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This week’s episode took us for quite a lap around the track, and to recap, Erin (Lydia Doesburg) is dead, Nora (Kristen Hager) hates Aidan (Sam Witwer), Liam (Xander Berkeley) infected Aidan with the virus, Liam got himself stabbed by Josh (Sammy Huntington)!

Josh paid the price, Werewolf Liam scratched him.  And then we have Sally (Meaghan Rath), well Sally was falling apart but found a remedy…..Jeezzzz!

I have also picked my favorite song from this weeks Being Human for your listening enjoyment! The great song by Haroula Rose sings it ‘Close My Eyes To See’ (below) was featured in “Of Mice and Wolfmen”, enjoy!

!Being Human S3x09 - Sally munches on a mouse

Before we get a bite, or a nibble, of what happened, here is a sneak peek at next Monday’s Being Human, provided courtesy of Syfy’s Powerful Monday’s! Being Human ‘Those About to Rot’ this Monday 9pm E/P!

Of Mice and Wolfmen:

Aidan is not doing well, Josh got him home but he is looking a little green around he gills!  Things are not looking good for our favorite vamp.  In his delirium there are flashbacks to his life before becoming a vampire, his wife, Suzanna (Katharine Isabelle), and son, Isaac (Kyle Harrison Breitkopf).

I do love these flashbacks, shows us that even vampires at one time, had a life.  Also, reminds us that there is a touch of melancholy in Aidan, and brings me full circle.  He wants what he had, to be human again!

Being Human S3x09 - Aidan flashback

Josh is trying to call Nora and maybe he forgot but yeah, she is a werewolf!  We come upon Nora hugged up on some rocks, butt naked!  Seems she did circle around a tree with the ever present meat hanging from it last night!  (This is one idea that Ray (Andreas Apergis) did have that has worked)!  As she is walking out of the woods she happens to run across a naked man! 

This is not your normal morning people, he immediately introduces himself, Pete (Ron Lea) is his name and he stands up in all his glory and commends Nora for tying the meat to the tree!  Yea! New friends…… (I am rolling my eyes here).

Being Human S3x09 - Nora naked

There is a time limit on this virus that infects the vampires.  Aidan probably has a couple of days left and he is determined to not waste his last days lying around the house!  He does have a few blemishes but lest we forget, Sally has the cadaver makeup case from Max (Bobby Campo) and she quickly goes to repairing the damage to Aidan’s face!

Being Human S3x09 - Sally fixes Aidans face

Seems Sally has bigger problems.  Aidan kinda sorta commented on a bad ‘smell’ while she was doing his makeup.  When Aidan left the room, Sally is all blowing in her hand to see if it is her breath, and yep, ‘We have a Winner’! Jump to Sally brushing her teeth – and did you see when the toothbrush went right through her face!  Omygods! 

Well if you missed it – I did a screen cap so you can see what it looked like in all its grizzly glory! And it gets worse; her teeth are literally falling out of her head too!Being Human S3x09 - Sally and the Toothbrush

Being Human S3x09 - Kenny and Aidan farewellAidan has gone to see Kenny (Connor Price), at the hospital, that is what was so important! Kenny see’s it in Aidan face, that he has been infected with the vampire virus! 

Kenny begs Aidan to turn him now!  Kenny tells Aidan that he cannot continue to live like this!  Kenny is grasping, he say’s that maybe his clean blood can cure Aidan! 

He is begging Aidan to not leave! Aidan tells him no, they cannot take that chance and tells Kenny goodbye.  It is a sad day for Kenny, what will happen to him now?  Will he turn to Aunt Blake (Janine Theriault)?  This could end very badly for Kenny. Indeed.

Looks as if there has been a mouse problem at the house.  The scene opens with a mouse-trap setup in the kitchen, (personally I always used those sticky traps, until we got our kitty Layla, but hey, that’s me)! Anyway, Sally admittedly has devoured everything in the house during the prior night!

Sally is searching the fridge, looking for something to eat when she hears the mouse-trap slap down!  And we get to watch, as she turns, sees the mouse in the trap. Takes it out, holds it up like a delectable fruit – and yes, yes, EATS IT IN ONE BIG BITE!  Again my friends, Omygods!

Being Human S3x09 - Sally eats the mouse

Josh walks in and sees Sally putting some cheese on the mouse-trap, hahahahaha if only he knew!  He says ‘Did we get one’? and Sally says that the mice don’t like moldy cheese!  She had to put some good stuff on the trap or they will never catch anything!  Yeah whatever!  He notices the band-aid on her face but she takes off upstairs just as Nora comes blowing into the house! 

Nora is telling Josh about meeting Pete when she notices the bandage on his arm.  He is trying to explain how Liam was torturing Aidan and he was trying to help when Liam scratched him.  Nora is mad, says this was Aidan’s fight to have and she should have gone with Josh! 

Then Josh finishes the story by letting Nora know that Aidan took the blame for the killing of Brynn (Tracy Spiridakos).  Nora goes to the hospital to thank Aidan and all seems well with them, once again.  Aidan says ‘This had to end well for one of us’.

Being Human S3x09 - Nora and Aidan

The eating of the mouse seems to have had a benefit that none of us would have ever guessed, yep, it cures the falling apart at the seams problem!  Sally is healed, almost immediately and realizes that eating the mouse is what cured her! 

Are we going to open a pet store?! Maybe setup a kitty colony?! Perhaps she could move on to large game?!  Ohhhh!  She could open a large game hunting business and only cater to spirits that have been brought back from the dead by witches!

Being Human S3x09 - Sally is healed

Being Human S3x09 - Josh scratchesJosh is mentally dealing with his own problems, next full moon he’s going wolf again and his arm looks gnarly on top of that!  Looks like he’s gonna be running with Nora again!  Will they revert to the storage lockers again? Will Josh continue his research, trying to find a cure? 

I have not forgotten, what the hell did the witch, Donna (Amy Aquino) do with or to Ray’s corpse?  I do not trust her.  (duhhh)!

She seems to have neglected to fill Sally and Josh in on at least a couple of additives that the spell produced.  What else is in their future?

Being Human S3x09 - Kat and AidanNora invites Kat (Deanna Russo) over to dinner; this is a peace offering to Aidan!  Can this really go well my friends?  Aidan is knocking on death’s door, and here’s Kat! All perfect and clean and exactly what Aidan wanted. When he wasn’t about to *poof* disappear in a cloud of ashes! 

Nora and Josh are in the kitchen and Kat and Aidan are talking on the couch having small talk, Aidan starts reeling and passes out, landing on the floor with Kat freaking out!  He does seem to be pushing that ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’ to the limit! 

Josh and Nora blame it on the ‘flu’ as they help Aidan to the bedroom.  When passed out Aidan keeps dreaming of his wife, Suzanna, and the life he had in the past.  These flashbacks are powerful memories that seem to project themselves into his fevered mind.  He awakes with Kat leaning over him and not Suzanna..

Being Human S3x09 - Aidan and Suzanna

Sally has gone to see Nick (Pat Kiely) , looks like she told him about Aidan and what is to come, very soon.  She then ventures to confess to him about the ‘Eating of the Mouse’!  His response is ‘Oh! Thank God’!  And even I was surprised by that!  Nick tells Sally that he on the other hand has been eating……cats, yes, cats! 

Even going so far as to lure them to the back porch with ‘Laughing’ kitty food as he sits in wait!  Nick admits that he has no problem with the eating of small animals to stave off the deterioration! 

Nick reminds her that humans eat animals all the time; the only difference is their animals must be eaten ‘fresh’! The thing is….when listening to them, I get drawn in, and am totally convinced that they should do whatever it takes….well maybe just while I’m listening!  Bawahahaha!

Being Human S3x09 - Nick and Sally

Being Human S3x09 - Nora Josh and PeteNora and Josh are having a short moment, relaxing on the couch when there is a knock at the door. We all wonder who could this be?! 

It is Pete!  And he has brought wine and conversation to their humble abode! 

He says that meditating has saved his life and wants them to give it a go! 

So with a little wine in their bloodstreams, they all sit down in the den floor and being meditating together!

Being Human S3x09 - Meditating

Being Human S3x09 - Suzanna and Aidan flashbackIn the meantime, Aidan is thrashing about in the bed upstairs!  His fever is high, sweating and looking not very good. Maybe Aidan is running out of time!

Aidan continues to have the flashbacks in his dreams, his wife Suzanna knew what he had become and didn’t care at all!  She calls him a truly ‘Magnificent Creature’!

As the fever rises in his system the blood starts pouring from his eyes and pores!  He is flailing all over the bed with Josh and Sally holding him down, not really knowing what to do! 

They are pretty sure this is the end for their friend, and I am pretty sure it is too! 

This virus turns vampires into dust, within days, there is no cure!

Being Human S3x09 - Sally Josh Aidan Fever pitch

Being Human S3x09 - Sally Josh and Nora Aidan survivesBy the next morning, Aidan has not turned to dust, the fever is gone and Sally proclaims that this is the ‘Best Day Ever’!  Nora shows up and Josh is hurrying her into the room to see for herself!  Looks like Aidan has survived the virus! 

But how, then they all start talking and they remember the only difference between Aidan and every other vampire that had the virus is his drinking of werewolf blood, and he has done so twice!

The deduction is that the werewolf blood has antibodies in it that actually worked to save Aidan from the virus!  Omygods!  There’s a cure people!

Aidan’s first stop is checking in with Kenny!  When Kenny sees him of course he is beyond ecstatic!  First he wants to know, is Aidan cured?!

The second question is ’Are We Back On’?  Of which Aidan concurs, yes, the deal is back on!  Aidan will turn Kenny on his 18th birthday!  But first, Aidan wants Kenny to make a little phone call for him!  Wonder who he has Kenny calling?  Bawahahahaha!

Being Human S3x09 - Kenny Aidan cured

Aidan comes strutting up the street, in full vampire fashion!  This is the Aidan we all love!  In control, in charge!  Looks like Blake can smell his strength, even from behind, she turns and is almost speechless, I did say almost!  She sees immediately that he has been cured and wants the answer of how, now!  Aidan makes a deal with her, really? A deal with her?

But he has stipulations, ‘Terms’ is what he calls them.  He tells her what the cure is:  a small amount of werewolf blood.  But, this knowledge comes with rules, that she stay away from Nora, Josh and any werewolves that Aidan cares about!  That’s it – she agrees.  I still do not trust her. But he told her that if she backslides, the consequences are not going to be pretty! He promises to tear her head off if she doesn’t adhere to his conditions!Being Human S3x09 - Aidan confronts Blake

Being Human S3x09 - Sally and AidanSally and Aidan are hanging out in the den, she admits to him that she ‘Ate a Mouse’, and he quickly tells her that he is not judging!  Sally lets him in on the result; it healed her, made her better!  Aidan asks her if she is going to continue to eat live animals to survive, and her answer is ‘No’! 

Sally has decided to hold up at home and completely let herself fall apart! Oh, no!  She says she has gotten more than most, a second chance to come back and live for awhile.  She is going to go cold turkey and when its time to let go – she is gonna let go! 

Has she forgotten that the witch is going to take her soul when she dies the next time?!  I have not forgotten that!  Wait! Sally!  Think about this before you make a final decision!

Being Human S3x09 - Kat and Aidan kissAidan is waiting for Kat as she comes out of class, she has seen him remark how much better he looks as he walks right up!

Aidan grabs her by the neck and lays a big’ole kiss on her!  When they finally come up for air, she pulls him right back in! 

So, on to the the second kiss!  Which actually turns into sort of a make-out session right there in the hallway?! 

In Aidan’s flashback, his wife, Suzanna told him to always be open to love again…..looks like he just might be taking that advice!

Being Human S3x09 - Blake's Finest Quality

Blake is using the information that Aidan gave her to her advantage!  She was being followed by a werewolf and set him up!  As he comes at her in a dark alleyway, one way in and one way out!  As he approaches her, she smiles; the entrance of the alleyway has been overtaken by quite a few neighborhood vampires, all of which have the virus! 

Standing before them, the ‘cure’!  Blake stands guard as the brood of vampires surrounds him and are upon him in a flash, there is no escape, no mercy!Being Human S3x09 - Blake stands guard

Syfy Imagine Greater!

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  • avatar Kenn says:

    Hi Holly,

    Fantastic work for a fabulous episode! OMG is right, Sally munching on a mouse! I loved your selection of Haroula Rose/s song “Close My Eyes To See”. Such a beautiful melody!

    I too enjoyed the flashback so we could learn the rest of Aidan’s back story during the United States Revolutionary War where Bishop first turned him. Great to see his family life back the in exceptional sequences with superb cinematography! Am so glad that Aidan is cured!

    Thanks for a nice analysis!

    Best Regards,


  • avatar gene says:

    you guys have the best stuff anywhere on the webs. i love being human. this episode was cool. the mouse eating reminded me of v with jane badler. i also enjoy haroula rose music. thanks for including the song in the review.


    • avatar holly says:

      thanks Gene – i love doing these reviews! #BeingHuman


    • avatar Kenn says:

      Hey Gene,

      Yes! The mouse eating scene by Sally was an homage to the original V Series in 1983! Good catch!

      Thanks for “Being Human” (lol) and leaving a nice comment. I have seen you on our other blogs from time to time and we appreciate your taking time to comment.

      Best Regards,


  • avatar melinda says:

    Awesome Holly! I was so happy when Adian got better.. I wish he could have saved Henry…
    Werewolves are up next for a bout of trouble! The fangs are back & out for blood! 😉
    Excellent report! <3

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