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The “non-renewal” of the Primeval New World series by Space Channel is definitely a huge disappointment to all the cast, crews and creators! Martin Wood, one of the Executive Producers who works closely with Gillian Horvath, joined us today for an exclusive interview about the potential for a second season of this beloved program.

Here, everyone at WormholeRiders News Agency team in general, and to me in particular were saddened to hear about the non renewal of Primeval New World. For me, my heart is broken because I love this show!

Click to learn more about Martin Wood!The sad fact is that television shows are a business and if a show is not garnering a big enough ratings for the advertisers, or if there is not enough interest from other countries to air the series, the logical next step is that the series does not get renewed.

Fortunately, Primeval New World is airing in seventeen countries. Only one broadcaster in one country (Canada) has said they will not renew the series. There is hope for a season two as Mr. Woods indicates in his interview.

Perhaps worst of all are so-called fans who are illegally downloading programs as Martin Wood states in his exclusive interview playing above.

Illegally viewing or downloading hurts program ratings, takes jobs away from the crews, actors and creators of a program like Primeval New World, and has, in our opinion, also contributed to the cancellation of shows like Sanctuary, Stargate, as well as many others in recent history.

Primeval New World S1x13 - Peeps downloading or viewing illegally are like scorpions biting the hand that feeds themTragically, illegal downloading almost ensures that programs get canceled while others who steal the work of others make money off of the people who worked so hard to bring us the shows we love.

We sincerely ask that you “Just Say No” to all your friends about illegal downloading or viewing. Thank you.

We include the “Sound of Thunder Part Two” season one finale featurette below for your enjoyment courtesy of Primeval New World!

Primeval New World S1x13 - Dylan fights for her life

The Sound of Thunder Part Two:

Primeval New World S1x13 - T-Rex rampages in the UKThe very last episode of season one of Primeval New World opens with the United Kingdom ARC Team chasing a T-Rex down a street in what appears to be London in an excellent scene that was actually filmed in the famous Gas Lamp District of Vancouver.

Thankfully, the nasty prehistoric beast heads back through a portal just as the team from ARC reach the anomaly.

Primeval New World S1x13 - Robert Lawrenson as KieranKieran (Robert Lawrenson), who seems to be new to the group at this point, gets too close to the portal.

When the terrifying T-Rex dinosaur reappears on this side of the portal, it forces him to back through the anomaly to avoid getting eaten.

Returning Primeval hero, the legendary Connor Temple (Andrew Lee Potts) quickly goes after Keiran through the portal.

Primeval New World S1x13 - Andrew-Lee Potts returns as Connor Temple

Primeval New World S1x13 - T-Rex goes wildThere is so much potential for series success here with the United Kingdom ARC Team re-entering the Primeval New World picture withe the show currently airing in seventeen (17) countries and coming soon to the United States on Syfy, I can only hope there will be more seasons of this great show in the future.

Primeval New World S1x13 - United Kingdom ARC TeamWhen I find my self thinking about the return of the ARC Team led by Connor Temple, it might have done more good to have them appear several episodes back, to help build excitement and anticipation for the show.

After the very lively beginning of the season one finale, with the United Kingdom ARC Team appearing, we return to the “present time” story line.

Primeval New World S1x13 - Dylan ruhses back with scorpion tail to save Toby

Dylan Weir (Sara Canning) is observed hurrying back through an anomaly to the Cross Photonics lab with the prehistoric scorpion’s tail in an effort to save Toby Nance’s (Crystal Lowe) life.

Toby, who had been stung by the poisonous beast in part one of “The Sound of Thunder”, is now on life support barely clinging to existence pending Dylan’s arrival.

Primeval New World S1x13 - Toby is in the hospital in need of scorpian serum

Primeval New World S1x13 - Evan is trapped behind bouldersAs “The Sound of Thunder” part two begins, we find Cross Photonics leader Evan Cross (Niall Matter) is still trapped behind a huge barrier of large boulders.

Evan is hoping that someone will come back soon to get him before he becomes lunch for the gigantic scorpion who is trapped with him.

Primeval New World S1x13 - Lexa Doig as Doctor FridkinAt the lab, Dr. Fridkin (Lexa Doig) has bad news that Mac (Danny Rahim) does not want to hear.

Toby is stable for the time being, but after being stung by the scorpion last episode, she will lose this battle if Dylan does not get back right away to make serum to save her life. Dr. Fridkin has a great line for Mac, “let’s pretend a little longer”.

Primeval New World S1x13 - Mac gets bad news about Toby from Dr Fridkin

Primeval New World S1x13 - Ange wants answersMac then notices that Ange (Miranda Frigon) is outside the door. He steps outside, anger building, as he warns her not to attempt another recruitment drive around Toby.

Ange comes back with, “the one who’s hurting the most gets to be an @@shole?”

Mac reminds her that she has switched sides, “you’re here helping, but we all know that comes with a price tag”.

Meanwhile, Dylan has run out of one anomaly and back through another to arrive back at the Cross Photonics warehouse.

Primeval New World S1x13 - Dylan heads for the portal

Primeval New World S1x13 - Connor arrives in the portal hubAs she has done that, Connor makes an appearance in the hub, very near to the two anomalies just used by Dylan. He is still looking for his team mate, Kieran.

Noticing the knife that Dylan left at the foot of the anomaly occupied by Evan, Connor assumes that is a message for him, and enters the same anomaly in hot pursuit.

Primeval New World S1x13 - Connor finds signs of humans in the pastThere is, of course, lots of evidence of human activity within the new environment. It would be safe to say that Connor would still believe that he is on the right track as he looks for his friend.

Dylan hands over the scorpion tail, telling the soldiers on duty to get it to the lab. She is headed back into the anomaly with a piece of pipe to use as a wedge for the rocks. As she makes it to the other side, she catches up to Connor.

Primeval New World S1x13 - Connor finds Dylan as they identify the scorpion trapsAs Dylan moves forward to investigate the situation she identifies the mysterious holes as scorpion sand traps to Connor where they can find what they need to save everyone back in the future.

It would have been better, I think, had Dylan identified the sand holw traps in “The Sound of Thunder” first part of this exciting two part episode. Just my opinion.

Primeval New World S1x13 - Connor and Dylan examine the scorpion holes

Primeval New World S1x13 - Connor and Dylan discuss what they must do to save Evan

Primeval New World S1x13 - Lt Leeds arrives with the scorpion tail to save TobyBack at the Cross Photonics lab, Lt. Ken Leeds (Geoff Gustafson) arrives with the crucially needed scorpion tail to produce serum and save Toby.

Everyone gets busy, but Dr. Fridkin gets to be the one to remove the venom from the tail. Of course, everyone in the lab is hoping that it is not too late for our poor Toby Nance who is laying comatose from the scorpion poison.

Primeval New World S1x13 - Everyone gets involved to save Toby

Primeval New World S1x13 - Dylan and Connor reach an agreement to save his friend and EvanDylan and Connor have finally reached Evan’s location. They first must move a large number of rocks that have imprisoned Evan with a scorpion in the sand hole trap.

Connor and Dylan come to a mutual agreement. If Connor will help Dylan with saving Evan, she will help Connor find his lost friend Kieran.

Primeval New World S1x13 - Evan has been holding off the giant scorpion with his taserIt seems that they are cutting things pretty close as well, since Evan has been forced to resort to using his hand held taser to attempt to keep the scorpion at bay, and he is running out of juice as the hungry scorpion moves in for the kill.

Finally they break through. Evan scrambles through the hole to the other side and away from the giant bug and they all high tail it out of the nightmarish place.

Primeval New World S1x13 - Connor and Dylan arrive to save Evan

Primeval New World S1x13 - Connor Dylan and Evan get the hell out of there

Primeval New World S1x13 - Toby flatlines close to deathThings get worse for Toby. She has gone into cardiac arrest at the lab with the monitor showing a flat line. Dr, Fridkin injects the antitoxin into her I.V. Moments later, the monitor shows a pulse.

Although I hope this is an accurate medical drama scene that saves Toby, and since I am not a doctor, I have no idea, but it sure makes for an exciting story line!

Primeval New World S1x13 - Toby is savedLater, Toby tells Mac that she heard him say they were best friends while she was unconscious. She also tells him that she felt as if she were on a different level of consciousness.

Everything was clearer to her, including why the anomaly timer was giving different information. It was because there were other anomalies on the other side of the one she was looking at. Very clever, this lady.

Primeval New World S1x13 - Ange returns to confirm Toby's hypothesisEnter Ange, who admits that what Toby is describing is very possible. In fact, Ange tells both Mac and Toby that there are dozens of anomalies that were causing interference with Toby’s device.

Evan and Dylan are still out there trapped. Mac hands Toby her laptop so she can go back to work to solve the problem to save Evan, Dylan, Connor and his friend.

Primeval New World S1x13 - Mac hands Toby her laptop so she can solve the problem

Primeval New World S1x13 - Connor Dylan and Evan are safe at the anomlay hubOnce Evan, Dylan and Connor reach the relative safety of the anomaly hub, Connor describes to Dylan and Evan how his team mate came to be trapped there in the prehistoric past.

An Albertasaurus, smaller and meaner than a T-Rex, chased him through the anomaly. Evan asks, “did it have something wrong with its arm?”

Connor replies that “it did, why?”

Primeval New World S1x13 - Connor, Dylan and Evan head through the anomaly back to the building“Because the same one killed my wife six years ago. It will be through there”, Evan tells the team.

They all walk through another anomaly and venture back to the building where the dinosaur showed up and killed his wife in the past. Upon arrival at the building, they all  take notice of a weapon on the floor just up ahead of them.

Primeval New World S1x13 - Toby is hard at work on the problemOnce our computer genius Toby figures out the decay rate of the anomaly that Evan and Dylan still occupy, she tells Ange that it will close in less than twelve hours, and they must work fast to save them.

Ange immediately gets onto her phone. She tells Toby and Mac that she is calling someone who can mount a full scale rescue operation. Likely, none other than her faithful military adviser, Colonel Hall (Louis Ferreira).

Primeval New World S1x13 - Ange calls Colonel Hall

Primeval New World S1x13 - Evan and Dylan decide to split upConnor and Evan and Dylan decide to split up to cover more ground. Evan is still having torturous self doubt about his decision back in 2006 that cost his wife her life.

We find out that Kieran is injured. His leg is in pretty bad shape. However, he is still willing to deal with the dinosaur.

Primeval New World S1x13 - Connor tells Kieran it is very complicatedConnor tells Kieran the whole thing is really very complicated. They are back in 2006, so whatever is going to happen in the next few minutes has already happened, and they cannot interfere.

Unfortunately, when they leave through the anomaly, the Albertasaurus  follows them and, as it arrives, so does Colonel Hall, with a well equipped small army. He shoots the dinosaur. Evan approaches him, “what did you just do?” Hall replies, “I just saved your life”.

Primeval New World S1x13 - Colonel Hall says I just saved your life

Primeval New World S1x13 - Colonel Hall tells them they will come along for a debriefThis is where Colonel Hall manages to really create barriers. Once he discovers that there are two “civilians”, he wants them to come back with his men to be debriefed.

Connor tells him, in the nicest way possible, that he needs to go to his home with Kieran because they are not from the same time.

However, Connor does not provide Hall with any more information. Colonel Hall decides that the two ARC Team members are coming back with him. And for that matter so is the darn dinosaur!

Primeval New World S1x13 - Colonel Hall heads back through the anomaly

Primeval New World S1x13 - Toby chats with Lt Leeds who arrives at her hospital bed

Primeval New World S1x13 - Lt Leeds arrives at Toby's hospital bedLeeds arrives at Toby’s bed to inform Mac that Evan does not want anyone else going through the anomaly, and Hall has plans to do just that. So he offers Mac a uniform so that he can sneak around unobserved.

As Mac arrives on site with Leeds, he notices two members of the ARC team. Connor does not know him when Mac asks. He is still trying to piece together the reason for the other Mac in the freezer with the other ARC logo.

Connor tells Mac that he got a glimpse of something that he should not have. Mac is not quite done yet, “Six years ago, Evan changed the course of my life. I need to know who that other guy was. What he was like”.

Primeval New World S1x13 - Connor explains tim eline changes to MacConnor provides some interesting information, “Unless you are actually in an anomaly when a time line changes, you do not even know about it. You just go on living like it was always that way. What’s worse is knowing how it was supposed to be. Being the only one that remembers. This is your life. Why don’t you focus on that.” Mac has no choice. He has to accept the way things have turned out.

Primeval New World S1x13 - Evan and Ange have a chat about what to doInside an army ambulance, Ange sits down to have a chat with Evan. Evan is a tad anxious. Since Hall does not seem to want to listen to him, he now needs Ange to listen, and help.

Evan explains about the portal that leads back to the day that his wife died and the Albertasaurus that Hall has is the key to everything playing out as it is supposed to. Ange is somewhat startled by Evan’s request, “You want me to release the dinosaur so it can kill your wife?”  Evan replies, “I don’t want you to, but you have to.”

Primeval New World S1x13 - Evan tells Ange that he is determined not to change the time lineEvan shares with Ange that he is still on his quest to ensure that nothing changes in the time line.

Ange, on the other hand, tells Evan that she does not like how things have turned out and any changes that might happen as a result of keeping the dino where it is right now, could be a good thing.

Evan’s reaction, is as expected. He looks a little frustrated by the whole thing.

Primeval New World S1x13 - Ange tells Evan it might all be for the best

Primeval New World S1x13 - Doctor Jardin tells Evan he has everything is under controlThere are none so blind as those who will not see, because they arrogantly think they know everything.

Case in point, our charming scientist, Dr. Jardine (Michael Patric). He thinks he has the dinosaur well in hand and tells Evan not to worry about it. Dylan knows better.

Leeds approaches Dylan who explains the situation with the dinosaur. “The dinosaur that is supposed to kill Evan’s wife is in that truck”. Leeds asks, “and if we don’t get it back to 2006?” Dylan replies, “…dominoes”. Once he is caught up, he  tells her, “Let’s get Evan”.

Primeval New World S1x13 - Dino disasters at local gas station

Primeval New World S1x13 - Ange finds Connor and KieranAnge finds Connor and Kieran. She is on to him, “I think we’ve met before. Care to tell me what you were doing at Cross Photonics six months ago pretending to be an internet repairman?” Connor, of course, is not willing to explain anything. He does tell Ange that he and Kieran need to go back through the anomaly before someone creates a time paradox. Gee, Ange, where have you heard this before.

Ange has an idea, why not work with her team. Together, they could control the anomalies. Connors reply is simple, “The anomalies are not meant to be controlled. You start messing with this stuff, and it gets very bad, very fast”. After a lengthy discussion about causing all kinds of problems if Ange messes with the time line, she agrees to let Connor and Kieran go home through the anomaly.

Primeval New World S1x13 - Lt Leeds says release EvanMeanwhile, Lt. Leeds is doing what Lt. Leeds does best, cause trouble for Col. Hall. He unofficially releases Evan into his custody. Moments later, Leeds, Evan, Dylan and Mac are plotting to gain access to the truck with the dino inside. How do they manage that? They use the old ‘distracted by the pretty girl’ ploy.

Then Mac and Evan hold on to the poor soldier while Dylan punches him in the face and knocks him out. Poor guy. Dylan does manage a, ‘sorry’. They grab the keys to the truck and are on their way.

That is, they approach the truck, getting within feet of it, only to discover that the truck has started rocking and rolling on its own.  Seconds later, the dino breaks out of the truck.

Primeval New World S1x13 - The dino is hungryOnce the dino is free, the expected rampage ensues, with people running in all directions, soldiers shooting, Col. Hall yelling, “hold your fire”, to his men, and Evan looking for his weapon. The dino heads toward Leeds but Dylan manages to push him out of the way. Hall, on the other hand, gets tossed into the side of a cargo van.

Primeval New World S1x13 - Evan chases the dino through the anomaly with a flamethrowerMac and Evan come to the rescue with flame throwers. Together they use fire to herd the dino back to the anomaly in the factory.

Once through and into the anomaly where the 2006 Evan and his wife are about to encounter the dino, Evan, Dylan and Mac discuss the repercussions. Evan realizes that he caused what is about to happen, and he always did. Dylan tries to convince him that he had to do what he did. That is when the bombshell drops. Mac realizes that if he is not there in 2006 to save Evan’s life, then Evan will get killed by the dinosaur.

Primeval New World S1x13 - Mac's anxiety level is highMac’s anxiety level is clearly rising. What happens to Evan in the now, will he simply vanish? Evan admits he does not know. Mac is now faced with an unsolvable problem. What should he do?

He is supposed to be in 2006 so he can save Evan, but it will be at the cost of his own life. He does not want Evan to die. For long moments, he agonizes over a decision.  His last words to Evan are, “Stuff this”, then he disappears through the portal.

Primeval New World S1x13 - Evan is stunned when he sees the anomaly wink outEvan attempts to go after Mac, but Dylan stops him. Evan then realizes, “He was the stranger. I changed that. I made him a friend. And right now he’s in there dying in my arms”. There is no time to grieve, however, since the dino bursts back through the anomaly. Evan pushes Dylan out of the way and turns his gun on the Albertasaurus, killing it.

An anomaly winks out, then another, and another. Evan realizes, “we changed something”. Both Evan and Dylan race back toward their own portal. Will they make it to the other side or get trapped?

We may never know because Primeval New World is yet to be renewed by another primary broadcaster for a second season. You can help make it happen by tweeting the hash tag #SavePrimevalNW, often!

Primeval New World S1x13 - Evan and Dylan race3 back to their own portal but will they make it

Click to visit and follow WormholeRiders News Agency on Twitter!Thanks to Kenn for final staging of the audio video embeds, inserting the images I captured in this review, for conducting the potential for a season two interview with Martin Wood, and many thanks to you for stopping by WormholeRiders News Agency!!

We look forward to seeing more of you here at our review site dedicated to our wonderful science fiction series Primeval New World!

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ArcticGoddess1 (Patricia)


  • avatar Kenn says:

    Hi Mr. Wood,

    Thank you for a revealing interview about PNW season two potential.

    Hi Patricia,

    Super detailed analysis on season one finale of Primeval New World. A pleasure working with you on this joint effort. Let us hope for a second season and that You Tube will take down the illegal videos of PNW that helped contribute to this outstanding science fiction series being canceled.

    Best Regards,


  • avatar Dejah says:

    They talk about illegal downloading, but that’s because it isn’t on in the U.S. And we DO NOT TRUST SYFY to actually air it. Also, we’re probably all going to just buy the DVD’s anyway. So they shouldn’t kill the show…. instead, they should air it in the U.S. so we wouldn’t have to watch on the internet. (btw, I didn’t get the chance to, so I’m really angry!!!)

    WE DO NOT GET SPACE in the U.S. so we can’t boost the ratings until it comes to the U.S. !!!!

    • avatar Kenn says:

      Hello Dejah,

      Not trusting Syfy has nothing to do with illegally downloading programs. How would you feel if someone came to your business and stole your property? Illegal downloading is the same thing, its stealing someone else’s property and is wrong.

      As the article says, illegal downloading and viewing costs people their jobs. We ask you tell all your friends to simply not visit illegal viewing sites as Mr. Wood said in the interview. Thank you.

      Best Regards,


    • avatar Kenn says:

      Hello again Dejah,

      I agree it would be nice if SPACE Channel was available in the USA. From what my friends in Canada tell me its a wonderful broadcaster. I look forward to tweeting with you when Primeval New World arrives on Syfy. A strong show of support by US viewers could help get more of this great program. Thank you.

      Also to clarify a statement I made in the interview, “working with SPACE people liek Teddy Wilson & Ajay Frye at conventions”. What I meant is that we worked at entertainment convention press room events, not that we work with (“for”) them.

      Best Regards,


  • avatar Kix says:

    Like I have always said, If it airs here in US after it’s already been cancelled, how are we going to up the ratings?
    How about streaming it online, live, one day/week at a certain time, we all go on our computers at the same time, and watch it, or let hulu show it, and we’d all have our own commercials.. I would not mind sitting thru 2-3 minutes of commercials so that I could actually watch the show. And yes, SYFY cannot be trusted, they’ve dropped shows mid season.

    • avatar Kenn says:

      Hi Kix,

      Thanks for your comment. Much has and is being done by the broadcasters and series producers to make their programs available immediately the next day on official series web sites and on Hulu among others.

      What we are talking about is people that steal the stuff and post it on You Tube often making money (stealing) from the hard work of others that contributes to programs being cancelled.

      As to not trusting Syfy, we know many of these people. They work hard to keep shows on the air, but illegal downloading takes away viewers that could save programs just like Mr. Wood said in his interview. The result can be cancellations mid season.

      Please share with all you friend to not visit illegal downloading sites to support the programs we all admire. Thank you.

      Best Regards,


      • avatar Stephen says:

        The original Primeval (the one this one is based off of, and Conor’s home) almost
        didn’t have a S4 and S5 because of Illigal downloads. When S4 aired in UK it also aired
        in US the same day. (well do to time zones it was hours later, but same day non the less)
        The ratings for S4 were higher then S5 and that probably because S5 aired months after
        it aired.

        (Does anyone know when it will air in the USA? I’ve read that Syfy has the rights to show it
        but I can’t find a air date. Will it even be 2013? I skipped the spoiler part of the article so
        if it’s in there can someone just tell me so I don’t have to ruin the ending for myself?)

  • avatar Jo says:

    Stop with the illegal downloads. People download because they don’t get the opportunity to see these programs. Primeval New World isn’t schedule to shop in Australia at any time. Sanctuary started on the net so it was a great way to watch. I do download stuff but then I buy the DVD’s when they become available. Unfortunately in Australia we don’t get some stuff for years.

    • avatar Kenn says:

      Hello Jo,

      We agree with you that all should stop the illegal downloads that are contributing to killing programs. Like you, I also purchase the DVD’s which is a good way to support programs legally.

      You mentioned “Unfortunately in Australia we don’t get some stuff for years.” Please share with all your friends in Australia to lobby their broadcasters to get the programs sooner, not steal other people property. Thanks.

      Sincerely, I sympathize. However, I ask that you consider that there are programs like Continuum, Arctic Air, The Bridge and in the past Doctor Who, among many others from Canada and Europe that we have to wait for even here in the United States.

      That does not justify me (or anyone) from stealing the property of others. As I mentioned to Dejah, I will reiterate to you buy with a different twist; What if I came to your house and stole your money or other stuff because I “wanted to see it”? In our opinion its the same thing. Theft is theft and is wrong and I hope you agree.

      I suggest that everyone wait patiently to see the programs like I did with Continuum because its the right thing to do.

      Thanks for your comment.

      Best Regards,


  • avatar Dino says:

    Hey Dejah,

    thats no excuse to illegal download. just like Martin said illegal downloads and viewing “its killing” programs. tell all your friends to not illegally view programs. thanks


    • avatar Kenn says:

      Hello Dino,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Patricia, I, and the WHR team agree with you. There is no excuse for stealing other peoples property under any circumstance. In the case of Primeval New World, a criminal opened a channel on You Tube FOUR TIMES making money from advertisements there at the cost of killing PNW.

      Thanks for dropping by and we hope to see more of your comments here at WHR web sites!

      Best Regards,


  • avatar Gene says:

    great interview and review. thank you.

    I will wait until i can legally purchase the dvds or watch shows on my cable company comcast. i always watch live and support programs only by doing it without stealing. i also think syfy is a great station. its not their fault when people steal viewers by illegal downloads. that causes show to end like martin wood said.


    • avatar Kenn says:

      Hello Gene,

      Thanks for dropping by to leave a nice comment. I agree, only watch legally not by stealing other peoples property.

      Best Regards,


      PS: I also agree that Syfy is a great station with professional people doing their best to support good programs like they have done over the past 21 years!

  • avatar Alyssey says:

    I’m sorry, but…when are they going to bring this to Mexico? What? Never unless I have cable?, Sadly, that IS my reason for downloading it. It’s already on my wishlist, though so I definitely pay when I love a show. I’m sad that Martin feels this way, because this is the way I discovered his super awesome show, Sanctuary, which also got cancelled, but I have ALL the DVDs, three of the four seasons preordered, not just waiting to “buy used”. I consider Martin a great mind, but, since I won’t get a part of what the U.S. and Canada get, I have to do it another way. Martin, accept my apologies, and keep in mind I AM buying your series, I don’t just download thinking “OH! Free stuff!”
    This is ALWAYS the problem with “illegal downloading” Not everyone gets the show at the same time, so we want to keep updated with our international friends!

    • avatar Kenn says:

      Hello Alyssey,

      Thanks for your comment. That is great you buy the DVD’s!

      We understand your desire to see the shows not currently airing in Mexico to tweet or Facebook with your International friends, but can’t you just tweet and have fun with them until you get the shows legally like we did when we waited for Continuum on @Syfy in the USA?.

      However, downloading or viewing from anywhere but authorized franchised web sites who pay royalties to offset the huge costs of producing the programs we love is only supporting thieves who are stealing money and jobs from others.

      I wish such was not the case, but its true. Thanks for dropping by.

      Best Regards,


  • avatar Sandra says:

    What’s the significance of the timer on the top right? Currently at 293 days.

    • avatar Kenn says:

      Hi Sandra,

      Thanks for your questions and comment. The countdown timer is set for December 25, 2013. We hope Santa will deliver a special Christmas present, a second season of Primeval New World!

      Best Regards,


      • avatar Sandra says:

        But, is there something in particular about that number? Ex. that’s the last official day that we can hope for a season 2? There’s a deadline in place? Something like that?

        • avatar Kenn says:

          Hi Sandra,

          Nothing particular except that it takes time to secure a new primary broadcaster. We are hoping that with a great show of support when PNW comes to Syfy, it will help get a second season approved.

          Best Regards,


          PS: Let’s hope Santa puts Primeval New World in our Christmas stockings!

  • avatar Gary says:

    Thanks for this interesting interview

    I do hope PNW gets picked up by another company (or repicked up) to get a second (and ideally 3rd, 4th, 5th season).

    I love primeval in all it’s forms, whether the original series, new world, books etc (would actually love a ps3/psn game based around the series aswell, but i realise that *IS* asking a lot).

    I have the dvds and blurays that exist, and some of the books (sadly i’ve been unable to find some of them)

    Regarding illegal downloads, i was lucky really as i was in Canada while New world aired, because of work (i live in England), so i got lucky that i got a chance to see the entire series, so whether or not international fans view the show illegally or not, which does hurt a series regardless, because if 100 people for example, download the show illegally online, only about 20-25 of them will then rewatch the episodes when they air on their local channel.
    But either way what excuse can Canadian “fans” give for letting this show get cancelled for any of them that also illegally viewed the show.

    Everyone involved in the show, i hope you keep up the good work, and i hope you get to do a second season.

  • Hi everyone,

    Thanks for the comments. It seems to come down to the desire of viewers to access shows as soon as they are released vs. the desire of the show providers to maintain viewers in a way that will guarantee revenue. Since the only suggestion that WormholeRiders can provide is to not support illegal downloads, we hope that people will do so. Obviously, there needs to be a solution to this problem. If anyone has any ideas that would fix this major issue, please let us know here and we will bring it to the attention of the people in a position to implement your idea(s).

    Arctic Goddess (Patricia)

    • avatar Sandra says:

      Don’t know if it’s a possible solution but having all carriers broadcast the show at the same time would be ideal. They did it for Doctor Who so why not Primeval NW? SciFi, Watch and Space could co-ordinate in a way that would allow all users to watch on the same days, even if it’s a few hours apart.

      • avatar Kenn says:

        Hello again Sandra,

        Yes it has been done before in North America with many shows like Stargate, Sanctuary, Warehouse 13 and etcetera. BBC has an advantage in that they broadcast Doctor Who on their own network in USA and UK for same day broadcasts with SPACE Channel tied in.

        I too hope for world-wide broadcasts at the same time to help shows get great ratings and to foil the illegal pirates who steal programs.

        Thanks for nice comments.

        Best Regards,


  • avatar Aaron says:

    The ‘solution’ would be to stop pandering to network television and drop the antiquated rating system, These days people do not always have the chance to sit down in front of a television at a specific time to ‘support’ the show. Others, myself included do not even watch traditional tv anymore, why would i need to? With On-Demand and Anytime services so prevalent (Legally, with services from Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and others) I can watch things whenever i want and even wherever i want thanks to mobile devices, but because I’m not sat on my couch at 9PM tuned in, I am not a “real fan”.
    We buy the DVDs, we tell our friends about the show and they watch and buy the DVDs, we support the writers, directors and actors by watching other things they have created and buy those DVDs, but if i don’t have time to sit down and be a +1 to those archaic Nielsen ratings that must mean I want these people and shows to fail.

    I do understand the damage that piracy can cause, but blaming everything on it is not the solution, In a time where the internet is in almost every home, office, laptop or pocket, keeping things limited to a specific time on a singular television network just won’t cut it.

    • avatar Kenn says:

      Hello Aaron,

      We are glad that you agree piracy is wrong. No one has ever blamed everything on piracy, but this program was heavily pirated on You Tube and Google did nothing to stop the thieves.

      Shame on Google and those who made sure there would never be a second season because they stole the entire first season long before it even aired all around the world. Such thieves belong in prison with long sentences.

      Besgt Regards,

      Kenn Weeks of WHR

  • avatar carlos ortiz says:

    I love the show. please bring it back. thank you.

  • avatar Keith says:

    This excellent website definitely has all of the information I wanted about Primeval, and didn’t know who to ask.

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