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The season seven finale, episode twenty-three “Survival Of The Fittest”, airs on Friday 05/18/12 9pm ET.

Per The CW here is the episode synopsis. SAM AND DEAN STORM SUCROCORP TO TAKE DOWN DICK ROMAN – Dean and Sam prepare for battle with Dick Roman (guest star James Patrick Stuart).  Dick’s in the final phase of his plan and the Winchesters must team up with Castiel (guest star Misha Collins), Bobby (guest star Jim Beaver), Meg (guest star Rachel Miner) and Kevin (guest star Osric chau), the prophet, to stop him.  However, Dick is one of the smartest enemies they’ve ever faced so it’s a mind game to see who can keep the upper hand.  Robert Singer directed the episode written by Sera Gamble.

That’s right SPN family…they’ve got the eye of the tiger!

Supernatural S7x22 - Title

There Will Be Blood:

We begin on the set of KZPZ’s Top Story with Gloria Jane (Aliyah O’Brien) interviewing Dick Roman (James Patrick Stuart) about his latest endeavor.  He has just purchased controlling stock in Sucrocorp.  He is having it added to all foods that would contain high fructose corn syrup so that people will be a little tastier for leviathans.  Of course she and the rest of the conscious world do not know that.  He even throws a few indirect comments about it when speaking.

Gloria Jane interviewing Dick Roman

Supernatural S7x22 - Dick Roman being interviewed by Gloria Jane

Susan (Olivia Cheng), Dick’s assistant brings him a case with the stone containing “the Word of God”.  He is still in studio, but off the air.  His 11AM appointment is waiting for him.  Dick asks Susan if they were still looking for someone in mainstream media and puts in a request for Gloria.  This means a leviathan will take her appearance, but the real Gloria gets eaten.  Dick is in the mood for BBQ!

Supernatural S7x22 - Susan talking to Dick

Dick walks into a conference room and he is there to see, Kevin (Osric Chau), the keeper of the Word of God.  Kevin is tied up and has duct tape over his mouth.  Dick brings him the stone and wants him to translate it for him.  Edgar (Benito Martinez) is in the room with them and intimidates the crap out of Kevin.

Supernatural S7x22 - Kevin tied up and Dick is speaking to him

Supernatural S7x22 - Edgar about to cut Kevins hands loose

Dick knows all about how intelligent Kevin is and will use anything against him in order to get the translation.  Kevin says he does not know what the stone says, but he does not know Dick…bahahaha, I just had to say that, at least once.  Dick knows everything.  He always seems to be a step ahead of everything and everyone.

Dick offers to “sweeten the deal”.  He knows Kevin wants to go to Princeton and passes him a letter of recommendation.  A letter from a man like Dick would probably make him a shoe in.  Kevin’s conscience will not allow him to do it.  Dick has something up his sleeve.  He has a live feed of Kevin’s mother (Khaira Ledeyo) tied up, gagged, and with a knife to her throat.  Balls!

Supernatural S7x22 - Kevin sees his mother on live feed

Back at the cabin Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are trying to figure out the translation that Kevin left them.  They are trying to make sense of everything so they do not walk in half cocked and the plan falls through.  Dean is convinced that God is not telling them everything and that is the catch.  Then we see Bobby (Jim Beaver) standing in the background staring at the boys.  They cannot see him.

Supernatural S7x22 - Sam and Dean trying to figure out translation

Supernatural S7x22 - Bobby looking at Dean and Sam

Dean is brushing his teeth when he sees his own breath and the mirror ices over. Bobby is behind him.  He says he is feeling stronger than ever.  He looks really pale to me.

Supernatural S7x22 - The mirror ices over

Supernatural S7x22 - Bobby looking pale

Bobby knows everything Kevin told them about how to take out the leviathans.  Bobby says about the blood, “It’s gotta be from a human as light and good as the leviathan are hungry and dark.”  Bobby says they already have the fallen angel’s blood.  The other they need has to be from the ruler of the fallen humanity, which would be Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard).  They need to get an alpha’s blood also.  It sounds like those will be a cinch to get.  Sure…no problem!

Sam is watching a commercial about Sucrocorp.  He sees that Dick Roman is putting this sweetener in everything on grocery store shelves.  Sam explains to Dean what it is and all that it is in and yes, it is especially in pie.  There really is not anything they can do about this high fructose corn syrup right now.  They have to attack the problem at it’s root.

Supernatural S7x22 - Sam and Dean read about Dick

The laptop shuts angrily in front of Dean.  Okay, Bobby is not happy right now at all.  Dean specifies that Bobby has some ideas.  They summon Crowley.  They will need his blood so they better get crackalacking!

Supernatural S7x22 - Laptop shuts because of Bobby

Kevin has finished translating the stone symbols for Dick.  He is not happy that he had to do that, but he could not let anything happen to his mother.  Dick wants to keep Kevin with him for a little longer, but he needs Edgar to catch up with an old friend.

Supernatural S7x22 - Kevin finishes translation and Edgar has Mrs

Crowley says he will give his blood, but it will be last because his enemies can do some damage with a vial of his blood.  He feels their most difficult challenge will be to get an angel’s blood.   He also lets Sam and Dean know that the Alpha Vampire is still alive and well.  He tells them he has an idea where the Alpha might be, then vanishes.  He leaves a fiery note, literally in flames on the table.  All it says is Hoople, North Dakota.

Supernatural S7x22 - Crowley talking to Dean and Sam

I do not know if I actually like Dean’s red leather jacket.  He is wearing it while pumping gas outside of a store in Hoople.  I like the darker leathers on him.  Sorry, that was my little tangent.

Supernatural S7x22 - Dean in the red leather

Dean leaves Bobby’s flask inside of the car while they go inside the store.  They are discussing Bobby’s anger and how bad the situation can become.  In the last couple weeks it seemed that Sam was in favor of the possibility that keeping Bobby around as a ghost could work.  Dean was against Bobby choosing to stay around.  Now roles have switched and Sam is starting to feel like things are only going to get worse and Dean does not want to hear about having to put Bobby to rest.

Dean and Sam are noticing that the other store occupants look really odd.  They are all just completely spaced out.  Sam says, “They look like those turducken people.”  They realize that the corn syrup is in everything and is what is causing people to get this way.  They cannot eat anything with the corn syrup in it.  Dean is freaking out.

Supernatural S7x22 - Woman looking like one of those Turducken people

Sam, Dean and Bobby are sitting outside of a large house.  They cannot see anything from outside.  Bobby goes in and checks things out to let the boys know if it is clear to go in.  He says there is something they are going to want to see.  There are a few dead vampires lying on the table.  There mouths almost look burnt and like they died feeding.  They know the only way to kill a vamp is by beheading.

Supernatural S7x22 - Vampires died feeding

Sam notices something looks strange on a wall.  They believe there is a room behind the wall.  Bobby goes through the wall to see what is back there.  Sure enough it is a bedroom.  The doors open and there she is.  A young girl, Emily (Laci J. Mailey) is standing there afraid of Sam, Dean and Bobby.

Supernatural S7x22 - Emily afraid of Sam Dean and Bobby

Emily explains how she was brought there when she was eight years old.  She said she is one of his (the Alpha’s) special girls.  She has been fed IV bags only for approximately the last 12 years so that she is pure.  Virgins are a delicacy and he always has one on hand.

Emily said that about a week prior the vampires in the house came back from an easy hunt, but when they started to feed they screamed in pain and died.  She said there was only one that had not fed yet and when he saw what happened he went to animals.  Sam wonders if it is the corn syrup that caused the vampires to die.

Supernatural S7x22 - Sam wonders if it is because of the corn syrup

Sam asks if Emily knows where the Alpha is now and she says maybe because there is a place he goes when he needs to get away.  Sam takes out his cell phone and she seems so perplexed and asks what it is.  Dean tells her it is a tracker and they need an address.  Emily does not have that information.

Supernatural S7x22 - Emily asks what Sams cell phone is

The living vampire Mort (Nick Hunnings) arrives back at the house.  He can tell something is not right.  He sees Emily’s room is wide open.  Edgar comes out asking for the Alpha.  Mort will not give him up, so what does Edgar do?  Well he takes on Mort’s appearance and then kills him.

Supernatural S7x22 - Edgar takes on Morts appearance and kills him

Dean is still freaking out about not being able to eat the way he likes.  Sam assures him that he will be fine and will survive this.  I guess it is better than becoming one of those Turducken people.

Dean says if they are going to approach the Alpha they will need “dead man’s blood”, but then sees one the space cadets just sitting on a bench.  His blood will do just fine.  The guy (Alex Dafoe) does not seem to comprehend anything Sam is saying.  Dean tells him he needs some of his blood and he just holds out his arm.  These people seem stuck on stupid.

Supernatural S7x22 - Guy puts out his hand so Sam and Dean can take blood

Sam, Dean and Emily start their travel to find the Alpha vampire.  Emily does not know directions, and address or much of anything so she is giving basic indications of how long they were in the car and that they would only take back roads.  I know I would never find a house that way, but hey it is Dean and Sam freakin’ Winchester we are talking about here!  Yup, that is right…they found the house!

Supernatural S7x22 - Emily helps Dean and Sam find the house

Emily says this is where the Alpha took her.  Dean and Sam want to take her somewhere safe so they can return to that house.  They take her to a motel room.  Dean leaves the flask inside of the motel room safe.  They open the door to leave and Bobby slams the door shut.

Supernatural S7x22 - Dean locked flask inside motel room safe

Bobby is watching as Emily grabs a cell phone and calls her “Daddy”.  She says she is sending him a present.  She was not afraid or wanting help.  She was setting Dean and Sam up the whole time.  Emily walks out of the motel room.  Bobby cannot leave because of the flask at this point.  He looks up at the TV screen and sees Dick being promoted some more by Gloria Jane.  Bobby is less than pleased.

Supernatural S7x22 - Emily calls her Daddy

Dean and Sam are outside of the house the Alpha is in.  Sam seems really reluctant to go inside, even during the daylight.  He is concerned they may not make it out.  The door is open.  Sam steps in and is dragged off by something and then Dean goes after him and a vampire grabs him, as well.

Meanwhile, Bobby is back at the motel room trying every code he can think of to open the safe.  He tries the boys’ birthdays and each code he tries, fails.  After bulbs explode, the mirror cracks, and the fireplace flames up high, he realizes the code is his birthday.  The housekeeper, Louise (Larissa Gomes) hears all of the noise, comes in the room and feels how cold it is.  She sees her breath.  Bobby appears to her and says he needs her help, but she is afraid.  Bobby possesses her body.

Supernatural S7x22 - Louise the housekeeper sees her own breath

Supernatural S7x22 - Bobby possesses Louise

Sam and Dean are brought into a dining room where none other than the Alpha (Rick Worthy) vampire himself sits.  Emily walks in the room and the brothers are totally shocked.  She loves her kidnapper.  That is whom she referred to as Daddy.

Supernatural S7x22 - The Alpha greets Sam and Dean

Supernatural S7x22 - Emily stands at her Daddys side

Dean explains that Sam had a different idea than hurting or killing the Alpha.  The Alpha, for good reason, does not believe that right now.  Sam must convince him that Dick Roman wants to kill off the vampires in order to be the only bad guys left.  This will not be easy since Dick and the Alpha have an agreement they have come to.

Sam and Dean are explaining that Dick is poisoning the food supply.  They ask him if he thinks his children are dying by accident.  Sam tells him that they can beat Dick and the leviathans, but they need his blood as part of the weapon.

The Alpha calls in young Allan (Austin Middleton) and asks him what is wrong.  Allan tells the Alpha that Edgar is there.  The Alpha requests the boys be put in the study while he talks to Edgar.

Supernatural S7x22 - Allan tells The Alpha that Edgar is there

The Alpha tells Edgar he is dying to know why he is there.  Edgar smells Sam and Dean Winchester in the air.

Supernatural S7x22 - Edgar speaking to The Alpha

Dean and Sam are trying to figure out why Edgar is there.  They know why the Alpha would give the benefit of the doubt to their “monster cousin”, but they also know that Edgar is going to try to eat the Alpha alive.

The brothers got out of the study and are headed back to the dining room.  A vampire attacks Sam and Dean sticks him with the blood of the man he found earlier on the bench.  That vamp is fried damnit now!  Dean and Sam are looking for knives before they get to the dining room.

Supernatural S7x22 - Dean kills vampire with guys blood

Edgar tells the Alpha that the leviathans do want them to “die like the roaches they are”.  The Alpha is very upset.  He was told he would be rewarded for keeping quiet.  Edgar says that the blood kills the vampires, wolves, shifters and ghouls.  It was their plan all along.  Edgar says that mankind is a limited resource and that is why they have to protect themselves.

Supernatural S7x22 - Edgar tells Alpha they want them dead

Edgar and the Alpha push each other a few times.  This is about to get ugly with two big bads duking it out.  The Alpha throws some liquid with borax in it onto Edgar.  Edgar is about to eat the Alpha. 

Supernatural S7x22 - The Alpha throws borax on Edgar

Supernatural S7x22 - Edgar is about to eat The Alpha

Dean and Sam show up in the nick of time to save the Alpha.  Sam cuts off Edgar’s head.  The Alpha is willing to give his blood to the boys for this weapon for taking care of Edgar.  Sam asks about the little boy, Allan.  He wants to take him back to his parents.  The Alpha was not happy, but hands over a cup of his blood and lets them take Allan.  I thought it was funny that he ended their conversation with, “See you next season.”  As in Season 8, I take it!!!

Supernatural S7x22 - Sam cuts Edgars head off

Supernatural S7x22 - The Alpha hands over a cup of his blood to Sam

Sam and Dean arrive back to their motel after taking Allan to the police.  They see the room door is ajar.  Dean can tell by the brake in the mirror that it was Bobby’s anger that caused the damage.  Sam sees the safe open and the flask is missing.  Bobby is gone!

Sam is getting traces of EMF, but it is fading fast.  They are settling on the fact that they have to keep moving and try not to worry about what Bobby is doing.  Bobby would still want them to get the weapon finished and do their job.  What is Bobby doing though?  His rage is pushing him over the edge.  All the boys have left is Crowley in their corner.  As Dean sarcastically says, “What could possibly go wrong?”

Supernatural S7x22 - Sam losing traces of EMF quickly

Dick Roman is summoning someone.  Who might that be?  You guessed it…Crowley.  He has a large devil’s trap over Crowley’s on the ceiling.  He has so much to discuss with him.  This week’s last quote was from Dick Roman and he says, “Take a seat.”  CREDITS!!!

Supernatural S7x22 - Dick summons Crowley

This is a big cliffhanger for me.  I just knew Dick would get to Crowley before Sam and Dean.  That is not cool, but it is good writing to get our stomachs turned in anticipation for next week…The Finale!

Where do you think Bobby is?  Will we lose anyone for good in the finale?  Will Castiel ever be back to normal, well normal for Cas?  Is anyone as nervous as I am?

Funny Quotes From The Episode:

Dick Roman: “Which is why we are diving whole hog into what keeps Americans living longer and tasting better.”

Gloria Jane: “You do of course mean to say the food, will be tasting better?”

Dick Roman: “That’s exactly what I mean.”

Bobby:  “I’m in the veil…my Brad Pitt days are over!”

Sam: “That crap is in, it’s in just about everything.  Soda, sauces, bread..”

Dean: “Don’t say pie!”

Sam: “Definitely pie.”

Dean:  “Bastards!”

Sam: “It’s the corn syrup. Everything in the store is laced with it!”

Dean: “Everything?” (he walks around the store looking) “Hey man, I’m gonna go into toxic shock. Okay, I need my road food!”

Dean: “What the heck are we supposed to eat?”

Sam: (lifts up a basket filled with water and bananas)

Supernatuarl S7x22 - Sam shows Dean a basket of bananas and water

Dean: “I can’t do this! Man, I can’t live on rabbit food.  I’m a warrior!”

Sam: “Dean, you’ll be fine.”

Dean: “Look, you don’t know that.”

Dean: “Wow, you get a trophy in Stockholm Syndrome.”

Dean: “I think any way you slice it, you got Pac Man and True Blood in the same room and that’s bad news.”

Guest Stars This Episode (non regulars):

“Kevin Tran” portrayed by Osric Chau
“Edgar” portrayed by Benito Martinez
“Mrs. Tran” portrayed by Khaira Ledeyo
“Dick Roman” portrayed by James Patrick Stuart
“Alpha Vampire” portrayed by Rick Worthy
“Crowley” portrayed by Mark A. Sheppard
“Gloria Jane” portrayed by Aliyah O’Brien
“Susan/Leviathan” portrayed by Olivia Cheng
“Mort/Vampire” portrayed by Nick Hunnings
“Emily” portrayed by Laci J. Mailey
“Guy on bench” portrayed by Alex Dafoe
“Allan” portrayed by Austin Middleton
“Louise/Housekeeper” portrayed by Larissa Gomes

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