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Lately Days of Our Lives has been a bag of contradictions along with the characters and their versions of reality. Not Click to visit Days of our Lives!like it’s an extremely bad thing seeing as we are dealing with a Soap Opera and let’s face it they are known for dragging out their story lines for months, even years on end. Don’t get me wrong I love Soap Operas, but I just can’t help but feel frustrated when things don’t seem to go the way I want. Selfish, yes. But I’m sure others feel the same.

Let’s get down to business; I wanted to put together something that portrayed my wishes for each character and their storylines. I can’t simply say they are my predictions because quite frankly most of these things will probably never happen, but one can dream! I’ll give you my reasoning behind each wish and you can be the judge. Sound fair? I think so. Hehe.

Chloe angry at Carly

Let’s start with Chloe, dear dear Chloe. Child, you are in a whole world of mess. Killing? All for a guy… who I might add you cheated on! I really think that Chloe needs to make up her mind. She’s back and fourth like a rowdy game of ping pong and there is no clear winner. One minute she’s going to tell Daniel of her infidelity, the next she’s teaming up with Satan’s mother, Vivian. I really think she is starting to go crazy… someone get the budding bride a straight jacket! No, but seriously I want her to either jump in with two feet and dedicate to getting rid of Carly or own up to what she did and lose Daniel forever.Daniel on Phone

Which brings me to my next frustration, Daniel… you gorgeous man you. If your fiancée is saying she did something bad about a million times and taking it back and then saying she needs to tell you something and then taking it back, doesn’t a light bulb go off in your head saying “hmm, maybe she’s a cheating fiend?” I wish he would see through those big… eyes and get to the heart of what’s really going on in his relationship. And hold the throwing Carly talking with Melanieof the stones… but I wouldn’t mind seeing Daniel with Carly. There I said it. Sorry Bo.

Carly, I love you but please follow through! You could have stopped Chloe in her tracks if you just told Daniel the truth, for that I hold you responsible for what’s about to happen. Which could potentially be Chloe trying to murder you or Daniel pissed at you for not telling him.

The next statement is simple: Hope needs to get caught. I’m sick of Hope and Abeher man hating. You and your husband fell out of touch it happens there is no need for you to go all woman power on the men of Salem. And what’s your defense… I can see it now “the pills made me do it, and Bo’s shenanigans with Carly!” Perhaps you should get the padded room right next to Chloe, could be fun times.

Ari on the phonePoor Arianna, I feel for you darling. Don’t get me wrong I still don’t want to see you within five feet of Brady but I definitely don’t think you deserve to get locked up for the muggings. I’m sure EJ will prove that Nicole had something to do with it and you’ll be free, oh or maybe Hope will get caught out… fingers and toes crossed.

But if the first outcome happens don’t think you’re going to get Brady back…Nicole and Brady I enjoy Nicole with him way more, even if she’s the one behind bars having conjugal visits. I know, that’s horrible but she is just so devious it’s hard not to enjoy her evil doings. But Nicole, word of advice: the way to a man’s heart is not by lying and then framing his fiancée, buy some lingerie or something!

E.J. !!!EJ, EJ, EJ… I don’t know what to do with you. I understand you have feelings for Sami but, you did kidnap your child and make it seem like she was dead. You tortured the woman you claim to love and you expect everything to go your way? I don’t think so. You and Stefano might have slowed down Rafe, but he’s coming back and he’s coming back for you. Good luck!

I need Sami to see through EJ’s sexy man exterior and realize that underneath Sammi and her EJ!all that hotness is someone who kept her child from her and locked up Rafe in some unknown island. Sami still loves Rafe and vice versa and I think that they will finally reunite and justice will be served… at least that’s my wish.

Will forgive your Mom!Will, forgive your mom! I think you’re getting a little out of control with the EJ drama. You obviously don’t have too big of a problem with his lifestyle if you are living at the DiMera mansion getting all the DiMera benefits from Stefano. Get over it, how old are you?

Onto the Stephanie, Nathan, Melanie, Phillip drama. Without a doubt I think Nate Steph and Melanie!that Stephanie is going to be pregnant, and since she blatantly stopped taking her birth control and is trying to trap Nathan I really wish Nathan leaves her! Nathan go to that research facility you got into and leave the lying tramp behind. I mean, that’s inexcusable… ha.

Melanie on phone with cheater Phil!And Melanie, you will soon find out that your husband cheated on you with your fathers psychotic fiancée, please be with Nathan. Thank you. Oh and Phillip, shame on you. That’s really all I have to say to you. You and Chloe deserve each other.

Victor, marrying Vivian was probably the dumbest thing I have ever seen you do! She’s horrible, I’d like to see you with Maggie Horton, and by the way you look and talk to her it’s safe to say you agree.

Who am I missing? I’m sure someone, but perhaps they are irrelevant to my current rants as of right now. Oh, I do Evil Viv and Victor!want to know what’s up with Chad’s mom and Kate. Something fishy, tell us!

I don’t really have any other wishes, just the generalization to expose some secrets and watch where the cards land. Thank you for reading,

Best Regards,

McKenzieLynClick to visit McKenzieLyn on Twitter

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  • avatar WR_Systems says:

    Wonderful report McKenzie. Thank you. Especially loved the images of the ladies and the accurate representation of the “State of the Story”!

    Best Regards,


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