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Primeval New World: Exclusive Martin Wood Interview, Season Two, and The Sound of Thunder Part Two!

Welcome to our dedicated site to Primeval New World! MAJOR SPOILERS FOR NON CANADIANS: The “non-renewal” of the Primeval New World series by Space Channel is definitely a huge disappointment to all the cast, crews and creators! Martin Wood, one of the Executive Producers who works closely with Gillian Horvath, joined us today for an exclusive interview about the potential for a second season of this beloved program. Here, everyone …Read the Rest

Primeval Series Four Episode Seven Review with BBC Video Special

Hello once again Primeval fans, Spoiler warning for United States Primeval fans: This review discusses episode seven of Primeval series four. If you do not like spoilers and have not yet seen episode six, please stop reading now. If you like spoilers, please read on! The special BBC America Primeval promotional about Primeval is included below. The trailer video as included will play in either the United States, Canada and …Read the Rest

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