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Defiance: SDCC 2013 Panel – A Brave New World…Or Is It?

My fellow Defiance fans! I hope that you made it down to Comic-Con 2013 this year! If not, I am here to give you a taste of what their very first panel was like. I am hoping that this year will be the first of many years to come for …Read the Rest

Defiance: The Bride Wore Black While Mayor Nicky Wore a Pine Box!

Welcome back to Defiance! As this episode begins, we quickly realize that it is a final evening of “freedom” for Alak Tarr (Jesse Rath), as tomorrow is to be his wedding day, to Christie McCawley (Nicole Muñoz). We find ourselves looking in on Alak’s “bachelor party”, if you will – …Read the Rest

Defiance: Goodbye Blue Sky, There is Something Worse Than Hail!?

Welcome back Defiance fans, it is my pleasure to bring you another review in a series of this great science fiction drama series! This week’s episode, called “Goodbye Blue Sky” was seemingly hard to pin down. There was no clear continuity of theme that I could see, nothing that jumped …Read the Rest

Defiance: Brothers in Arms is a Morality Play!

Greetings Defiance fans! I hope you are enjoying the show! I am pleased to bring you another review of the latest episode. The title of this episode was definitely felt, as you will see as the review progresses. It had some morality questions posed to a few characters and a …Read the Rest

Defiance: A Well Respected Man, Dude Datak Definitely Does!

Welcome back to the new world Defiance! In this week’s episode of Defiance, “A Well Respected Man”, if we learned nothing else, it is that blood is thicker than water, and that family means a heck of a lot in a world of near nothing. From the relationship that Joshua …Read the Rest

Defiance: Devil in the Dark Definitely Dances into Town!

Welcome to WormholeRiders new dedicated site for Defiance and my first review! This episode of Defiance, “Devil in the Dark”, gave us a glimpse into the Irathian race and their motivations, as well as more character building for our young hero in the making Irisa played by Stephanie Leonidas. The …Read the Rest

Defiance Pilot: Definite In-Depth Delineation!

Welcome to the New Age of Defiance! In this reviewers opinion, Defiance is a superb science fiction dramatic series, a product and an entertainment accomplishment that NBC Universal Cable Productions and Syfy should be quite proud of! The Defiance effort represents the best in Transmedia demonstrating outstanding production values that …Read the Rest

Defiance Game: Definite Family Fun!

Welcome to WormholeRiders new dedicated site for Defiance! Ever feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place? How about not getting enough of a good thing? Well, that’s exactly the issue in my house at the moment…we cannot get enough of Defiance!! There is this GREAT program …Read the Rest

Defiance: Wormhole Opens to a New Universe!

Welcome to WormholeRiders new dedicated site for Defiance! Here at WHR we are more than excited that our new Defiance team will be posting analysis of both the cool new game by Trion Worlds, and the outstanding new series by NBC Universal Studios premiering on Syfy this Monday April 15, …Read the Rest

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