Ashes: A VanCity Love Story!

January 25, 2012

Welcome back Indie movie fans,Ashes poster banner - Click to donate and make Ashes a reality!

As you may be aware we love seeing independent movies created by rising talent in the film industry.

Recently we learned about an exciting new modern love story film named Ashes that is about to lift off in “VanCity” (Vancouver British Columbia), and YOU can be there to help this project blast off to the success it deserves by donating to make this project a reality at IndieGoGo!

The Triple 10 Productions team announced the project earlier this week and are now off to a brilliant start with an AshAshes Producer Krista Rand - Click to visit and follow Ms. Rand on Twitter!es Twitter account and a Facebook page you can “like”! Updated information is coming soon!

Ashes has been brought to our attention by the lovely and talented Krista Rand of Vancouver. Many will recall Ms. Rand worked on the Sanctuary Series which is where she met Aaron A. Wintringham. Rand, one of the a producers for Ashes, is an Indie movie project that Ms. Rand alluded to in her exclusive 2011 interview here at WHR. 

As pictured below from left to right are the Ashes lead celebrities including Christa Andersen portraying Alina, Kris McRonney as Michael and Justin Turnbull as Dane. 

Ashes Cast - Andersen - McRonney - Turnbull - Click to visit official web site!

Ashes is a very dark love story produced by Aaron A. WintrighamKrista Rand, Mandy Havas, and Tracie Brown. The film is inspired by “Requiem for a Dream“, “21 Grams” and “Blue Valentine“. Ashes is written and directed by the gifted Aaron A. Wintringham whom you all know as a Senior Production Assistant from Sanctuary and an Assistant Director in the recent hit feature film “Rise of the Planet of the Apes“! Click to visit and follow Ashes on Twitter!

Ashes is a complex story that requires a lot of time and detail to properly make the feature length film so we decided to shoot a series of trailers in order to showcase what a breathtaking and unique project this is.

Since September 2011 we have held auditions, cast our three leading actors, and gathered an amazing crew of professional and passionate individuals. We used a Canon 7D to shoot the footage and took over a total of 20 days using all of our spare time and money.

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The Ashes Team is working for release of the trailer in the very near future in February 2012 with full production thereafter. Below we feature the latest press release information for your enjoyment and respectfully request you click one of the images and donate to help make this worthwhile effort now underway in Vancouver a reality!

Thank you for supporting Indie films!

Ashes poster banner - Click to donate to make Ashes a reality!

Ashes StoryClick to visit and follow Aaron Wintringham on Twitter!

Ashes is a full length feature film written by Aaron A.Wintringham, set in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Featuring intimate moments of past and present, this modern love story follows the life and death of two relationships in the same fashion as “Requiem for a Dream”, “Blue Valentine” and “21 Grams”.

Dane is a writer who moves to the West Coast to find himself. Alina is an aspiring actress, trying to pick up the pieces of her life after experiencing great pain and loss in her past.  Michael is living the “high life” but is tortured by mistakes and decisions he’s made and unable to forget.

Michael and Dane become fast friends as Michael brings Dane into his dark underworld.  Dane and Alina meet at a breakfast diner and quickly fall hard for each other.  They submerse themselves into a whirlwind of passion, sex, and future dreams, but secrets from the past soon surface and their fairytale life threatens to fall apart.

Ashes is a story of love and hate, lies and truth, the struggle of one’s past ghosts and future dreams. This dark emotional journey is inspired by “Magnolia” and beautiful love stories such as “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, “Punch Drunk Love”, and “True Romance”.

Ashes Project (as of right now)

Ashes is a complex story that requires a lot of time and detail to properly make the feature length film so we decided to shoot a series of trailers in order to showcase what a breathtaking and unique project this is.  Since September 2011 we have held auditions, cast our three leading actors, and gathered an amazing crew of professional and passionate individuals. We shot over a total of 20 days using all of our spare time and approximately $5000 of our own money. We are now sitting on a ton of brilliant footage and are ready to cut together our trailers.

This could not have happened without the overwhelming support of our community right here in Vancouver, BC, including local cafes (Tartine Bread & Pies), restaurants  Helen’s Grill, Eight 1/2 Restaurant Lounge) bars (The Railway Club) and talented individuals who donated their time and energy to our story.

What Ashes Needs & What You Get for Helpingt

Post production began this month (January 2012) and will require additional funds in order to edit our footage, establish sound design, as well as build and maintain a website in order to spread the word. We will also bring on a talented musician to create original music for the trailers and eventually a soundtrack for the feature film.

We are creative individuals with passion behind us. We believe anything and everything is possible. With your help, we can continue our dream of making this project a reality. You will become a part of our family and will be invited to share in the journey with us.

The “perks” we have set in place are about extending gratitude and connecting passionate people. We would love to tell the world that you support us. Please check out our super fun “perks” on the right hand side!

Other Ways You Can Help Ashes

Word of mouth is more powerful than you may realize. Please “like” our Facebook page and share our link via Twitter. It only takes a moment to spread the word and we appreciate you taking the time.

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