, just as two police cars pull up. Susan pulls out her gun, and holds Haley close, as detective Tully tries to get her to put the gun down, Haley tries to do the same bu telling Susan that they can still go home. Susan is so hesitant and refuses to put her gun down, or let Haley go. Detective Tullu walks up to Susan slowly, and after talking her down, is able to take the gun from her, and take her into custody.

Susan looks back at Haley in tears, but Haley makes no effort to go to her, but watches as she is put into the police car. Haley walks up to Susan who is in the back of the police car, but soon walks away, leaving Susan in heartache. Haley walks over to Karen who is the back of a ambulance, they look at one another for a few moments, but then hold each others hands, and smile. After 12 hard years, a mother and daughter are together again, and can rebuild a bound that can never be broken.

This was a movie that in my opinion hit it on all levels in terms of story telling, and acting, emotions and he message it sends across. Moria Kelly, Amanda Tapping and Kacey Rohl are the three main stars in this movie, and they all give top level performances.

Moria Kelly and Amanda Tapping both play the role of two moms who have both lost a child in some way, and each one shows the pain and grief in what it means to lose a child, and display a perfect balance of joy and sorrow. Kacey Rohl plays Haley Turner, who has been raised as Emma McQueen, who delivers a knockout performance as the innocent young girl who discovers what has happened to her, and goes back to the mother she lost years ago, thus mother and daughter find one another at last.

The movie shows that even if all odds are against a parent, there is always hope in any parents heart who has lost a child, and even if it takes months or years, a child who is missing can be found again. If this movie can inspire parents who have lost hope, or to keep searching for a child they have lost, and hopefully find them one day, then this movie has done a superb job.

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    Hey Mike,

    Wonderful review of “Taken Back: Finding Haley! I really enjoyed seeing Ms. Tapping, Moira Kelly and newcomer Kacey Rohl who we all know from “The Killing” and “Supernatural.

    Thanks for your hard work on this!

    Best Regards,


  • this is a sad movie and it is making me cry because how can she just keep lokking for her lil girl and then find her in high school and then want to take her back and then spy on were she is and then tell her friend that she has found haley and that she is going to bring her back home when emma is happy were she is and then goes into there house and find things that belong to Emma Mcqueen and then take her soda can and as her friend to compare the finger prints with the ones on the soda can and then goes home and then takes Emma in her trunk and goes home and then takes her to her old home.

  • avatar Kenn Weeks says:

    Hi Maribell,

    Yes there were many sad parts. The kidnapping of a child is a horrible act. Amanda Tapping did a superb job playing the “bad” person, but her role is also tragic because of the loss of her own child.

    I found it to be a happy ending that Haley was reunited with her real Mom and felt that Moira Kelly and Kacey Rohl both did a superb job in “Finding Haley”.

    Best Regards,


  • avatar heather says:

    great movie. who is Dr. Rene R Roth? thanks

    • avatar Kenn says:

      Hello Heather,

      Thanks for the nice comment. Taken Back is indeed a fine movie about a difficult subject often manifest in life.

      On your question, there have a number of Dr. Renne R. Roth’s in several disciplines. Some are deceased. What context are you referring to?

      Best Regards,


  • avatar Renee says:

    I agree with Heather… who is Dr. Renew R Roth that Lifetime says the movie is a memorial to? Was an awesome movie… I watched it twice in one night and cried both times!

  • avatar silvia says:


    • avatar Kenn says:

      Hi Silvia,

      Thank you for your question. “Taken Back: Finding Haley” is based on a true story. Dr. Rene R. Roth was the mother in real life the movie was based on whose daughter was kidnapped.

      Best Regards,

      Kenn of WHR
      WormholeRiders News Agency

  • avatar Patricia Marshall says:

    What year did this happen and is the daughter of the deceased mom still alive and is she active in helping disappearing children. Thanks

  • avatar catharina says:

    It’s a great film ! When you believe in something you can find it ! It’s hard to lost a child but it don’t give you the right to take a other child from there familie ! One day it will come out and a lot of people will be hurt .

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