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Primeval New World: Exclusive Martin Wood Interview, Season Two, and The Sound of Thunder Part Two!

Welcome to our dedicated site to Primeval New World! MAJOR SPOILERS FOR NON CANADIANS: The “non-renewal” of the Primeval New World series by Space Channel is definitely a huge disappointment to all the cast, crews and creators! Martin Wood, one of the Executive Producers who works closely with Gillian Horvath, joined us today for an exclusive interview about the potential for a second season of this beloved program. Here, everyone …Read the Rest

Primeval New World:  “Babes In The Woods” A Confession about Bikinis in Dan Payne’s Interview!

Welcome back to the Primeval New World! MAJOR SPOILERS FOR NON CANADIANS: “Babes in the Woods” features great guest stars including the talented Tora Hylands and Dan Payne. The episode was written by the talented Katherine Collins and directed by industry veteran Andy Mikita. Well known for his wonderful work on many Stargate episodes, the work by Mr. Mikita brings pleasant memories to the minds of his many admirers, including …Read the Rest

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