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Season seven, episode twenty-two “There Will Be Blood”, aired on Friday 05/11/12 9pm ET.

Per The CW here is the episode synopsis. SAM AND DEAN SEEK OUT AN ALPHA – In order to defeat Dick Roman (guest star James Patrick Stuart) and the Leviathans, Sam and Dean must locate three key items.  Castiel helps with one but for the last objects, the Winchesters must face two of their strongest opponents – an Alpha (guest star Rick Worthy) and Crowley (guest star Mark Sheppard).  Meanwhile, Bobby (guest star Jim Beaver) tries out a new ghost trick that ends up being very dangerous.  Guy Bee directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin.

Castiel is awake y’all!  Things are coming to a head!

We pick up this episode where last week’s episode left off.  Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) swapped cases with Dick Roman last week and we still do not know what was in the one they have.  Kevin Tran (Osric Chau) is obviously an awesome student and plays the cello beautifully.  While the cello is playing in the background we see the brothers arrive at an old warehouse type place with the case.

Supernatural S7x21 - Title

Supernatural S7x21 - Kevin Tran Awards

Supernatural S7x21 - Dean and Sam arrive at old warehouse with case

Kevin Tran is very concerned about doing perfectly on his SATs.  Sam and Dean open the case to find a thick piece of rock.  They are going to bust through it.  With each strike thunder gets louder and louder.  A storm is definitely a brewing.  It is getting ugly.  Suddenly a large bolt of lightning comes into the room where Kevin Tran is and strikes him.  He is lifted by it and his eyes light up in gold.  Many symbols appear to him.  He is left unconscious.

Supernatural S7x21 - Dean breaking rock open

Supernatural S7x21 - Kevin being struck by lightening

Next we see Castiel (Misha Collins) lying stiff as a board back at the insane asylum.  You can hear the storm there too.  Meg (Rachel Miner) is watching him.  Cas awakens.  Things are getting real now.

Supernatural S7x21 - Meg sitting in room with Castiel

Supernatural S7x21 - Castiel awakens

Edgar (Benito Martinez) is working and gets a call from Dick Roman (James Patrick Stuart) about the swapped out case I am certain.  He is being told what he needs to do.

Supernatural S7x21 - Edgar on the phone with Dick

Kevin finally wakes up at 10:22AM to his mother (Khaira Ledeyo) leaving him a voice mail knowing he is already at school about to take his exam.  Uh oh spaghetti o’s.  He is rushing to leave when more thunder and his eyes light up gold again and more flashes of symbols.

Supernatural S7x21 - Kevins eyes light up gold

At the hole in the wall where Dean and Sam are, a cup moves and Dean asks if it is Bobby (Jim Beaver).  EMF is going crazy, so it is probable.  He may have drained any power he had with what happened last episode with Dick.

Supernatural S7x21 - EMF going off

Sam explains that when they cracked the rock open to find another stone inside with many symbols on it that many things started to happen locally.  They cannot crack the code on the stone.  It does not match anything online.  They know they need to get the stone somewhere safe until they can figure things out.

Supernatural S7x21 - Stone with symbols

Meg calls Sam and tells him that Castiel is awake.  She explains that he is different than when he first went to sleep.  She has no idea why.  She tells them if they want answers they need to drive out there.  Dean figures out that about the time Cas woke up was about the time he cracked the rock open.

Supernatural S7x21 - Meg on the phone with the boys

Kevin speaks to his friend, Channing (Lissa Neptuno) on the phone because he missed his test and other activities at school.  He then had the golden eyes and started talking in a way that made Channing realize he was not ok.  He said he was chosen and had to keep on moving because he was not allowed to stop.  It is amazing when you know someone well enough to know they do not speak that way and they would never miss a test or school.

Supernatural S7x21 - Kevin on the phone with Channing

Supernatural S7x21 - Channing talking to Kevin on the phone

Dean and Sam arrive at the coocoo’s nest.  Meg greets the brothers and takes them to Castiel.  It was so funny to see him in his trench coat on top of his white crazy guy scrubs.  Dean is just happy to see Cas walking and talking.  Castiel is actually a pretty funny dude right now.

Supernatural S7x21 - Castiel in his trench coat and scrubs

Supernatural S7x21 - Cas asks Dean to pull his finger

Sam shows Castiel the stone with the symbols.  Sam explains that he woke up at the same time they opened the stone.  Castiel feels it makes sense that if anyone frees “the Word of God” from the vault of the earth it would be the Winchesters.


Castiel tells Dean and Sam that it is Metatron’s handwriting.  Metatron is an angel  and the scribe of God.  He took down dictation when creation took place.  Sam wants to know what it says, but Castiel cannot read it.  When Meg starts bickering with Dean, Castiel says he does not like conflict and disappears.  I might add that he dropped the stone and it cracked into pieces.

Supernatural S7x21 - Castiel disappears and The Word of God drops

Sam picks up the pieces of the stone and puts them in a bag.  He walks out the room talking to Meg because she threatens to leave and take Castiel with her.  They hear a sound, go back in the room and see the bag is gone.  Uh oh.  It was none other than the chosen one, Kevin.

Supernatural S7x21 - Kevin steals the stone

Kevin is running for dear life with Sam chasing him.  It is actually pretty hysterical to see.  He is zigzagging all over the place and Sam cannot quite catch up.  Meg knocks Kevin on his a double s.  Kevin apologizes for not being able to let go of the bag.  He is petrified and does not even understand why he is where he is and what he is supposed to be doing.

Supernatural S7x21 - Kevin cannot let go of the bag

Dean finds Castiel and is trying to get him to speak to him.  He wants Cas to help them kill the leviathans.  Cas decides he wants to play the board game “Sorry”.  He is saying the oddest things.

Supernatural S7x21 - Castiel wants to play Sorry

Kevin tells Sam that he is not sure what the stone is, but he knows it is for him and he is supposed to keep it.  He realizes that he understands the writing on the stone.  It is difficult because he has to focus on them and it hurts his eyes some.

Supernatural S7x21 - Kevin trying to focus on the stone

Lights flicker and something is definitely up.  Two angels show up.  Hester (Emily Holmes) and Inias (Adrian Glynn McMorran).  Hester sees Meg is a demon and flings her to one side of the room.  She seems very upset.  She says, “Step away from the prophet!”  The prophet Kevin!!!  She refers to him as “the soulkeeper of the Word on earth”.

Supernatural S7x21 - Hester flings Meg across the room

Supernatural S7x21 - Hester

Supernatural S7x21 - Inias

Hester and Inias are there to take Kevin with them.  Meg cuts Inias with the only thing that will ever kill an angel.  That special knife.  Inias and Hester know Castiel.  Hester is less than happy to see him.  Dean got rid of all of the angels for a while using the sigil in blood on the wall and placing his hand on it.  I like to call that the “angel be gone button”.  They know they only have a few hours at most so they are heading to Rufus’s (Steven Williams) cabin to figure some things out.

Supernatural S7x21 - Meg cuts Inias with the special knife

Supernatural S7x21 - Dean sends angels away with the sigil

Kevin has been reported, “MISSING”.  Sam saw a Detective Collins (Eric Floyd) on the news talking about Kevin.  The brothers are concerned that Bobby is going all “vengeful spirit” and they are not sure what they need to do.

Supernatural S7x21 - News report of Kevin MISSING

Meg is outside of the store at the gas station and sees a couple of truck drivers talking.  They look at her and what do you know…they have black eyes.  Demons!

Supernatural S7x21 - Demons

Castiel calls Meg asking where they are and she starts to tell him and BAM…there he is in the car scaring the piss out of poor Kevin.  Bad enough he was sitting next to a demon, but now he is sitting next to an angel sitting next to a demon.  It is quite comical to those of us that know the characters.

Supernatural S7x21 - Castiel shows up in the car

Dean wants answers.  He wants to know why angels are after them.  Castiel explains that Hester and Inias are part of the garrison…his old garrison.  He used to be their Captain.  They are after them because the Word of God was revealed and the keeper of the Word has awoken.  That keeper is Kevin.  They are to take the keeper to the dessert where he will learn the Word away from others.


Sam and Dean need Kevin to translate the Word on the tablet because it may contain the information required to know how to kill the leviathans for good.  They are at Rufus’s cabin so Kevin can get to work.


Sam is concerned about Castiel and all he transferred from Sam’s head to himself.  Castiel is definitely not the Castiel we all know and love.  He is almost like some hippie weirdo.  Sam promises to help get him better.  He does not seem to think there is anything wrong with him.

Supernatural S7x21 - Sam worried about Castiel

Supernatural S7x21 - Castiel thinks he is just fine

Kevin begins to completely freak out because he is just a kid and is not prepared for all of this.  When I say freak out, I mean freak out.  Like he cannot breathe and he is hyperventilating.  It hurts him to focus on the Word and that is what put him in the frenzy.

Supernatural S7x21 - Kevin freaks out

Meg goes out to meet the truck drivers from earlier.  They want to know why they should not just take her to Crowley right then because they do not want the Winchester’s.  She offers the angel instead.  Castiel is supposed to be dead, as far as they know.  She slices and dices those demons.  Bye bye!

Supernatural S7x21 - Meg kills truck driver demons

Meg returns to Rufus’s cabin only to find herself in a devil’s trap when she walks in.  Dean and Sam are not taking any chances with her.  She explains how simple she really is and that she just killed some of Crowley’s demons to get them off of their tail.  She says she also does not want to lose the only angel that will go to bat for her.

Supernatural S7x21 - Meg in a devils trap

Hester and Inias show up at the cabin.  The angel-proofing was not enough to stop them from getting inside.  Hester is very upset and looks to Castiel as the worst way an angel can end up because he has fallen so badly.  They want to take Kevin, the prophet to the dessert as they are supposed to.


Dean explains that he and Sam are trying to clean up what Castiel did and they will take care of Kevin.  Hester is less than pleased and wants Dean to pay for Castiel’s corruption.  It seems she blames him for everything Castiel did or did not do.  She was about to put a hurting on Dean when Castiel steps in.  She then turns her rage to Cas and was about to kill him.  Meg stabs her with the angel killing knife and there you have it…Hester is a goner!

Supernatural S7x21 - Hester about to kill Castiel

Supernatural S7x21 - Meg kills Hester

Inias tells Castiel he wishes Castiel would go back with them.  Castiel says that he is not part of the garrison anymore.  Kevin has translated the stone for Sam and Dean.  Inias tells two other angels to take Kevin home and watch him there.  Kevin takes the stone with him.  At the moment, no one knows where Meg is.

Supernatural S7x21 - Inias tells two angels to take Kevin home

Now Sam is reading the translation.  It says the only way a Leviathan can be killed is using a bone of a righteous mortal washed in the three bloods of the fallen.  First they need the blood of a fallen angel.  Castiel is “always happy to bleed for the Winchester’s”.  He hands them a bottle of his blood.  Dean asks what is he going to do and Castiel has no idea and then vanishes.

Supernatural S7x21 - Castiel hands Dean a bottle of his blood

Mrs. Tran is talking to Detective Collins about where Kevin could be.  She is worried sick.  He is telling her to try to keep calm.  The angles flap in with Kevin in front of the detective and his mother.

Supernatural S7x21 - Kevin and his mom and Detective Collins

Detective Collins is no detective.  He is a leviathan, Edgar more specifically.  Leviathans can kill angels and he kills the angels that are supposed to be protecting Kevin.  When Detective Collins turns around, he shows his real identity as Edgar and his words were, “Hello Kevin”, in a very creepy voice.  Then…credits!

Supernatural S7x21 - Detective Collins kills one angel

Supernatural S7x21 - Detective Collins kills another angel Supernatural S7x21 - Detective Collins is really Edgar

Cliffhanger!  I like where all this is headed and feel like we are about to get rid of season 7’s big bad…the leviathans.  I am so ecstatic knowing we are getting a season 8.  This is not all that common for shows to go this long, but Supernatural holds strong every time.  Let me make sure to give credit where credit is due.  A lot of credit goes out to the SPN fandom…we are the best fandom out there and we are going to keep it going.  Where do you think Supernatural is headed?

Funny Quotes From The Episode:

Meg: “Hey Seacrest, guess what?  Not a nurse.  Just playing one on TV.”
Castiel: (pointing his finger toward Dean) “Pull my finger.”
Dean: “What?” (very perplexed)
Castiel: “My finger…pull it.”
Dean: (humors him and pulls his finger)
Castiel: (when Dean pulls finger the light bulb in the room explodes) “Hehehe”
Castiel:  “Did you know that a cat’s penis is sharply barbed along it’s shaft?  I know for a fact that the females were not consulted about that.”
Sam:  “Well what’s it say then?”
Castiel:  “Uh tree? Horse. Fiddler grab. I can’t read it.  It wasn’t made for angels.”
Kevin:  “You’re one of the angels?”

Castiel:  (putting his index finger on Kevin’s nose) “Boop.” (in a very deep voice)
Guest Stars This Episode (non regulars):
“Meg” portrayed by Rachel Miner
“Kevin Tran” portrayed by Osric Chau
“Hester” portrayed by Emily Holmes
“Inias” portrayed by Adrian Glynn McMorran
“Edgar” portrayed by Benito Martinez
“Detective Collins” portrayed by Eric Floyd
“Mrs. Tran” portrayed by Khaira Ledeyo
“Channing” portrayed by Lissa Neptuno

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