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Welcome to the wonderfully altered season four of Discover Haven!

Haven main cast banner - Click to learn more at Syfy!The third excellent episode of the fourth season of Haven looked to be at first to simply be a retrospective episode written by Shernold Edwards back to the days when Duke (Eric Balfour) got some “Bad Blood” previously and went vampire on the poor tortured townspeople of The Troubles as a precursor to what we could expect for Wade Crocker (Christian Camargo).

Haven S4x02 - Pistol packing Lexie!Not so fast citizens, in ‘Bad Blood”, directed by Robert Lieberman we will learn where Audrey (Emily Rose) is, and that she is ALIVE in that frakkin barn, err, bar, which in reality is a wonderful warped wormhole, a Pocket Universe chock full of surprises, the mother of all realities where all the versions of Audrey, errr Lexie, errr, Sarah, errr Lucy, (all Emily Rose) and who knows who else must have been able to materialize on our fair planet!

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Haven S4 BTS - Colin Ferguson as a new version of Audrey found in wormhole barn

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However, I get ahead of myself.

How did it all happen?

Who is responsible?

Is The Colorado Kid lurking close by?

Who exactly is pulling “The Troubled” strings of the town of Haven?

And just what the heck does William (Colin Ferguson) know about all of this?

I can tell you precisely using only two words…


Let’s find out, shall we?!

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Bad Blood:

Haven S4x03 --"Bad Blood" Episode 403 -- Pictured: -- (Photo by: Michael Tompkins/Syfy)“Bad Blood,” begins with Sheriff Dwight Hendrickson (Adam Copeland) informing Haven’s so-called history experts, Vince (Richard Donat) and Dave Teagues (John Dunsworth), to follow up on a lead in New Hampshire.

Apparently a dead body that could be Audrey’s (Emily Rose) has been located. We will not find out about the details of this until near the end of the episode.

This part of the story arc provides the audience with Vince revealing more back story about Audrey. Vince faces the fact that if Audrey is actually dead, it explains all of Nathan’s behavior in “Thanks for the Memories” when the wormhole barn sucked her inside of it.

Haven S4x03 - Nathan and Duke investigate the Bad BloodWe move under the streets in Haven in the smelly filthy sewer pipes under the city. A simple repair job goes horribly wrong when a maintenance worker (Steven Wallace Lowe) is attacked and killed. Naturally Nathan and Duke of the Haven Police Department are dispatched to begin an investigation.

What the police find out is that the victim’s body bloodless! The poor soul, victim of some version of The Troubles has been completely drained of his blood! We sense something is slithering in the sewers, but it is alive, and why is it hungry for blood?

Haven S4x02 - William begins to explain things to LexieWe find William at the bar where we left him last two episodes talking with Lexie. Nothing has changed.

It becomes apparent that the bar is really a constructed fabrication of some sort, a type of Wormhole Pocket Universe construct inside the barn! We learn that it is time for the barn, errr bar to close. But wait!

Haven S4x02 - Lexie takes and and fires like the pro that she isIn last weeks episode, Lexie had kicked William out of the place. Somehow William has the ability to manipulate the situation and matter inside the barn.

It is now becoming painfully obvious that William knows exactly who Lexie is, and Audrey, and I suspect Lucy Ripley and Sarah Vernon as well for that matter.

Haven S4x01 - Colin Ferguson in the barThe question this reviewer has is why does William not tell Lexie?

And for that matter, we are at the third episode and the bar always appears to be open with poor Lexie seemingly serving drinks during a never ending work shift there!

It is right here and now that an astute viewer realizes the bar is not really in Haven, even if the barn is!

Remember last season after Audrey was drawn inside when the place turned all white and then seemed to collapse throwing Duke all the way to Boston? The barn must be a Pocket Universe existing inside an Einstein Rosen Bridge (a wormhole) constructed for a specific purpose yet to be revealed!

Haven - S3x13 - Audrey at the barn before all hell breaks loose!When the stuff hit the fan at the end of the third season, this reviewer suspects that Audrey created the bar herself inside the barn to keep the “reality” from collapsing in on itself.

The plot line is reminiscent of a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode entitled “Remember Me” when Doctor Beverley Crusher (Gates McFadden) was trapped inside a “Warp Bubble” (warped wormhole) on an unreal construct of the Enterprise that was in the process of collapsing. In that story arc, Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton) saved his mother and pulled her out of the warp bubble barely in time!

Haven S3x01 - Maurice Dean Wint as Agent HowardIn “Bad Blood” we must assume that William is likely real and entered the bar to save Lexie (Audrey) herself. Hence the theorem that Audrey never left the barn. The other possibility is that William controlled the situation and pulled Lexie/Audrey into his nearby pocket universe.

Either way, the bar, err, barn “warp shell” or “wormhole bubble” is in the process of collapsing in on itself and he and Lexie must find a way to escape or risk be crushed to death. The question is, did William deliberately enter the barn, errr bar to save Lexie/Audrey or did Audrey/Lexie insert herself in his pocket universe reality?

Haven S2x08 - Kathleen Munroe as Alt AudreyAnother aspect of the William character is that he could be an analog to Agent Howard (Maurice Dean Wint) from ‘A Tale of Two Audrey’s” when Kathleen Munroe portrayed yet another version of Audrey Parker, only to lose her memory and be taken away when she got too close to the “other” barn seeking answers. As you may recall, the other barn could teleport itself and disappear leaving a blackened ground stain like it was burned.

Consider these theories; Is William actually working with Agent Howard? Or is William Agent Howard, who has appeared mysteriously in various parts of the Haven timeline as far back at 1955 with Sarah Vernon, yet another analog of Audrey?

Could William potentially be the enigmatic The Colorado Kid (in disguise) who has been manipulating everything all along to protect whatever his secret really is? And does anyone in The Guard (Kate Kelton comes to mind) know more than they are admitting to?

Haven S4x03 - Does Jordan know more that she is admitting? --"Bad Blood" Episode 403 -- Pictured: -- (Photo by: Michael Tompkins/Syfy)

Whichever it turns out to be, the “new” character William has power we need to learn about since he was is able to return to the barn, err bar stool, this subsequent to Lexie forcing him out of it at gunpoint.

You can be certain that Williams’ true identity will remain a burning question for the remainder of most of season four. I suspect that he “lives” in the pocket universe of the barn, and others, at will, only to visit to save the likes Lexie/Audrey/Lucy/Sarah over and over again!?

Haven S4x03 - "Bad Blood" Episode 403 -- Pictured: -- (Photo by: Michael Tompkins/Syfy)We segue back to Haven where our loveliest member of The Guard, Jordan Mckee (Kate Kelton) decides to check in on Nathan’s (Lucas Bryant) health, thankfully just in time!

Earlier more bloodless victims were discovered as it seems The Troubles often come in three’s in Haven.

Elsewhere in the town, a woman in her shower has been eviscerated by whatever is causing the latest spate of deaths. Haven will also need to hire a new mailman since a bloodless corpse is found near a sewer cover.

Haven S4x03 - The Bad blood is aliveJordan and Dwight  witness a pool of disembodied blood vanish into the sewer! Creepy? You betcha!

Another observation. Based on the relative small size of the town of Haven, with a minimum of three deaths a week, it would seem to this reviewer that the population would be smaller by some 100 person placing the town in jeopardy of being depopulated to the point of extinction? Is William behind adding enough citizens to the town to keep things in balance?

Haven S4x03 - Jordan and Dwight wonder what and who the hell it isDwight, Jordan and Nathan identify the source of the ‘Bad Blood”. It belongs to a member of The Guard by the name of Mike Gallagher (Tony Nappo).

The hapless soul has gone bonkers, seeking to exact revenge from Nathan for The Troubles not being taken care of last season!

Mike’s “Trouble”, subsequent to cutting himself is to grow by gathering more blood until enough has been “collected” to go in a finish off the troublemaker Nathan (in his subconscious mind).

Haven S4x03 - "Bad Blood" Episode 403 -- Pictured: -- (Photo by: Michael Tompkins/Syfy)Meanwhile, Rebecca Rafferty (Kirsty Hinchcliffe) helps Dwight out and Jennifer Mason (Emma Lahana), who swore she heard Audrey’s voice in Boston, informs everyone, now trapped at the Haven Police Department, that she can hear Audrey again!

It is obvious Jennifer must be one of “The Troubled”. The question is why was she in Boston, how did she get there to begin with, and who put her in Boston?

Dwight and Jordan end up with their own “trouble”. Jordan –tries to electrocute the foul stuff yelling “I hate my awful life and am willing to just die if necessary”.

Unfortunately, they are unable to kill it. The electric shock treatment works partially, they are able to damage the evil blood forcing it to withdraw to fight another day, err hour… I mean minute as nathan and Dwight plot its demise!

Haven S4x03 - Dwight and Nathan plot Bad Bloods demise -"Bad Blood" Episode 403 -- Pictured: -- (Photo by: Michael Tompkins/Syfy)

Haven S4x03 - Duke absorbs the Bad BloodThis is where Duke enters the picture to once again save the day in Haven!

As you may recall from last season, Duke can absorb troubled blood and contain it as the cost of going a bit vampire for a while.

Poor Duke screams like a banshee soaking up the evil Bad Blood, but subsequent to nearly choking Dwight to death, he is able to absorb all the blood and stop the latest version of The Troubles in Haven.

Haven S4x03 - Dwight is choked by Duke after Bad Blood

Segue to Vince and Duke in New Hampshire; If it is Audrey, means disaster and destruction for Haven since she is needed to end The Troubles once and for all. Viewers know that it cannot be Audrey since she is in the bar/barn with William. Once confirmed that the dead body is not Audrey, Dave and Vince breath a sigh of relief and head back to haven knowing that the town can still be saved!

As the episode winds down, we are back at the bar. William has convinced Lexie/Audrey that all of the customers in “her bar” are not real, it is all in her powerful mind inside the pocket universe construct. Audrey reluctantly accepts the truth, and whoosh, the customers disappear.

Unfortunately removing the customer also causes the “bar” itself to dissipate much like the Enterprise did in Star Trek TNG “Remember me”! At the end of the episode, William and Audrey/Lexie must escape to another reality or perish!

We begin to realize Jennifer’s purpose. She can hear William telling Audrey to escape. Can Jennifer play a role to save them both? Or is she a tool of William? Or did The Colorado Kid banish her to Boston to keep Jennifer from interfering?

As we now realize, Jennifer Mason is indeed one of The Troubled. Her trouble is that she can hear sounds inside of Lexie’s bar inside the barn. This factor will no doubt allow Jennifer to become a communication bridge to help save Audrey/Lexie soon.

We leave our analysis with an observation in the form of a question; Jennifer must have been banished from Haven for her version of “The Troubles”. Who and or what had her removed from Haven and why is her special “Troubled” so important?

For tying so many season story arcs together eloquently, I give Haven “Bad Blood” an “A Plus”!


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