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Welcome to our new dedicated news site for The Vampire Diaries at WormholeRiders News Agency (WHR)!

We continue our deployment of dedicated news sites after having heard and listened to your input and suggestions over the past three years. CW Network Banner - Click to learn more about The Vampire Diaries!Henceforth each franchise television series we review and report on will be showcased on its own news blog to make it easier to find all the news pertaining to a specific series without having to search around!

The Vampire Diaries S2x22 - The party is about to begin

As mentioned previously, the deployment was originally planned for execution with migration of data from WormholeRiders Dot Com in mid November 2011, although now restored, we are sure that you have noticed the poor ole’ Dot Com server simply ran out of steam a couple of days ago and is currently off the Internet 🙁

No the Dot Com site was not hacked, the ole’ goat just ran out of steam and returned after a good feeding! 😛

The Vampire Diaries S2x22 - Previously on TVD

Fear not, all the data and many thousands of posts and comments were backed up and are in process of being migrated to each new news site. The ole’ Dot Com server has been in need of attention for some time due to the huge volume of traffic it receives. The ole’ boy (or girl to be non sexist) has been in service for nearly three years and simply needed more “steam” before we “gave up the goat” and executed our plan for a complete reorganization of our news sites into dedicated sites for each series or activity!

The Vampire Diaries S3x01 - Feeding by the Fire

WHR Dot Com will return with a new look and feel in the future providing an easy to use interface for navigating to each series. The data migration will include all the series we have covered (yes even the non renewed series of the past), each on their own news blog to make things a whole lot easier for you to find the specific series, review or news item we all enjoy.

In the meantime while we work to restore Dot Com and re-program our original site the new features there, we will continue our detailed reviews and analysis by launching nine (9) new news sites in the next 30 days, with five (5) going active this week.

In closing for now, we apologize for the inconvenience of having WormholeRiders Dot Com off the Internet, but the teams at WHR will be working hard to continue to bring you uninterrupted reviews and series news as we continue to complete the upgrades!

The Vampire Diaries S2x22 - When will it happen

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  • Hi,

    Welcome to the dedicated news and review site for The Vampire Diaries!

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    Bless you! Wonderful post! However I want to know if you could
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    • avatar Kenn says:

      Thanks for the comment Nurse,

      I really enjoyed The Vampire Diaries, but WHR is no longer covering TVD. Thanks for your comment.

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