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Last week we witnessed Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) and Carter (Colin Ferguson) being married under water – never mind that Carter had planned an elaborately catered dinner for Allison in the submersible.

Things did not turn out as planned…..but, wedding bells have rung bringing us right into this weeks show!

Eureka S5x09 - Carter and Allison water wedding!

Oh and Holly (Felicia Day) showed up – She is, for now, sharing space with SARAH, but hey, we will take what we can get!

Before continuing my review, for your viewing enjoyment, here are two clips from next weeks Eureka episode, “The Honeymooners” courtesy of Syfy!

Eureka S5x09 - Zane and Henry work to make Holly compatible with SARAHZane (Niall Matter), Fargo (Neil Grayston) and Henry (Joe Morton) are trying to make the ‘AI’ house compatible with, Holly, who is now a Trans-human life-form, by constructing a Neuro-Digital interface – and to quote Fargo it’s Epic!

Granted, Holly has cabin fever, but they are working on it.  When Fargo tells her that she is indeed stable, but must remain put for now, she phases out.  Next she pops into the bathroom, where Zane is washing his hands, and pleads with him to figure out a way for her to be free –

Eureka S5x09 - Holly and Zane bathroom begging!

Eureka S5x09 - Jo discusses the situtaion with Doctor ParrishHummm, my thought’s:  Gosh, be happy your not really totally departed and give the guys some time to figure this out, I love Holly, (she does share my name), but she is being a little antsy is all I am saying.

Zane goes to Global Dynamics to brain storm with Henry (Joe Morton) and while they are compiling data to help Holly – Jo Lupo (Erica Cerra) comes in.  Zane explains that Holly is not happy in the ‘Smart House’ explaining to Jo that they need some equipment in order to resolve this dilemma.Eureka S5x09 - Kevin explains teh theory to Carter

Jo is reluctant but finally gives them the nod. She leaves to head off visit with Doctor Parrish (Wil Wheaton) while Zane and Henry commence the process of making Holly whole again.

As Kevin (Trevor Jackson) is explaining his project on an ‘Alternative to Silicon Computing’ for the 4th time to  Carter, we are drawn outside the Sheriff’s Office where there is crashing, running and yelling!

Eureka S5x09 - Carter on his butt as Kevin looks on

Carter is immediately attacked by a pair of computerized, motorized legs or as Allison’s brother, Marcus says ‘Gams”! This is how they meet for the first time, awesome introduction!

Dr Marcus Blake (Dondre Whitfield)  and Sheriff Jack Carter might have gotten off on the wrong foot but Allison is determined for them to get to know each other.  And as over achieving runs in the Blake genes, Carter chimes in that it does as well in his family, just Sheriff-y stuff!

Turns out the Bionic limbs were a concoction of Zane and Henry’s. But when Jo recovered them from the Sheriff’s office and brought them to Henry’s shop, Zane informed her that they had moved past that phase of thinking.

In the meantime, Holly has rematerialized at the shop and with Zane and Henry preparing to try a ‘Biological Fabrication’ of Holly, a living breathing body –  using Holly’s DNA and printing her on a lattice -and the inkjet their using, uses living cells!  All this, without Fargo finding out –

Jo leaves the shop agreeing to keep quite about the copying job, at least for now – okay! Zane confidently says ‘Gonna Make Us A Woman’!

Next up – Allison’s brother, Marcus letting her know that Carter is not Nathan Stark (Ed Quinn).  Well, Allison knows that and doesn’t want him to be!

With Dr. Isaac Parrish, hot on the heals of the missing equipment, Zane and Henry need to hurry up with the ‘Copying’ project ASAP! Jo is trying to head him off, but for how long will this work?

Allison, Jack, Marcus and Kevin are having dinner. It seems okay, on the surface, but Marcus is throwing deliberate jabs at Jack.  So far, Jack is catching them just fine and even spurts out something about Flexible Microprocessors and now were really in left field.

Is this OUR Sheriff Carter?

Okay, did Zane and Henry do something that affected Jack?

Could the Evil Senator Wen (MingNa) still be around somewhere, playing with Jack’s mind from the “Virtual Eureka”? Or, has Sheriff Carter been fooling us the entire time, is he really a brilliant physicist after all and been incognito the whole time? Hey, Jack very well might be a scientific genius! (Kudos to Kevin for getting Jack to watch the presentation)!

With that said, Jack tell SARAH that he is dealing with ‘Practice’ and Marcus is dealing with ‘Theory‘!  Then, Carter takes his ‘Practice” out of the oven.


Alright – Okay – Well.

Things seem to speed up at this point.  Jack becomes a one man wrecking crew with Justice and dispenses with Deputy Andy (Kavan Smith), telling him that he is no longer needed and to take the day off and watch a movie.

Jo is trying to throw Parrish off the trail of missing equipment by asking him to team up with her on the investigation – he’s pretty smart.  But women’s wiles are working here people!  Have faith!

Back to Zane and Henry.  I was thinking allot of weird stuff goes down in Henry’s shop, right? Anyway, Holly’s worried that she will end up looking like a creepy department store mannequin.

I guess I would be worried too!

Zane assures her that she will not and the processors are online. Switches are turned percentages are being reached, all the way to 100 percent! There is a pulse! Yea! Then the system hits Overload and the head melts.  This is not good.

Back at Global Dynamics, Jo is still trying to convince Parrish that she has the hots for him, lol – yeah right!  Their magnetic together!  He admits he does feel -something- for her, although they must keep it professional – Jo agrees and tries to draw out the investigation even longer by suggesting they conduct the interviews together.

While back at Café Diem, Marcus is having his book signing with Kevin and Allison on hand.  Allison is commenting to Kevin about Jack being up all night reading Marcus’s book as well has hers.  She’s worried, what exactly is going on with Sheriff Carter?

Jack comes in with what looks like notes on allot of the pages of Marcus’s book and says he has some questions.  Marcus doesn’t seem surprised until Jack actually asks about something on page 158, about an organic transistor or something functioning properly at room temperature and that the non thermal properties were not taken into account….okay Jack.  WTH?

He says that the processor will overheat – Marcus gets a bit testy – Jack says he can prove it. Jack has built a processor, installed it in Marcus’s car – Sheriff Carter!

Marcus assures Carter and Allison that his design is sound, gets in and starts his car.  Then we hear something spinning up, sounds like it’s gonna BLOW!  And it does, as Jack yells ‘Tough Break’, smiling the entire time!  Sheriff Carter!

Allison is getting spazzy and has a determined look on her face as she confronts Jack in the Sheriff’s office and hits him with a syringe and gets a sample of blood.  Jack’s planning on reconfiguring Andy’s (Kavan Smith)  hard drive and Allison has a bit of a problem with that – She’s ready to do some neurological testing on Jack and he is not adhering to her ideas at the moment.  He’s talking crazy and says if he blows up Andy that they can just order another one!  Something is definitely up in Eureka!

Cognitive enhancement drug  – that’s the culprit.  Kevin admits to Allison that he has given some to Jack.  He just wanted Marcus to respect Jack.

While Allison is getting the truth out of Kevin, Sheriff Carter with Marcus looking on, has Andy in the chair, operating on his hard-drive!  The power is surging – Andy seems to be okay, says he has a tingling in his artificial neurons!  Whew!

Jack answers the phone and its Allison, she wants to see him now.  He’s not happy when she tells him that Kevin dosed him with an Alpha GPC, and by the time he explains that he’s in the middle of making scientific history – Andy has disappeared.

About that time, lights, computers, electronics start going down throughout Global Dynamics.  Are these things related?  Is this a system malfunction or a security breech?  Jo is on it!

Parrish tells Jo that he is following up on his own lead and heads off.  While Jo follows up with a phone call telling her that Global Dynamics off-site communications has been affected.

Whisk! Were back with Henry, Holly and Zane – they have been checking all the processors and things are just running too hot to complete the copying of Holly’s DNA.

Oops!  Parrish – bursts through the door yelling ‘Donovan, Your So Busted’! Starts naming off all the missing equipment, Zane’s trying to explain and getting nowhere fast.  But then Parrish sees Holly – coop-de-la-crème

Jo drives up as she sees Andy ripping Power Cells off the power grid – needs for Juice for the Jug.  That’s what he said.  Lol

Clearly Andy is having a mainframe malfunction as we see him speeding off after Jo said ‘She would drive’.

Marcus is reeling from the scientific breakthroughs that Jack has in developments and they are making BIG plans.  Just then Allison streams in announcing that Jack’s Z-Waves are off the charts and he’s getting smarter by the minute.  And that she’s trying to make a serum that will counteract what Kevin gave him. Then Jack says ‘it’s the first time he felt like he fit in’, and that he doesn’t want to go back to being the dumb ol’Sheriff.  Allison says that the dumb ol’Sheriff is the man she married.
Then  of course her phone chooses then to ring.

Back to Zane, Henry, Holly and Parrish – Just when Parrish has Holly convinced that she could have trusted him – Fargo busts into Henry’s shop with armed guards, tells them to confiscate everything and shuts down the ‘Copying’.  Frakk.

Meanwhile, Andy is stealing Energy Cells from anywhere he can find.  That’s what Allison’s phone call was about – Allison and Marcus convince Jack that they must go find him now, before he burns out – here we go!

Holly’s mad, she’s just protons and sound waves and wants more!  Fargo thinks she is safe but if she’s not happy with who she is, how can he be?

No, Zane and Henry were not the only ones playing Frankenstein.

As Zane and Jo pull up to Café Diem, it seems Andy is exiting, almost running over them as well as Vincent (Chris Gauthier).  Andy has stolen the Energy Cells from the freezer.  They must stop him!

Allison figures out where Andy would go and that’s to Jacks House and SARAH with her Energy Cells!  Come on, were going too!

Well Andy interrupted SARAH’s book club meeting! Not good!  And just like a Smart house, SARAH shut Andy down, with help from Jo and some convincing from Allison –

Marcus and Jack removed the processor that made Andy ‘Power Cell’ hungry, he’s
back to normal – slower but normal as he immediately wants to go to SARAH to apologize, awe….

When Allison explains to ‘Smarter Carter’ that he might think he’s better, but he’s really lost his Heart – he finally get’s it – now that’s what I call Smart!

Fargo returns to Henry’s shop, looking for Holly.  She materializes as he explains that they can try the ‘Bio-printing’ and that he will find a way!

It took all 3 of them, Marcus, Allison and Jack but they came up with the serum to bring him back to normal –

Marcus, Kevin, Andy and SARAH all were present as Jack and Allison signed their marriage license and now I do believe that – Sheriff Jack Carter is the smartest man I know too!

I hope you enjoyed my review, please leave a comment if you have time or Hit me on twitter @hwilson2009 

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  • avatar WR_Systems says:

    Hi Holly,

    Great review with wonderful image selection to match your analysis. Very nice job. Thank you!

    I enjoyed the plot twist with the “Smarter Carter” version of Jack. Nice that Holly was able to be saved. Looking forward to how that all works itself out. Also fun was that Jack’s poor Jeep was saved from destruction this episode while another vehicle was blown to smithereens! As always, the entire cast did a great job. They are such a well oiled team, its hard to believe there are only four more episodes left 🙂

    Thanks again!

    Best Regards,


  • avatar Kimberley says:

    Great episode recap with some awesome screen shots. 🙂 I agree with Kenn in that it’s nice to see Carter’s jeep spared in this episode and someone else’s car being destroyed for a change lol. I too am glad that Holly survived, somehow anyway. She’s just so energetic that she’s a little impatient right now…can’t say I blame her. “Smarter Carter” was hilarious (though there’s LOLs in every episode). I am so, so sad that this is the last season and the end is fast approaching. 🙁 But on the upside, thanks to Netflix, I can re-visit my favorite funny town of Eureka whenever I like. 🙂 Thanks, Holly, for helping me relive this episode here. 🙂

  • avatar WR_Systems says:

    Hi Kimberley,

    Meant to respond earlier, but just remembered. I am sure poor Sheriff Carter’s Jeep will get blasted again before the series ends … 😛

    We too are sad over the end of Eureka. As a wise person told when very young “Do not be sad it is over, be glad that it happened.

    Thanks for leaving a nice comment for Holly. 😀

    Best Regards,


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